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incest greentext stories one point if its with your mom (pic

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest greentext stories one point if its with your mom (pic unrelated)
I got one, I'll tell you the story too if you want
yes any thing is okay if you got a story tell it
>be 15
>be on trip with female cousin (17) and her fam
>go out backpacking in hawaii
>return to hotel at the end of backpacking trip
>go to the beach, cousin is wearing bikini slightly too big
>go back to hotel room again, me and cousin pass out on the same bed
>I wake up and can see edge of nip under bikini
>lift bikini top slightly to see the rest
>get hard, pinch cousins nips
>I pull off my shorts and rub my cock a little against her hand
>immediately go to the bathroom and fap

pic related? who knows
My mother and sister tried to make me into a girl, failed, and eventually I fucked my stepsister. I've told how I fucked my step sister here many times already so I won't tell that pile of shit again, but I can tell of a failed attempt at feminization if you want.
greentext on both stories
Two nights ago i posted about the first time my sis saw and sorta touched my dick. I can post it again and keep going if you guys actually think it's interesting. I havent written past what I wrote that night though.
Here you go.

>be me and sis really young, me around 11 her around 9
>used to screw around like all kids did, played doctor
>used to inspect each others bodies, listen to heartbeats etc
>wasn't sexual at all, we were just kids having fun
>fast forward a couple years
>I'm 14, shes 12
>I'm just a real horny dog like all young teens are, do nothing but fap all day
>start realizing my sis is actually kinda cute, her body started developing and it turned me on
>seen her naked before, it wasnt unusual, we were pretty close
>would fap every night in my bed imagining her naked ass
>usually had post fap regret every time, felt genuinely bad for fapping to sis
>one time we go on vacation to visit cousins
>me and sis have to share room, okay w/e it's happened before
>theres one bed in room, parents tell me sis gets bed and I can sleep on the floor
>I have absolutely no idea why I did this, but I decided I wasn't going to fap for the duration of the trip
>went probably 4 days without fapping and I was EXTREMELY horny, constantly had boner all the time
>couldnt take it anymore, needed to relieve myself
>bed time comes, laying on the floor thinking about sis' ass again
>realize she's literally in the same room as me, decide I should try to feel her ass
>move up slowly on bed
>with the best of my abilities, i slowly get right next to her, and lift up her blanket
>shes wearing shorts and a tshirt
>move in closer, ever so slightly and place my hand on her ass
>this is the part where I fap my dick off while groping her ass, but that doesn't happen
>literally the second I touch her ass she flips over
>asks me what im doing
>"uhh nothing"
>at this point i dont even have my pants on anymore so im butt naked
>she notices my penis in hand and jumps out of bed
>"eww anon you're disgusting"
>practically felt like dying on the spot
>she just tells me to get off and go back to bed
>sheepishly go back to my sleeping back sweating bullets
>fast forward another 2 days, didn't even attempt trying anything the previous nights, feel embarrassed but she hasn't said anything about it
>laying in sleeping bag a few nights later
>horny as hell, decide i need to fap
>pull out dick and try to be as quiet as possible
>of course for a 14 year old that's not quiet at all
>look over after a few minutes, sister is legit eyeing my as i rub myself under my sleeping back
>stop immediately and ask her why she is watching me
>"why did you touch me the other night anon"
>i feel genuinely bad, tell her im sorry and didn't mean to
>asks me what I was doing right now
>dont say anything
>"can I see it"
>"uhh what, no"
>"come on we've seen each other naked when we were younger"
>I felt really embarrassed about her wanting to see me naked, but it turned me on and I was horny as hell so I decided fuck it
>unzip sleeping bag, drag myself out
>still super hard
>she just looks at it for a couple seconds
>"thats so gross"
>feel embarrassed again
>go to cover myself up
>"no i want to see it more"
>"no,you just said it looked gross"
>she comes down to my sleeping bag and demands i bring it out again
>this shit was turning me on so much
>let myself out again
>she just keeps looking at it
>"can i touch it"
>"I want to feel it"
>"yeah fine"
>horny me's 14 yo mind was about to explode
>she just kinda pats the heads
>"ew this is gross"
>i've never been harder in my life
>she just kinda pokes it and shit
>literally cant contain myself
>start stroking again
>"you're disgusting"
>she goes back to bed
>blow my load relatively fast, go back to sleeping bag
>"I want to see it again"
>"im going to bed look at it tomorrow"
>she demands I show her
>tell her no
>she comes down from the bed and lays next to me in sleeping bag
>tries to fumble around and find it through sleeping bag, she cant see shit and gives up
>she just lays there
>I move closer and kinda spoon her
>sit like that for a while
>dick gets hard again, just kind of press it up against her and sleep like that for the whole night
>wake up next morning
>realize im sleeping with my sis
>instantly get horny, dick gets hard again
>just kinda press it up against her back, hoping this never ends
>she wakes up moments later
>"ew you're touching me with it"
>she says that but doesn't seem to care all that much, seeing as she isnt moving
>we just lay there for a while
>she turns to me and puts her hand on my wiener
>just kinda leaves it there, doesn't do anything
>cock is literally throbbing at this point, already feel like I could cum
>she kinda pokes and prods it a little
>its enough to set me over the edge
>cum buckets, it leaks through my underwear and she feels it
>she immediately gets up and stares
>"anon, that is the grossest thing ever"
>she says it with a half smirk, doesn't seem grossed out
>I just get up and go clean myself off
>play with cousins rest of the day, nothing happens that night

