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Any anons here who were sexually abused as children? Who did

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Any anons here who were sexually abused as children?

Who did it, what happened and how has it affected you?
>be 9 w. 7 yr old sis
>spending summer at our uncles farm
>his daughter was 13
>he was gigantic, like seriously built like a gorilla
>I stay downstairs in the living room
>girls have seperate rooms upstairs
>when Giga-Uncle went to the bathroom the floors rumbled underneath his feet
>like a fucking earthquake
>every night he starts to fumble with some stuff upstairs more and more
>sometimes hear my sister whisper but really faint
>one night my niece stays at a friends house
>I hear his thumps towards my sis's room
>they talk some shit dont think much about it
>almost falling asleep and start hearing these huge slaps
>Get into protective mode, fear for my sister
>Sneak upstairs and as I look into her room
>I see his fully furred Gorilla body holding my sister up and fucking her like she's nothing
>tears streaming down her face
>He humps and humps I swear it looked like he was breaking her
>Snitch to mom and dad like a pathetic pussy
>Court-Jailed-Free'd-No longer welcome to family things
>15 years later he goes free and back into his farm
>I visit him with a baseball bat and beat the living shit out of him
>Sis od's few years later
>Never get charged with anything
Guess it's not really my story but yeah.
That’s terrible.. I’m glad you beat the fuck out of him
Should have fucked you instead
You little snitch
kek fuck off edgelord
This all happened when we ( me and female cousin) were 14. She stayed over for a night, became a regular thing after a while, like twice to three times a week.

One night a thunderstorm had her whimpering in the living room (sleeps on couch) and I went out to calm her down (parents slept heavy, room on other side of house). I was in a beater/boxers, we turned on the television to take her mind off storm, after cuddling for a while, I relaxed and with her pressed against me I got hard pretty fast.

A few moments of awkward bad jokes later we ended up in a 69, finished with her facedown/ass up and me dumping the heaviest, most satisfying load in my life into her pussy.

We banged for about a year like I said until it came out that her uncle-in-law was molesting her. I feel bad that she went through it but we were insanely close and that went ten fold when we started fucking.

I feel bad but a perverted part of me was glad she got to have consensual sex with some one that actually gave a fuck about her.
Glad you beat his ass anon.
How long did it carry on for? Are you still close?
>replying to pasta

Idk if I was. There was a few weeks I got admitted into a psych ward by a doctor who was running an insurance scam. I remember everything about it, 24 years later. What we ate, what movie they played on a loop, the tests they made us do...

All, except three things.

>My bed where I slept
>Using the bathroom
>Using the shower

So, I'm assuming I was molested and blacked that part of my memory out from the trauma, but I honestly don't know.
About a year, which was stated in the story, she went to foster care, didn't talk with her again until about a year ago. Found out she became a baby factory and turned into a land whale.
Got touched up at 7 in the toilets at the movies.
Can't per at a urinal or Infront of others.
>i was anywhere from 8-10
>in the bath at my aunties house
>thought it would be funny to stand up and show her my stiffy
>stood up in the bath while she was kneeling down
>right at her face level
>we both laughed
>she kissed it
>both of us still laughing
>she put it in her mouth
>had no idea what was going on
>she kept going for like 30 seconds
>i got uncomfortable and just sat back down in the bath

was never mentioned ever again, i actually forgot it happened for years until we visited my auntie for her birthday and had a flashback while i was using the bathroom

I'm not sure it affected me at all
my auntie isn't attractive to me in any way, and i'm pretty sure it only happened once
I can't imagine I've been molested, but somehow it feels like there is something locked away in my brain.
Still remember fooling around with a school mate at age 14 and then he suddenly vanished from my social circle and later on switched schools. We did a lot of oral and hjs but nothing serious. I just wonder if he took it too far one day, don't recall being mad at him, more sad that he left.
Also, I spent half a night with an older guy (i was around 14 again) watching TV in the motel lobby, wondering if I should let him fuck me, but again, afair, nothing happened.
Maybe I just have a domination fetish and there really isn't anything there.
>>i must have been younger than four (many, many years ago)
>>sleeping over at grandmas flat
>>grandma lives alone
>>dont remember much but
>>exactly how the sofa looked
>> what my pjs looked
>>that my pjs were off sudenly
>> grandma sat next to me
>> my peepee right in front of her face
>> she is mentioning my childboner like ' that is quite naughty'
>> next i remember: does your mom know about your peepee getting big?
and in a realy drillseargent like behavior with a very mean look in her eyes
>> dont ever tell mom
Yes. I was sexually abused by my church pastor as a child.

From what I can remember, there was a shower in the men's room in our church and I gave him a blowjob and possibly a handjob. I'm not sure though. I blocked it from my memory for over 20 years. It just recently started coming back to me.

I grew up as a socially awkward, and depressed, anxiety filled loser. I am a 31 year old virgin and can't even talk to women.
is your aunt my granny? lol
it doesn't count if you're a guy and the woman is older, ppl just count that as you're lucky.
my older sister 16 messed around with me when I was 14, does make for awkward family reunions
Add me to the list. Have told you guys about it before but not in the sharing mood atm.

Am still here. Think I've put it all behind me. (Mostly)
how it affected me? quite succesfull in live..
but maybe thats why i have a thing for milfs and tried to seduce sum when i was in my teens (succesfull banged milfs in my twenties)
fckd up thing is: smt i fapp to the memory of the incident
when I was 15 -friends mom, also a teacher, fucked a bunch of times had milf fetish since
>be 6-7 yo
>watching movie with bro and sis and some family friends
>laying with 16yo family friend under a blanket, her in front
>she puts my hand on her titty
>instant diamonds for reasons I don't really understand
>reaches behind and gives me handjob
>realised the error of her ways I guess
>gets up and moves across the room

Shit was so cash
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no such thing as sexual abuse, if it happened the child was asking for it
>be maybe 6 or 7
>going to catholic school
>called into office one day because someone saw a birthmark on my ass that looks like a bruise.

only thing I remember is being completely naked except for my shoes on top of a desk in some muggy dark room with pictures being taken
>10 years later the priest of the school was busted with tons of cp
>truthfully can't remember much except for that but my mom was devastated
I don't think its affected me much. Its unsettling to realize how fragile your own memory can be in times of trauma
Two edgy 5 me
>be me, 7
>Mom is bipolar
>Used to shove anima oil up my ass through a tube
>Charged her friends to "bathe" me
>Delivered me to her friends daughters bday
>The girls, all 14-15, made me strip and touched me and took pics
>be 10, mom took me to doctor
>Old hairy man
>Says he needs to check my penis
>Mom lets him. Shoved a pencil in my foreskin and jerked off on me, then paid mom to fuck me
>Be 14, finally run away, cops find me in 3hours
>Tell cops everything, mom goes to jail.

I live alone and barely scrape by now. Still can't stop shaking when I go out.
beanerfag so don't expect the grammar to be the best

>be 3 or 4
>spend a lot of time with my brother in law
>guy was maybe 35 or 40 and an ex-militar with drug abuse record.
>he used to tell me "hey anon, rub my feet" every time we were alone in the same room
>sometimes he would even ask me to smell his feet
>willingly did it because toddler also
>repeat for months or even years until dad beats his ass out of the house
>me never finding out exactly why
>unable to properly wipe my butt or touching my penis in order to clean it for at least ten years
>never finding out exactly why.

And that is how I got my foot fetish and my circumcision.
Isn't that just some shit luck?

Even the doctor jerked off on you, kek'd.
>be me 4-7 yo
>wanna fuck, seen some hidden vids from parents
>nowhere chicks
>only grandma looking like a ugly witch
>make her go for bj
>piss so much she almost die
we depart.
kek dont have to see witch anymore im save.
hah, i almost forgot, that i couldnt stand touchin my butt till i was 18ish
Yes, it's obvious that this happened purely because she's bipolar.
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>Molested and raped by mom for years.
>Started off with her touching my dick in the bath and pressing her tits to my ace when I was young.
>Around 10 years old she catches me masturbating and jerks me off
>This continues maybe 3 times a year until she makes me eat her out a few times at 12
>They divorce and my Dad get's full custody, haven't seen her in 10 years
I've never told anyone aside from my girlfriend of 4 years, my dad doesn't even know. I've mostly gotten over it. The only residual effects are a mommy fetish and having actual breakdowns if I go down on a girl. So I just avoid that now.
Take your Cluster B personality disorder and actually go fuck yourself to death with it, anon.

