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Alright /b/. Here more greentext for ya and more I typed up since

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Alright /b/. Here more greentext for ya and more I typed up since my last thread.

>be me
>be female preist
>church is an orphanage for lil lolis
>most loli kids are lil shits
>two lolis who are actually worth taking care of
>both are 11/10 qt 3. 14s
>massive lolicon
>other lolis are rude and refuse to take Jerusalem
>the rest of the church doesn’t like me says, I’m not representing the Christian faith in a good light
>lil fox loli comes up to me and is shy as Hell
>yes I’m a priest and just said Hell fuck you lol
>loli starts fiddling with her hands
>”Mistress A-anon... I w-want to talk to you about something... p-pweese...”
>oh my fucking God
>“Of course child. Tell me what’s bothering you.”
>I get down on my knees to get to her height, she’s smol
>smiling warmly trying with every fiber in my being not to fuck this little girl
>”I... umm... I-I feel funny... whenever I see you... l-like I want to hug you really tightly...”
>fox loli just explained to me that she gets horny whenever she sees me
>time to take advantage and show her how to love
>”Well child, you’re growing up. And with growing up comes new feelings that con only be satisfied by other people. What you’re feeling is natural. But I can help you.”
>loli hugs me, her panties are soaked
>she starts grinding up against my leg
>then the winged girl boner arrived!
>reach down and start rubbing the outside of her panties
>loli moans commence
>take her into my office
>set her down on sofa
>take panties off
>eat her out like a filthy Saracen that just found out what food was
>she calls me mistress as she cums
>don’t stop until she cums two more times
>teach her how to eat out pussy
>she eats me out
>she’s pretty good for a little girl
>put her on top of me before I cum
>rub clits together
>she cums as I cum
>we cuddle afterwards
>she tells me she loves me
>send her back after a few hours
>find out she’s an orphan with and so is her loli friend Remillia
>working on adoption for fox loli
>pic related
Want moar /b/? No? Too bad.

>be me
>still a priest
>been a week or so since I taught the fox loli how to be loved by someone
>admittedly I really didn’t really do it out of love, I was just horny
>over time I develop a parental bond with her
>found out her name is Rin
>still teaching her how to be loved by someone physically
>start to actually love this little girl
>spends most of her time with me
>constantly making her cum and in return she say she loves me
>still calls me mistress but one time she called me mommy
>go back two days ago
>I’ve been working on adopting Rin a while now
>an agent shows up to ask me some questions
>typical CPS shit
>suitable home, clean record, everything that those fucks would ask
>checks out my room
>fox and cat lolis all over my walls
>agent looks suspicious
>tell em “I watch anime in my spare time”
>he buys it but is still suspicious
>tells me everything looks good and they’re just waiting on an interview with me and Rin
>at church, teaching how the kids how God loves them and he has a family for them one day
>kids eat this shit up
>kids don’t realize that it’s a bullshit lie
>get done with the preaching
>two FBI faggots approach me and ask to talk to me
>”of course gentleman. What can I do for you?”
>they tell me that one of the nuns overheard Rin talking about how I teach her how to be loved by someone
>tell them that my intention was to teach her that God loves all of us and we should love each other alongside him
>they ask to personally speak with Rin
>they take her in the back room to ask her some questions
>start preparing to beat both agents unconscious with the chalice used on Sundays and flee with Rin to Canada
>they come back and seems like Rin got what was going on and told them bogus shit to keep my ass safe
>mfw the loli I’m fucking is lying to the feds
>they thank me for my cooperation and fuck off
>word spreads to CPS and completely fucks the adoption process
>whatever, I see her all day at work so it doesn’t matter too much
>Rin says she wants to show me Remilla
>mfw she’s having the same feelings as Rin does
o... ok
>be me
>smol fox loli desperately in love with my minister/mother figure
>my hips wiggle a little whenever is see her, dont know why
>she makes me feel funny down there, but it goes away when she kisses my privates
>makes me feel cuddly
>I call her mommy all the time now
>s-she makes me feel safe
>scary men come ask me questions about her
>I dont like them so i lie
>I think they wanted to hurt mommy but mommy is proud of me
>she teaches me how to make myself feel better when im alone, its called masturbating
>I do it at night so i can have sweet dreams
>it gets my hand covered in weird stuff but its so tasty
>get bullied the next day becuase im a fox
>run crying to mommy
>hide under her skirt and cri
>mfw i feel her hands on my head, scratching my ears
>I spend the rest of the day clinging to her legs
>she looks dow at me and calls me her little girl
"Mommy loves you Rin!"
"I love you too m-mom..."
>feel happy but i cry anyways
>she picks me up
>takes me to her office!
>off comes her shirt
>she lets me drink her milk
>be me some more
>still a kiddie touching priest
>Rin calling me mommy regularly now, makes the other kids bully her fir having someone who loves her
>no secret why no one loves them
>everyone knows I fuck Rin regularly now
>fag haters try to get me removed multiple times, all fail
>visited once again by the feds
>God strike me down now
>tell them that it’s against my religion to touch kids
>they don’t believe me
>they take me away, Rin’s bawling her eyes out
>tear up a little
>I don’t say a damn word the entire ride there
>they question me a lot
>extensive investigation
>everyone is questioned, the kids are questioned, Rin is questioned
>they find out about the adoption
>the agent that visited my home is questioned about my home
>they got nothing on me at all
>finally bring me back and apologize
>tell the kids they’re going to hell if they rat me out
>other members super pissed
>give them a smug look whenever I take Rin into the back
>they try fucking with the adoption process
>mfw they have no proof of me fucking a fox loli
is this the plot to a manga
because this sounds like a manga plot
Bernie supports gun possession.
>Be Rin
>Mommy talks about the crusades alot
>I want to make mommy happy
>if i reclaim this jeruselem thing she keeps talking about she will be happy!
>fashion make shift armor out of pots and pans
>need a sword though
>takes a little effort but i manage to tear down the towel rack in the shower room at the orphanage
>stick that shit in the oven to try to heat it up, mallet ready for when i take it out and forge it intp glorious papal steel folded a thousand times over
>social worker that lives with us gets up my ass
>im grounded to my room for the week
>exceptions are made of course
>Wouldnt want me to...miss church services, would they?
>get to spend time with mommy even though im grounded, i hope she'll teach me how to crusade legit
>notice her room is covered with pictures of girls like me...
>i-i feel funny down there again
A manga of Priest Anon would be great, honestly.