Thats where I stopped and went to bed. not the most riveting story, but its what happened. More stuff happened on that trip and if anyone actually wants to read more I can type it up.
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Actually I have to afk a bit sorry. If anyone wants me to post it when I get back Ill do it.
I'm still not entirely sure that they wanted to feminize me, but if I had to put a label on the whole situation, it would be "failed attempt at feminization." My earliest memory regarding specifically to this was when my sister painted my nails. I understood that this wasn't entirely right, but mostly because anything that my sister convinced me to do was wrong and would get me in trouble. I was too young to have learned to really think for myself and I didn't have enough experience with her to simply refuse her everything. She painted my nails and I thought it was just something fun that she did. Until she started making fun of me. I instantly realized that this was going to become a horrifying situation. I panicked and tried to wash off the polish in the bathtub and ran scalding water on my hands for an extraordinary amount of time. Obviously I wasn't able to get the stuff off. When my parents came home my father beat the shit out of me for having nail polish on. Some time later my sister convinced me to wear pantyhose because peter pan wore them also. She also convince my younger brother to wear them. We were jumping on our bed when our parents got home and of course my father beat the shit out of me for being a faggot, my brother was forgiven and babied and my sister wasn't implicated. After my parents divorced my mother made me wear my sister's panties for a week, supposedly because I didn't have any clean underwear. All throughout this time my mother and sister did everything they could to steer me away from "Masculine" activities. They weren't ever able to convince me to take part in "girly" activities. They mostly stopped trying to feminize me once the divorce started because there was too much focus on all of us and they didn't want to get in trouble for the bullshit they were pulling.
Hey, guys
Guys, hey, hey guys
Go on....
Come on man we are waiting!
My sister tried to fuck me during the start of the divorce. I tried to fight her off at first but it was made clear to me through severe beating and talkings to that I couldn't use physical force to dissuade her. After that I simply tried to run away from her when she tried to force herself on me and eventually I started to tell on her. I was, of course, beaten and told that "good boys don't tell about these kinds of things." After that talking to my sister stopped trying to fuck me, but her boyfriends took a sudden interest in me. After one of them tried to rape me in the woods near our apartment I literally put him in the hospital. A few years later my mother decided that she would try to use kissing as a way to make up whenever my brother started some shit. She would make us kiss eachother or face a severe beating. My brother acted up more for a while until she started making us do it in public. He pretty much stopped after that. My mother decided to take out my siblings to do something and hired the guy that tried to rape me as a babysitter. He tried to rape me again. All that day I thought about why she would be doing these things and decided that it was like she said, I was abnormal, and like everybody else said, such as the department of human services, child protective services, several judges, and other people of authority in my life, my parents were just trying to teach me to be a good person. I tried to rape my youngest brother that night. I was overcome with guilt and horror before I was able to do the act, but I'm pretty sure he still hates me for it.

I am too tired from telling this shitfest. If you don't mind, please don't save this story. Goodnight.
sorry i just got back. I'm typing it up now just give me some time.
can you talk more about the feminization shit? i think its interesting.
save this now
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Waiting patiently for part 2
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looking forward to this shit
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>next day
>playing with cousins
>the events of the last few nights dawns on me
>im amazed she actually touched my dick, never thought it would happen
>start thinking she might be into it
>get super horny thinking about it
>cant take my eyes off my sisters ass all day
>constantly have boner, cant help it, dat ass
>night time comes
>sitting waiting, hoping she says something
>she doesnt
>i'll take charge
>"hey sis"
>"wanna see it again?"
>I immediately get out of boxers, dick springs up from being so hard
>she just looks at it again
>"why does it stick out like that"
>"idk thats just what happens"
>she starts touching me again, my dick starts to throb from the excitement
>feeling extremely horny and ballsy, ask her if she wants to taste it
>"eww anon why would I do that"
>feel kinda bad and apologize
>"its okay"
>she's just kinda touching and pushing my dick a little, like shes exploring how it works
>after a little bit, "hey anon?"
>"you wanna see mine?"
>tell her yes
>she starts to take off her shorts and shirt
Holy quads batman
>constantly had boner all the time

cool story bro.
what was the name of the hentai ?
It was really good /b/ro
Please continue
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girl cousin use to send me nudes every once in a while for some reason. just a side note.

>hanging out at cousins place
>kinda drunk
>everyone eventually decides to go to bed
>girl cousin goes to take a shower
>younger boy cousin is just hanging out in the living room on his phone
>I get the fun idea of showing him his sisters nudes
>i tell him this chick sent me nudes
>show him face pic of some other girl
>then i carefully choose the pictures i show him so he wont recognize his sister
>im just going through them
>hes really getting off on it cause tits are tits
>once i run out of safe ones to show him, i stop
>asked if he liked them
>he really did
>he gets up and goes off to bed
>check phone and girl cousin sent me another nude pic

Still jerk off to the thought. fun times
>she takes off her shirt and shorts
>no bra, just in panties now
>she has tiny little boobs, but I was still in amazement
>she turns around to throw her clothes on the bed
>holy fuck that ass
>started stroking my dick without even noticing
>she turns around
>"eww stop doing that"
>honestly just in amazement
>keep staring at her bare chest, never seen titties before
>dont even ask, just go up and touch her nipples
>she gasps and kind of jumps
>just keep touching them
>best feeling ever
>she gets tired of me touching her
>"here watch this"
>takes off her panties
>see her smooth pussy, stare at it for what feels like an eternity
>"anon you're touching yourself again"
>dont even care, the sight of her naked body turns me on
>keep stroking, she is just watching
>after a couple moments of stroking, i cum
>it shoots out, gets all over the floor, a little bit catches onto her leg
>"ewww you got it on me"
>she just sticks her finger in it and moves it around
>"its all sticky"
>tfw my sister is touching my cum
>she wipes it off with her shirt
>"lets do that again"
>im tired as fuck now and my dick hurts, tell her maybe tomorrow
>she tells me to sleep in bed with her
>lay in bed with her, im naked shes in panties
>just lay like that all night
>never slept better
please post pics + moar!!!
keep it cumming, and I will
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there yah go
Niga more or I'll reach through the the screen and shove a tiny glass rod up your ass while you sleep
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dang thanks! please moar stories... how did it all start?

OP posted a faggotry, and the thread started with 14 faggots answering him.
Same type of shit went on like that for a couple days so im not gonna greentext it, ill skip ahead to one of the last days on the trip
>been looking at each others naked bodies for a couple nights now, i cum stroking it to her and she thinks its funny
>been sleeping with her in bed too, feels so good
>come night time again
>laying in bed next to sis, not really touching just laying there, zoned out thinking about shit
>"hey anon?"
>"i wanna taste it"
>my heart skips a beat
>kind of flustered now
>"uhh what?"
>"i wanna see what it tastes like"
>i was actually really fucking nervous
>take my dick out, start stroking to get it hard
>she sits there, just watching me, im watching her
>I think shes nervous too
>tell her to go ahead when she wants to
>she just leans down and gets face to face with my cock
>opens her mouth, sticks her tongue out and just gives the tip of my head a poke with her tongue
>holy fuck that felt good
>she kinda recoils her face, not sure what she was expecting
>"it feels kinda weird"
>dont even say anything, just waiting for her to go back down
>she lowers her head again
>sticks her tongue out, pokes my shaft with her tongue
>recoils again, says "this is kind of gross"
>she doesn't look grossed out, has that half smirk again
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i was just drunk one night and i have always found her hot. so in my drunken stupor, i sent her a snap asking for nudes. then i just kind of did whatever and passed out.

Wake up the next morning to new snaps from her. I was still waking up so i didnt remember what i asked. Then nudes. as soon as i saw the first one, i stopped snapchat so i wouldnt miss more, then opened snapsave and saved the rest without her knowing.