Of course there was more going on than his mom being bipolar, but it's very typical of those who suffer from mental disorders in your category to make even stories about the abuse of others as children about themselves.
one time I bent over to pick something up and my dog licked my ass
the trauma of my molestation still haunts me
lmao yeah bipolar really fits on the same scale as psychopath. Nice defense BUD
>not understanding how personality disorders are grouped in the DSM
lol k
and then you woke up
Really glad this thread is here, cause I’ve been wanting to tell someone for a long time. I don’t really remember much of the first incident, but I remember that it was at some summer activity camp/school thing. Dude was a kid too but I think he was somewhat older. I don’t think anyone there was above 10. From the fragments I remember he took me into the bathroom and had me give him oral. I don’t know if it happened more than one but from what my parents told me, it did. But sadly that’s not the end of the story. I became the fucking abuser. I know for sure I never did anything that wasn’t consensual, but me and everyone else were very young at the time so I’m sure no one who was mentally developed would have consented. I “experimented” with one of my friends (who was a dude and I ain’t even gay) and my two fucking younger sisters. This was all before 3rd grade. It wasn’t until much later that I realized what I did, and I’ve been able to shut it out, but I hate myself every time I think of it. What affected me more was understanding that I put other people through that. Fortunately from what I can remember there was never penetration, and I don’t think my sisters or my friend remember it, but it’s fucking hard to live with. 4chan is probably not the best place for this, because I feel like I’m seeking redemption, and I’ve been scared as shit of what would happen if I ever tell anyone this. I just want to forget it all or forgive myself. But I can’t. I really don’t want this to be a pity post or some self deprecating shit, because I’m about to say I’m sure this is going to get negative reactions. But I just really needed to express this to someone, even if they’re on a computer, and I guess I opened 4chan at the right/wrong time
Uh oh, better make sure my friend isn't also a pedo psychopath because these two definitely correlate! two words for you - lmao faggot

if it makes you feel any better you probably would have still been a socially awkward, and depressed, anxiety filled loser.

go seek medication
Hope it helps to share here. Imo b is a positive outlet for us. We can spew stuff here we can't tell people irl.
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Use proper formatting next time will ya
i fucked a dog does that count?
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my mom was a stripper and a meth head. she used to jack me off when I was too young to understand.

the result is that i'm basically asexual.
It does. My parents knew, but the only person I ever told myself was my first, and last, girlfriend. I could only tell her the first part though, couldn’t imagine telling the rest of it to someone else face to face
Sorry b, I’m still a newfag
Abused by my mother and uncle when I was under 5 approximately. Mum told me when I was 9. Went into a foster home for a few years, they were Jehovah's Witnesses, complete nutbags. Lived with my dad after that, an alcoholic drug addict. Dad kicked me out eventually.

I am 24, a few friends, kissless virgin, about to lose my second minimum wage job because I'm such a loser that I can't even stack shelves. I probably have a few mental illnesses of some sort. I have no memory of the abuse, I'll probably remember one day and have a complete breakdown. Right now I'm just taking it one day at a time because I'm in a pretty shit place in life.
>I visit him with a baseball bat and beat the living shit out of him
I can't imagine anything that would be more satisfying and more disappointing at the same time.
I understand you. I’m only 18, but I thought I was going to be a kiss less virgin until I met my last girlfriend. After that it’s been pretty much downhill, but basically what I’m saying is, you’ll get your shot one day, hopefully soon. I believe in you. And if anyone hasn’t told you in a while, I love you anon
Everyone was once upon a time.
Gay as fuck.
Being a virgin doesn't really worry me, I want to sort myself out before I start a relationship and I don't like casual sex. I think it's a bad idea to enter into a relationship when I can barely handle my own problems.

Thanks for the sentiment, but you don't love me.
>be me 12
>stay at my cousin's who is 14
>he asks if i ever watched porn, i say no
>put a vhs on the TV and watch some gay porn
>cousin jerk off, tells me to do the same
>i ain't in the mood for gay porn but i don't want to be a chicken so i do so under the blanket
>cousin tells me to show my dick, i'm reluctant but i do as told
>he shows his too
>He asks me to stroke him
>"but i don't want"
>grabs my hand and put it on his dick
>i masturbate him a littlr, he masturbate him
>i like to be masturbate
>he asks me to suck him
>i don't want but tell me he will do the same to me
>i want that so i suck him
>before cumming he holds my head and cums in my mouth forcing me to swallow
>i almost cry and to wash my mouth in the bathroom
>cousin is already in bed trying to sleep
>ashamed and not horny anymore i go to sleep to

continued ?
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Im just gonna bump the thread becouse why not.
Maybe I don’t. But I thought it might make you feel better. I still believe in you, even if I don’t know you. Just trying to spread some happiness to others, because if I wasn’t numb I know it would help me
Yeah, why not?
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hah gay
I have a cousin (fem) who is serving 10 years somewhere in Australia for molesting her kids as well as his. Ama
I have actually had a lot of dude friends who would want to watch porn and jack off with me when I was a kid, like more than 5.

Is this a normal thing for kids? Or did I just so happen to hang out with all the weirdos growing up.
What's the deal with airline food?
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Happened to me with girls but only once with a guy, I just told him to fuck off.

Who did 9/11?

Normal. Nearly everyone experiences these things.
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Pretty fucking gay if he did it with guys tho.
mom was a well adjusted pedophile but didn't do anything to me. She had an abusive childhood and was very open about how it has affected her. She's a great mom.

I was molested by my sister @ 6yo she was 9. the neighbor molested her. She acted out on me. Mom found out,

much therapy later, I'm 15 and hanging out with two troubled 12&13y/o girls. I had crush on both but too autistic to do anything. Their crackhead dad's 46/yo black friend was over late one night (call him Tim) and I discovered he'd been giving the 13/yo crack and fucking the 12y/o on a regular basis while dad is passed out in bedroom. On top of that, he was black. Weeks of this and I was severely broken down and conflicted about what I saw. Then I learned that the 12/yo's mom's bf was also fucking her. I'm on the cups of losing it. I visit with the girls one awful night and we're hanging out and Tim shows up. the girls pressure me to smoke crack. I finally cave after an hour or so of this. Get super high and Tim starts molesting 12/yo in front of me like making eye contact with me while doing it and Im high af and somehow unable to care about what i'm seeing because.. well... drugs man. After I come to my senses, I realize that Tim is trying to make 12/yo go to the liquor store with him for "snacks" and shes pleading for me to go with them but I decline because im high and didn't want to get up. She gets brutally raped for hours. When they get back she's a fucked up mess. 13/yo is furious and blames me for not going with her. Tim steals 13/yo dad's truck, money, computer, and never see him again. Days after that both girls tell everyone I raped 12/yo and I get my ass throttled a few times by various groups of teen sjws. All the while I'm trying to cope with all that transpired. I'm still fucked up about this 20 years later. Also found out the 12/yo got killed by her bf about 5 years ago.

I'm attracted to young girls but I know exactly why. I also have an aversion to hard drugs because of guilt.
Oh sorry 12 years later.
Did they strip you?
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congrats, relieving you are under 18 is a bannable offense that the janitors enforce strictly.
Why do you want to know cunt
He was 15 when it happened, 12 years ago.
Fucking idiot. do your math, If I was 15 then and this is 12 years later How many years is that motherfucker? Learn to math.

>next morning we don't speak of that
>I only see my cousin for birthdays and holidays so fast foward a couple of months
>it's like midnight in his room
>we were playing PS1 all evening
>ok it's enough for today
>cousin grabs vhs and plays it
>it's porn again ofc...
>he lower his pyjama and masturbate
>tells me to undress and jerk off
>i'm ashamed and don't want to
>he grabs my dick through my pyjama and begin to jerk me
>i get a boner, he lower my pyjama and tells me to get nude because he wants to give me something new
>i think he will finally suck me so i comply
>tells me to get on all fours
>i'm puzzled but i do as told
>he sit in front of me and tells me to suck him
>i ask him not to hold my head
>he says yes i shouldn't worry
>i suck him for a few minutes
>he stops, tells me to not move, gets behind me
>he grabs my dick and jerk me off in that position
>i then feel something against my butthole
>oh shit it's his dick
>i panick, and rush in my bed, under the blanket
>he apologies but i don't want to speak to him
>go to sleep
I have always thought that I has been raped when i was a child, but I don't remember it... I think about it just because what I feel now... It's like if I remember what I felt, someone touching me and the feeling of powerlessness and wanting to puke and to get out... I have this vivid remember, but I really cannot see the scene.

My parents weren't evil, but they were pretty absentee. They hadn't really wanted a third kid and kind of left me at home with my two brothers looking after me as soon as that became an option for them. My brothers pretty much used me like a ragdoll for the first chunk of my life. It was never violent or mean, it was more like getting them both off was a secret chore I had to get done. Even as they got older and things got weirder it was still never really a 'bad' thing in my mind, until I hit my teen years and realized how messed up it actually was.

I don't think it's affected me too badly. I guess I'll never really know, but I think the things that are wrong with me are just the way I'm wired, not something they fucked into me. Kinda lonely and bad at forming real connections. Spend too much time on /b/ obviously.
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Typical newfag.

Just fuck off already.
Why the fuck I have a boner
Police strip searched me and my friends when we were 16. It was pretty gratuitous and I think some of it was just meant to be humiliating.
>I feel bad but a perverted part of me was glad she got to have consensual sex with some one that actually gave a fuck about her.
Anon, you didn't abuse her, her fuck-head uncle-in-law did, you gave her a chance to feel the feel the nice side of fucking.
Me and my friend were taught about sex when we were 7 and 8. After that day we used to hump every chase we had. Best was when we were on the monkey bars and she wrapped her legs around me and grinded like crazy. We fell off a couple of times cause the orgasm was so intense
Are you a girl or boy?
Jesus dude, glad you put a stop to it, can you imagine how many he would have raped the 15 years he wasn't in jail?
It's def pasta, I saw the same thing in similar thread yesterday. (Course, I guess if I lurk that much, someone else might too)
When I was 8 or 9 I would regularly sleep over my best friend's house, he would beg me to let him suck me off. Idr if I ever reciprocated, whole thing is kind of blurry. I can only remember one specific instance but I know it happened often. We're both in our 20's now, he turned out to be gay, I did not. I do however have intimacy issues, bi-polar depression, and a drinking problem and I've recently started hearing voices; the drinking and weed help with that though. Idk how related those issues are, I've been through and have seen a lot of fucked up shit, probably couldn't pinpoint any one catalyst.
>When I was 8 or 9 I would regularly sleep over my best friend's house, he would beg me to let him suck me off
>We're both in our 20's now, he turned out to be gay,

>weed helps
>hearing voices
You aren't a virgin anon

Pastor fucked your mouth, so there's that
I'm in a really similar situation and it'sinteresting to hear it frm your persepective.
I'm sorry this happened to you, and I hope someday you will feel better.
Glad to hear you're moving forward, anon.

