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Were you molested, anon? Who did it? Did they get caught? How

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Were you molested, anon? Who did it? Did they get caught? How are you now?

Post your molestation stories.
>was around 12
>was getting bullied badly because I was smaller than everyone my age
>met this 18 yr old guy at a card game thing I used to go to
>was nice to me so I hung out with him
>groomed for about a year
>would ask awkward questions sometimes about sex
>didnt think much of it because kid and no friends
>one day over his house I find handcuffs and a ballgag
>he says its his friends or something and insists it would be funny if I wore them
>eventually agree because hes so insistent
>molestation happens, wasn't raped but pretty hard touching and grabbing
>he pretends to just be tickling at first

After that happened I left as soon as I could, never saw him again and didn't talk about it to anyone until I was around 18. I'm doing okay now currently in college. It definitely fucked me up for a long time and I still have nightmares of him. He was never caught because I never reported it to the police, I worry that he could have done it to someone else but I still can't bring myself to report it.
Am 10, sister 20 got me to eat her pussy, explore, finger & then fuck.

Still got a hard on for thigh gap & landing strip to this day.
That's... Hot. Wish I had a sister.
>be 12
>parents think I still need a babysitter
>she's a qt3.14 16 yo
>she grooms me for some time
>eventually starts to get sexual
>shows herself naked for me, touches me, etc
>it develops and eventually she makes me do things to her, like suck on her tits or lick her pussy
>rewards me for not telling with stuff like doing my chores, giving me presents, etc
>on rare occasions licks my penis (can't suck cuz it was like 2-3 inch)
>this continues for a year, and when I turn 13 my parents decide I don't need her anymore
>she goes away and gets off scot-free
I managed to keep it a secret all the time. It's been 6 years and I'm still not sure how it affected me. I mean I fucking loved it at the time but she still technically raped me.
>be 11, cousin 13
>she gets in teenage horny mode but no bf
>for the next 4 years we fuck around every chance we get
>mainly at family gatherings
>gets a bf and it stops

She's 27 now and pregnant with her second child.
Nobody else knows
I have one that's actually true.

I lived in southern Miami, at like 12 I learned the bus/rail/public Transit system.

I was 15yo and a rather cute skinny white skater boy. Talking with an older guy (looks sketchy) but pretty sure he can find me weed. We get off 2 stops early and walk a bit. Find out he has decent weed...but wants to trade.

He wants to blow me and play with my dick for a fat bag. Well, cheaper than buying.

We go behind a building and into a loading dock. He gets on his knees and opens my pants, finds my junk, and by the time he gets it out I'm fcking hard. Blows me and plays around for like 30mins but a car freaks him out. So we stop.

Gives me the bag of grass and I go on like "that was fucking weird"
I got fucked by my slightly older cousin when i was ten (im a guy, yeah). he was 13. This eventually led into a ten-year long affair and ended when I found out he was abusing his fiancee who is now my wife. he's out in pittsburgh now sleeping with some nigger that has ghonorherpesyphilaids. I once got sent a picture of him snorting coke of the nigger's dick, saw the sores and thought, "huh, glad i could tap that when it was clean".
Excuse me, at what point did you consider her "wife" material?
Well, we had all been friend for a few years at that point. she knew about my cousin and i. we got along good and eventually i came over just after he had beaten the shit out of her while he was strung out. i knocked him on his ass, helped her grab her shit and brought her to my place for a place to crash til she found her place. I worked to thoroughly ruin his life in the immediate area over the course of a few weeks. She and i started fucking soon after and i wifed her after realizing that she was my now closest friend as well as sex partner. 12 years on and happy as can be.
Fuck. I hope you're doing as fine as you can.
The hardest part of being abused is to realize that society thinks is wrong therefore feeling guilt for enjoying it. I hope you seek help
Not actually molested, Anon. You both had somewhere around the same age. Probably exploring own sexuality together. Cheers.
Fucked up but for unrelated reasons.
>Who did it?
Aunt, she 14 I was 4. Wasn't just sex, she tortured me, got off on making me suffer.
> Did they get caught?
No. But I eventually told the family
> How are you now?
I'm kinda ok. It really fucked me over though. Started me on a heavily sexualized childhood. Irony is I had more partners in my first ten years than the last ten. I hate being touched and sex isn't a healthy or enjoyable thing for me. I don't expect or want to have sex ever again.

Don't really want to post much about my story with her. Still triggers me. I try to look back and see positives about my situation. Beat I can come up with when I had two male partners at the same time, one adult, one teen. neither of them knew each other. I sort of 'enjoyed' that period because they were kind to me and I liked the company and attention.
Apart from that it was pretty bleak.

Think this is why I spend so much time lurking /b/. Hoping to find other anons I can relate too.
My 11 and 12 year olds basketball coach/helper lady gave some of us vodka and Gatorade when we went to Florida for a game. She gave me and another guy a blow job. She ruined basketball for me. It also made me not trust anyone older then me and fucked me up.
I love hearing stories of girls being molested.
Not only are you assured that the girl knows how to work a dick, doing the same things their molester did either makes them your toy or causes delicious mental anguish.
I was technically molested, but in reality I was the one breaking the law as I could consent and she couldn't.

>October 2008
>Be me, 17, Senior. Never had a girlfriend, but had a good amount casual sex throughout high school because cute face (I look like Ed Sheeran), and the teenage girls in my town are total sluts.
>Very well paying job (made 37k working part time that year) and kept good friends so didn't an hero.
>At a HS Football game. Was in the Marching Band and we're in free and get vouchers for free food n shit so why not?
>This girl, we'll call her K, starts talking to me out of nowhere.
>About 5'3. 7/10. B cup, scene girl clothes and makeup.
>Was really attracted to scene girls and was in a bit of a dry spell, so I figure what the hell.
>Go to my car and fuck her. Sucks in bed, obviously a virgin.
>Wearing condom so I nut while inside her.
>Cut class next week and go to band because fuck pre-calc.
>It's the 8th grade band playing, speak with director and tell her I passed my exam early so I had a free period.
>She sticks me with teaching these girls who are always talking, didn't play.
>Teacher sends the girls into one of the practice rooms. I follow.
>Shut the door and immediately recognize K as one of the girls.
>The girl I fucked was in 8th grade.
>I fucked a 13 year old.
>Doesn't look 13 at all. Honestly thought she was at least 16.
>Ask K to stay behind for a while so we can talk.
>Giggling and whispering with her friend, we'll call her T, the whole time.
>Tell K that she can't tell anybody about what happened.
>Tells me she already told T we fucked.
>No wonder they were giggling so much.
>Call T back into the room as she finishes packing up her instrument.
>Tell T the same thing.
>She says she'll keep quiet... for $10 bucks.
>Greedy bitch. But $10 to stay out of jail? Deal.
>K demands $10 too.
>$20 to stay out of jail? Deal.
>Cut class again Friday. Teach K & T who are now trying to tease me with their bodies.
>Go to Lunch. K and T walk up to me with 3 new friends.
>They all demand $10 in return for keeping quiet.
>Motherfucking greedy bitches errywhere.
>Tell them I don't have that kind of money on me at school.
>They back away and start talking to each other. Regret not paying them.
>They tell me to drive them to the mall and then their friends house after school today.
>Agree and do so. They demand $50 when we arrive. Go to ATM and give it to them without thinking.
>They come back and proceed to fill my trunk with a bunch of bags n shit.
>Drive them to these two girls (they were sisters) home. Call them J and A. Nice house. Parents worked 2nd shift together so they were never home. They were on a business trip for the whole weekend.
>About to leave when they demand I help carry stuff inside.
>Goddamn you're so lucky I don't want to go to jail.
>Done carrying their stuff in, K and J of them proceed to leap on me and drag me to the ground when I'm not looking.
>K starts forcibly kissing me.
>Push her away.
>J pulls out her brand new smartphone (it's 2008, remember) and shows me that she's dialing 9-1-1.
>Says to just stay still or else she'll call the cops.
>T sticks her cunt in my face and tells me "to do what I did to K last week".
>Decide I might as well try to enjoy it. Eat T out for a bit and then fuck her.
>Fuck all of them
>That's both what I did, and how I felt.
>Knowing their all 12/13 means I'm super uncomfortable and don't want to cum. Balls bluer than the Blue Man Group.
>Didn't fuck the last girl, call her K2, because she was too nervous.
>Finger her instead. She cums HARD.
>Girls all demand I make them cum too.
>Manage to make two more of them cum, but can't get the other two to do it.
>One recorded the whole thing on video with her state of the art iPhone 1.
>Proceed to be their forced sugar daddy, chauffeur, and fuck buddy for the weekend.
>Want me to cont?
>12 yo niece's mom is cracked out dumb whore
>take in niece
>niece has long reddish hair, pointy nose, big ass, d cup tits
>ply her with booze, weed, pills
>course I'm gonna make her my cocksleeve
>she's drunk and high out of her mind
>grab her hair, pull her down on to my cock
>face fuck her hard till she pukes on my dick
>turns me on more, keep throatfucking her
>stop, yank her pants down, stuff my slimy dick up her pussy
>nut inside her
>next few years proceed to fuck all of her holes dozens of times
>she gets really good at giving bjs, hates anal, I think I broke her asshole at one point
>she leaves my place at 16 to go back to her mom
>miss my fuckdoll
Yes, dummy.
pussy, some people are genuinely suffering
i'm not a pedo but this game me a boner. does that make me a bad person?

