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Waifu thread >Claim a waifu >Rules and shit Laser eyes edition

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Waifu thread

>Claim a waifu
>Rules and shit

Laser eyes edition
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H.A.N.A.K.O unit here. Back from eating outside.

>So full...
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Syndra (4).jpg
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You should consider suicide!
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Iowa claim.

Sorry I make ya feel that way buddy.
I consider it often.
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still here
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20 but birthday coming up. Still young

How do I make them eat me though? They leave at the sight of me.

>3dubs, still no dubs for me.
Where are my dubs!?

Dubless claim
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I want a Hentai girl for me to make me happy
I want her so I can stop using my hand
Every single day, while watching anime
I'd pull her from my screen just like in my dreams
I want feel her touch, mainly on my crotch
I want my own hentai girl
Masturbate to cartoons
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You know, that's rather endemic around here. I think i'll pass, because i'm a rebel and like to be different.
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Akiko claimed

I'm really in doubt here
Should I just delete my facebook? I never use it for anything. I really only have it so people would stop saying "hurr durr you don't have a fb? come on man its 2014". I feel like it should've died a long time ago. I really only check for messages once every week and follow iflscience

Also there's this guy who just got dumped and he's wallowing in self-pity, which I despise but it's pretty funny because his english is so broken. Posting shit like "Apples.. someone said i have a neck " and "I wish all this crap ends, all this hell and all this hurt.. I don't know what I did for this but hell. Isn't here any medicine for make you discard bad memories? Hell."
>thanks google translate

Anyone else here who deleted theirs?
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Claiming sexy Korra as my waifu
looks like a man in that pic
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I only keep my FB for stupid memes and some offers from games. Nothing more than that really.
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Madokaa (2).png
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Madoka is mine
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Lol cartoons can have bad angles I guess cause she's one of the sexiest female anythings ever
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One of my buddies deleted his 3 times now. He always winds up getting bitched in to making another. He's given up now.
Quite comical, in my opinion.

I don't know. Since they don't seem to want to murder you on sight, try making one your pet. Maybe put a saddle on it and try to ride it.
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Tatsumaki (347).png
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Shit dude, I'm like 29 close to 30 now.
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I do! Got quads, trips, and dubs!
Have any favorite subject?
Not today or ever, Syndra.
Same for me. I say go ahead. I can't mine because I got some people that are cool. But I rarely use F.B. In fact I haven't in months.
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Tried and failed.

Good to know, I geso

I still have mine. The only reason I haven't deleted mine is because I'm such a lazy person I don't get around to doing it because it takes to much effort.

Next one that I see that doesn't run away will be mine.

Fuck! My bad! I know I shouldn't believe everything I hear but I can't help it!
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>game requests

That's not Korra

I'm not vulnerable to group pressure but sometimes you'll even need it for work
As you said, I'll probably get bitched into making another one

I actually get messages quite often but it' always meaningless shit

Off to uni now, back in 10
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Like the free shit in League or smite is what I'm referring to. I don't do facebook games lol.
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Tatsumaki (382).jpg
332 KB, 908x1280
I have some options right now.

Should I listen to Nostalgia for Infinity or watch anime?
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Homura (13).jpg
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Good morning.
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Historys ok but I dont know
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czech em.jpg
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If odds you watch anime if evens you listen to that.
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Jobs do take a look at your profile (so I'm told) I guess its ok to keep since you're not post pics of you drinking and sexing and such.

Even you know this
>inb4 still no dubs

Good evening.
Fuck me, numbers must hate me today
There ya go kiddo. Have fun with double numbers.
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Tatsumaki (376).jpg
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That settles it then.

See you in a bit.
>Fubuki claimed
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Homura (27).jpg
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Ayy. How is your day going?


