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>Wake up early its 4pm >Dont smell tendies in the air.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Wake up early its 4pm
>Dont smell tendies in the air.
>I waddle to my door around the piss bottles.
>Start slamming my head into the wall and screaming TENDIES TENDIES I WANT TENDIES
>Slut bitch Mommy slowly opens the door to my lair
>With tears in her eyes she slides in my tendies and juice-box.
>I tell her iCarly is on later so she better prepare the highest luxary goodboypoints can buy
>I make my way back to my bed exhausted from my journey across the room and back i rest
>my diaper seems almost full ill need a change before the big event later
>pondering what is going to happen in tonights episode i drift into slumber my little pony playing in the background
>I am awoken to mommy cleaning my piss jars up i tell her i need a diaper change aswell she nods with a look of disgust on her face
>Soon iCarly will be on the grand event
>The theme songs starts playing i scream at mommy to hurry or ill murder her and feed her to our dog buttersnout
>Mommy enters my room she is dressed in appropriate apperal plaid shorts converss sneekers and a hoodie her hair dyed the perfect shade of blonde.
>Now my Good boy favorite boy reward rivaled only by tendies and juice boxes begins
>I wait for a scene with sam in it my favorite iCarly character she is the best i then have mommy do her special service to me and pretend its sam
>i came five times tonight it was the best i finish by blowing on sams i mean mommy butt and tell that dirty slut to go make me SOME FUCKING TENDIES
>she starts walking away when a sight i never witnessed before appears before my eyes SAM IN A BIKINI JUST SHOWED ON AIR OMG
>With a speed of achilles i move like a lion and grab mommy before she makes it out of my lair
>I throw her on my computer desk and did adult things too her more then i ever thought i could
>when im finally finished mommy isnt moving
>iCarly is over i lay down and start watching adventure time
>covered in my special sauce mommy starts crying
What the fuck did I just read? Do you fap to this and what us icarly
Another chapter in the Neet Chronicles, if you would be so kind, OP.
File: pepe nb.jpg (46 KB, 499x499) Image search: [Google]
pepe nb.jpg
46 KB, 499x499
>enjoying some pizza rolls while masturbating to iCarly
>bitch mom knocks and tells me to clean my room and get rid of my shit jug
>start faking pain "Oww! I gots me a booboo!" While sneaking up behind the door
> when she comes in I knock her purse out of her hands and take a big fat shit in it
>"Now take me to Wendy's to get some tendies or I'll fucking kill myself."
> she complies, weeping
> we get there and they have Frozen toys
> I specifically ask for an Elsa toy so I can spunk on it and let it get crusty
> normie BITCH gave me a FUCKING OLAF fucking NORMALFAG I can't believe what my eyes are SEEING right now GODDAMMIT
>see little girl who has the Elsa
>she seems scared
> whatever I need it more than her so I rip it out of her hands
> she starts crying and her Chad looking father comes running after me
>"Mom, can you fucking hurry? I'm going to miss Yo Gabba Gabba you slut."
> we get in the car, mom seems on the verge of tears
>"You must realize this was your fault for having me. I don't owe you shit. Your sick pleasure fucking Chad' s dick to have me should be enough reward."
Normies just don't get it
>> I specifically ask for an Elsa toy so I can spunk on it and let it get crusty
File: pepe_by_wafferwaffles-dbk0s2q.png (180 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [Google]
180 KB, 1000x1000
>watching some based icarly like I usually do
>also playing minecraft xbox edition
>get distracted from building my poo poo pee pee themed city in creative mode by miranda cosgroves qtness
>pull out my weenie and start masturbating
>imagine what she looked like as a toddler while im doing this
>its too much for me
>realize before I finish that mommy said she is tired of cleaning up my semen from the carpet
>quickly grab one of my shit jugs and cum directly into it
>dont miss a drop
>mommy comes in at 3:01 like she usually does to clean up my mess
>"mommy look!" i exclaim while i lift the shit jug high
>she looks confused, but then notices what ive done
>"o-okay a-anon. thats a g-good boy." she says
>"what do I get mommy?" I ask while steping towards her
>"a-a good boy point a-anon" she says as she slowly starts to shake
>I run directly into her knocking her over to get through the door
>dont have time to put my weenie back into my undies
>arrive at the fridge panting because it is like a whole 30 feet away
>mom comes up limping with a tears on her cheeks
>she reaches to the top shelf of the fridge because Im only 5'2 and cant reach
>she gives me my tendies with mayonnaise just the way I like them