My two older brothers. Did it for most of my life growing up. They didn't get 'caught' so much as I realized how messed up it was and flipped on at them for a while.

I'm okay now I think. A little lonely maybe. Not great at lasting relationships. But I'm not sure how much of that's just me being me and how much is an echo from my past or w/e.
No, it means you have some sadist tendencies.
People really ought to say if they are male or female, it gives context/
>Guess I'll give these girls some descriptions so it's easier to picture them.
>There's K. Age 13. Blonde/blue eyes, scene girl. Looks 16.
>T. Age 12. Skipped 7th grade. Dark hair, dark eyes. No tits, no ass. Nothing attractive about her, but not ugly. VERY short under 5'.
>J. Age 14. Light brown curly hair often tied into a ponytail, ice blue eyes. T's older sister. 9th grade. Actually hot with nice tits and ass. Only one besides K who could get me off.
>A. Age 13. Blonde hair, green eyes. No idea why but she had a huuuuuuge ass. She was pals with my friend's little sister. I was worried about her since she actually knew who I was.
>K2. Age 13. Blonde hair, green eyes. The one I fingered. She's very plain and I considered her the least attractive of the girls (that would change tremendously).

>Find out parents are on a business trip.
>The girls are terrible in bed. Only really get turned on while fucking K or J.
>Sunday I'm fucking K until I accidentally nut inside her. Flip the fuck out.
>K2 asks what the white stuff is.
>The other girls all laugh at K2 for not knowing about semen.
>She was in a religious family so it made sense to me.
>Later found out she was raised religious. Makes sense.
>T wants to see it happen.
>Not in the mood after potentially knocking a 14 YEAR OLD up.
>Member Prison?
>I decide to masturbate in front of them. T joins in and starts stroking me.
>What has happened to my life that I'm getting a handjob from a 12 year old?
>I'm down more than $300 and have committed statutory rape on 5 preteen girls.
>Decide to just enjoy the ride. I'd had about as much action as I'd seen in my entire life over that weekend.
> Despite a pretty meh handjob, I managed to nut on Ts face. A ton of it gets in her mouth.
>She's pissed, saying it tastes gross through her cum filled mouth. Swallows some on accident.
>She's gagging and goes to get water.
>Would say sorry, but greedy bitches.
>Drive home in my red 2003 Impala.

It also completely derails the entire thread with a handful of neckbeards posting "tits or gtfo" over and over.

(nice trips tho)
Describe pubes
>K comes to me at lunch again.
>Demands I go to T & J's house after work.
>Arrive and do a head count. There's 6, not 5.
>New Challenger Approaches
>E,13. Brown hair/eyes. Very respectable ass for her age. T's friend from 7th grade.
>T loose lipped. Acted VERY interested in having a baby.
>Motherfucker, you are 13.
>Dick won't get hard because I feel like I'm being watched by children.
>J decides to blow me. Starts talking dirty.
>"I want to taste your cum in my mouth."
>Hardness Level 100%. Ready to fuck.
>Girls challenge each other to see who all can make me cum.
>Not risking pregnancy. Brought condoms.
>Fuck T and A first. They refuse to let me stop until I nut.
>Around 40 minutes in, my dick starts getting sore.
>Finally deflower K2 and nut in her. Dick is exhausted and balls are drained. I don't want to continue.
>Press on, since I don't want to be pressing weights in my future prison's gym.
>Move on to J, actually very attracted to her so I tried to make this last.
>K goes before E because she's still nervous.
>Says she can still feel my cum inside her from last time.
>Bullshit, but whatever. Still kinda hot.
>Finish inside K. Almost 2 hours in. Dick is about to fall off, I swear.
>Go to change condom to fuck E.
>Where are they?
>The entire pack has been hidden by E. She wasn't nervous after all.
>E tells them to hold me down as she straddles me.
>Says she wants to have my baby.
>She impales herself on my cock.
>Eventually dawns on me that she's done this before.
>Her uncle raped her. He's in jail now.
>I will be too if I resist.
>Dick is more sensitive than a triggered 3rd wave demigirl feminist.
>Nut inside her, can't do anything to stop it.
>Freak out but she doesn't get pregnant.
>After this, I decide to establish ground rules.
>NO pregnancy. $20/girl and ONE mall trip a week.
>Girls haggle me up to $25, but agree.

This went on for a while. Can tell some specific stories if people would like.
Describe pubes
What was the nastiest it got?
Keep Going
Don't rush me. It was a while ago.

K had darker pubes because she dyed her hair scene girl blonde. They were pretty sparse, just growing in.
T was completely bald at this point. She hadn't or had just recently started puberty.
J was the oldest, so she had learned to shaved hers clean off. She wasn't too good at it because they were marks and a few scabs. When she did have them though, they were dark and silky.
At first, I couldn't see A's light blonde pubes, but I could taste them. They eventually darkened out.
K2 had thick, curly golden hairs. Can't really remember much of hers.
E had dark brown pubes, almost black. Like I said, can't really remember much.

What do you mean by "nastiest"? Like, sodomy and such? Because this lasted for goddamn near six years into their late teens. We did just about everything (except scat because... no, just no).

I'm actually engaged to K2 and we're expecting later this year.

Well, tell me what you want to hear? Like I said to the last guy, this lasted from the fall of 08 to the summer of 2014.
>he wifed one of his blackmailing rapists
Stockholm, everyone.
It sounds like it wasn't abuse though...
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Well, when she ends up looking like this you would too.
Thank you, man high school flash backs
Dont dox yourself, retard
My dad played with me but I don’t really care
Nice, nudes of any of them?
File: 1 (26).jpg (62 KB, 395x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 (26).jpg
62 KB, 395x476
For reference, this is what she looked like when she was 13 and I first met her.

I'm not gonna get doxxed from two pictures.
Pretty sure my cousin tried molesting me. Shes like 7. Should I look into this? It doesnt seem normal even for the weird shit kids do sometimes
My niece looked like that.
Go on.
I was 22-24, she was 12-13. She showed me her in nothing but lingerie. I didn't ask for it or in any way solicit it. I've been death threatened by the secret illuminati dadgovernment on multiple occasions since. I was basically molested, or something. Fuxkyou!!!
Nice, man. Had a similar situation but cant be fucked to type it out on mobile
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1 (9).jpg
149 KB, 1280x853
I hope you're not asking for underage nudes. Because no. I don't have those.

J, however, eventually became a photographer/model. So, yes! I do have some current nudes of her. Also of Kara, obviously, because she's my fiancee. But I'm not going to share those.
Part time made 37k if you worked full time you’d be making 17$ and some change an hour. So a part time timer would have to be making double that. That’s fucking crazy.
Nigga, stop giving information about yourself out. We didn't know her name until just now.

You're right, she did end up looking hotter.
Are you a guy or girl and why don't you really care? Was is consensual?
I don't care what stories you tell. You're my hero. So continue.
I was working 30 hours a week, actually. So a bit less than that. I was doing bodywork on cars for my uncle's (dad's sister's husband) cousin or some shit.
I’m a girl. I dunno it’s just sex I don’t get why it would be a big deal. I don’t know if it was consensual I didn’t ask for it but didn’t really stop him
You know where he lives. You know what must be done.
You got a blow job and now you hate basketball how is that related. If I get blowjob during something I tend to enjoy it more. Free access to pussy at young age, yeah you suffered. Maybe you are just bad at basketball.
You said until late teens so I presumed some pics would be legal
How did you cope morally and spiritually for those 6 years knowing you were breaking the law
If anyone tries to Dox this guy, I will kill them.
How did it happen? Was one or both of you drunk or were you like, just watching tv, having a normal kind of day? Also, what age were you when it happened?
Do you feel raped? If no one was harmed, then who cares what other people think?
I guess to know if it was consensual did you ask him to stop or did you enjoy it and want it to continue?
Who was the first to ask for it in the butt
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1 (2).jpg
48 KB, 621x621
Then let's skip to one of my more favorite stories.
>Summer 2012. This situation has continued mostly unchanged. With one exception.
>They're older and actually attractive and fucking them is now enjoyable.