It's okay, honestly. You seem genuinely remorseful.
grandpa, didn't affect me at all
Where do I start? I was molested by more than a handful of people, male and female, from the age of 3 to 12. Most of them men and the females were always teenagers way older than me.There were overlapping molesters doing shit in the same time frame that never knew about each other. I never told anyone that could/would have done anything about it because I was afraid I would get in trouble.
Side effects? I wet the bed off and on until I was in my 20's and I don't think I've ever met a girl that I haven't masturbated to the next time I was alone. I pretend that I hate being touched because I can't stop getting aroused by just simple contact, even through clothes. I'm violently homophobic because even seeing one dude hold hands with another makes me relive dicks being forced on/in me. I hate how utterly perverted I am and I'm really fucking ashamed about a lot of the stuff I've gotten off to, largely thanks to /b/. I do my best to pretend to be normal, but anyone who gets to know me ends up hating me. I can't have normal human relationships. I'm fat, I'm weird and so full of anger all the time. I'm medicated for anxiety and depression, and I hurt all the time. The only silver linings are I was never molested by family and I never caught any diseases. I'm in my 30s and married to someone who's about as fucked up as I am. I have 2 daughters that mean everything to me, and every day I can't keep from wondering if they would be better off without me. I also work in customer service. Fuck people.
did she cum?
pls greentext next time
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party trick.jpg
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What'd they do that was humiliating?
>I also work in customer service
sorry to hear that
>pls greentext next time
Why? You can't see red?
They don't want actual sentences reading hurts their brains
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Mom and dad went to the flix
They dropped me off with Andy Sixx
I cried but I put up with it

(x8) Andy take me home

I ate my lunch and breakfast there
Captain crunch and other snacks
I found it hard to chew my food

(x8) Andy take me home

He said "Why don't you open wide!
I'll drop my creamy log inside!"
That's what I did, I killed my throat!

(x8) Andy take me home!

After dinner I vomited
I fell asleep and pissed the bed
I woke up in some piss and shit!

(x16) Andy take me home!
I wanna be alone
>be me
>be 16
>not a virgin
>aunt was a nurse
>ass cheek hurt was bad ingrown hair
>go over to her house she lances it cleans it
>puts pading tells me to come back so she can clean it again
>go back laying on her bed on my stomach
>she removed bandage, cleans with hot towel
>hand jobs between my ass crack
>felt good, lifted up a bit clearly hard on
>she makes comment
>jerks me off
i am ok with it
We had to strip naked together and stand in front of each other for like 5 minutes while they filled out paperwork. Then they checked our hair, ears, mouths, hands, feet, armpits, belly buttons, etc. Then they looked at us individually and made us lift and hold up our ball sacs then our dicks. One of my friends is uncut so they made him retract his foreskin and hold it back while they looked at the inside of his foreskin and the pink head of his dick. After that they made us pinch open our piss slits, and even though my other friends and I are cut we had to show the groove between the penis head and the shaft. We then had to spread our legs apart, bend over, and spread our cheeks and hold them open while they shone lights on our butt cracks and holes.
Similar thing happened at my high school. There were prescription drugs going around and our school officer was female. When she narrowed the source down to a few guys they had to get naked in front of her and searched like how you described. Seemed kind of fucked to me.
Did they check their butts and tools too? Also the officers that searched us were guys. Doing it in front of a woman would be a lot worse.
ive had a heap of dreams about being molested or raped lately. im 22. i dont remember being molested or raped but these dreams are worrying.
I was about 7, went over my neighbors house he was my age too. But he wasn’t home. His 16yo bro was there. Tells me I can hang out with he’s cleaning basement. I don’t like basements because spiders. But I hang with him. He tells me we will play a game. Turn off the light and guess what we’re holding. I’m kinda freaked out about being in the dark basement with spiders. First thing he has me hold. It’s got a big hard shaft and is hairy on the base. Wow no idea what this is. Is it a hair brush older anon? No? Let me feel it some more so I can guess again? So older anon then decides to tell me this hair brush like thing was a spider. I freak out screaming and running home. My parents call his parents. He’s in some trouble. Not a smart move older anon. If he never said spider I would have played with his hair brush like thing until it came all over my face
>>I visit him with a baseball bat and beat the living shit out of him
>>Sis od's few years later
if you would have just let him keep fucking your sister she would be alive today you fucking retard
When I was 15 I went to use a urinal at the mall and some dude decided to the one next to me out of all the ones available. He was looking right at me the whole time and said "Hey man, nice dick."

I didn't use a urinal until I was 23.
The guy I talked to said he had to go in wearing only a towel and at the end she made him spread his ass and checked his junk without the towel. He didn't tell me all the details.
Lol I do that to people cuz it's hilarious
From the age of seven to the age of twelve, my sister, five years older than me, would come into my bed at night and bite my dick and balls. It hurt. She stopped when I threatened to tell mum and dad.
That sounds really embarrassing. It's understandable that they search drug dealers because things can even be hidden under the foreskin, but having a woman do it would be just humiliating.
>elementary school
>me, 8 years old, second grade
>getting bullied incessantly
>parents always told me to not fight back
>that fighting back was “stooping to their level”
>have to go to the bathroom
>ambushed in the hallway by three older fat girls whom I didn’t know
>they take me into the girls washroom and push me down
>they hold me down and take my clothes off
>I’m paralyzed like a total bitch, crying and shit
>they lift my ankles over my head and start hitting my balls and dick, shoving fingers in me and spreading my asshole apart
>eventually they get a hairbrush handle in there and fuck me with it, blood and shit all over the floor
>they beat me afterwards while I’m on the floor and leave me there

Another girl found me and brought me to the principles office, those three girls had all moved out of the country by the time the court case actually started to look like it was going to happen. This was before they had cameras in the halls of schools so they never had enough evidence to keep them in Canada to face charges, so they just left for the states, and my folks moved to the other end of the country. They never talk about it and don’t let people bring it up.

How it affected me was this; 1 I learned that if you are not fighting back, you will become a victim. 2 there is no justice in the world that you don’t bring about yourself. 3 there are people always watching you and looking for an excuse/reason to prey on you. 4 getting fucked dry in the ass with a piece of wood really fucking hurts.

Now I work out all the time, shoot guns, been part of a boxing gym for six years, etc and someday I want to go find those three girls and kill them. But I’m poor, so that’s kind of hard to do right now. Even now I still don’t know why they did it beyond some sick form of amusement, but someday I hope I get revenge.
Wasnt really abuse but was really sexual as a child with the girls I went to daycare with and have tons of stories.

>only child, single mom she works a lot
>be 8 in daycare all the time during summer
>daycare has around 6 girls only one other boy
>become really good friends with one girl black hair blue eyes i remember she had a cute birthmark on her tummy
>backyard was big and fenced in had a big pine tree or something if you went under it no one could see you
>around this time really curious about girls pussies for some reason had only seen my moms at this point
>birthmark girl was wearing a skirt cute panties and i asked if i could see them closer
>She had just got them was proud of them spread her legs wide to show them off
>I stared at her could just glimpse her pussy mound pushing against the panties
>asked her if she would move her panties over so i could see under i remember i was surprised because she didnt even hesitate
>stare at her pussy until she got bored and moved her panties back
>that was all for that day but i knew i wanted to see it again
onward, christian're doing god's work.
Sure told this once or twice before but never the whole story.

>next day am playing with birthmark girl under the tree again
>we were actually really close played together all the time
>ask if i can see her panties again shes wearing shorts that day
>she just laughs and slides them right off kind of twists around a little and smiles
>ask her to take them off again
>she looks at me kinda funny and hesitates but then slides them off
>i remember getting real close and just looking
>she started to giggle from my breath and i remember saying something like its so different from mine
>she tilts her head and asked what does yours look like
>slide off my shorts and show her
>she stares at me same as i did at her and then out of no where pokes a few times
>kind of twitch a little and say it feels good
>hear other kids getting close so we both pull up underwear and shorts
>later that day go back under tree
>this time she asks me if she i will take down my pants
>say sure if you will too
>neither of us even stop to think about it both just slide them right off
>she gets real close and is looking at it
>remember saying "you can touch it if you want"
>she immediately starts running her hands over it
>after awhile she stops and i get close to hers
>dont even ask just start touching it and say something like it feels really soft
>kind of spread it open and look and shes just breathing hard
>hear daycare lady calling so we go inside for epic cookies
My neighbor did. He was in high school I was 8-9.
For awhile it fucked my head up a bit, it was weird as a kid sitting in class but having the memories going in my head but I worked all that out over time. I still think about it often but it doesn’t matter to me as much anymore.
I had no social life as a kid Except a few buddies. It wasn’t until after high school when I started getting actual attention from girls that I got over it. The love and happiness I started feeling because of these girls I was hanging out with really helped me over write my problems and focus on the good in life. I’ve been dating a girl for 2 years now. The only issue I have left is I have a lot of anger and aggression when I think of him and I think it’s unhealthy. My arms start to get all tense and adrenaline filled it’s not good lol. But my girlfriend is good at making me not get to into it