I stoped cumming in my shit jugs after that though. it was too much work lifting them up
Brb looking for Miranda Cosgrove porn.
i just came when i read that
File: MONSTER neet.png (29 KB, 735x668) Image search: [Google]
MONSTER neet.png
29 KB, 735x668
>enjoying my yummy tummy tendies and masturbating to super princess peach
>typical monday night
>suddenly notice its almost 2:30 am
>icarly reruns at 2:30 am
>there is an astonishing lack of icarly and or tvs in my lair
>call my poopnosed mommy
>she doesn't come in
>wait for a patient 5 seconds minimum
>call again
>no answer, the bitch is still sleeping
>she has no idea who she's dealing with
>hit my head against the wall and start screaming
>i can see her wake up from acoss the hall
>threaten to kill myself again
>finally she comes in
>it's about time
>says some shit about bothering the whole apartment complex and how she has to go to work tomorrow
>doesn't realize i don't care
>tell her to get the tv in here
>"anon, you already have 3 tvs sweetie"
>"no mommy, i want the new tv in here"
>she sighs and tells me to get up and go to the living room myself if i want to watch it
>sheathe my katana
>politely explain that i have 1 tv for each show i watch and none of the tvs are made for icarly
>stupid cunt doesn't understand that watching another show on the wrong tv completes imbalance
>whore didn't learn that that's the reason why i set fire to the last apartment
>"fine, but only if you clean up your poopoo jugs while im gone"
>that fucking cunt telling me what to do
>while the bitch is gone empty the shit-jugs onto her bed as punishment
>come back
>she's still struggling to get the damn thing in here
>take another poopoo on the ground to pass the time and show her who's boss
>the staggering wench comes in here
>slips on the poopoo
>tv falls on her head
>she stops moving
>blood comes from behind
>dont care, tv's in my room
>plug it in
>realize ill have to watch the tv from top-down because stupid whore is trapped underneath
>dont care, it's pretty funny
>turn on tv.
>buzz-lightyear of star command comes on
>look at the clock
>it's 2:30 pm
>Take another shit on my mom for making me fuck up again
As someone who legitimately uses piss jugs I'm bothered you guys act like it's a bad thing.
>>she reaches to the top shelf of the fridge because Im only 5'2 and cant reach
Ben Shapiro is that you?!
Occasionally I buy adult diapers when I know that my guild is going to raid and I won't be able to get up and go.
You too. So do I; because I don't have indoor plumbing. How common is this? Should we make a thread?
I started due to alcoholism/not wanting to get up every ten minutes to piss.

I've since quit drinking but my bladder is still pretty active and I often just piss in whatever cup is nearest to me and wash it later. GF doesn't care, even cleans them up for me.
I drink a lot and bathroom is upstairs. Also sleeping people next to it. Also it saves water when I wake up and go outside for my morning piss i dump it out. I live in the country
lost my shit
That's pretty bad. No coffee for me thanks
File: big fat pepe.png (371 KB, 772x439) Image search: [Google]
big fat pepe.png
371 KB, 772x439
>be me
>530 Lbs of mummy's golden child
>sitting on toilet squeezing out a big poo that I've held for a day
>finally drops out along with a BRRRRRAPPPPPPFFPPPPTHTHTHTPPP
>look in the bowl at my masterpiece, skidmarks longer than the BMW M6
>"Mummy, MUMMY, come and see what I did!"
>mum unlocks the door from the outside using the special key for emergencies
>proudly point at the toilet bowl
>wow! You've done so well, and it's all in the bowl too! That's 10 good boy points
>clap my hands because I've been saving my good boy points for weeks, finally at 150
>cash them all in for a special hour with my catgirl
>mummy phones up the people who send the catgirl and talks with them
>hear girl arrive at the door and sit on the end of my bed and take off my pants for the first time in 2 days
>can hear them talking downstairs
>"God, it's not him again is it? He's getting too large for me to do anything"
>hear mummy say "Please, we have a system and it's the only way I can get him to do anything"
>girl sighs and says "I have the catears headband too, I'll be wearing it again?"
>clap my hands because I can tell special time is about to begin
>girl comes into my room and meows and purrs
>have special fun time, she makes my peepee feel good
>the next 50 minutes are spent while I tell her about my comics and my video games
>she's really impressed
>eventually leaves after the hour is up
>mummy comes up with my snack of tendies for being such a good boy
>"enjoy your tendies, snookums, I have to leave now for my nightshift"
>eat my tendies in bed and dream about my waifu Mikasa-san afterwards