>/b/ me
>female priest that has evaded the feds twice and making the haters mad while fucking a fox loli
>average Sunday
>get done talking about God and how he made traps not gay when he made Adam and Eve
>go to attend to the lolis
>see Rin
>smiling like an idiot as he runs up and hugs my legs while calling me mommy
>other lil shits staring at her in hatred
>fury stronger than the flames of Hell itself
>she takes my hand and leads me to this cute dog girl
>11/10 qt 3. 14
>she’s shy but says hello to me and calls me mistress
>she boasts how much she’s talk about me to her
>it’s absolutely adorable
>go to take Rin in the back before she asks if her friend can come along
>why the Hell not?
>bring them both in the back
>ask dog girl what her name is
>cute name and cute grill, nice
>ask Remillia if she’s ever been taught how to be loved physically
>shakes head no
>get Rin to kiss Remillia
>they’re both nervous but they do it
>start to rub Rin’s panties as they’re starting to get soaked
>tease Remillia’s thighs but I feel something brush against my hand
>curiously slide her panties off
>erect loli penis slaps me in the face
>I fall back on my ass
>Rin and I are staring in awe of just how much this lil loli was packing
>too horny to care what Remillia is
>take cock down throat, tell Rin to sit on her/his face
>all I hear is loli moans as Rin cums all over Remillia’s face and my face is glazed
>Rin licks off the cum
>we all cuddle together until I’m supposed to leave
>before I leave Remillia asks about adoption
>mfw I have two lolis to fuck now
>me be
>now have two lolis under my skirt
>find out Remillia is a guy, just looks like a girl
>oceans are produced from my insides
>turns out Remillia is actually a hellhound
>still cute as fuck though
>really don’t care, only pretend to be religious because of the lolis and the donations I tap into secretly
>lil shits won’t getting anything with the donations anyways
>no one knows Remillia is from Hell, only Rin and I
>don’t want to say anything because he’ll definitely be exercised and killed
>everyone even more pissed now that I regularly bring two lolis in the back
>see the fucking feds again
>tell them that they ain’t got shit on me and to fuck off
>they fuck off
>other members have a talk with me when the feds are done with their asses
>tell me that they suspect me of molesting the kids
>tell them what I told the feds
>they get aggressive
>tell me that I truly don’t serve the will of God
>lolis are watching
>starting to actually give a shit about their shenanigans
>get fed up with their constant sabotaging
>deck bitch nun in the face
>lil shits are crying but Rin and Remillia are staring in awe
>take my cuties by their hands and walk out with them
>definitely illegal but I have a high position in the church so I can get away with it
>take lolis back to my home
>they love it
>give the lolis pizza
>mfw loli leik pizza
Hope you’re enjoying /b/.

