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Anyone ever hook up at a con? I've got one in a couple of

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Anyone ever hook up at a con? I've got one in a couple of weeks, and while I'm not banking on it, I'd still like to give it a shot.

Also, cosplay bitches thread.
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I haven’t, but I’d sure love to. Pic related, I’m at a con right now and met this cute Ms. Fortune. Saw her later at the rave, still in cosplay, but with another guy. Wish she wasn’t though because the way I saw her move her body made me rock hard.
Another cute cosplayer here I’d bang the fuck out of. Tits were amazing and she was short enough that you could easily get a fantastic view when talking to her.
ur best chance is a hooker faggot
I brought a lady back to my hotel from a convention once. I went as Dante from Devil may Cry. We had to get to a line up to head to the dance floor.
Coincidentally she was walking towards the door down the hall way one way. i was going the other. Our eyes met and she immediately smiled and and averted her gaze in shyness. We met at the door. didnt even bother exchanging names. Asked her out to the dance and that was it.

I was in character while at the hotel too. Was the only time i ever really had a one night stand. It was mutual so it felt okay i guess. no tricks or lies.
Cool story, what position did you try?
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I had sex with an asian prostitute that was wearing a sexy school girl costume. That is cosplay. It was just yesterday afternoon. She stood outside the shower and let me molest her body then we played on the bed while she still had her sexy clothes on -minus panties. It was great because they usually take their clothes off straight away.
If it's MomoCon, I'll see you there my dude.
nah, it's ACen. I wish I was there, get me the fuck out of Chicago. this city sucks.
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one thing I remembered the most about that night was how romantic she was in bed. wasnt a hardcore type. She liked it nice and slow. Any type of frontal missionary position where she could see me is what she wanted. I tried going doggy but she didnt want it. As soon as i spun her around to do doggy she took it out pushed me on the bed and mounted me.

She was all about looking into my eyes and making out while just slowing fucking her. It was nice. I didnt think I could have such a romantic sexual experience with a stranger. We kept our character names, didn't share anything about each other in terms of personal identity. didnt share her age either. Honestly i didn't want to know...

hard to tell the difference between someone petite or someone young @[email protected] So i dare not know how old she was.
Eh, Atl isn't all it's cracked up to be. Regardless, good luck with the hookup.
depends on what you mean
the cosplayers themselves seem very careful and distance-keeping
I...I don't know about you.
If you've got an angle, it doesn't have to be a cosplayer. This will be my first con available for something in over 10 years (ex cheated on me, so I'm detached now, 31 years old). I know the game is different at my age and to some extent from what it used to be, so just looking for some tips on what to watch for.
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Good story, how did you hook up
Pics of ex?
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I usually post her in the chubby thread, since most people don't go for women of her size (her weight was in flux a lot, got lured in while she was thinner). Gotta love the big ol' titties though, 38D.
I have been dating my favorite cosplayer in my country for 3 years now. How we got together is fucking fabulous .. I had a long crush on her.

You going to Wizard World in Philly?
Does she know you're dating?
Im pretty sure she knows. Its wife material.
Yeah. She was dressed as Raven.
MEGACON Orlando? I’m a blackbot with a bit of aesthetic. Go to the After Parties and if you don’t get a hot one just bang some chubby bitch and keep having a good time
Used to frequent cons. Don't anymore because too old for that shit and have house, car and bills and shit to deal with.
Hooked up at every one I didn't have a date with me.
Knocked up Lulu from FFX at next to last one I was at. Didn't even go to the con.
>Regular weed customer shoots me a text
>Says he's at con and wants to pick up an ounce for it
>I say fuck it I'l deliver since I was going to be going through the hotel's area soon anyways
>Roll in to a suite with probably 20-30 people drinking
>Make exchange and decide to hang out and have a drink. 325 bucks yo.
>Out on balcony having a smoke and start BSing with Lulu
>Have long as fuck hair that she digs.
>We click well
>She's got vodka but is just kinda babysitting it whie sipping beer. 750ml bottle.
>Jokingly brag about how I can drink that strait no problem
>Do shots with her ti the bottle's gone
>She's now drunk and attached to me
>Party is dying down + security are getting tired of people's bullshit
>Say's she needs to get to her room for the night
>Walk with her to room and we're kissing in seconds.
>has yuge soft pillowy tits. Giant areolas. Like bigger than silver dollars
>Thick but not fat. Out of shape though. Smooth skin no cottage cheese shit. Also bush which I hadn't seen on a girl in a decade.
>Do the usual thing. Kiss from her neck to tits, make my way down and munch her box til she cums
>Move up and kiss her while she recovers.
>Tip tease until she pulls me into her
>Sex was alright. Not awesome but never is with chicks with her body type. I prefer sporty petite grills.
>Anyways buck for a good hour and a half, various positions.
>She wants to tap out and asks me if I'm ready to finish.
>Ask her if she wants it on her or in her.
>Says she's on birth control and can do whatever I wanted.
>Blow pent up 1.5 hour load and hadn't busted a nut in a week prior to that. Butterchurned it for a good 10 minutes after.
>Stay the night and fuck in shower in morning
>Take her to breakfast outside of hotel
>Exchange numbers but it's prepay throwaway dope phone
>End up returning next night and we pretty much pull an all nighter.
>She only has my nickname. Not my real first name on paper. Everyone my entire life has called me by my uncle's name.
>Moms twin brother and I look like a blond version of him. Like 90%
>Anyways she goes home (about 250 miles away )and we just stop talking after about 2 weeks. She's kinda autistic and actually boring outside of muh anime and weeb shit. Plays WoW constantly.
>A month goes by phone poops out.
>Get new throwaway with new #
>Not uncommon at all for me. Changed it every few months anyways
>Toss old phone in box
>Months go by and get wild hair up my ass to pull nudes off phone for aonib dump
>Go through phones via usb port
>Spot selfie of her and me at breakfast
>Look up her number in contacts
>Decide to just search it on FB instead of contacting via text. Didn't wanna interupt shit if she had boyfriend
>Boom prego
>Dig through status updadtes and figure out conception date was con
>Anyways she's a single mum of my son
>FB creep her every so often
>Might contact eventually when he's 16 or so and have dramatic duel with him or something along those lines.
Thread replies: 29
Thread images: 14

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