ITT: there’s nothing some good titties can’t fix (:
It was one girl, Angela, who really “sparked the fire”. I got a job at a pizza place after high school and she worked there. Everyone wanted to fuck her lol. I kept my distance and didn’t act all horny and just talked to her for a while and eventually she just wanted me lol. I was like , if I can get one hot chick, I can probably get others. A couple months later and I had a few girlfriends and lot more actual
Friends, I realized I had let what happened to me drag me down for so long. Now , don’t get me wrong, the memory of having a dick in me and like moments where my dad finally found out sucked, but pussy is sooooo good LOL

My little brother went through it to, I told him to focus on the ladies and now he’s got this smoking little blonde and he’s happy as fuck
>be 6 or 7
>my cousin tells me to ride him w/other cousin in room
>don't want to cause that's gay
>make me act like girl
>leave and go home
>never hear of it again
they're still alright people i wouldn't dare bring it up still makes me uncomfortable
>fast foward
>be 9 w 5yr old cousin touch her, have her touch me
>this goes on until i'm 14
>clicks then how wrong it all is
>still have good relationship with her but feel immense shame.
>haven't had a real relationship and still a virgin and sex makes me uncomfortable

i'm just really lonely.
fuck anon... that pissed me off man that girls can just get away with that shit. From and American to a Canuck I hope you get revege. shit man i would help with that they sound like fucking trash
Thankfully no and I grew up really sheltered but I dated a girl for about 6mths that grew up in one of those nudist colony places and it happens a lot apparently, Dad and both her brothers fucked her all the time and she got shared out to other guys with daughters also. I asked her when she lost her virginity? that was a mistake which sent me down the rabbit hole, she said she didn't know and for as long as she could remember her Dad and brothers doing sex stuff with her.
so you gave up on people a long time ago i bet. I try to keep in mind not everyone is shit, but when you've seen a lot of them are, it's hard to not think it.
Yes. A person who ran a daycare. Fucked me up. I was very young. He would put a towel over my face, undo my diaper, fondle my little baby cock, and then close up the diaper. Lord knows what else he was doing why I couldn't see him. Because of this, I had a rough, oversexed, childhood. I showed myself to anyone and everyone who would look. Masturbated constantly (still do). Abused others as a way to move through my own issues, including my own sister, and several others (did and didn't work, I'm a chronic masturbatelor, especially to stuff I shouldn't). Life sucks.
so what did they have you do? From how old to when? how often?
at 13 I was raped by a guy int he neighboring flat to my mums
>My entire childhood my older sister used to touch me
>Thought it was the normal thing to do with siblings. I lived rural, i was an idiot.
>From the ages of 10 to 11, she used make look at porn with her.
>Soon she started showing me only pictures of dicks on the web.
>And would question me on which ones i liked the most and then would tell me her favourites.
>After we'd kiss, and it was only our secret.
>After a year and bit of that, when she turned into her teens, she invited over an older male school friend every weekend.
>a few months after that got into routine.
>She invites me downstairs while our parents were away.
>Her friend is there and she wants to show me something.
>She gives him head in front of me and then bullies me into doing it because it was "mine turn" and that it's just like what we saw on the interent.
>I gave him head with my sister every weekend for two years thinking it was normal.
>She stops talking to me after he moved.
>Live in resentment for what she made me do.
he was very violent and it took a lot of dating other guys to learn that sex is not an inherently violent thing and it can be loving and gentle
When did it start and how long did it go on for?
dubs of funny true, weird mate, glad it didn't go further.. (not that you would eat a hairy brush)
so normalish now? did the guy make you do "everything"? was it only once?
Should probably blow your pastor again then, homo.
No, im very much into being dominated by guys, and sometimes I break down crying when penetrated, but I've stopped associating extreme pain (being punched in the face/ribs) with pleasure as I used to.

He would do a lot of sadistic shit with me, like wrap my hair around his fist and pull my hair whilst fucking, he's punch me and beat me alot too. Spit on me, all the twisted shit, it took a long time and a steady, simple guy, to learn that this shit wasn't normal.
And it was a few times,mum was always away so I was kinda desperate for attention.
Jesus, bj and/or anal too? did mom notice your face bruises or whatever? Would you consider yourself attractive? (not that it's an excuse for him to do it obviously)
If he left the light on and pulled out his dick and said play with it I probably would have and never said a word to anyone. Me and his bro had already been checking each other’s out. Was curious at that age. Don’t think I would have willingly put it in my mouth.
I was sexually abused by my father when I was 11 until 13, he touched me several times, even in public.

Now I'm 21 and still I have problems with being touched by people. When I get comfortable with a guy I'm okay with it but in many situations I get abusive or at least I'm thinking a lot about abusive things I'd like to do to people but I'm pretty good at controlling these thoughts.
yh, bj's not often but analhe stuck his fingers in there
Mum noticed the bruises but I was being bullied in school so it was not much new. The real issue was the patches of hair, he'd pull out clumps, which would make me very upset.
No, I would not consider myself attractive, tho i've gotten guys before so maybe, idk, I think he was more of an opportunist than anything else.
I presume you’re a man. You say you are with guys. Do you think your abuse story had anything to do with your sexuality?
Is that the end, or is there more ??
Where the fuck is Waldo
Maybe, and at 13 you might have started developing. And if you pulled out clumps of hair while raping you, jesus he had some demons. Most guys are jerks, but not all total assholes, glad you are finding that out. Still sorry you had it so rough, life's really not fair.

No, I'm actually a girl
Do you still talk with her? Has she ever apologised?
yes, it comes as a great peace of mind that he is in prison now. A great relief.
"just" touching or?
nice, hope they know what he did to kids, he will hopefully be getting what he gave to you. Still sucks you had to suffer
yeah, every now and then I wonder if he died (pedos often get killed in prison) but i rather not think about it much at all, much simpler that way haha.
Tits with timestamp or gtfo
lol waits 5 years to tell
shoulda made her suck it or tell
i read the whole things so there's that.
I have tons more went on for years.

>gets to the point me and birthmark girl are basically doing this everyday under the tree
>keep touching each other and both realize it feels good too even though we are way too young to cum or anything
>one day we are just sitting there bottomless under the tree and one of the other girls just walks in
>birthmark girl and i just stare at her in shock
>girl is like what are you two doing
>new girl is blonde and short kinda cute i think she was a year or so younger than us
>birthmark girl is like we are just looking his thing is different
>blonde girl all of a sudden starts looking at me
>feels kind of weird only had done this with birthmark girl before
>pull up my underwear kind of freaking out
>ask blonde girl not to tell on us
>she says she wont but she wants to see mine again
>pull underwear back down and girl is looking at it
>birthmark girl is like look closer and touch it if you want
>blonde girl kind of stumbles up and looks at gingerly touches it with her fingertip
>shes like it feels weird and kind of touches it a few more times
>birthmark girl says dont tell on us now that you touched it youll get in trouble too
>blonde girl gets nervous and birthmark girl is like show him yours too its only fair
>blonde girl doesnt want to but we talk her into showing her underwear i remember it was my little pony
>girl is still staring at my dick like its the weirdest thing shes ever seen
>birthmark girl is laughing now and tells her to just pull down her panties
>she finally does but shes super shy kind of trying to hide her pussy
>for some reason made me want to see it even more
>something happened that i dont remember and we went out and played something else
tits or gtfo
Are you that same creepy fucker from yesterday who asked for stories of abuse,back again today essentially asking the same thing but in a more tactful way???
Continue anon
not on a fucking childhood abuse thread retard

>a couple days went by and we hadnt been under the tree for awhile i was scared of getting busted
>birthmark girl doesnt give a shit was kind of tomboyish really cool wanted to play with me and the other boy rather than the girls
>birthmark girl keeps asking me to go back under the tree but my stupid ass was nervous
>kept telling her blonde girl was going to tell on us if we did
>finally she convinces me to go back under the tree again
>she immediately pulls down her panties and spreads her legs open she really didnt give a fuck
>im nervous but like looking at it and touching it so pull mine too and we start kind of playing with each other
>do this for awhile and after a bit hear blonde girl calling for us
>i pull up my underwear but birthmark girl just sits there smiling
>blonde girl walks under the tree and just looks at both of us
>she was always kind of shy and quiet now that i think about it kind of lonely didnt have anyone to play with
>birthmark girl is like what do you want blonde girl
>she just kind of twists around and sits down says she has no one to play with
>i remember saying she doesnt want to play our game because shes to shy or something like that
>birthmark girl is like you can play with us but you have to play by the rules and take your panties off
>blonde girl is nervous but i think she wanted friends so she finally slips her panties off from under her skirt
>i slide my underwear back down and blonde girl just couldnt stop looking but is kind of hiding her pussy
>birthmark girl just starts playing with my dick again tells me to touch her back
>i do and blonde girl is just sitting there taking it all in
>birthmark girl is like play by the rules or gtfo
>girl comes over and hesitantly touches me too
>for some reason im obssessed with blonde girls pussy tell her she has to move her hand so i can see it and touch it
>she does and i start rubbing her all over
>i dont know if she was sensitive or something but she starts moaning
I wouldn't say I was molested exactly. A friend of my older brother had me jack him off and he did the same to me. Another time my sister locked me in the bathroom with her and made me touch her pussy. First one didn't really affect me. I can't help but feel the one with my sister is responsible for my incest fetish though. Both happened when I was around 8 years old.
what about beating that pastor to pulp? Would it do some good?
Go on...
yeah my sister used to fuck around with me when i was a child all the time.