>K's now 16 like I thought she was at first. Grew a bit taller and her hips widened, but she was an early bloomer that was pretty much done with puberty. Her scene girl hairstyle was gone, and she redyed it like a burgundy color.
>J's about to turn 17 and had cropped her hair shoulder length and straightened it. She's sunken to be the second hottest of the girls at this point.
>A's just turned 16. She grew into her ass, basically. She was slender and pale. The third hottest, but still nowhere near as attractive as J.
>T's now 15. She'd grown tremendously and puberty was well underway to becoming a reasonably attractive fuck body. Her tits were still realy small though.
>E's grown-up and unlike A her ass had grown with her. Despite being 16, if you tried to bounce a quarter off of it it would've sunk in and launched itself through the moon.
>K2 (Kara) was turning 17 in about a month. And I'd never wanted to fuck anybody more in my whole life.
>Pic related, it's from that time.

>Kara invites us all to go on a tubing trip at her grandparents cabin up north.
>They died and left it to her parents with instructions to sign it over to Kara when she turned 18.
>I'm 21 in college now and had already signed up for spring and summer courses.
>Tell her I can't. She seemed really sad about it. I felt bad so I took her back to her car and ate her out until she came.
>Eventually the guilt on her gorgeous face gets to me, and I decide to go with them.
>Buy a shit ton of wine coolers and Mike's Hard because they're highschoolers who only need cheap pussy shit to get wasted.
>Dropout of my spring courses (got a refund) and we all ride with K2 to her parent's cabin.
>Proceed with the tubing trip.
>Get wasted and laid every night.
>12 yo
>d cup tits

Uh, no
That’s still fucking crazy for even today.
Wasn’t really thinking about the pleasure although it did feel good was just thinking ‘wow so this is happening’

Basically Just we both had a few drinks, both in pyjamas and on the couch watching a movie, I snuggled up to him, felt him get a boner, it was poking into my back. He started grinding in to me then took my hand and moved it to his dick to touch him. Just went from that and we ended up having sex for the first time
Well her behavior seemed oddly intent, almost like it was copied behavior. I'm kind of wondering if she was molested before. They're not exactly in all that good of a living situation, I've heard it's common for these things to happen more in more povery-stricken areas. Think it might have been one of the teenagers? I'm just kind of worried something is going on.
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Started at 12-13 and lasted for less than 6 years. But not all of them stuck around for that long. They eventually got actual boyfriends. That last year it was just me, Kara, and Taylor (T). Then Taylor graduated and moved away. Kara was sticking around for college and I didn't want to end it so we eventually just fell in together as an official couple.

It REALLY sucked for a while. Especially with Taylor and Kara, but once they got hot it was easier. And as they became legal it was water off a duck's back.

A, but after that first experience she was done. Same with J. K and E were the only ones that let me do it more than once, but K eventually decided it wasn't for her. Never got to do it with T. Kara neither, but since we're getting married that could change in the future.

Pic related, it's T.
>In 6th grade
>Didn’t really have a lot of friends, only a couple that were even in my grade
>Knew a kid from 5th grade
>He’d always acted really sexual all the time
>Didn’t think much of it because it was just his personality
>We would hang out and play Halo on his xbox
>One day we had a sleep over
>He wanted to sleep in my room and I only had one bed
>The bed was big enough to hold 2 people, so he slept with me
>Facing away from him, don’t want to be right in his face when I fall asleep
>Feel hand on my hips
>He reaches his hand into my pants and starts touching my dick
>I begin to feel him humping me
>I jump out of bed and run all the way to the fucking other side of the house
>I slept in the basement that night.
I don't know if I need to (seek help). I'm still conflicted about this.
I don't understand, why are you angry at me?
I mean, it doesn't matter whether I "feel" I was raped or not, in the end of the day it was still rape. But as I said, I'm still conflicted about this.
So did you end up doing it a lot or was it a one time thing?
Very nice
Cont. from >>767550283

>Mid June. We've been out here for like 6 weeks.
>Starting to wonder when we're heading back. Summer classes start in less than two weeks.
>T buys this really flattering bikini that makes her a fucking knockout.
>She notices I'm hard while we're floating in the river. Crawls across our tube and lays across J an E in order to give me head.
>As she's sucking another group, consisting mainly of drunk college brahs, meets up with us from a tributary and start cheering.
>They start hitting on K2, J, A, and the rest of the girls.
>I'm pissed that they're hitting on any of them, but mostly those 3 because I want them for myself.
>I know none of the girls would go for them, but Cockblock.exe activated anyways.
>These college dudes start talking shit to me like they're gonna kick my ass and steal all the girls I'm with. They think I'm with my sister and their friends or something.
>Yeah, let's go with that.
>I am not a particularly athletic or fit person, but I am (almost) 6'4 and weigh 230lbs.
>The sad part is my cock is unfortunately average so it looks small in comparison.
>As soon as we get to shore, I stand up out of my raft and you could see the "Oh shit" wash over their drunk manlet faces.
>Most of them puss out, but two guys drunkenly try to take me on.
>One is a lot stronger than I thought, but I hold my ground until I hear T start screaming.
>One of the scrawny drunk college brah just undid her top.
>I don't know why, but I've since grown fond and attached to these girls as if they were all my girlfriends.
>Pick this dude up, lift him over my head, and throw him off the dock into the river.
>Now, I didn't actually lift him over my head, but it was pretty high and tossed him like a torpedo into the water.
>He scrambles out of the river and runs back to his friends.
>I have never seen five drunk dudes haul ass faster in my life than in that moment.
>Take the girls back to our cabin and receive more head from T as thanks.
It became regular also I was 16 sorry forgot to mention that
Youre okay aren't you? So it was okay. Be well.
Boy, I think you need to look at girls nowadays.
>red 2003 impala
Any more you can tell us?
Did they ever get caught:
Nope, he was never caught. In fact it was so traumatizing that I switched schools.

How am I now:
I still think about it even though it happened over 7 years ago. I probably shouldn’t be such a pussy about it since it might not have seemed like it was that bad compared to what other people had to deal with.

Thank god we didn’t do anything else or I would’ve lost my virginity, preventing me from going on 4chan.
What did she DO, anon?
There is a difference between doing something you saw on a video, and doing something someone taught you to do.

Shit muh nigga....continue, please
So was it always him seeking you out or did you come to the point you wanted it to happen as well? Sorry just curious about the whole dynamic as most people always say there are so traumatized online but I dated a girl who basically had the same situation as you and said she loved it.
It's possible. I knew a couple of chicks that had D-cups at that age. But like I said, it was only a couple.
Bitch has the crazy eyes.
Same, 13yr old I used to euhm, date... Had double D
Forgot to mention, I had to see him every day for the rest of the year. So every time I saw him in the hallway or lunch all I would think about was when he did all that shit.
Well I never explicitly asked for it but I would seek it out. Like I would wait till my mother left the house and then tease him wearing skimpy stuff or call him into my room after I had a shower then ‘accidentally’ drop my towel and just get him turned on so we would do stuff. I really liked the attention I can’t lie
Story about their first butthole experience?
>Ask Kara when the trip is going to be over.
>She says they're not heading back until mid august for our hometown's annual festival.
>Tell her I have to be back like... tomorrow to go to bed and get ready for my summer classes.
>She says I'm welcome to take her car back home so long as I pick them up.
>I agree but quickly realize once I get on the road that I fell asleep during the trip here, don't have GPS, and have no idea how to get back home.
>Nearly 2 grand down the drain as I head back to the cabin and decide to skip my two summer classes.
>I could ask K2 for directions, but it was like a three hour drive with almost no highways along the route with a sizable amount of turns.
>Open cabin door only to have a naked E leap into my arms when she realizes I'm back.
>What's the occasion?
>They're playing Dirty Drunk Twister.
>For those of you who don't know DDT. It's the game Twister, but every time it's your turn you take a drink. If you fail an action, you aren't out, but have to remove a piece of clothing and have to take a drink.
>I actually fucking love this game. Mostly because after about 30 minutes in they're so drunk and naked that whatever sex I want is more than guaranteed.
>Tonight, they do surprisingly well, and my boner does not go unnoticed.
>Kara takes advantage of this by placing herself in front of me right as she leans forward for a left hand red.
>I take advantage of this by shoving my dick up her snatch.
>She moans before she complains that I'm cheating.
>Before I know it I'm spread eagle over Kara with my dick in her trying to keep my drunken balance.
>Every drunken stumble is basically a deep thrust into her snatch.
>Cum inside Kara right there. The creampie leaks onto T's arm below us. She licks it up.
>Swallows. She's gotten much better at that.
>Kara's on birth control now so I'm not too worried about knocking her up.