>Be Remillia
>9 Y/o crossdressing hellbitch
>Don't really know why I do it
>I've been a girlboy for as long as I can remember...
>I thought Rin and Mommy would think I was weird
>mfw their totally understanding about
>Hell Rin is touching me there right now
>We share a room with a bunch of other kids but their all fucking off and doing something unimportant
>Meanwhile, my best friend is jacking me off mid-cuddle
>Fucking nut all over her hand and we take turns licking it off like a loli-pop!
>knock on our bedroom door
>pull my pants up as fast as fucking possible
>Whole room smells like cum now anyways
>Social worker we live with comes in, along with...another kitsune?
>She claims to be Rin's aunt
>She wants to adopt Rin
>Mommy is going to be fucking furious
>She blows her top when she finds out
>Gets herself calm again and immediatly plans a rescue attempt
>I am unsure what she did
>But apparently Rins Auntie was found with alot of very bad stuff that Mommy called "Crack Cocaine" When she was putting it in Rin's Aunties car
"Theres no way in hell they'll let her adopt now"
>Mommy is pretty proud of herself
>We never saw Rin's aunty again after that, Rin said she was a bitch anyways lol
>Balance is returned to the force and Rin is back where she belongs, polishing my dick with her mouth
>you can’t be me my time is now!
>adoptions going smoothly
>didn’t get I trouble for decking the bitch or taking the children out
>lil shits didn’t say a damn thing about to the police
>Rin and Remillia backed me up
>other fags try to say that I hit the nun first
>I tell them about the feds and their sabotaging on the adoptions
>police buy my story
>nun is arrested for assault
>they check out my face and see where I ran into the wall the same day I decked her
>not a scratch on her
>it’s enough to charge her
>mfw God performed a miracle
>few days after the decking
>things are look beautiful
>CPS likes me
>then disaster strikes
>someone claiming to be Rin’s aunt comes in to adopt her
>they immediately hand her over
>thanks God
>I’m fucking furious
>Remillia kisses me on the cheek and I’m fine
>get idea
>take cocaine that I have in my car and stash it in Rin’s aunts
>just before they leave I get Remillia to bark on the car
>social workers are confused as fuck
>Remillia says they smell something bad in the car
>Rin bawling her eyes out looked at me and gave her a wink so that she knows it was going to be okay
>they search the car
>find cocaine
>she’s arrested and she isn’t seen anymore
>Rin tells me she loves me and so does Remillia
>I smile and hug them both also saying I love them
>celebratory threesome
>send the lolis to bed and leave
>wake up to an email saying that all they need is an interview with me and the lolis and then they’re officially mine but until then they can begin to live with me
>mfw I’m crying tears of joy
>it’s not easy *being me*
>lolis just moved in
>they share a room, but definitely going to sleep with me all the time
>I live in a nice neighborhood, full of other lil shits
>also home to some teenage bois who try to fuck everything in sight
>this worries me
>have many medieval european blades in my basement
>have a few daggers
>teach lolis to only use the daggers if someone tries to hurt them, I have a feeling they’re going to need it
>social worker shows up
>get interviewed
>play the good grill priest card
>eats that shit up
>interviews lolis
>they play the good loli card
>also eats that shit up
>thanks us and leaves
>a day passes and I get an email
>I’ve been approved
>Rin and Remillia are happy and so am I
>we cuddle that night, no sex
>feels good to be a mother just for one night
>morning strikes and I don’t want to get up
>its so warm under the blankets and my lolis are still asleep
>Rin has her face burried in my tits and Remillia is clinging onto Rin from the back, slightly gyrating their hips
>mfw life is how it’s meant to be
>eventually get up and cook the lolis fuud
>5 minutes past and I hear loli moans
>walk into room
>Rin is being plowed by Remillia’s dick why she’s in her adorable skirt
>Remillia busts a nut inside Rin and pulls out a while after
>I’m already naked and I’m sure sea levels have rose by a few meters
>I eat the cum out of Rin while Remillia fucks me from behind
>pretty big for a nine year old
>they cum inside me and Rin and Remillia joins forces to eat out the cum
>we get dressed and give them their pancakes
>they eat and I dress up for church
>haven’t enrolled them into normal school yet so they come with me
>mfw the lil shits are threatening the lolis
>mfw they use the daggers
>mfw I’m a good mother
I love this thread
yes very good thread
This isn’t the end for the lolis yet, Anons. I just need to type up more. But glad to see someone likes my tales.
Deus Vult
almost trips
I feel like I'm going to hell just for reading this
Godspeed, anon.
Bump, this is god tier
Screenshot while you can. Probably going to be burritoed easily by some porn thread.
Have more of my hot, sticky greentext /b/.

>Be Rin again
>a few weeks pass
>I like my new life
>Mommy and Remillia are all I will ever need
>They both touch me every night and I love it
>Remi calls me her little sister now
>I-I always wanted an Onee-chan
>I guess I just lucked out when I ended up with one that had a huge dick
>Anyways, I have to go to school now?
>Nah man fuck that shit
>Mom insists that I go
>Welllllllllllllll if it makes mommy happy
>Onee-chan and I go without much of a fuss
>School is fucking soul crushing though
>Its so goddamn boring
>I want to be, like, playing pokemon or sucking dick, not learning about this division bullshit
>Onee-chan is 9 and I'm 8, so we're in different grades
>Our breaks aren't at the same time
>But about once a week we're coordinated enough to need to take a trip to the bathroom at the same time
>I give her a quick blowjob and we hug for a while
>Gets me through the day until we can return home
>Fucking Chav in my class though
>Apparently he likes me
>Looks like a dick, acts like a dick
>Generally disinterested in males, unless t-their Onee-chan!
>I reject his advances on the playground
>He pushes me off the Jungle Gym
>Fuckin cri
>woodchips break the skin
>its just not a good time
>Mommy will hear of this when I return home
Screenshots made. I won't forget you, PriestAnon
Thank you, my child. I will definitely have more to go around once I type more up.
Thread replies: 27
Thread images: 15

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