Kinda fucked up now because of it. strange desires and such. nothing kid related though
This is just shameless paedophilia lol are you for fucking real??

MODS!!!! MOOOODS!!! Shut this thread down before these paedo bastards finish
Tim went to jail at least?
Just recounting my childhood. Not pedo as we were all the same age.
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>be moi
>horny as hell at about 7
>anal-stage retentive
>running around innawoods putting sticks up muh buttonhole
>rubbing weiner on trees & rocks & in the river
>move to the city
>stay with a family from church
>always run around outside
>never want to come inside
>the dad calls me inside
>calls again
>also no
>comes outside grabs me
>yanks me innahouse
>sits me down bends me over his knee
>pulls my pants down
>gonna get a shpanking
>but boner is in his leg
>feel a hand come up & rub it
>no spanking
>feel wet on my butthole
>feel like a fuckin locomotive plowing into my butt
>is just a thumb but feels like an ICBM tearing my ass in half
>still bent over his knees
>unzips his pants, pulls weenis out
>his cock hits my belly
>grinding cockhead on my belly
>while thumb up my ass and jerking me off
>told to go take a bath and dress in best clothes for church, and keep the punishment between us and god
>5 years later
>acolyte at St Jeromes
>go in to meet w father after mass one day
>your time with father is so holy its entirely private, between only you and him and god
>long story short
>suck his big fat dick on and off for a year
>get ass fingered a lot
>repent and pray
>15 years later
>hear his name mentioned in the priests relocated in the catholic pedo shell game racket
>he was fucking all of us
>and teaching us about gays being evil

Result: 37 short term girlfriends in my 20s, stopped dating @ 27, haven't been interested in having sex or relationships in the 11 years since.
I'm talking to the other guy hanging on your every word and very obviously getting off on it

>both birthmark girl and i freak out some and are like stfu girl
>no one must have heard us other kids still playing
>blonde girl feels bad and kind of hides behind her hair which was really long
>birthmark girl said its ok it feels good just be quiet while we play so we dont get caught
>for whatever reason blonde girl was really into it grabbed my hand pushed it in closer birthmark girl is just laughing while she plays with my dick
>im not even touching birthmark girl now remember using both hands on blonde girl and shes panting super hard
>birthmark girl gets jealous and is like dont forget to play with me so i start rubbing her outside too
>birthmark girl is like touch him too be fair
>birthmark girl was bro-tier i miss her and her cute lil birthmark
>so im like 8 rubbing two girls pussies while both are touching me got a lil chub but hey im 8
>blonde girl is like shuddering and crap biting her lip cutest thing ever but i dont think she came
>birthmark girl is enjoying herself too but not like blonde girl
>we finally get called in for lunch or something and head on in
>after that blonde quiet girl followed birthmark girl and i everywhere she was attached to us at the hip
>we all meet again under the tree and decide we need some rules and that we cant tell anyone else and it has to be "fair" birthmark girl was all about "fairness"
>well birthmark girl and i did blonde girl just sat there all quiet and nodded and agreed with us
This is my current wife, not me. She grew up in a nice suburban neighborhood, good parents, all that. Neighbor down the street (who was around 40 at the time) paid her a lot of attention, would give her gifts, candy, etc. Over a period of a couple years, was grooming her and getting her more and more comfortable with him. Told her how pretty she was, that she could be a model, etc. Was doing the same thing with another girl in the neighborhood too.

Started taking pics of her when she was 10 fully clothed, then moved to swimsuits, then underwear, then eventually fully nude (she was around 11). Within a year, it was fully nude with the other girl, and then playing around together, then started with them giving him head, etc. She lost her virginity to him when she was 13. He fucked her pretty consistently for about a year-and-a-half, until the mom of the other girl went looking for her daughter one day after school for something, and heard something in his house. He’s still in prison now, 20 years later. Other girl got hooked on drugs eventually, wife doesn’t know what happened to her. Wife had a lot of therapy. Main lasting effect for her was that she developed a thing for older men. In college, she fucked four different professors at her school. In her 20s, it was a series of guys in their 40s and 50s (one in his 60s too, but only fucked him a couple times). I’m the first age appropriate relationship she’s had. Been married 5 years now.
Meh it doesnt really bother me if he does I guess. I mean the result of all of this on me was basically I became hyper sexual later in life until I got it under control and realized this was basically the cause of it.
>authorities please stop the world from discussing things I find upsetting

How about stop coming to this fucking site and reading threads that upset you, you fucking ponce, instead of expecting everyone else in the world to sanitize the world according to your tastes. This is /b, full of fucked up people who talk about their fucked up shit, not a site dedicated to unicorns and rainbows. Find another place to go fuck yourself.
Get revenge by raping them
holy shit you fuckin pimp!
fucking twat I wasn't trying to laugh at this
Yeah someone else said that in another thread but honestly I dont think of it that way. We were just kids experimenting it felt good and we didnt know any better. Plus it was the late 80s early 90s so people still let their kids do their own thing without watching them every second.
Paedophile discovered. Fuck yourself you sick bastard, this site isn't for your kind, you don't belong anywhere other than six feet in the fucking ground.
everything on /b/ is made up anyway
Mine was real :(
Mines real but dont really care if anyone believes it or not.

>birthmark girl actually came up with the rules which are we tell no one if one person shows you have to show no more hiding like blonde girl does and if you want to be touched you have to touch back
>seems legit to me we all agree although blonde girl was always shy for some reason but i kind of liked that about her
>so at this point i kind of go a little pussy crazy like for some reason im thinking about them all the time and always want to be playing with the girls under the tree
>birthmark girl like two days later says she doesnt want to play under the tree and wants to do swings or some shit she was almost always bro-tier but for some reason that day she wanted to do swings
>im kind of mad and go pout under the tree because i didnt want to do swings i wanted to play with her pussy lol
>go under tree just throwing pine cones when i hear a noise and blonde girl comes under the tree
>she doent say anything is just staring at me
>i ask her if she wanted to play "the game" which is what we started to call it and she just nodded her head really fast
>i take off my underwear and shes wearing like some one piece dress or something and i tell her she knows the rules take off her panties
>she takes them off but she still has her dress on
>i tell her i cant see that way and she just kind of sways back and forth and i'm like i want to see it come on
>she suddenly just pulls her whole dress off and is there completely naked and wide eyed
>for some reason im shocked never seen a girl completely naked just from the waist down and for some reason it makes me really horny
>i take off my shirt too and get close to her and shes still trying to hide her pussy
>i move her hand over and shes still totally quiet but starts touching and rubbing my dick
>>parents always told me to not fight back
>>that fighting back was “stooping to their level”
I hate people like this so much
This is so hot guys, my boner is growing because of you.

No pics, btw?
Be back in a few if threat is alive and anyone is interested in more otherwise I'll stop. Gonna eat lunch.

>im really turned on getting a lil boy chub
>she suddenly whispers in her lil voice you have to touch me too
>i start rubbing her kind of fast as im really excited and shes breathing really hard kind moaning quietly
>at this point blonde girl is almost whining not really touching me anymore but im really curious about her
>get down on my knees and start using both my hands on her moving her lips up and down and pushing them together
>start spreading her open and staring inside while she kind of makes this little quiet high pitch noise
>smell her too smells a little funny but not bad
>stand back up and keep rubbing her and shes kind of shivering and i look at her ass which isnt bad
>start grabbing her ass and rubbing her at the same time and remember thinking shes really soft and her hair was almost all the way down to her ass
>remember thinking her skin is really smooth too and i start rubbing my whole body against her
>think this feels really good and blonde girl never says anything so must be fine right
>rub my dick against her side while rubbing her pussy
>all of a sudden the tree swaying back and forth making noise and both of us freak out and cover up with our hands out of reflex
>finding out your bitch fucked niggers
well, my mom used to jerk me of till i was 18. she was pretty good too.
my mom caught me masturbating. a few days later she came home with a chastity device. from that point on, whenever I broke any rules she'd edge me up to 10 times, ice me down and lock me again.
yeah anon, everyone in the thread is a pedo
everyone recounting their childhood victimization, all pedos.

everyone in the thread
everyone but you
by all means continue you fucking teasing cunt
pedo's or victims thereof*
shouldn't you hate his pacifist cuck parents?

