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Waifu thread Last one : >>767557509 Nesia addition

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Waifu thread
Last one : >>767557509
Nesia addition
Yeah a narccasist isnt very likely to know they are one. I mean I've certainly had worse conversations partners. As long as you are talking about what comes to mind its not like im gonna diss you kek. I mean i dont see you in a negative light, the most negative stuff has been you painting yourself that way.
the thread of the negroes
Hello Sui.
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Very true indeed... thank you for trying on my behalf. Laughs, it mostly is that I don't know what to talk about. As I usually say, I am creative, but creative to the point I have no control over it.

Imagine just wishing to yell "rubber condoms in Toyota valley", then slap your knee three times. That is how my mind works. It doesn't make for very good conversation.

Thank you, so far you don't see me in a negative light. People tend to get annoyed of me in time, self-fulfilling prophecy perhaps.
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Aнacтacия (99).jpg
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Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня
I mean yeah there are plenty of eccentric characters on here. You know the creative to the point of no control. Though of course I'm not gonna play Psychologist without actually being there to do any tests of assessments. See you say that people get annoyed at you but its like, you just need to understand how much of a person you can handle. Like not talking 24/7 and so forth. Anyway, dont worry about it ^_^
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Hello hello hallow all
> before i go to work edition
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There is that one anon... I am bad at remembering names and anime makes it all the harder. But there is one that is somewhat like me, which I find intriguing, since I am very alien to 99% of people.

Creative to the point of no control? That might fit me? I don't think so, I generally have control, I just feel like embracing passions usually.

Fair enough, I had a lot of problems in the past with people who tried to "save me" after they played psychologist. Trying to help me is a bad idea, I am just here for company.

It isn't so much that I talked too much to someone, it is the fact that at a certain point they just started disliking me. A little time away did nothing. It is different with each person, though I live with a "curse" of sorts that just makes me bound to be disliked over time.

I have learned that people like me somewhat better when I hide behind a screen. People get highly uncomfortable by the person I am in reality. Apparently it is nothing like how I text, which is odd and somewhat depressing, as I am a genuine person and am not trying to sound different from who I am.

Hallo hallo

I was just repeating your words silly~
Yeah I mean, I've done a lot of studying of psychology. But its no tool to save someone like that. People can only really "save" themselves, they just need support and the desire to bloom in them. Thats my opinion at least. Though good company usually has a positive impact on humans mental states.
I mean I imagine losing the screen makes it strange for some people. I type a lot more confidently than I speak, I mean I dont stutter or flub words using text haha.
where has everyone gone?>>767564918
I'm not quite sure, I think the spammer made a lot of people stop checking
why are you saging?
See yall tonight
I'm not? Why would i sage the thread i made?
hello again mr moonrunes
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i kinda like your shit taste.
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I think I have said it, I am very chaotic. I try to express myself clearly and be as genuine as possible, but the biggest problem is that I live in confusion and see every possibility as existent, so I also live in a world of confusing contradictions. Sad, I am disagreeing with something I said moments before...

Exactly. If people don't wish to "save" themselves, they aren't going to do such. Especially if the person in question doesn't see it as truly saving them, or even worse, they are in a situation involving risk where trying to "save" themselves would involve doing a lot of destructive things.

Anyone who knows my situation often tells me to go for as much self-independence I can, specifically by quitting my job. But the problem is that my job is literally the best job you could ever ask for with an amazing boss. I would be a fool to give up this to flip burgers or something, especially when I am physically unable to do simple tasks and would get fired from most places. I am accepted here. I have a stable life and career here. If the cost for that is that I can never fully know how metally ill I am, so be it. I rather be metally ill but have a good environment, as opposed to a bad environment but be sane.

I mess up words a lot vocally too, but I enjoy that personal feeling of hearing the other person. It isn't just losing the screen, it is the fact that I am REALLY different from the average person. Like, I feel so different, I imagine no matter where I go on 4chan someone could identify me just by my interests and personality. I stand out that much and I don't even try to do anything.

In real life I am very loud. I have a lot of... passion... and so I embrace it. For some reason, I tend to burst into hysterical laughter when people talk to me, maybe because I am happy to no longer be alone. Then people get annoyed and I am alone again. I have had people think I was masturbating to them. I have been recorded a bit for my "antics".
Claimed, how y'all doing today?
Popping in before I get back to my loli catgirl incest hentai
no different from any other day, but that's how it always is
how have you spent your day?
Pretty tame tbh, I'm disappointed
Yeah I'm not going to pry into your situation in specifics. But understand you dont need to worry too much, I mean. Not gonna go past the screen/ 4 chan as far as I can tell. I dont think its nice to record people but what do I know. You have said that you feel very different from other people and the only advice I can keep coming back to is playing along similarities. Even if the world is confusing

Yo yo, how goes it?
Its good thank you.
How are you doing?
what was it about?
and did it go well?
nothing in particular, i'm quite surprised that this is probably an accurate description
i'm not an active person
Chariot Du Nord. Only acceptable wafer.
Doing well, messing around in photoshop and packing a bit more
Of course not, I am just saying how I am, that I am not exactly a desirable or likable person. Even those that talk to me in text see it in time.

I used to be recorded on an almost daily basis when I was in school. People just found me so amusing. I am not kidding when I say most places have treated me like I am a walking meme.

Exactly what I try to do, I try to cling to any similarities I find, anything I can relate to.
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My mind is wavering, forgot to include the picture!
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Have to go, see you later Amnesia, and thank you for keeping me company.
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Bye cute~
it's up to you to make the next one better
you must be a very occupied person if you like doing nothing
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as long as it has purpose there's no harm in having a full schedule
having purpose is a lot more fulfilling, too

have you had long periods of doing nothing?
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Romanticizing self-destructive and harmful behavior is bad and you should feel bad.
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brb need to take a shit
>not being the nicest person now
Fuck you then.
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