Gonna take this time to answer a few questions/requests before I continue.
>be 6
>first time parents leave me with babysitter
>take her to my room to play super nintendo
>has me sit on her lap
>she watches me play mario kart and ninja turtles
>while she rubs my legs and thighs
>nothing else happens
>parents come home
>they ask how she was
>tell them about it
>never see her again
First iPhone couldn't record videos but ok
Oof, she didn't get very far.
She was really insistent at rubbing my jewels. Like even after being told to knock it off and brushed away. If she stopped, I would figure it was just a kid being silly and gross.
Is there anything I should ask her just in case?
>be me at elementary school yard
>ask an 8 year old girl to show her vagina
>she does and wants to see my stuff
>i whip out my fully erect cock
>i tell her to kiss it
>she does
>she tells me it tasted weird, but kinda good
>i grabbed her head and started gently making love to her mouth
>i came.jpg
>suddenly, a sound
>I got fired
I mean it's not like you have to be traumatized. The "niiice" meme exists for a reason.
From the age of 6-8 my sister had me lick her pussy and asshole, then my younger brother saw it and told our parents they didn't believe him but we still never did it again, we don't speak about it either just kind of pretend it never happened, she's a massive bitch now anyway and I haven't spoke to her since she was kicked out. I can't really say it's affected me that much as I've mainly just learned to block it from my head
If it's still you - how did you two go from "forced to please a plain Catholic girl" into "actually married"?
Like something out of Burroughs
Try to be friendly to her, the lend an ear type.
A one off thing isn't a reason to be worried, she may have just been messing with you (kids are smarting than you think).
Repetition is where you ought to worry, or how far she takes it. If she does it again, don't stop her, just ask her what she expects to happen next.
Don't know when it started,but I was about three,when I first remember. My father and I took a bath and I thought it was funny his dick looked like and always"came Up". I touched it and he said he need to wash me and rubbed my pussy. Turned me around...after a while In felt something warm running down my back.
Some lady I didn't know at the bowling alley when I was 10 held my hand. I was playing pinball and she was waiting her turn at the pool table. am I still a virgin?
Virginity.exe has not been found. The file may be missing or moved.
That's pretty much what my g/f said except she said she knew she was groomed to some extent but later on just didnt care because of the attention and it felt good. How long did it go on for?
This file is not compatible with your Operating System
how did she make you do it?
File: 16Np16F.gif (2 MB, 230x175) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 230x175
>(I look like Ed Sheeran)
that ginger cunt is probably the ugliest guy in the world
sucks to be you
That makes sense. Thanks
>SO.o...HE was behind of it
It’s still going really although not as often. I’m 22 now
Yeah. What chats do girls as young as 12 uses? I'm much older but I have an idea. Why should I covet you when I can have my own Harem. I'm much older than you are but you're still my hero.
Whats with the manhatten signature meme, seems like its a boat that I missed
always sex? or was there bjs and anal?
You're awesome and your pops is awesome.
It's the watch scam spam still. That's what it leads to. "Free watches" where you end up paying for in other ways anyway. Literally just a chinese scam being spammed 24/7.
Bjs almost every time but just as foreplay before sex. We’ve done anal a handful of times usually just when I’m drunk enough lol
Yup same with my g/f up until just recently. She said shes fucked him regularly even when shes had b/fs and I was the first person she ever told and that she doesnt feel traumatized as she said she basically "came buckets." Says her mom knew too but just avoided it since her mom wasnt fucking her dad anymore anyways.
ur mum
File: sadpanda.gif (948 KB, 288x162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
948 KB, 288x162

>be me 7yo
>niece 15-16yo
>went to sleep at niece a lot because parents were away a lot
>niece crawled on top of me one night and just started fucking me
>didn't know wtf was going on, asked what she was doing with my peepee
>"I need to practice sex for when I fuck my boyfriend anon"
>vaguely know about sex but not much
>"Oh OK niece that's fine, it feels nice anyway
>niece uses me every week
>starts to make me do shit (eat her out etc)
>I just do it because it feels nice and I like my niece
>2 years later
>actually start to ejaculate (like 2 drops of clear fluid, but still)
>bang my balls completely dry every time we get together
>eventually just stopped doing after she got a new boyfriend and I guess he gave better dick than her ex
>last time we did it was right before my 10th birthday
>"consider this your BD present anon"
>did it 4 or 5 times
>never did stuff again or talked about it
>now 20+ years later niece has 2 kids and is married
>we still never mention it again, as fi nothing happened
>kinda felt sad when it stopped because we always liked and enjoyed each other very much
That's just fucking boss. You're a lucky nigga. Love her dearly.
cont. the video is gonna have an impact later im guessing
File: 1 (34).jpg (60 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 (34).jpg
60 KB, 960x960
We'll start with A since she was first. Here's a complimentary picture of her showing it off a bit.

>Valentine's Day 2012
>Me, 21. A, 15
>A has been hinting that she has something special in store for me.
>I arrive at her place. Her parents are out for dinner and her brother is at college.
>Long story short, she asks me to stick it in her ass.
>I haven't done that before so I'm curious, but also concerned
>She thinks she's doing me some big favor because she thinks guys all love anal.
>Now, I don't mind it, but it's not my first choice. It's why I didn't pressure any of them if they didn't want to try it or continue.
>Slowly ease it in. A still has a huge ass compared to the rest so my dick is basically consumed by her cheeks.
>She's not enjoying this. I can tell immediately.
>She keeps going thinking it'll get better or that I'll like her more.
>Eventually I just give up. I go wash my dick off and we have regular sex.

Her birth control didn't work one day. I knocked her up on Valentine's day this year and her parents weren't terrible upset (they understood because it was Valentine's day) but they pretty much demanded that I marry her. We're not married yet as she started showing very early and wants to wait until she has the baby to hopefully get her figure back for the wedding. Her parents are extremely upset and want us to just marry legally before the kid is born. We might get married this year, but it's looking like it'll probably not happen until next summer.

We're hoping for a girl.

Not sure. This all started before Facebook was even a major thing, mate. It probably helped that I was a reasonably handsome young teen instead of what I assume is a 40-some year old man. I'm 28 and my fiancee is turning 23 later this year.
File: 1379380330017.png (237 KB, 382x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I witness your trips and thanks for the info.
>be me 7yo
>niece 15-16yo
Exactly how does this work?
You'd have to have a sibling that was at least 30 when you were 7.
At first I was mad at her dad but she just laughed and said she really doesnt feel bad about it at all and that most of the time she sought it out. Knows that it probably messed with her head some but said he never hurt her or forced her so he's probably in the minority that way. Said she loves him but is not in love with him. Found the whole thing fascinating and later on she used it in bed. Kind of kinky honestly.
It happens
So your first time what happened? Did you just lay there and take it or did you get involved and feel good or what? I can only imagine the convo after lol
>was about 10 years old
>living out in country
>street had few kids with 2 teens
>looked up to teens like gods
>one was really cool
>come over to his house one day
>play sly cooper and shit
>Kevin wants to play poker
>don't worry anon ill teach you
>learn about poker
>ups stakes with strip poker
>little mind can't comprehend
>play strip poker and lose
>Kevin decides to jump on me
>takes off clothes
>dry humps me to submission
>never talk about it again

>fucker got caught shoplifting
>never see him again

He probably got aids from one of the black poles he had to sit on in there.
You're right about the 40 something. In any event, that's
Knock up or not, if you both enjoy each other's company and everything's heading for the better, then by all means, get married and have a healthy child. Best of luck to you, anon.

>Were you molested, anon?
Probably depends on how exactly you define it. Does forced cross-dressing count?
>Who did it?
My parents, our pastor, and his wife
>Did they get caught?
>How are you now?
Doing okay.