And shed do this every once in a while
more pics of her?
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Go on
Where are the pics you saved on snap save tho
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all in >>707256331

>pic related
To me it's not that interesting, they would make me do girly shit, punish me for doing manly stuff, pretend like the whole thing was my idea despite that even from the start they had to put a good amount of effort into convincing me to do it. The managed to get me removed from the baseball team, and my father was so into their shit that he never let me rejoin sports. It was overall one of the worst experiences of my life, and has taught me that women aren't to be trusted and must be controlled completely lest they start destroying people's lives. I'm way into BDSM and I regularly beat women to teach them to not be like my family, even though at this point I understand that the girls I destroy almost certainly never were and never would be like those psychopaths. I guess they taught me, huh?
>sticks her tongue out again, actually licks the whole head
>she just looks up at me and giggles, asks me if I liked it
>just nod at her
>she goes back down, starts to leave her tongue on my dick a bit longer each time, like short licks from a lollipop
>periodically she'll say something like "this is nasty" but keeps doing it
>after a while of this i feel the cum coming up my tubes
>shes just licking the head at this point, think she really likes it now
>here it cums
>blast my load, it catches on her tongue, hits her all over her face
>she kinda screams
>recoils her body, just sits there in shock
>"oh my god"
>"im sorry i couldnt help it, i have no control over that"
>she sits there for a moment, not moving at all, think she is taking in what just happened
>after a while, she slowly grins and tells me how gross it is
>she rubs her fingers in it again, sticks a little bit of her cum covered finger in her mouth
>felt like cumming again just after seeing that
>says it's slippery and tastes bland
>she goes to the bathroom and wipes the rest of the cum off, im still in shock as to what happened
>she comes back, lays in bed with me and gives me a peck on my lips, just a sisterly kiss, not like a deep loving kiss
>kinda grossed out because my cum was just on her lips
>"thanks anon, i love you"
>we go to bed cuddling each other

that's basically it for the extent of the trip, didnt do much the last few days because we went out seeing the town and stuff and were exhausted when we got back. We did have sex later on when we were back home, but it wasn't immediately after the trip or anything. we fooled around a lot before we got to that.
Mom? Nonono cousins are where it's at!
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You still go a post that story right......RIGHT
Tell about when more stuff happend
Some one post a story while >>707257960 finishes
I'm really hungry guys, I need to go eat dinner, sorry. If this thread is still up or theres another incest thread when I get back I'll tell more. cheers though, I'll try to come back as fast as possible.
Pretty sure that's the end
Plz say someone has columnfag screen shots
>be me
>no sisters, no femcousins
>oversized fat kissless virgin basementdweller
>almost as fat as my mom
>almost as ugly as my aunts
>have a porn calendar in my room, mom doesn't complain
>envy college guys who at least CAN TALK to a woman
>watch all those incest threads
>start posting fake stories about barely reasonable incests
>fags appreciate and fap to my fake stories
>add cropped porn images and claim it's OC
>fags ask MOAR and MOAR
>end college still kissless virgin
>got a job
>accept coffee from female coworker
>tell her I own house, car, and even a small cottage
>suddely she's interested in me
>fast forward one year, got on first base
>marry her, still virgin
>a few weeks later she's pregnant (OMG I DID IT!! my PENIS actually WORKS!!) and quits job
>and I'm still here creating shittier and shittier fake incest stories, as if my pleasure was someone discovering my ginormous faggotry
>will continue until wife eventually finds out what I'm doing in incognito mode
Well unless some one has copypasta it's a R.I.P.
I have some incest stories, gimme a moment
Eh we appreciate your hard work now stop wasting time and post the goods
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I got them
File: 2.png (70 KB, 492x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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columnfag stories?
File: 3.png (113 KB, 619x509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no the greentexts being posted rn
File: 4.png (113 KB, 649x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Incest pictures on there
can u post please i lost my folder
File: 5 ( Bottom ).png (167 KB, 842x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 ( Bottom ).png
167 KB, 842x592
The bottom one
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> it owed me money

boner destroyed by topkek ultrazozzling roflmao lol
I just screen shorted all the green text story's it's all good
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File: 12 ( Middle ).png (144 KB, 731x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 ( Middle ).png
144 KB, 731x599
The middle one
File: 13.png (132 KB, 643x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The bottom one
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my bad #17 was a troll not the original OP
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Columnfag screenshots? The whole story has its own folder at

Tinyurl com/Wincestdrive

He's supposed to be going to add some new content later tonight, but it isn't going to be anything super exciting, just more "story"
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Is anyone even reading this?
File: 23.png (150 KB, 636x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Tinyurl com/Wincestdrive
thank you
File: 24.png (148 KB, 693x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 29.png (128 KB, 657x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it wont load, but thank you
File: 30 ( Finale ).png (60 KB, 1176x135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 ( Finale ).png
60 KB, 1176x135
The Grand Finale to Aunt x Anon
Did I really have to select all those fucking store fronts for nothing?
I'm back, scarfed my food down. I can tell more stories if you like. What do you all want to hear? I keep going in linear progression of how things developed or just cut strait to a specific time something happened. you choose.
I don't care what you do, just post more please. Also, how many stories do you have to tell? did it ever stop at some point?
Wow, what a great prank
Oh dude, I have countless stories, literally could fill threads with the amount of time we've done shit over the years. We had sex the same year we went on the vacation, when I was 14. I'm 19 now, she's 17, we still fuck on the regular. just had sex with her last week, believe it or not. She's been at her friends house for a couple days now though and i kinda miss her and thats why i posted the first story a few days ago.

Great, that's actually what happened next, so im on it.
Go on in linear
When did you start fucking
+1 dat niger got prank'd gud.
Pics of sis? (non nude obviously)
quality thread
Did you remember to add the dot?
>be me, a week or two after trip, we're back to normal basically
>playing a lot of video games because summer is about to end
>me and sis cant get away with sleeping with each other with our parents around, so we just fool around at night and then go to our rooms
>she's licked me a few times since our trip, not very often though because she's been at friends a lot
>one night playing ps2
>remember specifically I was playing sly cooper that night
>parents go to bed at around 10, get up early
>they go to bed
>sis comes in my room, starts watching me play for a bit
>tells me she wants to lick me now
>turn off ps2, shut my door
>we get naked
>im still infatuated with her ass at this point, kinda lightly slap it with my hand, she jumps
>i lay down in bed, she sits there, kinda hesitant
>"whats wrong?"
>im just staring at her naked breasts, love looking at them
>her face is red, not sure why she is embarrassed
>ask her if she doesn't want to do it tonight
>she says she does
>she starts licking my head again, just like previously
>takes periodic licks on my shaft, feels good
>she got over the "this is gross" thing at this point, guess it became normal for her
>she keeps licking
>i put my behind her, touch her butt
>she jumps up a bit
>just sort of stares at me blankly
>"sorry I cant resist"