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Good evening, lovely lady.
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Whatever I guess.
History is fun to learn. I prefer learning about WWII. An archeologists maybe?
Boom, there you go!
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>hilarious impact font meem
>mfw people confuse image macros with memes
>mfw it's actually pronounced may-may
>mfw I have no face
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Homura (49).jpg
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Bom dia!
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I want to work alone but that seems impossible
File: tumblr_m95js5mmAs1qbyxr0o1_400.gif (825 KB, 400x300) Image search: [Google]
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Today has been... Quite entertaining. yeah...

Here's to more/less dubs!
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theres a difference silly
File: kirino254.png (450 KB, 699x573) Image search: [Google]
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>not using superior video

i thought it was me me... whatever. Its a made up word fae git
File: tmp_12291-Zxcc4817099774.jpg (267 KB, 851x720) Image search: [Google]
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Vach'mi cha'unjin?
Same too. Not much jobs that you can work alone in history....
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What that website is doing to my scrollbar is fucking triggering me so hard. Lol
be a janitor for a museum
its malware
I'm sure.
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Not sure of many jobs in general give that
File: tmp_12291-8i7-1-1638313794.png (236 KB, 565x493) Image search: [Google]
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It's funny! I hope you'll think the same.
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I'm so tired =_=
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Homura (30).jpg
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>google translate can't help me
Suponho que seja um tudo bem, nesse caso sim está um belo dia! E contigo?
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I originally went for more but then remembered that today isn't dub day so I added less right after.

File: 1452492423945.png (91 KB, 256x327) Image search: [Google]
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go to bed then
File: Aizawa88.gif (1 MB, 427x240) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 427x240
then go to bed
File: 1445964413020.jpg (2 MB, 3400x2400) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 3400x2400
Oh, you poor thing.

>Want a hug?
vpn, tor, linux
File: OFWGKTA.png (3 MB, 1920x1262) Image search: [Google]
3 MB, 1920x1262
Oh look its Tyler in that vid.
File: Ika_sparklesparkle.png (255 KB, 480x480) Image search: [Google]
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Is that portugays?
File: imagiationflip.jpg (292 KB, 1275x716) Image search: [Google]
292 KB, 1275x716
Popping up just to tell someone to go to bed? The fuck Barry. I figured you had left lol
Oh, look. Violence masked as comedy.
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Homura (2).png
604 KB, 1024x732
I feel like I just went 10 years back in time.

I told you its ancient elvish.
File: o5xoqq.gif (2 MB, 489x361) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 489x361
After further further inspection it seems that you are correct. Again. How could I forget?
File: tmp_12291-U32-1735858344.png (197 KB, 340x509) Image search: [Google]
197 KB, 340x509
I'm sure there is. Like being a electrician, law enforcement, or owning a store..... Not much, now that I have thought of it.
Vach! Tzethe'bu'ne? Tzet api'.
Eithet way you'll get them!
File: Homura (32).jpg (101 KB, 564x789) Image search: [Google]
Homura (32).jpg
101 KB, 564x789
What kind of inspection did you do?

You're just fucking with me now aren't you?
File: 1458247156308.png (239 KB, 1922x1202) Image search: [Google]
239 KB, 1922x1202
Uncle died as an electrician, dont think I want to be a police officer im not imposing, and i dont know if i can even run a store
File: tmp_12291-Ub4366492594.png (371 KB, 680x528) Image search: [Google]
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Yes! I knew someone would recognize him!
File: IkaOva-9.png (187 KB, 480x270) Image search: [Google]
187 KB, 480x270
Puo unire con te?

The same one I did last time. None
File: Shizurulurkupsidedown.jpg (3 KB, 72x34) Image search: [Google]
3 KB, 72x34
I'm tempted to ask where you're even pulling these out of, Tats.

