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>be me >bullied at school >total loser with no friends

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>be me
>bullied at school
>total loser with no friends
>main place to socialise is on the internet
>find a girl online
>we get into a two year long online relationship
>spend my whole day either at college or talking to her
>start to think she's the one
>we plan to meet up
>i buy a £100 necklace to give her as a present
>two days before we are supposed to meet she messages me saying that she can't go through with it and that she's breaking up with me
>whole world falls apart
>go to bridge to kill myself
>end up throwing the necklace on the motorway
>fall into depression, stop going to college, start drinking heavily
>few months later
>start feeling better, back at college and even met a couple friends
>get home
>see that she's messaged me saying that she misses me and that she only ended things because she was nervous about meeting up
>whole world falls apart
>I message her back, a bit reluctant at first
>before you know it we go back to how it was before
>couple months go by
>one day i come home from college and see that she's blocked my number with no explanation
>try to message her on facebook, blocked
>discord, blocked
>whole world falls apart

It's been a year since this happened and I don't think I'll ever trust a girl again
>This thread
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so basically the plot of every catfish episode ever?
Did it ever occur to you that you might be getting catfished?
My guy just got cucked by the stacey of all staceys.Get on with your life and live happy or threaten to snaps her knees through a friends friends cousins uncle
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Sucks to be you
Catfish or internet girls, the second one is only looking for attention. Protip: dont look for a girl in internet
If you were smart you’d know there is no such thing as love

She definitely wasn't a catfish, we had multiple video calls and we voice called nearly every night
Maybe try talking to a real girl face to face before you decide to give up on them?
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You poor victim. I guess your new victim status now means you have moral standing in our new postmodern inter-sectional society
You do have a point but I'm really socially awkward which means that I'm quiet and inexpressive IRL so girls don't really take much notice of me

You never had a girlfriend to begin with. That's a penpal
You are One needy fucker. Stop pushing yourself down, holding yourself back with memories from the past.
You will never be happy as long as you live in a pool of self pity.

Get your shit together, because no one else will.

still not as sad as my story back when i was a young man...

when everquest 2 was new, i got a hot milf from texas i talked to on some yahoo chatroom or something i can't remember.

play eq2 with her even though i hated the game just to spend time with her, always end up going to bed after a few hours because i am in the UK and timezones.

long story short

>over the next year or so of EQ2, after i go to bed she ends up always grouped with a candian gook monkey-butt-ugly-tard.

>i had access to her account to use her characters crafting skills, and vice versa

>log onto her account to craft something

>the you have mail icon is there, i check it, it's a love letter from the canadian cunt.

>i pretend i never see the mail, i am worried about this advancement so i talk her into letting me visit for a month holiday where i'll pay her rent and have spending money every night also.

>she agrees, but when it came down to it, she goes missing a week before i am due to fly out

>about to cancel all plans, she comes online and basically says she was unavailable because she was in canada because the canadian guy bought her a ticket to go and visit him.

>she asks, 'do you still want to come?'

>i ask her wtf, why? how could you do this to me? etc.

>she says 'yeah we fucked, we are together now', anyway you're just someone on the internet, you are not real to me.

>i hang up, uninstall EQ2 and block her from messengers.

>my return plane ticket cost down the drain

so i basically cucked myself by getting her to play EQ2 with me where she met her new partner (i checked on facebook years later and she's living in canada with him now)

Why didn't you resale the necklace, I think that of all things is the place you messed up. Should've pawned it firewood it on Craigslist or Ebay. And then you could be got More booze with that money.
Tough love time. You need to stop being a pussy and get out of your comfort zone right now! Stop being such a self loathing piece of shit and start building your confidence up! Trust me, you will be much better off.
I don't loathe myself. I'm just really bad at social interactions. I never know what to say to people or what to talk about so if it's just me and another person it usually ends up in awkward silence. I don't really mind when there's a group of people because I can bounce off of everyone else's vibe and I don't have to try make a subject for conversation
Being social and talking to people is a skill. You practise it like any other skill.
Go be awkward and socially retarded, so what? Eventually you will get good at it and less awkward because you realise its not a big deal.

This isnt an impossible thing to do, you just need to be ready to sacrifice your safe space. I believe in you Buddy.
I'll try man, thanks
It was definitely a dude

lol discord faggot
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>be me
>social autist
>no friends
>spend all day playing MMOs
>meet girl in Dofus
>date her for a year online
>fly across the country and meet her
>shes only 14 (im 18) so no sex, but had a great time
>I think she's the one
>2 months later her dad finds out im a pedo
>forbids her from ever speaking to me again
>tells all her friend's parents so I can't reach her through friends
>give up on dating for 9 years
>slowly pick myself up, not such an autist anymore
>go to nice university as an undergrad
>can't live in dorms, am older, have trouble meeting people
>meet a girl online
>perfect for me in every way
>same interests, same major, cute little asian 18 yo
>doesnt mind im a pedo
>she lives in another country
>she's my best friend's ex
>been dating online for 2 months
>she's flying here tomorrow and saying with me for a week
>mfw tomorrow I lose my virginity at the age of 27
You are such a fucking loser
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here, take sip of this. It will erase your memory of her
Jesus christ! What do you ppl look like to live this way
/soc/ says I'm a 7/10. I've had lots of girls offer to fuck me, I'm just picky. And when girls at my uni flirt with my I'm usually too daft to notice.
Those are all such bullshit excuses. Are you sure you're not afraid of sex?
Not even a little bit afraid, I finally found the right person and I've never been more excited. Let me give you an example of not recognizing a girl flirting with me
>be me
>playing dulcimer on the green at uni
>hot blond grad student walks up to me
>says she's studying opera
>says she has the same dulcimer
>we chat for a while, it goes smoothly
>she asks if she can take my picture
>I say sure, why not!
>she does
>she asks if I'd like her to send me the picture
>sounds like a hassle
>no, thanks anyway~
>she walks away with a disappointed look
>3 hours later, laying in bed
>wait a second, was she trying to get my number?! FUCK
With what? I found someone perfect for me, life feels pretty great right now.
fucking relatable
>trusting women in the first place
Thread replies: 35
Thread images: 8

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