>my family and pastor's family pretty close growing up
>they have two girls the same age as my brother (8) and I (11)
>we're all "friends", aka we're at similar ages, but if our parents weren't friends, we probably wouldn't hang out together at all
>still at that age were girls are gross anyways
>their mom takes the girls shopping, my parents, their dad, my brother and I are hanging around the lakehouse
>the adults get drunk, for some reason
>REALLY drunk
>brother and I get called to the living room where they were
>go out, confused at why they're all laughing and talking weird
>they pulled out the girls' suitcases, laid out some outfits
>tell my brother and I to strip and then put on the girls' clothes
>initially say no
>dad threatens to spank us silly if we don't
>mom says to listen to our dad
>brother and I do as we're told, like good Christian children
>parents are laughing and teasing us about how cute we look
>mom tries to put lipstick on us, but we weren't about to have any of that, so she gave up
>after 20 minutes of telling us to pose and say stupid shit, they tell us to change back
>we're both too stupid to tell anyone what happened
>doubt they'd even remember if I brought it up
>turned out okay anyways

Sometimes weird shit just happens.
I didn’t really know much of what to do I was a virgin at the time, I just did what he said like when he told me to get on top I would. I get into it now lol.
Nothing serious no threats of violence or anything just promises that she'd hang out with me or get me sweets I was a pretty dumb lonely kid
how often would he cum in mouth or on face? Are you good at sucking cock?
No worries. Had an ex who fucked her dad until she was 20. And that's because she felt bad for her mom that she stopped it. Her dad still fucked her mom, apparently, so she felt guilty. Her dad sniffed her underwear whenever he did laundry. And that's her mother's panties and hers.
I mean, if you don't feel harmed other than strictly by a legal definition, you're fine. Think about it, adults can't even handle sex maturely, just look at modern headlines. You are your own, not the word or stigma from others, not what some shittily written law says. It was your own personal experience, do you find it was enjoyable and positive or not?
The other anon is angry because there are people who where actually hurt/raped and you're trying to pull victim status from a peer2peer sexual exerience during pubery. If you can't live a normal life over something like that, there is no helping you.
How old was she?
How would you describe your general appearance? Have you had other relationships?
So afterward did you two talk about it or was it just kind of like ok that happened and I didnt mind it so we are doing it again kind of thing?
Hang on she didn't clean out first? Yeah sorry but my dick isnt touching actual shit, fuck that, clean out your goddamn asshole
He likes cumming in my mouth so he does that fairly often. Occasionally on my face but because we need to hide it from my mom and I’m paranoid about her finding out not as much, I worry I’ll be walking to the bathroom to clean up and she’ll come home lol. There was one time she was away for 10 days for a work thing and we kinda went crazy lol he came on my face a few times then.
I’m good at sucking cock lol. Well so I’ve been told lol. But with my dad he always makes me try and deepthroat and gag it’s kinda left up to him he either thrusts into me or grabs my head and moves it how he wants
This is the hottest thread. I'm legit dripping precum reading this in my office.
Yeah mine said she didnt care about her mom in that regard at all. Said her mom stopped fucking him a long time ago and that was probably one of the reasons it happened not that thats an excuse but its why she didnt care about her mom that way. Even called her mom out on it once.
Looks like a great piece to fuck, got some cutie features too, nice
We never talked about it. We never have really.

Not to toot my own horn lol but I’m pretty attractive. I’ve had lots of other relationships yeah but never stopped fooling around with my dad. The stuff with my dad doesn’t really feel like a ‘relationship’ or anything so I don’t even think of it as cheating
Does he cum in you or are you worried about getting pregnant?
Weird so just kind of goes unsaid that you two like to fuck huh? I mean after you were done did you just leave without saying anything or cuddle or something? So then if you didnt talk about it how did the second time happen? Same way?
Is he big? How much can you take in your mouth?
A bit long story
>Be me 18 years old.
>Be wearing a new black jacket and felling awesome. Had plans to meet some friend´s friends and wantted to impress them
>No car yet so i walked to the bus stop.
>live far away from town so bus only came by once per hour so i wait.
>Wait almost an hour and no bus appears
>Started to rain, very hard. Got soacked in minutes
>Bus stop is just a pole so i had nowhere to take any cover.
>Black car stops and horns me. I aproach to see what´s up.
>Guy in his 40´s asks me what i´m doing there
>Told him im waiting for the bus and he replies that there was a bus drivers strike just that very day so no bus will came.
>Offers himself to take me to the town.
>Oh thanks
>Entered the car without no second thougths
>He drives and talk about my looks.
>"You look good. You know?"
>I didn´t get where he was going so said yes and that i had plans that night.
>"You look strong, arent you?"
>I was proud of myself as i worked out the whole summer and was on better form than ever was.
>Can i touch your arm? Im P.E teacher.
>... Well, why not.
>He massages my biceps
>"And do you do legs day too?
>... I run if that´s what you ask
>Then he puts his hand and starts to rubb on my leg
>I don´t like this.
>Think what to do.
>Punch him? We may both crash
>Open the door and jump? I may get injured.
>I cound´t think another thing as he suddently move his hand from my leg and touched my scrotum
>Screamed "We arrived. STOP HERE."
>He didn´t wanted to pull over. We still are far away from town."
>"It´s here seriusly" lied to him. He sighed and stopped the car.
>Said thank you as i got out of the car and walked into a random alley in the oposite direction where he coundn´t follow me by car.
>I really was far away from town but i didn´t care and started to run throught the rain for almost an hour and half ultil get to my friends home.
>That ruin my day so i just stayed there instead go metting their friends.
My g/f who's fucking her dad is the same way. Said her dad was her first and she doesnt see it as cheating but now that we are serious she cut him off and doesnt see him without me. Said hes pretty sad but understands because we are talking about marriage etc. I figure at some point she will probably fuck him again but in a weird way not sure if I care.
Gotta say, you sound awesome. Wish I knew you in person. You remind me of a friend from another country who used to have sex with one of her brothers.
She was only 11 I'd say I don't know how she learned about that shit but my dad watched porn in the open even when we where little kids I don't know if she even got any enjoyment out of it, but she seemed like she always wanted to do it
Thanks haha.
you sound amazing, he is very lucky.
Pics of pussy?
Well sounds like the first time didnt traumatize you or anything if you went to cuddle him. Did you think/want it to happen again or just surprised again?
So why do you keep doing it? Do you like the sex alot or just feeling close to your dad or just a habit now? You say you dont talk about it but does he ever say something like he wants to fuck or text you for sex etc?
Do you guys kiss? My ex fucked her brother and said they basically did everything but she wouldnt kiss him lol
Cont. from >>767551472

>Kara laughs her ass off and collapses onto the mat smothering T below her.
>I also fall over and barely manage to avoid also crushing T.
>We play a few more rounds before J, who has the highest tolerance, finally takes me to the bedroom.
>J gives the best head. So we started with that.
>She sucks me for a good long while.
>The best part is when she swallows.
>She lets it drip out onto her tits and makes me lick it up and pass it back to her.
>She's a lil dominatrix in training.
>We fuck and are both spent in no time. So we pass out naked together.

>Wake up the next morning to a knock on our door.
>Suddenly hear the door burst open.
>It's the police.
>Heart Rate overclocked.
>Almost literally shit the bed.
>College brahs called the fucking cops on me like true douchebags.
>They find me and J together. They get ready to arrest me for statutory rape.
>J tells them she's 17 (she is) and shows them her drivers' license as proof.
>I told them I'm only 21 and I still just like cheap pussy shit.
>They have no proof that any of them drank anything.
>The only girl they can prove I fucked was legal in my state.
>These girls are smart. They managed to trap me pretty easily.
>They immediately catch on and deny everything.
>Fuck the Police
>Cops leave because they can't prove an actual crime was committed.
>Heart attack averted.
>Jail averted.
>I tell T that for safety's sake we can't fuck anymore until she turns 16.
>She's a little upset, but it's only a few weeks away so she's cool with it.

And that was the story of drunk twister turning into a rad dominatrix blowjob and nearly getting caught by the police.

Next part is last. Then I gotta go.
Whoa, nice! I can feel the power coursing through my body even now! Quads!!!!
>Be Me
>Freshman in Highschool
>Pretty Remote Small Town most people can’t even find on a map
>Parents are quite about going into Highschool, won’t talk about it
>First Day, the juniors are telling us about ‘The Ceremony’
>Say after pep rally all the freshman stay in the gym and get fucked by the coach
>After pep rally it happens
>A large rat faced bear bodied man named Coach Randal welcomes us to the ‘Boy’s Hole 9” Yards
>Pulls out the infamous ‘Sock Tusk’
>The Longest Skinniest Uncircumcised Crooked Penis I’ve ever seen
>I was mauled by Coach Randals Sock Tusk
>Mfw every teacher knew
>Mfw my Dad knew
I didn’t really think about it until the next time, it was just something that happened

Sex feels good lol. And a bit it’s just a habit I guess. When my mom leaves the house it usually pops into my head.
There’s been a few times he has text me asking how I was and if I wanted to come through and watch tv Just as a way to get me through to sit next to him then we would fool around but never outright asked me or said anything explicit.
Checked and thanks for sharing man.
Whoa! That's crazy! Those girls sure sound smart. You're fortunate it was J who the cops caught you with and not one of the younger ones or you'd be telling these stories to Bubba from the cell next door during shower time.
Yeah passionately when we are fucking and just a peck on the lips when I’m like leaving the house and say bye or anything like that
its fake so it doesnt matter
Thats hot. So does daddy roleplay turn you on then? My ex wanted me to pretend to be her brother when I was fucking her. Got her wetter than anything.
Nice thanks for sharing. Whats the kinkiest thing you two have done and what made you cum the hardest?
Kind of but I don’t really ask guys to do it. I went with a guy that liked to roleplay I was his sister and a few of the older guys I been with made me call them Daddy though
I'm a girl. Had a cousin who would consistently make me sit on his lap on every family gathering and the would stick his hands inside my pants or blouse while all of the rest of my younger cousins would be there and he would pretend nothing was happening. He was about 17? 18? I was pretty young, like 8 or less. I never told him anything or tried not to do what he told me because I was really scared everyone would laugh at me. Honestly? I don't think it makes me feel bad nowadays but when i was younger i would make my closest cousins kiss and "fuck" (two siblings, male and female, while her older sister and I would watch). Also I started masturbating from a very young age (about the time he would do those things to me). And also I would make my boy cousin show me his penis and he would look at my pussy and we would kiss when we were about 10. Never thought what my cousin was doing to me was making me act in such a perverted way.
About a year ago who used to be my best friend for six years also tried to rape me while she was really drunk. She's much fatter and stroger than me, and she locked the door of the room that we were in. That actually really afected me and I don't think i've gotten over it.
I think i'm fine, I just make myself believe that if I don't think too strongly about it I won't get sad.
But it was never really something I wanted. I now only watch incest porn, but when I was little all those things really scared me.
>you can't have children until you're 30
What the fuck?