Same year, towards december, so it was a couple months.
Burmp XDDD
>"what? im sorry I wont touch you again"
>"I want to feel it in my mouth"
>didn't expect that
>just look at her for a second
>she's so cute, she looks all innocent and embarrassed
>"really? you dont have to"
>she says yeah
>im trying to mentally prepare for whats about to happen
>she goes down, looks at my dick
>can tell shes nervous
>put my hand to her face, tell her she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to do it
>she shakes her head no
>opens her mouth
>oh god its gonna happen
>she just licks the tip of my penis again
>dont bother asking, assume she is just scared
>keeps licking for a couple more seconds
>I'm just staring at the ceiling, taking in the pleasure of her wet little tongue massaging my penis
>suddenly, i feel the immense pleasure of two little lips around the tip of my penis
>holy fuck
>I think I could have came right there just from excitement
>she just kind of leaves her lips on there, not moving up and down, but swirling her tongue around the top of my penis
>im in ecstasy, closing my eyes and slightly moaning
>she pulls her head off
>calls my name
>look up at her
Any pics of said sister
Proceed pls
shit is gold son but type faster
>"did that feel good"
>tell her yes, want her to keep going
>she smiles, says "watch this"
>she opens her mouth wide, sticks as much of my dick as she can into her little mouth, and closes her lips
>she starts swirling her tongue all over my penis again, while sort of sucking on my cock
>not really a blowjob because shes not moving up and down but it feels fucking amazing
>she has her eyes closed, she lets out a couple of the cutest little moans every few seconds as she swirls her tongue around my penis
>takes my penis out of her mouth
>"how was that?"
>she has a little smirk on her face again
>"that felt so good, please keep going"
>she giggles and says "i love you anon"
>tell her I love her too
>she sticks her mouth back on my cock
>she kinda gags a little, lets off of my cock a bit
>goes back down after a couple seconds
>gags again as she goes deeper
>she keeps going down, gagging and coming back up
>feels fucking amazing
>she starts to swirl her tongue around as she does it

Sorry man Im trying, im a shit typer.

im sure i can find one, but im not showing her face.
I do have a story pretyped, if anyone wants to hear it.
It's a sister one.

Lemme know.
just post it dont do it for the (You)s
Shoot for it
Story time.

>be me, 16 years old
>have a half sister whos 24
>have a fucked up history
>in and out of therapy cause of some shit aint gonna mention
>big sis never lived with me or my lil sis full time, only over the weekends, or like ever other weekend
>never developed an actual brother sister relationship with her
>she lived with me when she started uni
>realized she was incredibly beautiful
>block out my thoughts
>came to terms with the fact that i couldnt block them out
>she moved to the city for more studies
>was really uncomfortabkle, but managed to keep it hidden
>lived my life in incest stories and other shit on the internet
>we developed a healthier brother sister relationship cause i just figured we had to
>understood im falling in love with my sister
>she has a boyfriend, and SHE IS MY SISTER
Too many .jpgs
>Shes always been there for me
>i could always talk to her, even though we never really had that brother sister thing going
>shes been an amazing friend whenever i needed it
>she is also undoubtedly the greatest girlfriend any man could have
>fuck it
>took the train to the city, disguising it as a bro-sis bonding date
>took her to the movies
>took her to a cafè
>took my chance and told her i needed to talk
>she got worried, thinking some more messed up shit happened to me and i needed her
>she doesnt know how right she is
>i say "sis, look. this is all sorts of messed up, and i get it if you hate me, or whatever, but i need to tell you something"
>her eyes just stare at me, wondering
>i say "recently, ive been ... sort of. falling in love with you.
>she just stares blankly
>she says "maybe its because we never spent bro-sis time as children..."
>she knows thats not it, at least not all of it.
>she doesnt scream, or leave or anything, so at least we can talk.
>she suggest we go to her flat to talk
>i say okay, and we walk in silence.
Interested for more?
Man youre the best
Keep going on your own rythm
If you want it all, you have to bump this thread.

Alright, enjoy, or whatever

>my sis and i get to her flat
>its just me and her, her boyfriend is out and so is her other roommate
>she says that we have to talk about it, even if its uncomfortable
>i guess i agree
>she leads, and says "look, anon. i love you, and im sorry i wasnt there for you when you were younger"
>i interrupt, saying "are you kidding? youve been the greatest sister there is. you didnt live with me, ffs, of course you couldnt be there all the time"
>i pour all my thoughts and emotions and shit out, and hse listens to all of it
>i realize shes crying
>i hug her, and she doesnt back away
>i talk, and say that im glad she wanted to talk
>i feel so bad for this happening
>she thinks its her fault for being a shitty sister
>which she wasnt
>all of a sudden, she kisses me
>i pull away, not knowing what the fuck is going on
>she apologises and runs to the bathroom
>i hear her sobbing in there
>after a while, she gets out, and I just hug her
>she kisses me again and i just let it happen
>we end up just watching himym in awkwardness
>i leave but she asks me to come back as soon as i can
>i say yes, and haste out
>my mom says that she broke up with her boyfriend when we're eating dinner
>what the fuck is this
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go on.jpg
19 KB, 259x194
ill be reading
I've told it before, so that'll explain the 4chan style writin'.

My hands are getting tired. Want more, and I'll write more.

Alright, just hang tight, takes time doing the greentext shit

>anyway a week passes, and i go back to her flat
>no idea what is going on or what the fuck im gonna do
>she meets me in the hallway of her building
>we talk for a long time, and its not awkward at all
>we agree on going to the movies again
>weve always had a lot in common, similar tastes in music, movies, tv shows, books etc
>we go watch the new iron man movie
>after that we get a pizza and goes back to her flat
>we just spend the whole evening watching television and cuddling, NOT in a brother sister way
>feel kind of weird when i think about it, cause shes EIGHT years older
>didnt feel awkward when it happened
>the tv is in front of a pull-out couch that we decide to sleep on
>i told my mom i was going to comfort her after breaking up with her bf
>i text my mom saying ill spend the night cuase of train issues
>she replies its okay
>this was last weeks of christmas break(or whatever)
>me and my sister kiss a lot and just spend the night in each others arms
>i know its cliche as fuck but still
>next morning we agree ill spend at least one more day with her
>call my mom saying ill go to a friends house that night
>she kinda argues but caves in
>i spend the day with my sister
>she has some schoolwork so i just take a long ass walk to gather my thoughts
>i decided i wanted to do something special
>i invited her out to a real nice restaurant
>we had a great time, though
>when we get back to her flat she goes to the bathroom
>comes out after a while and we sit on the couch
Checkin' them tripsies.
Enjoy, if that's the kinda thing you do.

Still want more guys?
Hands .. not... working ...

