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New celeb thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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New celeb thread
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How dare you post something I don't like on /b/
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Who is on the right?
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that's that cunt from twin peaks bro
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M├Ądchen Amick AKA Alice Cooper. Please get a hold of your life please Anon.
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here's to hoping
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danica mckellar27.jpg
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Oh, shelly

She used to be hot af
Didn't the woman either, anon. Don't worry literal who's posted all the time here
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lil ari went home and cried for two whole
hours after she had a terrible experience at
the mall! an older man said her bum was
his life's sun and he wanted to eat
everything that came out of it! she was
so embarrassed; everybody around who
heard were laughing and couldn't keep
straight faces! baby doll was ruined and
rushed to her car!
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muh heart.webm
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Hillary Duff thread is wasted
One guy just does his own thing
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I didn't the woman either and now look at me. You can pick yourself up from this.
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yeah she was serious cock candy back in '90. fuck I was born the same year that show came on. people weren't ready for it
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That's what he gets for being a retard and making a thread about a single celeb.
Fantastic! You talk a lot of shit
Moar milf pls
fuck yes
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Thread replies: 29
Thread images: 21

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