I know I'm probably an outlier since I'm catholic white trash, but my parents literally had 5 children at 28 and 29
has anyone of them particularly liked to be to be fucked raw and nutted?
have they cleaned themselves properly?
have you had a situation where when they joked (or not) about their "period getting late"?
which one of them felt the best, at any given point of time?
Uhm kinkiest thing I guess was when we went on holiday and had sex on the balcony of the place we rented. I was bent over the barrier wearing a sundress and he just lifted it up and moved my underwear to the side and fucked me. I came really hard that time because it was pretty kinky being in plain view of everyone
Anon, you need to math better.
A NIECE, your sibling's daughter, being 15 means your sibling was no more than 14-15 when they had her.
There is nearly a 25 year age difference between anon and his sibling.
If he said cousin, sure, but he didn't.
File: A E J K K2 T.jpg (1 MB, 4264x956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
A E J K K2 T.jpg
1 MB, 4264x956
Here's a final farewell and a quick summary of where we are now.

In order from left to right on the photo.

Ashley is 23 and currently engaged. She works as a nail tech at a salon.
Kaitlyn is 24 and in a relationship. She has a newborn kid.
Erin is 23 and single. Her parents died recently so she's been hanging around with us recently. I think she wants us to be polygamous. She still has dat ass so I wouldn't object.
Julie is 25 and moved out to the west coast to be with the photography elite. Haven't heard much from her but I know she's in a relationship with a some dude in his 30s.
Kara is 23, soon to be 24, and we're currently engaged. She's 7 weeks pregnant and we're expecting to have the kid and then get married sometime next summer.
Taylor is 22 and single. She's studying at Stanford to be a nurse and is focusing on her studies so no, she won't date you.

I'll be around for another 30 minutes or so before I have to go to work, so I'll answer any questions you have until then.
Nice. Do you think your mom knows or suspects at all?
I don’t think so. If she does she has never shown it anyway
Who had:
Best looking pussy
Best looking tits
Best ass
Best head game
>15 years old, find VHS of porn my mom hid in closet.
>steal tape and watch in secret, sexual awakening occurs
>Yes this was the 90's
>learn about blowjobs and fucking and the word "cock" and so on..
>start masturbating in my room, moving on to internet porn on 56k modem.
>get curious about wanting a blowjob and to fuck; and wanting to know how it feels.
>time passes, become 16yo with big sexual libido, hornier than ever.
>while in highschool I was very sexually frusterated looking at all the hot girls but I was too much of an introverted coward bitch at the time to talk to them.
>masturbated and came furiously at home, one day when incredibly horny I thought up a plan.
>Too horny to fucking care, I was gonna make someone suck my dick, and eat my cum.
>I always thought my mother was attracive cause she has a good hourglass figure, dat ass, dose tits, she was around 35 at the time, quiet, introverted like me, DSL lips though.
>One day while masterbating in the shower to thoughts of fucking her; I thought "fuck it!" like a dumbass thinking with only my cock, and I got out the shower.
>I knew it was just me and her alone in the house and she was just there in her room folding up clothes
>made my move like a fucking boss
>I went to her with just a fucking towel on.
>forgot exactly what I said as it was a long time ago and I was probably stammering through it with nerves, but it was in the lines of being sexually frusterated, no girlfriends because I was a loser, faked manly tears, the whole 9 yards.
>know this I was in great shape and have an average face but I had no confidence.
>The fact that she loves me unconditionally and was a major pushover like me, it worked.
>told her to please suck my dick (yea, I know), still fake manly tears like a lil bitch.
>towel now on the floor, she can't stop staring at my 16yo hardon.
>she was in shock and hesitent, she said no, that was not good for us to do.
You should mention the polygamous idea to Kara. She obviously knows all about you being with other girls at the same time considering all your history. She didn't object then, why would she now?

Also, were there ever lesbian or threesome events with those girls? I'm assuming from the time you arrived back to find them playing strip twister that they were all ok being nude together at least.

>went to my room peddled the silent treatment to her all day, pretended I hated her.
>guilt trip was very effective.
>the day after next, she finally promised to do it just once so I know how it feels but that it was just to be the one time.
>oh my god... she's kneeling down and taking my boxers off to suck my dick.
>she instantly goes for my balls
>oh my god this feeling...
>she starts working the shaft
>best feeling ever having my dick sucked for the first time..
>the fucking slut really knows what she's doing and gets me on the edge of cumming quick.
>being a shameless virgin at the time this was an easy task.
>my head was blank with pleasure as I started to cum, the only thoughts I could remember was feeling my head say (fucking biiitch!) in lust while I felt her mouth edge my dick on until I came hard..
>I watch her eyes as she deepthroats me and swallows me dry
>oh fuck...
>I stayed hard
>she slowly kept sucking, I was sensitive as fuck, but I didn't say shit, I didnt want it to end.
>she didn't say anything either, she just stared up at me while my dick was in her mouth.
>she looked like she didn't want to stop.
>I felt like I was in heaven, I kept getting sucked slowly
>after a while of this slow suck, I was hard pretty much ready for another round.
>Thinking this was the only time I'd ever have her in this position, I grabbed her and pushed her in to keep going.
>I watched her face as I pushed her down into deepthroat.
>my assertive side was born/established by that one powerful moment.
>she looked up at me with lustful and loving eyes that I'll never forget
>she started to suck again with intent for me to cum
>This was my moment, so I thought fuck it
>and I reached down to get a grab of her tits
>she kept sucking me while I took a long fucking time to undo her stupid bra
>she started fucking moaning when I finally got a good grab of her big soft tits
>I quickly felt like I was gonna cum again after grabbing those
Thanks for answering all our questions. So final take away how do you feel about the whole thing looking back? If you could do you wish it had never happened or are you glad it did? Anything else to add?
This all happened when we ( me and female cousin) were 14. She stayed over for a night, became a regular thing after a while, like twice to three times a week.

One night a thunderstorm had her whimpering in the living room (sleeps on couch) and I went out to calm her down (parents slept heavy, room on other side of house). I was in a beater/boxers, we turned on the television to take her mind off storm, after cuddling for a while, I relaxed and with her pressed against me I got hard pretty fast.

A few moments of awkward bad jokes later we ended up in a 69, finished with her facedown/ass up and me dumping the heaviest, most satisfying load in my life into her pussy.

We banged for about a year like I said until it came out that her uncle-in-law was molesting her. I feel bad that she went through it but we were insanely close and that went ten fold when we started fucking.

I feel bad but a perverted part of me was glad she got to have consensual sex with some one that actually gave a fuck about her.
Does he talk dirty to you at all or is it lovey dovey shit?

>I told her and she started sucking me harder.
>I couldn't stop touching her tits, while she was working my dick to cum again.
>I had right hand grabbing her tits and the other hand caressing behind her neck, pushing her in to suck.
>I quickly couldn't take anymore, I grabbed hard more than a handful of her tit, while I started to cum.
>(yes you fucking biiiiitch!)
>(take my cum you fucking biiitch!)
>god refraction period.
>she cleaned up, she told me that was really good, but that was only time and to never bring it up again or it will get akward. She complimented me saying my future girlfriends will be lucky to have me.
>my dick feeling relaxed and satisfied, yet I was feeling a huge loss, knowing it was over
>thinking I'll never get this from her again, thinking it was just a pity suck from a loving mother.
>it was a bit akward at first but it quickly vanished as it turned into constant flirty behaviour, knowing what we did.
>I started masturbating to just the memory of her sucking on my dick, then cumming twice.
>It didn't take long for me to get her to do it again, I wanted more and she eventually caved.
>at first she tried to evade and change the subject
>then she started getting irate telling me it was wrong.
>I pestered her so much she just got tired of saying no; I remember eventually convicing her it was just sucking not fucking, and it felt so good we should just enjoy it.
>I got pity sucked by mom regularly from 16yo to 19yo until I got my first girlfriend.
>each time she sucked me as good as our first time together, and each time she quickly sucked me more willingly every time; I seem to have woke up her inner whore.
>funny thing is we got that much closer because of it.
>I remember she'd start to come to my room frequently and suck me off while I played vidyagames or while I ate her food.
>it was the happiest years of my life.
>my confidence grew to normal levels, then slightly above average.