How can anyone diss the NEET life? Enjoy your long hours and ungrateful wives, wageslaves.
No splash-back, eh?
>>whore didn't learn that that's the reason why i set fire to the last apartment
It's usually a gallon jug. If I pour it at a medium pace at arms length i don't feel any.
File: 1525155355422.gif (1 MB, 237x238) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 237x238
gotta bump.
It's into the grass or snow it may create a buffer of sorts. I can make a video in the morning demonstrating technique if you wish.
File: whatidowrong.jpg (100 KB, 436x490) Image search: [Google]
100 KB, 436x490
>wake up at 2pm
>30 year old NEET
>had accident in sleep which I rolled around in
>grab cum-towel off nightstand and do my best wipe mess from my folds of fat
>tummy gurgles loudly, so hungry
>plop out of bed, navigate through shit jugs and piss bottles in my room
>waddle downstairs to check GBP board
>wait a minute to catch my breath before I look
>just enough Good Boy Points for some tendies and sauce!
>legs buckle under own weight
>roll myself into the living room where mummy is watching her favorite soap opera
>"mummy mummy I have enough Good Boy Points for some tendies!"
>she turns to me with the most disgusting look on her face while I lay flat on the ground stuggling to get up
>"s-sure honey, le-let me just get some tendies for you"
>she walks to the kitchen trying hard not to vomit from the smell and sight of my obese, putrid, feces and semen covered body
>she pulls the tendies out of the freezer after letting the oven heat up as she begins to cry into the sink
>I roll over and pull myself up to my high chair that starts to creak as I sit down
>have my crayons and Power Rangers coloring book to occupy me while I wait
>colored most of it so I start drawing doodles outside the lines
>the tendies are finally done and she puts them on my plate
>she can't hold back the vomit as I open my mouth to eat some tendies and vomits all over my plate
>I can't let these tendies go to waste, so I eat them along with the vomit
>"yummy wummy tendies in my tummy, thanks mummy"
>do my best to muster a smile but the rows of decaying teeth only disgust mummy further
>high-chair finally breaks from my heft
>causes me to have another accident
>mum runs away to her room, sobbing uncontrollably, so ashamed of her baby boy
>I just sit there on floor, in my own filth, thinking about what a disappointment I am
File: liltard.jpg (57 KB, 600x591) Image search: [Google]
57 KB, 600x591
>be me
>Mummy's perfect little 22 year old
>Daddy passed away a few months ago from a hurt chest after yelling at me to get a job
>before he died he put a little me inside Mummy's tummy
>Mummy starts talking about how nice itll be to have a baby around again
>"But aren't I the baby?"
>"Anon, you know I'm going to need help raising the baby, you're going to be a big brother and that means responsibility."
>i get mad and tell the whore that I'm not going to share her with that thing inside her
>"Anon, its time to grow up."
>Mummy gets fat and starts asking me to do shit around the house
>changing my own diaper, answering the door, whatever
>"Anon, could you throw some chicken tenders in the oven for me and get me a prenatal vitamin shake, I've got a craving!"
>go upstairs to Mummy's room and grab her nail polish remover off the nightstand
>go downstairs and pour it into stupid fucking healthy-baby drink
>grab her cunt-face
>"Open wide!"
>Mummy chokes down nasty smelling smoothie and starts to scream and cry
>I keep telling her itll be better this way but she wont stop trying to hit me
>shake all gone so I decide to head back to my room for a nap
>she can make up for everything shes done when I wake up
>Mummy calls 911 screaming about bleeding from her piss-flappy downstairs parts
>I stomp on her phone and tell the bitch that if she calls them again I'll put rat poison in the next smoothie
>Mummy lays on floor for a few hours before she drives herself to the hospital after I fall asleep
>Mummy disobeyed me but baby is gone now
>all is well
File: 1355027.jpg (60 KB, 1200x630) Image search: [Google]
60 KB, 1200x630
>Be playing in my basement lair
>Smell tendies
>Mummy said not to come upstairs or I'd lose good boy points, but tendies are worth it
>Get out of my shit and cum stained chair
>Bring waifu pillow for a romantic dinner
>Go upstairs and see Mommy serving MY TENDIES to some random bitch
>Random bitch sees me and yells "WHAT THE FUCK"
>She must not have been expecting that I would have come up, perhaps she didn't know I can smell tendies from anywhere
>Run at the random bitch with my 400lbs of pure beauty and smite her
>Her neck hits the chair and I hear a snapping sound
>Mommy screams, realizing that I killed someone just from my godly looks
>Turn to Mommy
>See the look of terror on her face
>"You gave away MY TENDIES"
>"Honey, please I can explain"
>Let out my battle cry and run at Mommy
>She is trapped under my magnificent body
>Hear multiple snaps
>She isn't moving or breathing, likely because she knows her whore betrayer breath is not worthy of me
>Get up and proceed to start eating tendies
>Mommy hasn't started moving again, but that's because she knows she did a bad and is in timeout
is it weird that i kinda wish this was my life?
File: obs.png (161 KB, 277x300) Image search: [Google]
161 KB, 277x300
>have special fun time, she makes my peepee feel good
>the next 50 minutes are spent while I tell her about my comics and my video games
You people are disgusting... how can you actually live like this? I'm in shock, you need therapy
File: mcpepe.jpg (68 KB, 540x540) Image search: [Google]
68 KB, 540x540
>24 years old
>in Mcdonalds for their My Little Pony toy promotion
>get mom to order me 10 Happy Meals all with girl toys
>she looks at the ground and sheepishly says "But anon, you're getting a little heavy. Maybe you should only have 6 Happy Meals."
>stand on her feet and refuse to move until she complies with my order
>she cannot move and almost falls as she tries to pull her feet out from under mine
>the bitch begins to cry as she realizes I have trapped her, checkmate whore
>she quietly agrees that big boys need ten Happy Meals and she goes to pay for the food
>while she is ordering I get on my hands and knees, she hands the packages of food to me
>I grab the bags with my mouth and begin walking on all fours to the play area
>I slowly crawl up the slide, barely fitting whilst letting out enormous amounts of gas
>once I'm inside the main play area my flatulence has become to over powering that it even brought a tear to my eye
>the children playing inside begin to run out, complaining of the putrid smell
>I yell "get out normie scum! I claim this as the beta uprising headquarters!"
>I sit in the center of the play gym and begin to have a picnic with my happy meals
>I give each pony a bit of cheeseburger
>I'm setting up an awesome play story with my ponies when my bitch mom and the mcdonalds manager come into the play area
>"Sir we have been getting complaints about an adult in the play area. You must be under 8 years old to use it."
>tell him to fuck off
>mcdonalds employees begin entering the play structure
>my mom is yelling that she can reason with me but I don't negotiate with normalfags
>push my back against the wall and start kicking them as they come towards me
>all of the weight of the normie invasion plus my 350lb-self breaks the play structure
>I fall through to the ball pit, the entire structure collapses
>as the normies try to save a girl trapped under the structure, we escape
>mom begins crying in the van
>make her stop at Dairy Queen for dessert
File: pepe good ice cream.png (28 KB, 657x527) Image search: [Google]
pepe good ice cream.png
28 KB, 657x527
>Mommy's Roly Poly Baby Booby-boo
>Playing Warframe
>2 days to finish Mag Prime
>Go to rush. No platinum
>Bellow for mommy to bring her credit card
>No mommy.
>Heft self out of limited edition DXRacer gaming chair, farting to propel myself upwards
> Waddle from room, kicking over poopy bottle in the process. Oh well, mess for mommy to clean!
>Glance at GBP calendar
>600 Good Boy Points
>Stop to make out with hot waifu on calendar to celebrate
>She wants the D
>Go downstairs
>Mommy and new daddy Chad on couch.
>Mommy's crusty roast beef is eating new daddy's fist!
>New Daddy deserves it... Or is he trying to crawl up mommy and become the new baby?!
>Fall down stairs, wallow my way to the bottom
>Piss and shit everywhere
>Vomit to lubricate my path, a glorious penguin in motion
>Slide across floor, slam into couch
>New daddy Chad screams, yanks fist out of mommy's vagina
>New Daddy tries to kick me, slips on puke puddle
>Hits head on coffee table, goes to sleep
>Heft myself up, punch mommy in crusty cooter