>anyway, we sit on the couch and she says "anon, i know this is all very overwhelming, and i understand if youre uncomfortable"
>i interrupt her, telling her how amazing she is, and that she is all i wanted for a long time
>i say that all i want is for her to be happy and ill do everything i can to make that happen
>i can see her eyes tear up, and she kisses me
>i kiss her back, with all the passion i can manage
>i suddenly think of the fact the no matter what happens, shes my sister, and i love her for that
>there is no way ill ever stop loving her
>we stop kissing and i look into her eyes
>the pullout couch is still in 'bedmode'
>i dont want to make the firstm move
>i come to rterms with that i cont care its wrong
>i want her
>in every sense of that phrase
>she thinks the same way and takes her top off
>she is in only bra and panties
>i've never been this happy in all my fucked up life
>she says that we have to go to her bedroom and put the couch back in case her roommate(not the ex bf) comes back from wherever she was
>i say okay and we fix up the living room
>she kisses me passionately and grabs my hand
>she leads me into her bedroom
>i put my hand on her back and kisses her again
>we both want this
>how she can want me as my sister AND eight years older is beyond me
>puttng all my cards on the table
>were still kissing and i realize i could never find someone i love as much as this girl. MY SISTER
>she kushes me onto her bed and climgs on top of me, removing her bra
>i later found put she had B boobs
>nicest breasts ive ever seen, even though id only had two girlfriends before
>she tell me that she loves me, but never really got what it meant
>shes sitting on my stomach braless
>i put my hands on her back and guide her down next to me
>im in literal heaven, nothing has ever felt this good in my entire life
>she keeps going up and down, obviously theres some teeth in there but I didn't care
>go to grab her but again
>she lets me
>that fucking ass
>just kind of squeeze it everytime she goes down
>I keep telling her I love every couple of seconds
>she keeps swirling her little tongue all around my penis
>she comes off my dick, goes to the base of my shaft and licks it all the way up to the head
>she goes down one more time
>I can feel the cum making its way through my dick
>she goes down one more time
>take my hands off her ass, put them on her head and force her down
>she starts gagging and I dont let her up
>im cumming all inside her mouth
>she starts flailing, hits me in the stomach
>i let go after i finished cumming
>she gets up and starts coughing
>looks at me and starts yelling at me
>"i couldnt breathe!"
>I know I shouldnt have done it, I was just super horny and got lost in the pleasure
>apologize to her, tell her I didnt mean to
>shes just angry hits me on the stomach
>go to hug her
>she gets up and runs to her bedroom and locks the door

there. thats the story of my first bj with her. got carried away towards the end.
Hands .. not .. working guys ...

Anyway, story time, with the action
>i still have one of my hands on her back
>she puts the other one on her breast and assures me she wants this
>she puts her lips on mine again and we kiss for a few minutes
>she moves her hand all over my chest under my shirt¨
>i get up and takes it off, same with my trousers
>im in my boxers
>my 'thing' isnt much to brag about, but i guess average is a fair description, never really measured
>she stares at my area, as is shes unsure if she really wants this
>i get it, and tell her to sit down and talk first
>we sit down, and i say she doesnt have to or anything
>thinking maybe she feels guilty and thisll make up for it
>i ask her about that
>she says thats not it, and tells me to not think that way ever
>i hurt her
>i apologise and she accepts with tears in her eyes
>i kiss her and she kisses me back
>we lie/lay next to eahc other, her on my should for about half an hour
>suddenly she puts my hand on her breast again
>she tells me she really wants it
>she takes of her panties
>she has a tiny patch of hair above her area
>i exhaust not believing whats happening
>she smiles at me and scoots back towards the headboard
>she spreads a little and i can fully see her pussy
>she puts my hand on it, and its sort of damp
>she whispers that she loves me
>i decide to go for it
>shes not that tall, prob about 5'6-'7 (15-160 cm
>i lift her up slightly and lay her down
>i jump back and just do it
>she tastes like heaven(cliche but fuck it)
>she makes a screeching noise first but then relaxes
>she sort of moans half way through most of it
>eventually she tells me to stop and to take my boxers off
>i hesitate sligtly but then take them off
>im really really fucking hard as a rock(cliches again)
Still need more ...?
Alright, then, you guys are stealing all my time with this

>she tocuhes my penis and i can see that she realizes whats going on, and she lkingers for a few seconds
>she tells me that i need to be quiet about it, not tell a living soul etc
>never had a blowjob before this(sex, but no bj)
>damn, this feels good
>im standing next to the bed, and shes on her stomach sucking my cock
>cant think just feel, DAMN
>she flips around so shes on her back
>still sucking my cock
>id only had sex about a dozen times before this, and not for the last TWO years(early virgin loss)
>i grunt a bit and tell her im coming
>she moves away and just sort of sits there with her breasts in front of me, looking into my eyes(cliches again man)
>i dont even need to stroke it and i come all over her breasts
>she runs her hand through it and gets up, using her top to wipe it off
>shes not disgusted or weided out or anytbhing
>we both kind of accepted the whole deal
>i kiss her again, and for a moment, we just stand there
>we lay/lie back down on the bed, and shes on my should again
>she starts laughing
>i start laughing
>she asks me if there is anything i want to do
>i say of course there is"
>she asks me what it is and i just come out and say it
>i ask her to sit on my face
>she sits on my face
>ive not done that as many times either, maybe like twice
>i make her cum, because after 15 minutes or so she starts moaning like crazy
>shes twitching and just falls off onto the bedc again
>i ask her if shes okay
>she tells me "thanks, anon". nothing more
>the 'anon' part freaked me out a bit for some reason, but i just went with it, and i kissed her again
>we talk for a bit about some trivial stuff and i ask her about tomorrow
>she tells me my mom would probably tell me to come home
>(same dad, seperate moms)
More ... ?
Fine, last greentext, people.
Its 1 am and im a sleepfaggot

>we fall asleep in each others arms(cliche king here)
>i wake up at about ten-ish and shes still sleeping
>i just figured id make some breakfast
>looked through her fridge and found the ingredients needed for pancakes
>made pancakes
>i go back to the bed with a plate of pancakes and some coffee
>she wakes up and just looks really happy
>my sister looking happy because of things i did is the greatest thing in the world
>i put the plate down at the nightstand and kisses her
>she says "good morning, anon". "did you sleep well? I know i did".
>i say that i slept amazing, and i thank her
>she kisses me again and thanks me for the pancakes
>she eats the pancakes and i wait in the living room watching netflix(some shitty show or whatever)
>she calls me, "anon, could you come in here?"
>i say "yes, of course, more pancakes or coffee or something?(cliches for all of you)
>she tells me to just come in there
>i almost stumble when i see her
>shes wearing a black and purple set of lingerie
>she sorts of winks and just kisses me
>something like this was the last thing i expected
>we kiss, and its the most passionate kiss weve had
>i kiss her back, and we hold it for a good 5 mins
>i figured id go for it as i had som many times already
>she laughs and takes it off herself
>she takes off her panties too and just falls back on the bed
>i decide to lick her again and i fell to my knees to do so
>licked her until she orgasmed
>she said "fuck me, anon" "fuck me hard"
>i did
>i came after five minutes
>at least she orgasmed from my licking her
>the day went by until my mom called
>i packed up and left
>we had a few instances like this over the next months
>we came to our senses and decided to stop
>our relationship is not fully bro-sis yet but were getting there
>noone ever knew
File: free hat (21).webm (101 KB, 848x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
free hat (21).webm
101 KB, 848x480
Alright, hopefully it's doing it for some of ye.
I am going to do an attempt at screencapping it.