>that's how I got my first girlfriend.
>unfortunately only lasted a couple months, she was a materialistic bitch, but a good lay.
>I got her to start sucking me again while I was on rebound.
>I was interested in moving on to fucking, as I missed fucking pussy, she was hesitent.
>she kept my horny levels down by willingly sucking my dry, but as I came in her mouth I thought of her milf pussy.
>she eventually gave in, we started fucking frequently
>became a motherfucker
>didn't tell her, but I loved her secretly, more than just a mom, but for her being my fuckbitch.
>all our fucking and cummming eventually got her knocked up.
>(yeah....I know)
>we were using condoms, not always though as I complained it felt much better feeling her pussy without anything.
>she quickly moved to the pill, and I freely and eagerly came inside her all the time.
>but the pill isn't 100%
>she didn't believe in abortion...
>more than ten years later no one knows my beautiful sister (she has no mental or physical issues, we considered ourselves lucky) is secretly my daughter.
>that changed everything, we stopped and went straight arrow. Never mentioned it again. And no one has got a clue.
I’m glad it happened and I want to keep it going forever lol

Almost always very dirty and demeaning talk. Like he thinks we are in a degrading porno lol.
That's freaking hot! I have a thing for girls in sundresses AND sex in public (publicly visible) places. Together... Well, I wish it had been me there with you. Let's just say that ;)
Hot. What all does he say does he call you his little slut or babygirl and shit like that? You talk back at all?
>went straight arrow the daughter.

this is b, after all, what do you expect ?
I would love seeing a sensored pic of you! I’m jerking my cock to this : )
Not like this word isn’t visible with the correct spelling at least once daily on the internet. How stupid does one have to be?
True story
>Be me
>39; 6'8", mediocre looks, employed but stressed out about my spouses chronic illness
>Not sleeping or eating well; depression and anxiety really bad
>Thanksgiving at in-laws I finally have a breakdown
>Went home and self-harmed arms, legs, chest, face - everywhere
>Swallowed a bottle of medication to kill self
>Woke up in hospital
>Spouse, family, in-laws, and police everywhere
>Close my eyes and didn't say a word; couldn't face them for shame
>Fall asleep again
>Wake up - only sister-in-law is in the room
>She moves the recliner to the door; effectively blocking it
>Gets on the hospital bed, on top of me and gives me her hardest open hand slap!
>"How could you do this to us??!!!"
>I don't answer; plus she's not really that strong, but the slaps agitated the cuts
Maybe he meant a picture that has been sensed by something? How the fuck do you know? Know it all fuck
1. Julie, in particular, loved creampies. She would make Taylor, her own little sister, eat her out after and feed it to her. That chick was a stone cold freak in bed.

2. At first, no. They were pretty laissez-faire about trimming and hygiene, but one I suggested it to them they took the hint and started cleaning up. Julie, Taylor, and Ashley was always clean shaven. Kara started cleaning up around the vulva but now that we're together she keeps it bare for me.

3. They did that all the time to the point where when Kara found out she was pregnant I told her to "kiss my ass" and didn't believe her immediately. Boy did I pay for that one.

4. Kara eventually became my favorite because she got so fucking hot I could barely endure her. But at first it was definitely Julie. Kara is just my type though. I'm glad I ended up with her.

1. At first, Julie, since she was older and it was more developed and well-kempt. But eventually, Kara and Taylor won that battle. If I had to pick between them, I'd say Taylor.
2. Katilin had the best tits, by far. Then Kara grew hers and it changed. But then Taylor's grew in completely. I'd have to say Taylor, once again.
3. Best ass, without a doubt, was Erin. Ashley tried so hard to win that battle (especially with the anal), and is more of a complete package all around, but Erin's ass is simply phenomenal. The stuff of legend.
4. Julie, no question. From beginning to end. She had this ridiculous technique with her long tongue. She could almost reach the bottom of my balls while she was blowing me. Shit was beyond cash.

All the time. It really turned me on when Taylor and Julie, sisters, would go to town on each others cunts.
I think Kaitlyn and Erin might be bisexual. They fucked all the time while I busy with someone else. They're still super close friends and lived together for the longest time until Kaitlyn had her kid and had to move out for space reasons.

Got time for more questions.
Slut, little whore, little tramp and stuff like that. I talk back sometimes like if he asks me if I like getting fucked hard for example I’ll tell him ‘yes Daddy’ but I’m not great at thinking of dirty talk lol and if I talk a lot he just ends up slapping me anyway lol

Here’s a pic :)
Have you started grooming your daughter?
Lovingly licking her tight tiny cunt or fingering her?
Next time you and me it is then :) lol
jesus, I don't blame him. Does he ever take pics or afraid of evidence? How often do you fuck in a week?
Goddamn, incest is hot. I wish it didn't turn me on as much as it does.
It's not weird at all. Fuck forgrt about bruh, it's her dad. Not some dude. .
One doesn’t have to be a know-it-all to know something that is literally as obvious as clouds in the sky
I notice everything your dad sees in you, except his cock
Fuck, you are sexy!
Thanks for sharing : )
Fuck son, that's downright scary as fucking fuck.
He’s never asked to take pics or brought it up

Aw thanks hun :)
I hear ya. It doesnt hurt that shes fucking amazing in bed. Like hands down unreal. I told her that one time after literally the best sex I ever had and she just laughed and told me I should thank her dad.

Nah. Thats pedo shit. Because of what happened, I'm definitely into milfs always.
Absolutely gorgeous. No wonder hes all over you.
>Julie, in particular, loved creampies
should i assume that others were slightly disgusted by them ?

> about trimming and hygiene
i meant, clean after sex

> to the point where when Kara found out she was pregnant
so, she got pregnant more than one time? how old was she then?

thanks for starting an q&a btw
Fuck son, you lived the dream. Are all of them well adjusted? It might be too early to ask because women tend to get crazier the older they get. Exs were either crazy or became crazy. My mother is kinda as is my sisters so its a female thing. Craziest of the lot would slap and punch and demand I rape and choke. She was a wild fuck but absolutely loony toons. Are any of them fucked in the head or were they always kinda fucked?
Man I love a bit of pubes too much. Completely shaven just feels like fucking a child idk. I like a bit of well kept hair
Did we just make a date on an anonymous image-board? Lol, how frustratingly awesome.

BTW thanks for putting up a pic, you even have the bodytype I like. You weren't wrong when you said you're pretty attractive. Nice taste in lingerie too!
Tbh I’ve already started fantasizing about a scenario where the three of you all fuck each other. Your mom has your daughter bent over eating her out from behind while you fuck your mom, pumping her full of cum while your daughter cums hard
It's a joke anon, i know /b/ doesn't have a sense of humor but damn, put the tampon back in.
someday, your daughter walks into moms room, and demands pussy eating....
File: eds%20short%20bus.jpg (24 KB, 504x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 504x304
You seriously believe all that bullshit?!?!
File: maxresdefault-10.jpg (49 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 1280x720
>tfw not even as a kid was I cute enough to get touched by a degenerate woman
It only gets worse each day that passes.
i don't care
still had a great fap
You're a fucking lucky guy. The shit may start when you have kids. See there's no wall in her mind. Not saying she'd be a bad mum, but remember it's no longer a taboo. Me, the thought of me mum or sisters is rank and never all at once. To her it's not out of the question. I hope I'm wrong.
>She slaps me again
>"Is it my sister's illness?! Is that it?"
>That was it, but I'm not saying anything.
>She leans over and whispers it again right at my face.
>Her shirt slips open and I got a quick glimpse of younger sister-in-law cleavage. It's a guy thing - difficult not to look. However, she noticed and said,
>"What? Is that what you want? My sister's too I'll for sex?"
>She quickly got off the hospital bed and unzipped, pulled down fast while removing sandals, and was bottomless in seconds
>She then threw off the sheets and exposed my shrunken manhood
>Climbed back up on the bed and restrapped my arms in the beds cuffs (used for restraining suicidal patients) while I was trying to find the nurse call button
>"No! You need this so bad you'd kill yourself - you're gonna get pussy and like it!"
>She forced an erection and the inserted me into her wet, very tight vagina and pumped me hard while I was restrained and weak
>She was obviously in pain and I could feel my dick's head hitting her cervix
"You're gonna finish soon. When you do, I'm telling my sister that while she's sick, you will love her and use me for relief. Ah..."
>I finally realized the winces of pain were also her O face.
>I whispered in a low croaky voice I won't cum in her.
>"This won't stop until you are not suicidal anymore
>I couldn't hold back and came in her
>She felt it, got up and didn't say a word
>Covered me up, got dressed, and left
>I was sure my marriage was over
>Nope. When I was discharged, she had moved in with my spouse's consent!
>My wife died 3 years after, and her last will and testament asked me to marry her sister.
Yup very true. She made one or two hints a few times but I shut that shit down. Not into kids and just because she had a good experience doesnt mean other kids would.
brother. i was...between 4 and 7? made me suck his dick.