Mommy cried tears of joy, and I pooped on New Daddy to show I'm the favorite. Life is good, /b/.
Why do I keep reading these?
you are both amused and impressed with the amount of autism you can find on /b/
File: slurp.webm (475 KB, 512x426) Image search: [Google]
475 KB, 512x426
>My eyes open and see the blank computer screen
>Mommy must've cut the power to my room
>Joke's on her, over the course of 7 years I have accumulated approximately 13 million Good Boy Points, which should be enough to last me until death
>Rise up from my chair, a thick layer of grease and mold sticking to the back of my cumstained asscheeks
>Waddle over to the bedroom door, feet squishing through poop and pee
>Light shines in through the windows, realize that I haven't seen the sun in 19 years
>Oh well
>I hear Mommy crying in the other room, slowly move in that direction
>She's sitting at the kitchen table, tears and snot running down her face
>The sobbing stops and she looks up
>I'm naked, my cock proudly standing at half mast, most of it weighed down by the various rolls of belly fat
>I slam her weak, anorexic body to the floor and tell her to start sucking
>She's trying to resist, lol
>Easily snap her jaw open
>Her blood makes for excellent lubricant
>Her teeth begin to fall out, she doesn't need them anyway
>I cum and she makes gurgling noises, spasming and pointing to her throat
>I left her up by her hair, she's not even recognizable anymore
>She grabs a box of my favorite brand
>It's Kid Cuisine
>Good fun and good food go great together with Kid Cuisine!
File: happymanchildpepe.jpg (68 KB, 596x795) Image search: [Google]
68 KB, 596x795
The following is completely true. Unlike the rest of you idiots I actually live the dream!