story of when you fucked her
Story of when u fucked
alright, give me a bit to type it up.

bump, come on anon
Sorry man im typing to the best of my ability.

>be me, couple months later
>regularly getting bjs, going down on her, making out, groping each other, etc etc
>been kinda busy with school, haven't done anything in a couple of days
>its a friday, playing video games again like always
>parents asleep already, thought sis was as well
>suddenly, my door opens super fast, scares the shit out of me
>sis laughs, thought it was hilarious
>"watcha doing anon"
>"playing games, wanna play?"
>she says no, just sits and watches me
>usually when she does that it means she wants to get frisky
>I know this, but ask her anyways
>"well why are you here then?"
>"you want to be naughty dont you"
>she nods
>we get naked
>start kissing, lightly touching her butt
>her ass is still amazing
>after a while, she grabs my dick
>i spread myself out on the bed like always, assuming she is gonna give me a bj
>" i want to lay down, you always lay down"
>w/e, let her lay down instead
>dont know how she is supposed to blow me now, so I go down on her instead
>tastes amazing like always
>go at it for a minute or two, she is softly moaning
>after a couple minutes, she calls my name
>she kinda pokes me
>I look up at her
>feels like she wants to say something, she looks away
>pull myself up to her face, ask her whats wrong
>she isn't responding
>turn her head towards me
>just gaze into her eyes for a bit
>i plant a long kiss on her soft lips, let go and tell her I love her
>"you know you can tell me anything"
>we stare at each other for another couple seconds
>she starts kissing me furiously
>between each kiss she tells me she loves me
>after a while of making out, she stops suddenly
>"I..want you"
>dont understand, ask her what she means
>"I want to feel it inside of me"
>holy shit
>is it finally happening
>the moment i've been waiting for
>I get lost in those words, just start making out with her again
>shes lightly fumbling with my penis as we are tonguing each other
are you there? i need moar!!!
Nah man. I saved em all, and will read the whole thing tonight. thanks anon.
mnnn moar!
yesss moar!
Oh my god moar?
None of this happened anywhere ever
Sorry everyone im just not a fast typer, trying to go as fast as I can. it's also turning me on thinking about it again.

>after a few moments, i let go of her lips
>ask her if she really wants this
>she says yes
>I look down at her pussy
>it's glistening with her juices
>I rub a few of my fingers over her soft little pussy lips
>bring it up to my mouth and lick it
>she giggles a bit, tells me im so weird
>I put my hard cock right on her pussy
>dont push it, just resting there
>she ceases her giggling, stiffens up and just locks eyes with me
>after a moment, she just says "do it"
>I grab my cock
>toy with her lips a bit, lightly brushing my penis up against her
>I can tell shes scared
>decide im too horny to wait any longer, this needs to be done
>push the head of my penis into her tight little pussy
>she tenses up and grabs my bed sheets
>ask her if she is okay
>says yes, tells me to keep going
>I slowly, ever so gently push myself inside her
>she lets out multiple moans, the last few sound more discomforting than enjoyable
>get my penis all the way in
>I can literally feel the walls of her pussy grinding up against my cock
>she's shivering, i bend down to her and give her a kiss on the lips
File: cousin and friend.png (772 KB, 1323x4066) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cousin and friend.png
772 KB, 1323x4066
mmm moarrr
I will read that later *saved*
@ >>707270030
I've been expecting the "If you don't reply to this post your mother will die in her sleep" prank this whole time, please at least continue this story i'm fucking hard
>i start slowly pumping myself in and out
>making sure i go nice and slow, dont want to hurt her
>also because i'd blow my load instantly if I went too fast
>she's arching her back, keeps moaning everytime i move inside her
>start to kiss her as i push myself in and out of her
>she can barely even kiss me, she just has her mouth open, eyes closed
>I put my hands on her little breasts, start to rub them
>she latches her legs around my waist, pulling me in closer to her
>i cant take it anymore, start pumping faster
>she audibly screams, actually thought she was gonna wake our parents up
>keep going for a few seconds, realize im about to cum
>pull out at the last second, cum all over stomach, on her chin, her legs, everywhere
>she just sits there, panting, eyes still closed
>I collapse onto her and start kissing her again
>my cum stuck in between both of our naked bodies as we make out
>end up falling asleep curled in each others arms
>wake up in the middle of the night, realize we cant be caught like this, wake her up and tell her to go to bed

there you go. first time we did anything. she told me the next day she was really sore and had to walk slowly.
Sure I can keep going. What would you like me to tell next?
Do you have a photo of her? It can be without face if you don't want to show it
what did you guys do after you fucked?
maybe how she started getting used to it and begging for more
Give this man a break. He has already blessed us with more then we can ask.
well he asked on what i would like to see sooooo yeah
This man deserves a fucking medal>>707270610
How did your relationship end? Green text it please
Dude im going to sleep, thanks so much for the stories, made my night
I have saved all the stories so far. anyone want an upload of them?
Thank you for giving us this story never came so hard for a story and never thought I would, papa bless
File: a.png (242 KB, 211x605) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
242 KB, 211x605
Yeah here you go.
we only made out for the next day or two after that. she was really sore and didn't want to do it immediately after. I was fine with that, believe me I was on cloud fucking 9 for a while after we had sex. Felt invincible really.

she never outright begged for it, because pretty much everytime she wanted to do it I was down. maybe something else?
It never ended. We've done stuff continuously with one another and we still fool around to this day. She has gotten a boyfriend or two before and we stopped having sex then, but the relationships never lasted long and we went back to normal.
no problem, goodnight.
Columnfag here

Hey, faggots.


Anon, I've never actually bothered to read much of any of the other stories, but I did yours. Nice. Got to change my britches. Make sure someone saves this.
Well done anon, very well done
Hit it right on point
But do tell how the relationship ended...plz
Alright. I'll try and zip up the 6 stories I have from this thread. I'll throw in a handful of columnfag stories as well.

