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I just have to share this story. >camping with father and

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I just have to share this story.

>camping with father and 2 friends
>everythings fine
>nice fire, much alcohol, much to eat
>were listening to music around the fire and have a great time
>suddenly i hear something in the bushes
>everybody thought it was some small animal
>we go on
>5 minutes pass
>hear it again
>2 friends and me rush up to our chopping axes
>run to the noise with headlamps
>wild gypsie laying down there in the grass
>apperiantly drunk
>we help him up
>he doesnt know a single german or english word
>lead him to fireplace
>offer him some Korn (40%alc)
Vortippen, du Fotze. Weiter!
>he communicates with us through google translate
>tells us hes romanski
>Told us he lost his backback and his friends
>somewhere distant he said
>I ask friends to help him out
>nobody really wants to
>i said to him we cant go and search its too dark
>Suddenly he wants to chop wood
Gute idee du spakko,

>He does that for some minutes
>Only I liked him appearently
>we drink some couple shots
>then we decided to kick him out
>drunk he dissapears in the dark
>1 hour later a friend of me wanted to get stuff out of tent
>he sees its ripped apart on one half
>Everyone realized it was all a show
>he distraced us so his friends could steal our stuff
>we enter rage mode
>we took the headlamps and our axes with us
>run to the direction where he came from in the wood
>find some kind of basement there
>waiting there and smoking a cigar


>suddenly we heard some noieses after about 10 minutes
>we hide from them
>1 friend identified him and our stolen good
>they sat down as we waited in the bushes
>everyone screams and roars some kind of battle shout
>they piss their pants
>dropped most of our good and ran of
>we followed them and catched the romanian from eralier
>we took him as a hostage to our camp
>beat him up ecause who cares hes an illegal
>4 fucking hours pass till near sunlight
>he comes back with like 10 friends of him

Godspeed anon
go on

>Some of them had knifes
>2 had a machete
>they started shouting stuff on subhuman language
>they slowly come closer
>my father is a psycho in situations like this
>he took his knife and held it against romanians troath
>they get nervous
>suddenly those bastards layed the rets of our stolen god on the ground
>they back up slowly
>I shouted 1 hour and pointed at the romanian
>one of them understood what i meant
>they backed off till we couldnt see them anymore
>now we were on war mode
>After one hour we released him and he was sober again
>he ran for his live as we threatened him with our axes

We stayed altert for some more hours but they didnt come back.
Thats why you dont trust those bastards, i hope its not as bad in other european countries as here with those illegals.
Posting pics of tent in some minutes

And sorry for the long typing, should have written it before and just paste it in here

that is v cool anon, well done
Well done.
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Would also love to hear your stories with subhumans like those.
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Thanks to that event i bought myself something new today
Drecks Flüchtlinge...
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fucking euro trash. both camps.

Get a switch blade you can hide against your body and practise quick drawing it - blades are most effective when the fuckers don't see it coming.
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Thats all pictures we took on this day(last saturday)
Good show, lad!!!
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>He is author of this....?
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>apperiantly drunk
>offer him some Korn (40%alc)
>helping a gypsy
Are you retarded?

Yeah good idea, wanted to buy a nice 90€ knife today but could only spare 50 so i bought a machete insead

maybe im just stupid but i dont get it.

Ja wird schon immer unverschämter und häufiger solxhe zwischenfälle.
We wanted to have fun, wasnt the best idea if you think about it now

Yeah i learned my lesson..
I seriously hope you did.
There is not a single good gypsy. They teach their children to steal. They all live in trash and they all live on welfare. All of them are scum. Don't ever forget that. There is not a single good gypsy in this world.
I knew that before but i thought maybe..just maybe this one is helpless and i was drunk and in a good mood.
But i really learned it.
Wenn man in z.B im Einzelhandel oder allgemein in 'nem Beruf arbeitet, in dem man vielen Menschen begegnet, dann bemerkt man das schon ziemlich hart. Echt traurig, wie sich Menschen verhalten.
How old were you when this happened?
Seriously. Even if you see a little Gypsy toddler who is in trouble, don't help it. It is being used by its parents to steal your stuff. All of them are scum. ALL of them.
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What the fuck is this and why do I keep seeing it posted on every thread?
Ich fühl mit dir.
Wie ich mir heute die Machete gekauft habe (am Urfahranermarkt) hatt mir die Besitzerin erzählt, das gestern 2 anscheinend Rumänen die abgelenkt haben, während der andere ein paar Messer geklaut hatte.

Und sonst hört man auch überall wie schlecht die sich benehmen. Ohne Rassist zu sein, es fällt einfach der Mehrheit an Menschen auf, dass diese Völer 0 Respekt und Anstand haben.
21, it was last saturday

I know that pretty well since some gypsie kids stole my mothers wallet in front of me when i was like 10 years old.
Never forgot that.
Ohne rassist zu sein denke ich das die einfach einer dreckskultur entstammen
manche Kulturen sind halt einfach besser als andere - das ist nicht rassistisch
Genau so denk ich auch, aber wir werden ja sofort als Nazis bezeichnet wenn man seine Meinung äusert.
Das gute ist, viele Leute ist das mitlerweile auch schon egal.
Ich hoff eure Muddi kratz bald ab
Ich will aber nicht als Nazi gelten selbst wenn es allen egal ist
Abkratzen muss sie nicht aber Ruhestand wäre wirklich angebracht
>bist du Österreicher?
Der österreichische bubi ist aber auch echt peinlich
Warum kann es keine starke anti asozialen Partei die nicht rechts ist?
Dann krieg mal lieber keine Kinder
>Ich will aber nicht als Nazi gelten selbst wenn es allen egal ist

Will ich auch nicht aber du weist das du keiner bist also wieso solltest du dich dann schlecht fühlen?

>Abkratzen muss sie nicht aber Ruhestand wäre wirklich angebracht

Die Frau macht euer Land kaputt ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken (ITT Wir müssen akzeptieren, dass junge Migranten häufiger Staffällig werden als Deutsche)

>>bist du Österreicher?

>Der österreichische bubi ist aber auch echt peinlich

Naja er is nicht jedermanns Sache, aber Rechts is der keineswegs.
Die FPÖ vieleicht aber die ÖVP nun ganz sicher nicht.
Die waren ja ewig und 3 Tage kooalitionspartner der SPÖ.
Thread replies: 41
Thread images: 9

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