Mine was real too. Then I got called a pedo and told I was a horrible person and should be killed. Clearly, by a very good, decent and moral person.
Problem is, it did turn me into one somewhat. I did very bad things. Things I would not do now, and regret, but I can't change that. I live every day in fear that my past will catch up to me. I hate myself.
When I was around 8 - 9 years old my mom was having a pretty obvious affair with a guy who lived in a city 3 hours from our town. Now my mom always told my dad that they were just friends and always tried to convince him to let her drive out there with the guy and stay there for the weekend. Obviously my dad would get enraged and say no, I cant recall the severity of the argument anymore because it was a long time ago. However this would happen everytime. So what my mom would do is tell me she would rent me Sega games if I could convince my dad to let her go. I should mention my dad was in a horrible car accident before I was born and paralyzed the entire left side of his body so he could not physically stop her. Anyway I would do my best to convince my dad to let her leave and sometimes it worked. To this day I still feel really bad about being used like that. Anyway I'll get to the point . When my mom , myself and the guy got to his home town we settled in for the night. I had to share a room with his son who was around 16-17 years old. I woke up to him pulling a sheet over my face tightly. To the point I couldn't breathe. He was kissing me through the sheet really hard. I can still remember the taste of the wet sheet. Even typing this now on a bullshit board like b makes my heart race.
>cousin night every friday
>all the kids go to one aunt/uncles house so the rest of the adults can go out
>one fri it is just 7 year old me, my 5 year old sis (who is not important to the story), and 8 year old girlcousin.
>in mormon families, if you get the sex talk at all it happens at either 8 (cuz baptism) or 12 (priesthood for men), i never got one, but girlcousin had just turned 8 and gotten "the talk"
>building blanket fort using dining room table, adults basically absent
>anon did you know boys are different than girls?
>shows me her pussy, show her my dick
>feel each other up, not really sexually tho
>mom came to ask us what kind of lean cuisine we wanted, caught us
>didnt bother to hide cuz didnt know it was "bad"
>mom freaks, takes girlcousin home, dad beats me (which he had never done before ever so it freaked me out)
>try to find out more about why this was bad from parents/church leaders, nobody wants to tell me shit cuz 7
>we get the internet in the late 90s, im like 9
> search things like "boobs" and "sex", become chronic masterbator
>naturally path of degeneracy leads to 4chan
>cum a minimum of 5 times a night to some really fucked up shit, often with a toy up my ass
>married, cheat on wife with bbw mistress and wife's meth head mother
>not sure how much of cousin thing ks in my head, seems very foggy
Well, sex IS evil, anon.
All humans who go through their sexual development and adolescence should all be executed bc they are very dirty icky people and the world would be so much better if everyone just stopped enjoying genital stimulation.

We need to spread a genetic therapy that makes people feel pain instead of pleasure in response to sexual stimulation. Then people will work and toil, drink themselves to death, and murder each other for sport as they should, without indulging in evil disgusting sex. Then the world will finally be a good place.
I don't like having my face covered because of my abuse. I understand.
Mine didn't. Mine turned me into an asexual. I find humans and their motivations (including sex) endlessly fascinating, but like studying any other animals behavior.
doesn't sound so bad anon. not bad at all. Take me to the circus maximus rather than these icky desires I've lived with since I was young.
You lol, but a huge percentage of the US, and ISIS, still thinks this way and works to enforce it.
Both of my sisters have been molested (one confirmed, one alleged) by two completely different friends I welcomed in to our household. Feel pretty shit about my ability to choose friends.
R u me. I’m drowning in regret from being weird with my cousins.
Bumping so this gets finished
It would take a long long time to finish like I said went on for years.

>tree shaking like crazy and blonde girl jumps behind me hugging my back really tight
>all of a sudden birthmark girl jumps through the branches and goes boo or something dont remember what she said
>both blonde girl and i both kind of sag in relief while birthmark girl is laughing at us
>shes like wow you both got all the way naked huh?
>she rips off her shirt and shorts and panties just stands there naked with her hands on her hips and legs spread smiling really wide
>will never forget that huge smile and her completely naked as long as i live
>she says sorry blonde girl my turn to play "the game” now
>tells me to come over and play and i walk over to her
>her birthmark is right by her belly button and was kind of big but i always liked it for some reason
>start playing with her birthmark and she looks kind of shy for a second and is like no its ugly
>i just shake my head at her to say no
>she smiles at me even wider and says im nice and takes my hand in hers
>and promptly pushes my hand down to her pussy and kind of leans herself forward to rub it against me
>she then leans forward and whispers in my ear "dont worry ill be fair" and starts rubbing my cock from balls to tip
>shes says its bigger than usual as she starts to rub herself on my hand
>blonde girl is quiet as usual just watching us and then starts to put her panties on
>birthmark girls says no stay that way since you played while i was gone you have to keep naked
>she keeps whispering in my ear that it feels really good and tells me not to stop
>we both decide to sit down and i tell her she can touch me after because i wanted two hands to play with her
>i play with her pussy like i did blonde girls and she really likes it when i spread it open and close it tells me to keep doing it and she closes her eyes and kind of arches her back
>finally she rocks back and forth kind of breaths deep and says its my turn
wtf you sayin ?
When i was 12 i was a male nanny during the summer for these two kids, one my age but retarded, one 3rd grade. Retard just stayed in his room and played gameboy so i never saw him.

I was supposed to rub sunscreen on the younger one because his mom was in denial about her son being black (mom was white, dad had left), buthe kid hated it so i had to let him put sunscreen on me too so he would cooperate.

About 3 days into the job, outside time comes along and this kid pulls off his swimming shorts, gets some sunscreen, and starts jacking himself off in the garage.

I freak and tell him to stop, he comes up and pulls down my swimsuit and starts sucking me off while touching himself.

I didnt initiate, but i did let it repeatedly happen all summer. Turns out dad wasnt in the picture because he was in jail for molesting then and i was reaping the benefits.

Kid swallowed like a champ too.
daily? greentext please
Dont get evenge. Trust me theyre fucked already.
more, I'm feeling this shit man. I mean I'm basically incapable of being horny anymore, but it's still hot.
>freshman in high school
>super heavy into pills already, namely vicodin
>at gay friend's party, get offered something new i havent tried
>it's GHB
>friend tried to get me to fuck him but i am barely concious much less hard
>he sucks me but can't cum
>ends up assfucking me, didnt feel anything at the time but the next day my ass feels destroyed

I only sort of remembered and asked him about it, he claimed i had been begging for it. Told him i would have sucked him off if he just asked. We became fuck buddies throughout high school but i went to college out if state.
For a first communion gift my dad got me a Swiss Army knife. As a young boy all I could think to do was carve a small piece of wood into something pointy. While I whittled away at the wood I came across a knot and thought I could carve through it. I was wrong. I tried and my wrist gave. The piece of wood went down and the knife continued forward....into my quads, just above my knee.
The entire blade entered. As I pull the 2.5” blade from my leg the blood starts pouring out. In a panic, I grasp my leg and hobble inside to greet my family in the kitchen with a blood soaked lower leg. My brothers step away in disgust, my mom lies down on the couch, and then my dad enters the kitchen with fresh off the grill pork ribs.
My dad looks at my leg and grew angry for he had just grilled the best ribs he had ever made in his life. He demanded that before we take care of my wound, that we sit outside and feast on his finely prepared ribs.
My mother stayed inside as me, my brothers, and my father sat under the backyard awning and dined on the feast. My brothers didn’t eat at all and neither did I because my leg was obviously bleeding so badly. My dad however, basked in the glory of his ribs and dined on them until he could eat no more.
I cut through 1/2 my vastus medialis, required surgery, 12 stitches, PT, and bled a lot. Those are the memories I have when I come across pork ribs.
>be me at 13 yo
>uncle is babysitting me for the weekend
>we are playing computer games in his back office.
>im sitting in front computer chair while he sits behind me to the side
>I can feel his hand touch my side and moving it up and down outside my shirt , but I dont say anything
>asks if its ok that he does that. I say its fine and then he proceeds to lift up my shirt and move his hand up and down feeling my side but bare skin
>asks if its okay for him to keep going and I say its okay still
>moves hand down and starts feeling around my crotch area
>I sort of k ow what hes doing at this point and I start to get hard
>moves his hand into my pants, but not under my boxers, to start feeling around for my dick
>grabs my hard dick and is slowly jacking me off through my boxers
>asks again if its okay for him to keep going, and I just nod yes
>have hole in pocket, moves his hand into my pocket and starts touching my bare cock head through boxers, playing with my dick hole
>im diamonds at this point and want him to keep going, but ivr never done this before
>takes hand out of pocket and puts it down boxers and grabs my bare dick, jacking me off
>asks if he can take my cock out so he can see it better
>I just give him a simple ok and a nod
>he unbuttons my pants and takes out my hard uncut dick. Im about 5" at this point.
>hes jacking me off from behind and I just let him do whatever
>he tells me im so big for my age and I shouldnt be ashamed of my dick in gym when other boys see it
>jacking me off faster, says he wants to see me cum for him
>really hard, but still need to be worked up to it
>says he wants to try something
>spins me around in chair towards him and gets in his knees to start sucking me off
>fuck feels amazing, and I look down and see my 400 lb uncle going to town on my cock, I can feel his moustache on my bare skin
>stops sucking me and spins me back around, says that should help me cum
>jacking me off, really intensely now
>i start squirming like Im gonna cum
>he says to just let it all go
>cum buckets and it shoots up straight into my face
>fuck that felt amazing
>spins me back around and starts sucking me off to clean up the cum
>says he loves the taste of boy cum
>he takes his dick out too, starts jacking off
>asks if I want to taste his cum too
>i just sort of nod and then he tells me to get off the chair and on my knees in front of him
>>767653248>I get ony knees and he says to open my mouth and stick out my tongue and he will guide me
>he puts his hands on the back of my head and guides his cock into my mouth, slowly motioning my head up and down his cock head
>sucking on his head for a couple minutes, ask him if he wants me to do anything else.
>says he wants to see how deep I can take it and then pushes my head down on his cock until I gag
>he grunts and says "yeah anon, just like that. Down your little boy throat"
>grips his hands on the back of my head and proceeds to lightly facefuck me
>Im gagging and drooling everywhere, hes making noises like hes really enjoying himself
>takes his dick out and slaps it on my face a couple times and pushes it back into my mouth
>"yeah anon, im gonna fill your throat with my cum"
>facefucks me harder, and then pushes his head down on his cock as he cums all up in my throat
>tastes salty and sour
>"oh yeah anon, drink your uncles cum"
>i gag and choke trying to swallow it with his cock in my mouth
>he lets go, and i grasp for air, cum and spit drooling from my mouth and onto his cock
>"that was really good for your first time sucking cock, anon. Well have to do this again sometime. Did you like it?"
>i just sort of nod in agreement while hes got his cock still in front of my face and his hand on my head
>"Good boy anon. Now go to the bathroom and get cleaned up"
>I go to bathroom and spit out any cum and wash up my face, with my own cum still on there.
>when I get out, he says to watch some tv with him
>we sit on the couch and watch a movie while he lightly fondles and touches me everywhere

We had another incident that same weekend where he just sucked me off and swallowed my cum, but never again after that. Aunt and him got divorced and I never saw him again
this is neglect
Anon asked for abuse
all this guy on little guy molestation is like lint flavored candy...don't want

Are there really that many guys who abuse little boys ? I feel glad this never happened to me.