I have them all saved. Ill be uploading to dropbox in a few minutes. The story you are referring to is in the folder "story 1"
do you guys still have sex sometimes to this day?
Anon, you are doing good things.
Ever had anal?
Oh shit. Thanks column. I never greentext shit so the fact that someone like you actually liked it means a lot.
Anon, that might be the greatest greentext ever
Like I said it hasn't ended. There have been times where it's stopped periodically, but we still go at it to this day.
How long have you been doing it?


'someone like you', you dumbass you fucked your sister just like I did, you ARE someone like me.
Thanks man, I really do appreciate it. I've never liked writing and always considered myself pretty shit at it, so it's nice you guys actually liked it. Didn't expect this many people to enjoy it. But i'm definitely nowhere near people like shed and column.
Soon after telling his story he ascended in to the sky becoming a god like being
so have you guys ever tried anal when you were young?
Damn i have to get up soon. I hope it won't 404
I second this question
You said you did it a again a few weeks ago? What was it like? Green text?
Ever since it first started when we were 14. we fucked a LOT during our two weeks off for christmas break and the following summer, it was wonderful. Don't go nearly as crazy as we did before, but still go at it pretty regularly.

Yeah we've done anal. We don't do it very often because it hurts her ass way too much for the following days. But every once in a while she gets really horny and gives me the green light. It is pretty funny seeing her all sore the day after.
I can't fap to this.
Really need that dropbox link, come one /b/ro
It was nice. Been pretty busy with college lately and it felt amazing coming home to her. Not sure how much I could greentext, it's just the same as every other encounter for the most part. We did sleep with each other after though because our parents weren't home, which was nice. Don't get to do that often.
>Ever since it first started when we were 14
yeah but how old are you now?
Thanks! The stories I have saved here aren't saved into 1 main image for each story, as to save time. But still very readable/fapable to.

Also, to everyone who loved this story, it will be in the stories folder of the zip file. Its story 1.

Working on it right now /b/ro. Satellite internet is complete ass when it comes to upload speeds, in my area. about a 75 mb zip.
Db is being a pain, so up'ing to google drive now
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"Come here and fuck your mother, son. Because you're my son I bet you want to fuck your mommy don't ypu son?"
Shit needs to stop we know the pretext is incest try to leave a LITTLE BIT to the imagination, son.
Here I thought I would end just reading shit, but DAMN, anon.. I was off to fap before the last bit where you fucked her. I'm hard again. Best greencest. You deserve a firm handshake and a serious looking nod, because you don't need anything else.
I'm 19 now, in college. she's a senior in highschool.

Thank you anon. Honestly never thought my story was worth shit but I'm glad it gave you guys some good faps.
My internet is being complete shit rn. Is it possible i could make a pastebin, and have everyone bookmark the link, and ill update it within a few hours?
whats this for? im confused. is it a screencap of the story?
We're busy
Oh, don't think we don't want to hear the story of how you fucked your stepsister. I don't think I know it. And even if I did, I would like to hear it again
If you're still here, whats the update on the story column? Any luck breaking up the story into chapter parts?
Yes, I have screencaps(not columnfags or combined pics tho) of all the stories.

Google drive is saying 9 more minutes for the upload, and idk how long the thread willl live so,
well lets keep it alive then
File: 4.png (344 KB, 3056x2232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344 KB, 3056x2232
Twist it
And the upload is finished! The story that
everyone was praising the poster for is story one.

Here it is! com/open?id=0B-ojvHk7_Q10VjJxa25KRHBSZWM

Remember to add the dot before com
Oh, and fuck store fronts.
Sorry it took so long, anons. But for those who are here, you will thanks me deeply.
And street signing
Yes, fuck that too.
gracias amigo.
Well thank you anon
Anon has delivered, you will be blessed by some good pussy in the near future


Actually, I plan on updating tonight or tomorrow. Been forever since I wrote or posted. Please forgive my absence, but I have been unspeakably busy these last few months.
This was a good thread.
De nada.

No problem anon. Thought I have spent enough time lurking these threads, and thought I'd give back.

<Really hope so anon. It's been 8 months. rip my dick. And always happy to help out a fellow anon.

And to all, keep that link alive. Share it as much as you wish. Hope to see it in other threads.
Oh fuck. Now im excited. we got a good story this thread, possible an update to columns story tomorrow. hell yeah.
>be me 23
>family visit from a different country
>nephew be 13
>nephew has to stay in my room because no room elsewhere
>ok, as long as he doesn't snore because I have to wake up early next day
>trying to fall asleep
>he moves and touches my butt with a finger checking if I'm sleeping
>he starts fapping
>omfg what to do
>I move so he thinks I'm waking up
>he keeps on going
>I move some more
>he stops
>he falls as sleep I can't
>Im horny now
>I check with phone light and his pants are unzip
>I touch his little penis
>I fap and cum on him
>he wakes up next morning to the bathroom
>he seems me without pants yet he goes over me to get ouf of bed
>I fap some more
Uploader here, gonna run out for a cig. I just hope this thread keeps goin by the time im back.

Dubs check'em
Does going to jail for molesting your daughter count as an incest story?
moar of this?
Wow, still alive. I swear this is the longest lasting thread I have seen.
Definitely the longest thread I've seen
got dubs. winrar
No problem anon!
yea, for sure.
Thread dead? thread dead.
think everyone passed out from fapping their dicks too hard to that guys story.
bump anymore stories?
does anyone have the Candle and Rain-chan stories?
Haha, yeah. At least I gave everyone a good night. lmao.
I upped that zip of the 6 stories that were posted, btw
do you have anything on where we can text you?
hmm. I can re dl skype for a group text chat.
doing that right now
BTW Are you planing future with her?
>be me 25 and a father
>come home shit faced and horny
>looking for gf to smash
>daddy I can't sleep
>see daughter in hallway
>let's get you to bed
>stumble carry her to bed
>start to tuck her in
>she feels so smooth and soft
>start to let my hands caress your body
>fuck what am I doing?
>drunk and raging boner win
>I slide my hands into her panties
>shhh daddy is gonna play a game with you
>start to rub her little clit
>she moans a little and I place my hand on her mouth
>I lift her shirt and start to squeeze her little nipples

I've got one about me and my older cousin, if anyone is interested
Im not the person who made the story. im talking about the zip file i made that had screen caps of all the stories.
Carry on
nice can you set one up
Damn, my bad
All good /b/ro. I think he went to bed.