>29 years old
>In my play room
>Need to make poo
>Lean over my inflatable ottoman
>Put my toy dump truck between my legs and make a shipment.
>Poo-poo is a little runnier than usual, but it doesn't matter.
>Now I'm hauling a fresh load across the country
>Mummy brings in my lunch (nachos. I like to change it up)
>"Anon, I told you not to play with your poo poo!"
>I'm getting real fucking tired of hearing this.
>Flip the plate of nachos into the wall
>Start punching my own head
>"Anon stop PLEASE STOP!" she screams
>You made me do this I say.
>She runs out of the room to get the tethers to tie my arms back and stop me hitting myself
>Stand behind the door and wait for her to come back.
>As soon as she runs back in I punch her directly in the face as hard as I can, making a weird, wet cracking sound.
>She falls over and hits her head on my Dinosaur Kingdom table.
>I go back to playing with my toy trucks and stuffed animals
>She wakes up a bit later
>I don't say anything, I just stare at her
>She quietly leaves the room, rubbing her fresh bruise
>I can hear her crying from her room.
>Am I worried? No. Regretful? Certainly not.
>I'll wait it out and things will go back to normal.
>It's easy for me to be a good boy.
>If Mummy does what I say I'll be a good little boy.

If she doesn't like it she should have had an abortion. She chose this life.
Someone post the "spine goes bendy" one
File: 1340623.jpg (79 KB, 1200x630) Image search: [Google]
79 KB, 1200x630
>be me
>27 y/o mommie man
>studious autist
>on 4chinz
>talking about the PC parts economy being shit
>suddenly my giant grandfather clock goes off
>"6 PM"
>let it ding all the way through
>hear my mom gripe
>hear her coming up the stairs
>not fast enough
>she finally arrives at my room
>checks off 100 gbp from the gbp tracking sheet
>walks back down to kitchen
>she starts preparing tendies

>20 minutes later, still no tendies
>she gripes again
>she walks back up the stairs
>approaches my room
>no tendies
>she has a knife
>"oh, you gonna make me some fresh homemade tendies? thanks mom! i love you! you are the best mom! cutting up chicken for lil ol me!"
>"im not making you tendies, anon"

>she runs at me with the knife while screaming "I SHOULD HAVE FUCKING ABORTED YOU"
>deflect attack using the black magic i learned on /a/
>pull out katana
>hit her with it
>new idea
>i pull down her pants and panties
>shove whole katana up her slut ass
>she stops moving
>blood leaking out of asshole
>i dont even see her breathing
>"dumb fucking bitch, dont fuck wit me, now go makes tendies"
>she just sits there
>it turns me on
>i am horny and there is a dead woman on the floor
>If she doesn't like it she should have had an abortion. She chose this life.
Agreed! All our mothers used to be slutty normalfags bitches. We wouldn't have pity with them usually. Ironically the only reason we do pity them is because they forced us into existence, which is the same reason we should hate them even more
ohhhh ok i figured it out people on /b/ like to fake being NEETs and racists, they don't actually mean it anything they say
File: sadwittlepeeps.png (59 KB, 658x662) Image search: [Google]
59 KB, 658x662
>shit my pants more than once a week
>cant do anything beyond addition and subtraction and even then I can only do it in intervals up to 12
>people still talk to me in a baby voice even though im adult
>the cashier has to scan my debit card for me or ill mess up
>cant pee standing up
>burn the oven mitts all the time because I always turn on the wrong burners and mommy yells at me
>try to fill my cuppy up with ice but it always overflows because I hold the button too long
>dont know how to make my bed so I need mommy to fix the sheets all the time
>got a kitten for a present and loved it like crazy but ended up killing it when I accidentally sat on it
>dont know how to button up my own shirts
>people make fun of me because my shoes are always on the wrong feet and I still have to wear velcro sneakers
>never learned how to cut my food with a knife and fork so when we go out we have to ask the kitchen to do it special
>half the time forced to order off kids menu because I dont know what im ordering otherwise
>cant remember my television channels when cartoons are on so mommy has to change it for me
>spent my entire life in special ed even though I was too self aware to enjoy it
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Thread images: 17

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