I think for my own sanity, i won't though.
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1 MB, 1920x1080
I'm always watching~ Although now I'm going to bed myself because jesus christ it's 3:20 and I stayed up far too late.
Lol. Alright. Have a good night.
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334 KB, 802x686
Goodnight, anon

>I bid you good dreams and dank memes
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Tatsumaki (429).jpg
223 KB, 840x560
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Ama! Akateko chash'vo'chean. Tzet ack' idoma......
Oh, I'm sorry to have heard that. Running a store is easy, not needing lots of knowledge about business.
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262 KB, 1280x720
Hahahaha what the fuck. Straight explosion.
10/10 would whatever that was again.
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Vigil - 307.jpg
98 KB, 726x497
Please respect the wishes of it's creator and stop editing the /waifu/ beach image. Versions made by anyone besides Eu will be disregarded as both unofficial and rubbish.
File: 1697_1.gif (2 MB, 583x328) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 583x328
claiming sonoshee
File: 10239840912384.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [Google]
53 KB, 1280x720
Dont be I hardly knew him. I dont know
File: IkaOva-6.png (167 KB, 480x270) Image search: [Google]
167 KB, 480x270
I have no idea I thought it was ancient elvish.
File: IMG_20160421_095337.png (345 KB, 476x529) Image search: [Google]
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Jibril claim
File: 12924.jpg (34 KB, 255x300) Image search: [Google]
34 KB, 255x300
And i'll refute none of that. I made an edit because someone asked.
I have no interest in working on it more.
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The V.I.G.I.L unit.

Say, how have you been?

Good evening, angel.
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Tatsumaki (93).jpg
155 KB, 787x1014
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>for some people in here
File: Akiko_148.png (502 KB, 718x880) Image search: [Google]
502 KB, 718x880
>checked and kek'd
Whenever when Tats posts stuff like this I hope I'll still be like this when I'm 30

Okay I've arrived at uni
Anyone here know how to script c#?
File: shizuruintensify.gif (989 KB, 400x216) Image search: [Google]
989 KB, 400x216
That looked like she hit him with a water balloon rather than pissed on him. Tickled my funny bone for some reason.
Hey squiddo.

I'm at work :(

Smuggle with me
File: Tatsumaki (157).jpg (85 KB, 800x600) Image search: [Google]
Tatsumaki (157).jpg
85 KB, 800x600
I blame SA.
File: tmp_12291-PDVD_473-11847550529.jpg (61 KB, 300x360) Image search: [Google]
61 KB, 300x360
Oh okay than.
It's really tough than...... Ummm I wish I could help you out more but I'm out of ideas now. (For the time being.)
No.....Why would you think that?
Nope.. Sorry.
File: 1448778293100.png (2 MB, 1415x1989) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 1415x1989

>Tender cuddles
>then at least consider the pain and suffering your family and love ones will have to endure as a result of your selfishness.
Only reason I haven't.

Hey there! How's work? Any good customers?

I have already made 2 examinations. Don't make me do a 3rd one.
File: 024589027521432.gif (2 MB, 490x281) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 490x281
my bad
its alright
File: Vigil - 316.png (773 KB, 1274x802) Image search: [Google]
Vigil - 316.png
773 KB, 1274x802
Appreciated. Thank you. I'll send that chibi over to Eu so that it gets included in the next version.

Oh, hello there.
Things have been rather bleak, but I'm alright. I'm alive. Thank you for asking.
How're you, Hanako?
File: 48291697_p0.jpg (364 KB, 700x990) Image search: [Google]
364 KB, 700x990
At least you understand me in my tiredness ;0;

I work in a group home in the mornings

Its okay bb
File: TatsumakI (297).jpg (70 KB, 480x853) Image search: [Google]
TatsumakI (297).jpg
70 KB, 480x853
I haven't seen Eu in a while. How is he?
File: tmp_12291-81347235623.png (234 KB, 683x509) Image search: [Google]
234 KB, 683x509
It's okay don't try. Jaja
Are you feeling sleepy?
File: 1448391660745.png (211 KB, 313x503) Image search: [Google]
211 KB, 313x503
Busting heads with friends

I think I like snuggling with you. You're so...