I'm sad because I just can't fap to this.
i forgot to mention this.
i hold grandmothers head when she realized im pissing,
if my mother wouldnt come in that moment and see us, i wouldnt let her loose, and keep pissing so she would die.
im glad i somehow made it out of the hous without anyone killing me.
i was a shitty kid to get sex i used her and at same time wanted to kill her it for her ugliness
You know, you might be here to stroke your dick while you read about little Susy and her horny uncle/brother/father/neighbor, but yeah, more man on boy abuse happens. It's awful. So sorry my story didn't get you off. Ya fuck.
Who did it:

>Kevin's group

, what happened:

Kevin and his group groomed me to be a sex slave. Was raped repeatedly. Mentally and emotionally abused from ages 4-13, arguably longer. Any witnesses never came forward to help me, so figured I was alone.

Fabian would rape me in school I think he did it for at least a year. Classmate of mine, Any witnesses, would give me I am not a snitch line. So I felt I could get no help here too.

Used to sleep in the same bed as dad and mom. He would take rape me I would freeze and repress memory. Mom moved me to my own bed after she grew suspicious. Don't if once or multiple times I only remember one.

and how has it affected you?

>I can't enter sexual relationships
>I can't trust people unless I hang out with them and see if they are not gonna hurt me
>I was left having a very deep resentment towards the world esp. my community.
asexual implies you reproduce with no sexual contact.
buy a dictionary you fucking crackbaby.
you're just sexually disinterested.
fair life be a girl...I can deal with lesbian on little girl molestation.
1.without sexual feelings or associations.
"she rested her hand on the back of his head, in a maternal, wholly asexual, gesture"
(of reproduction) not involving the fusion of gametes.
1.a person who has no sexual feelings or desires.
I'm actually not sure.

I have distinct memories of my mom french kissing me and I know I was really sexually active as a child. Like, rubbing myself down there when I was, idk, 5? And always trying to fool around with my friends, even if they didn't want.
Doesn't seem normal so I guess something happened, but repressed memories are a thing.

Results? I have just about every fetish possible, but that might just be a coincidence.
>birthmark girl kind of giving me this little smile and tells blonde girl to sit down by us
>blonde girl must be a sub or something she always did what she was told but i didnt figure that out for a while just thought she listened to birthmark girl
>birthmark girl takes my dick in both her hands and starts rolling it around like play doh between her hands and like shes making one of those play doh worms
>remember thinking it felt really fucking good for some reason
>after a while i take her hand and have her start moving it up and down jacking me off i didnt know it at the time just knew that felt really good like that
>i start breathing hard and close my eyes kind of pushing back at her fast while she starts to giggle some
>open my eyes at her giggle and realize it wasnt about me it was about blonde girl who has put her head right by my cock and her hands watching us close
>looking back I now know blonde girl was a closet shy perv
>can feel her breath on my cock as birthmark girl moves her hands up and down kind of faster
>feels really fucking good but im not old enough to cum just know i dont want it to stop
>finally blonde girl whispers its not fair that shes left out
>birthmark girl says its still my turn and i say i played with her a ton so let me have my turn
>blonde girl then says well its not fair i want a turn since i already went birthmark girl can play with her too while she plays with me
>birthmark girl gives no fucks is like ok but you do me at the same time while anon has his turn
>she reaches over and starts to rub blonde girls pussy while shes jacking me
>blonde girl immediately starts shivering like she always does and squeezing her legs
>i notice birthmark girl doesnt really know what to do so i tell her to rub the outside and push it together because i know blonde girl likes that
>blonde girl just lost in her own world and birthmark girl is like hey wake the fuck up and play with me too or ill stop
>blonde girl kind of shyly touches her pussy with her fingertips and is barely touching it
>birthmark girl gets frustrated and is like no like this and shows her how to use a couple fingers to kind of open and close her pussy like i had been doing
>im just pissed at blonde girl because birthmark girl had to stop rubbing my dick to show her
>finally blonde girl gets the hang of it and starts to do it right
>birthmark girl goes back to jacking me off and is playing with blonde girl at the same time
>birthmark girl is like time up you need to play now too or i stop
>i reach over and start helping blonde girl play with her pussy touching wherever she isnt touching
>get the idea to do it to blonde girl too
>blonde girl is loving having two hands on her just shuddering like crazy i think she was too young to cum but i could be wrong i suppose
>finally blonde girl reaches over and touches my dick with birthmark girl and we basically have this circle jerk with all our hands busy going on
>finally go in to lunch and decide to do slides after lunch and play "the game" again tomorrow
I did the same kinds of things after I was abused. And even tho it wasn't family, incest and underage really gets me going.
>>767654956 right now
>so me birthmark girl and blonde girl keep doing this basically all summer almost every day without fail
>birthmark girl and i are getting pretty close always playing together even when not under the tree and i really like her
>blonde girl always tagging along though kind of annoying but she is cute and im really fascinated by her pussy for some reason i mean i like birthmark girls pussy too but i think it was because blonde girl was shy and always trying to hide it
>so one day birthmark girl and i kind of sneak off on our own we got away from blonde girl somehow and we head for under the tree
>at this point we are holding hands and stuff sometimes and are always smiling and looking at each other
>soon as we are under the tree birthmark girl gets completely naked and i do too
>i remember we thought it was funny we got away from blonde girl then it got real quiet
>birthmark girl was staring in my eyes then leaned in and kissed my lips real quick
>i remember blinking in surprise and was really shocked she did it and she was blushing really hard
>looking back its funny because i mean she was jerking me off and i was rubbing her pussy but a kiss was a big deal while that wasnt
>i smiled back at her and was like that was really nice and i thought of like movies and stuff then despite being nervous leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips
>she giggled and we kind of just did these little quick kisses back and for
>she was about to kiss me again when blonde girl steps in under the tree right before she did
>i kind of rolled my eyes but birthmark girl was pissed i dont know if she was jealous or something but i think it was because she wanted to kiss more
>blonde girl shy as always is super quiet and birthmark girl is like what do you want kind of angry like
>blonde girl just kind of whispered she wants to play and birthmark girl was kind of mean and was like maybe we dont want to play with you
I used to do the exact same things to my younger sisters. I was around 6 and they were 4 and 5. I made them touch my penis and shit in front of me. To this day I don't know why I did it or where I got the ideas from.
I was a 90s/early early 2000s kid and I genuinely miss not having the internet. Us dumbasses were doing stupid shit and having fun. "Show me Ill show you" is taboo as fuck but was really common. I did it, every kid on the block did it. Kids didnt have to worry about dangerous shadows, helicopter parents and time consuming activities like vidya. We went outside and goofed off until the sun went down and we had to eat.


This is normal behavior for young children.

Sexual experimentation at a young age is normal.

Fooling around with your cousins is very common for children discovering their sexual boundaries, as they are technically family so you can trust them but far enough away to not feel gross about it

It was all consensual.

Completely healthy childhood sexual experiences.
Yeah thats one of the reasons I type this shit out its kind of nostalgic time when parents let kids be kids and this was part of it. I remember I got caught once with a different girl not at this daycare and my mom and hers didnt make that big a deal of it just said it was natural to be curious but to knock it off.
You shoulda played it cool. You might have gotten sloppy seconds.
File: 2cool4school.jpg (54 KB, 323x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 323x600
>I visit him with a baseball bat and beat the living shit out of him
nice power fantasy faggot
Me (Youngish)
Lead into a dark bedroom by my cousin (slightly older).
She sat me on a couch in the dark and sat right next to me.
Started chatting about the local area and places to go riding her bike, all while putting her arm around me and rubbing my chest under my T-Shirt. Rubbing my nipples and whispering in my ear as she moved her hand down across my belly.
I was hard as stone, I remember that. She said something like "You wont tell your mother if I touch you will you?"
I said no, without realising what she meant.She kissed me on the cheek, then on the mouth. My heart was banging away like crazy.
Long story short she sucked my dick.