almost 19 and i'm doing ok I guess. i'm glad he's as far away from me as possible
>first time
>be at cousins house
>he yells to come to his room
>i go
> he tells me to get on his bed
>i did
> he turns me around and pulls my pants down
>just tha tip
> he stops
>i go to restroom
>avoid him ever since

>second time
>be me
>go out with my cousin and family friend
>we end up at a street racing event
>last thing i remember is being at a parking lot
>wake up in fontana in family friends bed
> asshole hurting
> know this feel
> also have a black eye
> he takes me back to los angeles
>mom picks me up and takes me home

Did they get caught: no they never got caught

How are you now: i have shitty trust issues. hard time making friends ever since. i became avoidant of every one.
You should do it, make them feel loved.
Make the kids make love to each other while you two fuck, they can try and mimic you
Teach them!
Julie loved them so much that would not let me not creampie her. She would regularly wrap her legs around my back or keep riding me until every bit of cum was in her.

Again, not at first. They caught on later.

No, she's only been pregnant this one time.

Julie was always fucking crazy. She went to be all artsy fartsy on the west coast and has a photographer boyfriend that shoots her modeling. Erin is kinda nuts, but then again she just lost both of her parents so I can understand that. Taylor is also crazy because she was the one crazy enough to trap me into fucking all of them.

I didn't mind like, Erin's or Julie's (when she had them) thin silky pubes. But Kara's are just too thick and bushy for my taste. I hated Ashley's because they're so light-colored I could never avoid swallowing some of them I pretty much demanded that she shaved or else I wouldn't ever go down on her, and she loved me eating her out more than anything.

Got time for one more set of questions.
Amazing, wonder how many just jerked over your story and photo, very lucky dad
Hopefully a few haha the idea of that is hot
I’m jerking my cock for you and that hot little body!!
Both of yall say "groomed" samfag or typical pedo talk? Seems like a 40 year old pervs terminology
Did they fuck eachother too?
Did anybody else come to know of this situation?
Which pussy tasted better?
Came across anything revolting like hair around the anus?
Timestamp, i need to know that's real

That's literally what it's called though.
If you set up an account on Reddit, you can post raunchy pics and nudes on r/gonewild and you'll have plenty of guys jacking off to you.

Let us know if you do so we can follow you.
Not knocking any who has but the thought is fucked. Me daughter and I are good friends. She's 9 and I love her dearly but not like that. She's always in my space because she likes the company. I help her when I could. Her mum has another bloke and he thinks of her as her daughter so she has two dads. Me boys are savage and difficult little buggas but they're kind and thoughtful and loves their sister even though they put gum in her hair and stuff. Your wife is now wired differently, and one she'll wear you down like Eve did Adam and like how Delilah wore down Samson.
That is a nice dick, Daddy ;) lol

Gonna have to agree with >>767559516

It's called grooming, its a legitimate word.
>was 12
>neighbor girl was 17, shes obese, pale as fuck, and a turbo nerd.
>her parents and my parents were friends, and she was really chill.
>she also would give me blowjobs and made me promise my virginity was hers, and when I was 13 made me fuck her.
>we would have sex regularly until I was 17
>she also introduced me to weed, and drinking, as well as perscription drugs and mushrooms.
>She would take advantage of me when I was high, even though I was cool with fucking.
>cheated on every girlfriend I ever had with her up until the end.

any questions? want any green texts?
kobato is the best
1. Yes, they fingered and licked each other all the time. Especially Kaitlyn and Erin, and Julie and Taylor (sisters).
2. No, nobody ever knew I fucked any of them. Only Kara's parent's know that I had sex with their daughter and got her 3. pregnant.
3. I cannot possibly remember something like that. But I love the way Kara's tastes. Peaches and cream. I can go down on her for hours.
4. Ashley got kinda fat when she was 14, but she eventually lost the chubbiness as she grew in height.

Alright, that's it for me. Only got two short assignments today so if this thread is still up in like two hours I'll be on my lunch break.
>cool with ducking her
>took advantage of you

That's not how it works
No. Fat chicks are disgusting.
You’ve never wondered how good your 9yo daughters cunt tastes?
Wether she likes anal or not?
Who will teach her how to please men properly?
Thanks babe
I would blow for sure if you posted a nude
>10 y/o chubby nerd
>No friends, grew up in section 8 development
>Everyone knows everyone, like distant family
>17 y/o Ginger faggot baby sits me my brother and sister
>Me 10 bro 12 sister 8
>No interest in sister, typical section 8 cum faggot
>One day tells me and my brother going to show us sex
>Makes us suck his dick and make it with each other
>I'm disgusted by the incest
>Tries fucking me and brother.. too tight
>Brother gets grossed out and leaves
>I stay, molester leaves.
>Guilt trips brother into silence and secrecy
>Comes back to me
>Same guilt trip
>Ends for a couple months until we moves away

>Parents move bc crack head neighbors break into our section 8 town house and live in our place for a week while we in vacation
>New house
>First night in, bring pedo baby sitter over to watch us while parents go out
>Me about 12 now
>Comes to me in middle of night
>I know what he wants and I learned sex Ed in school so I know whats up
>Gets me to suck his dick
>I get hard as diamonds
>Tell him "I like what we have, let's keep doing this"
>Leaves after I terribly slober on his dick
>Catch feelings

>Two weeks after blow jobs he's ready to fuck my 12 year old tight virgin ass.
>I'm ready for his dick
>"Spread you cheeks Anon"
> I comply
>Gently pushes 8" ginger cock into my small boy pussy
>Fuck I'm diamonds
>Feels so good I'm moaning in pillow
>He pulls out and cums on my back and leaves
>Continues for 3 years, I lie and protect him when parents find hickeys on my neck
>"Not turning my boyfriend in"
>Fuck I'm such a disgrace to God
>Love the idea of being molested my baby sitter

Still have dreams about getting fucked by him to this day. I have dozens of stories about it sex if anyone is interested
The end? What happened?
I understand what youre saying but we talked about it and I made it absolutely clear it wasnt going to happen. We've been good friends for a long time even before we got together and we respect each other. Ever since that she never mentioned or hinted at it again. Time will tell I guess but I'm not overly worried about it as the idea is just ewwww no.
No one's interested in hearing about you come out of the closet, homo.
Step bro tried to fuck my ass a couple of times, 4 years older than me, from the age of 8-12. Used that whole elder rule "I'm older so you have to do what I say". Can't recall if he ever got himself in or not, hurt like hell though. Threatened to kill me if I told on him etc. Would bite my own tongue so I wouldn't scream. Only went every other weekend but I started trying to train my ass for it while at my mother's house with the top of a douche just in case he tried to fuck me. It stopped once I got bigger than him. Made me suck his fuck a couple of times.
Okay now for the most part, occasionally try to put something in my ass while beating off and thought about trying dick here and there but after I cum with something in my ass I just feel like a retard so don't think I'll ever go through with it
Any /b/ros wanna screen cap this man's godly endeavors?
I don't have time to do it myself. And hopefully I'll find it eventually
Aight, thanks for sharing, anon. Take care
Nothing about fucking an obese chick is ever "ok".
The way they desperately try to keep you by letting you do WHAT EVER you want to them is pretty cool
I'd rather stick my dick in a meat-grinder than a fat fuck.
I had a girlfriend before it happened but never had sex, I literally humped pictures of Brittany Spears And was attracted to women and he molested be throughout my puberty making me physically attracted to men and the feeling from it. I feel like I was stripped away of exploring my own sexuality and forced into homosexuality because now I can't even get hard at a girl but I used to be able to
she killed herself.
I would kill for a nude pic femanon!
Love the sexy body : )
You can't be turned gay, mate. You're born with it.
this is so obviously fake
mega ditto
>actually believing this shit
At least there's one other anon who's just shaking his head at the ludicrousness.....
schmega dildoes
I turned someone gay
Cool, anon.
Anon, she did you pretty dirty, but go on.
How often did you buttfuck her, and did you play WoD with her?
Someone's obviously never been forced out of a bar/club by a bouncer before. lol
The amusing part is that stories like this are the ones I'm just as apt to believe because wacky shit does happen irl more often than the short blurbs you find from people like >>767557706.
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