>like marshmallow
File: ShizuruTree.png (2 MB, 1261x707) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 1261x707
Going to do some reading. Pardon any slowness in response time or whatever.
File: 46748237_p0.png (580 KB, 800x974) Image search: [Google]
580 KB, 800x974
Well feel free to come and snuggle anytime you want cutie~
File: Vigil - 107.jpg (330 KB, 800x511) Image search: [Google]
Vigil - 107.jpg
330 KB, 800x511
Busy with school, trying to find a job. I'm unsure beyond that.
File: 1458195507823.jpg (375 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [Google]
375 KB, 1080x1920
Im fine.
File: tumblr_miu86o2P751s5mgubo1_400.gif (696 KB, 400x225) Image search: [Google]
696 KB, 400x225
Ah that's good! How is it working there?

Lol ok. I thought everyone was speaking some language that others didn't know of is what I thought was happening.

I need to work in about 6 hours to I need to sleep. Be sleeping soon.
File: uhno.png (694 KB, 1019x668) Image search: [Google]
694 KB, 1019x668
File: Tatsumaki (359).jpg (476 KB, 600x926) Image search: [Google]
Tatsumaki (359).jpg
476 KB, 600x926
I'm done with Nostalgia for Infinity.

Overall, decent shoegaze record. I still think that Ceres and Calipso in the Deep Time and Hidden Lands are better.

My Spiral Arm is favorite track.

>trying to find a job
>tfw employed by the state
Feels good.
File: tumblr_nahgozuIwM1rbnx7io1_400.gif (774 KB, 400x225) Image search: [Google]
774 KB, 400x225
Don't worry! I can't lose all my family and friends in a short amount of time right? Right?
File: tmp_12291-38vcg-11571469501.png (253 KB, 511x490) Image search: [Google]
253 KB, 511x490
I'm about to sleep. 10 more minutes for me. I wish I could stay up like you.
Mine is completely different. Jaja
About to sleep myself.
File: 20457982379857298.gif (2 MB, 600x338) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 600x338
its alright
File: 129.png (1 MB, 1280x727) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 1280x727
I hate mornings.
File: shizurusit.jpg (700 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [Google]
700 KB, 1920x1200
Me too.
Also, good morning.
Life is too interesting and short to end it prematurely, might as well sit it out
Also, if I'm gone who will take care of my little sister?
However that part about losing family fast is something I'll have to confirm as possible. My family was decimated in the span of a few weeks

Hey Galko
File: 128.png (899 KB, 1280x727) Image search: [Google]
899 KB, 1280x727
Good morning.

Hi Akiko.
File: smugmeme2.png (359 KB, 474x481) Image search: [Google]
359 KB, 474x481
>who will take care of my little sister
*Raises hand*
File: 188.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [Google]
82 KB, 1280x720
Look at what I found.
File: kagami (6).jpg (49 KB, 273x300) Image search: [Google]
kagami (6).jpg
49 KB, 273x300
kagami claimed!!
How's life for you today? Didn't you get the day off today or am I remembering that incorrectly?

You better back the fuck off you little cunt or I swear I'll bite your fucking throat open and pour honey down the wound if you get anywhere near my little sister

>what video games do black men play?

Good morning Kagami
File: aylmao.png (398 KB, 437x456) Image search: [Google]
398 KB, 437x456
>try to stop me
File: kagami (14).jpg (32 KB, 300x300) Image search: [Google]
kagami (14).jpg
32 KB, 300x300
morning!! how are you doing today???
>tfw no waifu
File: 29.gif (1 MB, 500x281) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 500x281
Nope. I don't work on weekends, though.
Nigga you're on the other side of the planet
I don't even have to try