Ever since then, whenever I saw her, maybe once a year, she wipes her mouth and smiles at me. I can barely talk to her. I want to fuck her in the ass in revenge. Other than that it has turned me into a submissive male, who needs women who will control me. Annoying because i'm 6'6" and well built. I should be the aggressive one - women are scared to try pursuing me, but i need them to initiate!
>blonde girl looks like shes about to cry literally has tears welling up in her eyes
>i start to feel bad and I look over and birthmark girl and i can tell she feels kind of bad too but was still mad
>birthmark girl says in kind of a huff fine you can stay and play but if you stay you have to do anything we tell you to do
>blonde girl just nods her head really quickly and kind of smiles a little
>birthmark girl says are you SURE because i mean ANYTHING we tell you to do so you better leave if you dont mean it
>looking back think birthmark girl wanted to just scare her off
>blonde girl doesnt mind though she just nods her head and whispers ok
>at first i think birthmark girl is annoyed but then she kind of smiles and whispers to me i think she really will do anything
>birthmark girl is like lick the tree and blonde girl doesnt even pause just licks it
>then shes tells blonde girl ok then get naked all the way for us
>blonde girl is shy like always and waits for a second and suddenly birthmark girl almost yells now do it
>blonde girl quickly strips naked and we stare at her while she starts to move her hands over her pussy
>birthmark girl is like no dont cover up youve been cheating all summer now you have to show it off
>tells her to spread her legs wide open and hold her pussy open for us since she was "cheating"
>blonde girl kind of hesitates then sits down spreads her legs wide and spreads open her pussy slowly
>both birthmark girl and i move in close and kind of like look inside and i remember for the first time i kind of pushed my finger in some rather than just rubbing the outside
>blonde girl kind of closes her legs and is almost whining but i remember she was wet inside and i didnt know what that meant if it was pee or what
>finally done looking and birth mark girl is like now lick his finger
>blonde girl at this point is just doing whatever she says and licks my finger a ton
>birthmark girl then touches my dick and I start touching her pussy
The internet has changed the way we live oyr lives and I'm scared anon. I don't see people go outside or children using parks. I'm not a disgusting pedophile or a ln old bastard anon, I'm a sad early millenial who sees changes going way too fast and I'm worried oyr humanity is being stripped from us. I got bent up and scraped up and did stupid dangeroys things but it was FUN and acceptable. Now I see all of these laws and rules and barriers and I see a generation of depressed, isolated, suicidal teenaged homebodies and I'm really scared.
My brother and I are the same age as my 2 female cousins, as in the pairs of us are 2 years apart. My older brother and older cousin used to dare me and my similarly aged female cousin to kiss - which we thought was normal at the time, and we would get like $2 each time as a prize. I found out later that my older brother and older cousin would dare my cousin to flash her gash, which even as a kid I never thought was right. I wish I had have stood up to them in those days - my cousin had all sorts of development issues growing up after those days. Kids are fucking arseholes.
File: 1524940632009.png (236 KB, 447x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 447x406
>Other than that it has turned me into a submissive male, who needs women who will control me. Annoying because i'm 6'6" and well built
uhh this would have happened anyways, its the manlets who are doms
>be me
>teacher back in the day at all boys school
>used to watch these three students
>two of them would put on wigs (blonde and dark) and go run behind this huge tree
>this one kid would always chase after them
>always thought he was a little retarded
>never brought it up in parent teacher conferences

>one day I see these 3 run off to their tree with their little wigs on
>go check after a while
>3 little boys are back there rubbing eachother off like little jackhammers
>figure why not, masturbate all over the tree while they can't see me
>continue to do this every day even tho one of them has this disgusting birth mark on his stomach
>never got caught but I think the one that didn't wear the wigs turned out to be a faggot

I hope you get your revenge OP, godspeed.
File: 1524849992831.jpg (120 KB, 713x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 713x473
used to be a clan of us kids in my neighborhood growing up who would be constantly roaming around outside
now I drive down the same streets and don't even see one kid outside anymore
poor little shits are going to have asthma and adhd and be allergic to fucking everything
It really depends on where you live. My daughter for instance doesnt play as much outside as I did but her and the neighbors still run around outside quite a bit and go to parks. However, I live in a rural area with lots of land so in the cities I'm sure its way worse.

revenge for what? sucking your dick? KYS please
File: 1521893459937.jpg (138 KB, 800x532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 800x532
Moar bruh
>can tell birthmark girl likes being in charge of blonde girl and i admit i like it too and we both start telling her what to do and what we think is weird stuff
>tell her to lick her elbows then pick her ear and lick it kids stuff like that and she does it
>birthmark girl and i are taking turns now ordering blonde girl around and she doesnt really seem to mind at all maybe its just like a game to her i guess
>i remember after telling her to lick a pine cone or something i think back to kissing birthmark and i wanted to impress her so im like you have to kiss birthmark girls butt
>we all start to laugh and giggle even blonde girl is giggling like crazy
>birthmark girl stands up and wiggles her ass at blonde girl and blonde girl kisses it and blushes and steps away
>im like no no you have to do it alot all over and we all start giggling again
>blonde girl giggling the whole time kisses birthmark girl all over her ass while laugh
>birthmark girl looks at me and its her turn and i can see her thinking because she doesnt want to be outdone by me
>see her look down and she says ok now you have to kiss anons private
>we all started laughing again but i remember thinking it might feel good
>i stand up and blonde girl moves in kind of shyly then gives it a quick kiss
>birthmark girl is like no no just like my butt kiss it all over
>blonde girl giggles then kisses my dick all over
>feel damn good and i kind of started breathing harder and told her to kiss some more
>finally she stopped and looked up at me since it was my turn and i told her she had to kiss birthmark girls private now
>blonde girl didnt even hesitate just started kissing her all over and birthmark girl kind of got this glazed look in her eyes
>finally she stopped and we all giggled and i said that felt good and birthmark girl said it did
>blonde girl whispered it was her turn
It's called having a rape fantasy. You had a dream about it one time but don't really remember it because it was a dream.
have you considered taking him out of the game?

it doesn't sound like it would be a loss
To everyone in this thread that got molested. You deserved it.

t. Molestation victim
Im having the same problem anon. I cant remember much of the situation at all but i know exactly who did it. Did you do anything to trigger the memories to come back to you or did they just start coming to you one day?
That dream shocked me
This one time in band camp...
This is one of the worst pedo fantasies I've ever heard.

It's like you're not even trying to be realistic.
what does your butt have to do with his feet?
did he fuck you or not
I really enjoyed that time of my life, otherwise I'd be a 29 year old virginfag right now, haven't had a date since 2009 but that's my own fault.

I post it a lot, you can choose whether to believe it or not, I get it.
Love you anon. You'll make it through the bullshit and come out better than you expected.
What could a boy possibly hide under his foreskin?
>with him for "sna
And you know the saddest part of this is that you didn't get any of these cute pussies... It realy makes me sad, I was hoping that the next sentence is about you finally fucking them...
>He is author of this....?
hoenstly surprised it didn't straight up make you gay, your first experience with a girl and you get physically beaten for it. Fuck shitty parents man.
Fucking Kek
maybe LSD, pills, folded money, paper, or other small things. Making a teenage boy pull it back and hold it with other boys looking is unnecessarily embarrassing though.
Yeah when he had to do it he tried to avoid looking at anyone and blushed a lot
don't leave me hanging
Here. Let's have a bump
When 8-10yo, my neighbour used to invite me over to play nintendo 64 if I would let him play with my cock.
Even though they were nut bags.... Did they molest you and if not aren't they better then people who hurt you
Bumping for more birthmark girl
lulz. Shits fake af bruh. Go fuel your pedo fantasy on the deep web
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 276x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 276x182
How is pathetic to snitch about something like this when you are 9 years old. Your parents are fucked man. Glad you batted that fuck!
hawt story
Was molested by step dad when I was 7-8 or so. I never realized it until I was about 25. Repressed memories and shit, but he legit drunkenly fucked me in my ass at least once. I was a happy kid until my mom moved in with him and all of a sudden everything changed, been depressed and a fatfag ever since
You're probably long gone from the thread but what you posted resonates with me. Unfortunately.
Lots of similarities I'm afraid.
Dmt my friend please smoke some and seek out the one who resides in impenetrable light.
Don't have access to that, but do have recent access to LSD. Should it help?
Here's the best way I can put this. Dmt let's you understand your demons through that understanding there's a moment for reconciliation, acceptance and the ability to choose to grow and move towards something much greater.
>LSD is basically a bare knuckle brawl with your demons in a cage match. You might just get your ass kicked
Fake or not Im glad you did this in some iteration of reality
I'd definitely get my ass kicked. I'm suicidal on a daily basis for the past 2 years and have been locked in the hospital with other crazy fags. I don't need shit like that. I can't even handle weed anymore, but that's been an issue for about 10 years now
>Be two years old.
>Uncle takes me to mcdonalds.
>Details are sketchy but he basically forces me to suck his dick.
>Threatens my dad, be retarded 3 year old and believe he can do stuff.
>Died a few years ago.

>Be Me 6 years old.
>17 year old babysitter tries to give me a handjob under the covers.
>I got lucky enough to be interrupted by a crackhead breaking into the crack house I was living in.

It made it so I was very sexualized at an early age yet at the same time I'm afraid of sexual relations with people.
Also me
>Dad used to give me naked massages as a kid while he was high, wasn't molestation, but he touched my dick a few times in a playful manner. Never told this to anyone.
>i like to be masturbate

excellent grammar
Sounds like you've got a whole lot to deal with there. Pissibly more you don't even recall. Wish you the best anon.
wasn’t pathetic to snitch, good for you anon for knowing to do something. sorry to hear about your sister
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