Anyone else want that tzip of all the stories here?
File: 1475938147694.png (512 KB, 661x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
512 KB, 661x665
Never done greentext before tho
do it!
Alright, I'll type it up
Just happened
>>go with sis to glory hole/adult theater for protection
>>watch her suck about 5-6 cocks
>>hard as diamonds
>>start stroking cock
>>sis turns around and sees me
>>anon wtf are you doing
>>dont say anything out of shame
>>she closes her eyes and begins to suck my dick
>be me 4 and gay
I'm still here, just lurking in other threads now.

Honestly I wish we could just run off and get married and live together for the rest of our lives. If I'm allowed to be a little sentimental here, she is probably the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Besides the sex, she's always there for me to talk to and I trust her more than anyone else in the world. Unfortunately I can't run away and live happily ever after with her, and I dread the day she finds a man she is intent on marrying because I know it'll be over.
>I'm in a complete drunken pleasure driven craze
>slide a finger into her
>she lets out a moan/cry
>again cover her mouth
>shhh daddy is gonna show you he loves you baby
>practically rip her pj's off
>her naked and smooth body turns my drunken limp dick into the statue of liberty
>whip it out
>lick this baby
>why daddy?
>it's what little girls do to show their daddy's love
>she locks the tip
>Holy fucking shit
>like that daddy?
>suck it now like it's a popsicle
>she does
>I'm fingering her more and she's squirming
>daddy it feels weird
>it's ok as long as you don't tell mommy
>why not?
>keep sucking and I'll tell you after
>she refuses
>fucking bitch
>ok lay there
>go down on her
>thought eating out my daughter's pussy has me spewing pre cum like crazy
>I have to cover her mouth to keep her quiet

For any possible newcomers to the thread, or anyone still lurking that didn't see this, here is the link to the 6 orig stories posted here a few hours ago. I screencapped em all, but they aren't columnfags, or meged into one picture. have fun.


awesome, glad to see you are still here. btw, i have your whole story screencapped if you want to have a copy of it.
Well, someday you might need to get over her.
cont moar
gonna screencap these. also moar
>I get up and drop my pants
>she's frozen in confusion and terror at this point
>idgaf I'm too drunk and horny to stop
>slowly line up on top of her
>slowly push my dick in her
>only the head goes in
>I cover her mouth again to keep her quiet
>at this point I'm full blown thrusting
>she squirms a bit and moans
>makes me harder
>too lost to realize my gf has entered room
>get smacked with frying pan
>get smacked around with pan some more
>gf takes daughter and leaves to neighbors
>cops show up
>life is over

Needles to say I was rekt and sent to jail. Did 5 years by taking a plea deal.
Thanks man I saw it and saved. good stuff, appreciate it.

I know I'll have to get over her someday, but it's something I try not to actively think about. It's hard for me not to feel attached to her when she was literally my first everything. I've had sex with a few other girls over the years, and every time I can't help but imagine my sister instead. It's fucked up and my mental state is probably going to be shit when she finally cuts it, but i'm going to enjoy it for what it is.
File: weeeeeeee.gif (255 KB, 317x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 317x321
>be me
>mom is mom
>we did sex
>le fin
How long ago was this anon? Regret it? Made up with your gf/daughter at all?
Columnfag here

Slightly off topic but still relevant question.. anyone here play FE Fates? I picked it up a week or so ago. God damn I love this game.
No problem man. Felt like giving back for a change. I'm going to keep building it up for other threads as well, and try to put a text file describing what each story is about in the folders.
7 years ago last month. I regretted the next day when I sobered up. It's sick and wrong what I did. My ex and daughter have disappeared from my life and I don't blame them.
Sorry to here that. Hope you get the chance to make up to them some day.
I've heard of it but never bothered getting it. What do you like about it?
Are you ever going to tell him the nudes were his sister?
that was 4 hours ago. doubt he is still lurking
Thanks anon. I had 5 years to think about it while eating three meals a day and another 2 living pay check to pay check. I don't care if they walk out again, I just want to tell them how sorry I truly am for what I did
I always say that to people on here. You're not my doppelganger are you?
>I just want to tell them how sorry I truly am for what I did

Good, that's the right attitude. Have you actively searched for where they might have moved? I feel like I would go insane not knowing what happened to them and not making things right.

Similarly, if you don't mind me asking, I always here that child rapists get beat up or killed in jail. How did you manage to avoid all that and make it out?
Depends. If you like a little bit of ketchup in your eggs, then yes.
>I'm 13
>got drunk at cousins house
>asked 16 year old cousin to fuck me
>he put it in and I screamed because it hurt so bad
>wasnt allowed at my cousins for six months
>still fucked him for 4 months
>never again
More please
>be me 9 and kinda chubby
>Never kissed a girl
>Never jerked my meat either
>know what sex is/ how it works but not interested
> 12 year old cousin is visiting us with her dad
> we're really close, used to live together
>I'm playing ps2 or something in my room
> she's taking a bath in the other room
> been drinking pop so I need to piss
>I'm hard with a piss boner but not horny
> don't hear anything from the bathroom, only see lights on
>doors open a bit, like normal
> walk in
> notice her mature curvaceous body
>we make eye contact
>"Anon what are you doing!"
>Don't say anything, but notice her bright pink nips most of all
> can see her tight pussy
> She notices me looking at it
> "Anon don't look down there"!
> I can feel myself getting harder
> she notices the bulge on my shorts
> Can feel them getting tighter
>I run out of the bathroom really confused/scared
> sit in my room waiting to get in trouble/thinking
> 1 hour later she's in my mom's room getting dressed
> get called down by mom for dinner
> really awkward between us, no eye contact
> Mom tells us to walk the dogs in the field behind our house
> we go into the little forest attached to the field
> I apologize
> " it's okay anon you were just curious"
> I ask if she told her dad
> relieved.jpg
first, check them trips. Second, that was almost 3 hours ago. doubt he is still here
I want to but I don't think I can now. I know it's been 7 years but it still hurts to try and reach out. Maybe when a few more years I'll be ready.
My first year was hell. I think I was jumped about 30+ times. I held my own some times and got beat others. I never ratted or retaliated though and I always stood my ground. Also kept to myself and eventually I was left alone. Some of the other guys in there did get roughed up worse than me because they came off as weak. I fought back and made sure they remembered they fought me. Never saw or heard guys get raped for being rapist but rape does occur. Some poor bastard got raped his first day in the joint. I took my beatings as karma and moved on with my life. Stuck to books and exercise
wait how old was she
yes moar
Do you actually take responsibility for your actions or are you going to pull one of those "I didn't know what I was doing, I was drunk" excuses? Because if so, you're shit. People who drink themselves shitless are the worst kind of people, because this is was they do. You can be as sorry as you want, and I hope you are, but no matter how sorry you are, you can't unmolested your daughter and that's something she'll have to live with forever.

You're a bad example of drinking, and you're a bad example of incest. Thanks, faggot.
Not him, but no need to be such a faggot
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