Working on the game (you just lost) like always
Trying to figure out wether I should use raycast or instantiate for my grappling hook in c#
I have no idea which one will give me more problems down the road

can't relate to that, just watch a bunch of anime until you find the one

That's too bad then. Good thing it's Friday

>I don't work on weekends
Lucky you. Development keeps going 24/7 here
File: kagami (28).gif (870 KB, 500x281) Image search: [Google]
kagami (28).gif
870 KB, 500x281
>>684094716 lost too though
i honestly have no idea what either of those are, but instantiate sounds cooler!!!
File: 446.png (938 KB, 653x802) Image search: [Google]
938 KB, 653x802
Quality thread OP
File: 97.jpg (951 KB, 1920x1336) Image search: [Google]
951 KB, 1920x1336
I'm going to work now.
>have some tits
File: smugmeme4.png (431 KB, 525x516) Image search: [Google]
431 KB, 525x516
Yo, I claim for my waifu Senjougahara Hitagi. But I don't wanna go lookin for a pic of that bitch right now, cause I'm high as fuck.
File: Himenokouji.Akiko.underframe.jpg (175 KB, 1147x1600) Image search: [Google]
175 KB, 1147x1600
Instanciate spawns an instance of an object that can collide with things

raycast shoots a straight ray that can trigger colliders

Both are just a way to trigger a negative explosionForce that hurls you towards the trigger, thus simulating a grappling hook

quality trips anon

Good luck out there Galko

Don't you have siblings Kirino?
Seems lonely to be the only child, even though I was pretty neglected being the middle child
File: kirino141.jpg (125 KB, 1366x691) Image search: [Google]
125 KB, 1366x691
I have an older half sister she doesn't live with me.. thats about it.
It really is pretty lonely, I've only really grown to realise it would have been nice to have a younger sibling.
File: tmp_12291-PDVD_402-11449012800.jpg (82 KB, 441x360) Image search: [Google]
82 KB, 441x360
I'll see ya later and take care.
File: czech em.jpg (415 KB, 765x1053) Image search: [Google]
czech em.jpg
415 KB, 765x1053
File: check em.png (212 KB, 472x472) Image search: [Google]
check em.png
212 KB, 472x472
Quads are a great way to end the day.
File: Juri249.jpg (581 KB, 750x1159) Image search: [Google]
581 KB, 750x1159
File: 0WYtCCt.jpg (158 KB, 500x500) Image search: [Google]
158 KB, 500x500
>decide to start playing dank souls
>attack guy after finishing opening area
>kills me
>still tries to kill me
>have to restart over again because of my stupid curiosity

>5'7 old man fister claim
File: GRo3NLa.jpg (206 KB, 500x700) Image search: [Google]
206 KB, 500x700
File: Akiko_113.png (459 KB, 960x723) Image search: [Google]
459 KB, 960x723
I have an older brother but he was exiled a few years, came back from the dead and is now suing my mom for cash
I don't like my dad and I hate my stepmom with a passion
I love my mom but she is mentally unstable as fuck and says some bad shit
I realy only have my little sister. Too bad I only see her in the weekends

Oh shit nice quads
File: Yume01.gif (3 MB, 500x281) Image search: [Google]
3 MB, 500x281
>claiming yume
File: renge.png (375 KB, 692x1154) Image search: [Google]
375 KB, 692x1154
Right at the top of the front page, you guys make this easy for me. How is it that I can sleep even a little less than I usually would and some of you are still on here when I go to bed and when I wake up? Do y'all ever sleep?

Also daily nyanpasu
File: 1463019317827.jpg (123 KB, 600x338) Image search: [Google]
123 KB, 600x338
sleep is for the weak!!!!!
File: jZyUmEC.jpg (303 KB, 960x1272) Image search: [Google]
303 KB, 960x1272
File: Syndra (legs censored) (106).jpg (117 KB, 488x799) Image search: [Google]
Syndra (legs censored) (106).jpg
117 KB, 488x799

Whats sleep?
File: Akiko_140.png (871 KB, 1067x1080) Image search: [Google]
871 KB, 1067x1080
Hello leg lad

What's up Renge?

>Do y'all ever sleep?
What's sleep?

