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Watch unsolved mysteries with us cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug

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Watch unsolved mysteries with us
Bump, come watch comfy kino.
I bet that girl is kill
Robert Stack is a GOD
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don't hit rock bottom yet, stop by for vintage spoops
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YES. I love this shit
I can't. I have an ip ban on cytube for making a porn channel.
Make another one
Can't. I live with my sister and her husband and the router is upstairs. Fag brother in law won't change it for me and when I unplugged it for a few hours the other night it didn't change to a new ip.
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Damn son, how beta?
If you can tell me how to change my ip without having to log into his computer to use the router settings that would be cool.
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Is the router physically secured? Meaning, can you access the cables that are plugged into the router?
Yeah I can. Theres 2 wires, one plugged into the modem and one for power. I unplugged them both for a couple hours. I unplugged the modem from the wall at the same time. Didn't fix it.
>I unplugged the modem from the wall at the same time. Didn't fix it.
For how long?
It can take minutes or hours to clear an ARP table.
A few hours. Maybe 3 or 4. I went to my brothers house for a few beers and plugged it back in when I got home.
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If his ISP, is a total cunt and is adamant in determining static IP routes, then it is hard to do anything with this information.
>Why is this information public but so variable?
dump more fags
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come by for the weirdness, stay for the weirdness
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click that shit bintch
I miss these types of threads, comfy chat while watching movies and shit. I was wondering when someone would do this again.
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I clicked it, but closed my eyes
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Humpty bumpity
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crypt on followed by goosebumps, get in here boys
Thread replies: 39
Thread images: 24

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