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DECIDE MY HISTORY PROJECT >research paper >Must be last

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>research paper
>Must be last 2 century's
>Must be related to Europe/Europeans(IE NZ USA exc)
Dubs decides

Also post big titties
Hitler did nothing wrong
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No titties and it doesn't count
Rolling for this

Also sauce on the OP pic??
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self bump lets see those titties
The sauce has never been revealed its some amateur chick

Also I have to submit my topic and get it approved

If you have something like that word it so it can get past.
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oops forgot the mammarys
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Literacy Rates
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That would have been a good one
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dem tittays tho'
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No way, I just saw one of her videos
thats a trap
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No topic faggot.
What if you had got dubs?

Fine ass is also acceptable
The Jewish Conspiracy and the holocaust fabrication
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positive socioeconomic results of slavery.
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Bruh i gotta get it approved. Make it about specific jews or something
how women entering the work force has contributed to modern economic collapse.
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how the fucking mexicans are taking all the jobs
Dude women in the workforce is good for the (((economy)))

Literally doubles the work force.
dey tek er jerbs
>she has a door
This proves it.
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Her titties line up pretty nicely
before women were in the workforce, families were single income. thus effectively, families with both parents, families with a single parent, and single people all were on the same relative scale for income (differing obviously based on job and class, but comparable). with women in the work force, now two parent families had two incomes, doubling their spending power. this drove up the market for things like housing food, clothing, vehicles, etc. the market raised prices to match, which left single earner households behind economically. this disparity creates imbalance which throws the whole system out of whack.
>Hmm...He was behind of it.
African enslavement of 1.5 million Europeans
>>Must be last 2 century's
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Opium wars. England fought a war with China to force them to use Opium. It's dope

American History X
10/10 would date

How about the political implications of evolutionary research, from Darwin and the eugenics movement to Jordan Petersen and the alt-right.

P.S. You’ll get an A...
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That'd be a good one, but no dubs.
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No gets yet gimme some topics faggots
The rise and fall of the New Zealand empire and how they conquered all of western Asia but then lost it all when the Taiwanese obliterated their armies with their Chinese built mecha.
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needs to be legit faggo
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Do it on the chosin resevoir

Personally while the asians are good looking I don't find them attractive
Edward Bernays and Creel (wwi)
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Emily Davison Throws Herself Under The Kings Horse (1913)
Wwhy the Holocaust is a lie.
2 sources
The Rudolf Report
The Leutcher Report
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no gets yet gimme gimme gimme
Thread replies: 39
Thread images: 24

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