How dare you censor those legs?
File: Tatsumaki (312).jpg (368 KB, 650x1372) Image search: [Google]
Tatsumaki (312).jpg
368 KB, 650x1372
I have a younger sister and an older brother. We go drinking sometimes. Mother's dead and father's in the hospital.

Blah, blah I'm attention whoring again.
File: shizuruintesify.gif (675 KB, 250x135) Image search: [Google]
675 KB, 250x135
Insert never sleeping joke here
File: Yume05.png (821 KB, 858x1722) Image search: [Google]
821 KB, 858x1722
oh man :(
Thats a new pic!
How is it going for you?
File: Syndra (legs censored) (73).jpg (596 KB, 2717x1350) Image search: [Google]
Syndra (legs censored) (73).jpg
596 KB, 2717x1350
>Blah, blah I'm attention whoring again
like everyone else.
File: 14622144.png (28 KB, 151x74) Image search: [Google]
28 KB, 151x74
the ride never ends
File: maiden in black.jpg (7 KB, 193x261) Image search: [Google]
maiden in black.jpg
7 KB, 193x261
So that the world might be mended...
File: renge14.png (351 KB, 512x512) Image search: [Google]
351 KB, 512x512
Okay, I'm going to take that one as a no.

Also not much, I just woke up and I'm getting ready for work.

>sleepy rattle
File: shizuruflowers.jpg (238 KB, 679x500) Image search: [Google]
238 KB, 679x500
All of us sleep. Some people are just more subtle about when they're doing it.
I used to have my sleep broken up to three naps over a day. Two two hours, one four hour. It let me convince people that i wasn't sleeping for about a month. Slightly amusing.
File: 1411595400086.jpg (28 KB, 284x214) Image search: [Google]
28 KB, 284x214
File: settlement needs our help.jpg (670 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [Google]
settlement needs our help.jpg
670 KB, 1920x1080
Best wifu, always noticing me, telling me that a new settlement needs our help.

Good afternoon. :)

I was on my way home so I couldn't answer earlier sorry >.>
File: Akiko_153.png (775 KB, 1040x904) Image search: [Google]
775 KB, 1040x904
Well it's on topic so not so much attention whoring
Good thing you're getting along with both your siblings. My brother is a fucking piece of shit that never did anything for us

Good, good
I'm skimming the manga for pics now. A bit small but tons of great waifu material
File: Shizuru_Profile.jpg (100 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [Google]
100 KB, 1024x576
Anyways, I got stuff to do tonight. I'll catch most of you later.

File: kirinoruri7.jpg (116 KB, 800x800) Image search: [Google]
116 KB, 800x800
how have i not done this today
>ruri a best
there we go
File: Homura (18).jpg (2 MB, 1722x1781) Image search: [Google]
Homura (18).jpg
2 MB, 1722x1781
Thats accurate because 'Homura' means flame and in my country 'chama' means that as well.
File: 1462045895443.jpg (360 KB, 920x1300) Image search: [Google]
360 KB, 920x1300
Oh, where do you live then if I may ask?
File: 1460502046767.png (2 MB, 1566x2691) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 1566x2691
File: Homura (18).jpg (198 KB, 640x896) Image search: [Google]
Homura (18).jpg
198 KB, 640x896
Portugal, land of godtier beaches, gastronomy and lazy asses.
File: QuickMemo+_2016-05-12-23-52-06.png (166 KB, 479x179) Image search: [Google]
166 KB, 479x179
Kys faggots
>dressing up for the school
File: Tatsumaki (375).jpg (175 KB, 1000x1300) Image search: [Google]
Tatsumaki (375).jpg
175 KB, 1000x1300
Drop the gastronomy and you have Greece.
>Mi Liufag
Above loli age, but the character design sure looks like one.

Legal loli.
Pretty much... but as much as we have corruption and finance problems you're still worse than us in that aspect.
Noice song.
Drop the beaches and gastronomy and you have Latvia.

add 300 lbs to the lazy asses and you have the u,s,
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