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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Fluffy thread GO!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Fluffy thread GO!
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Fluffy Coke.png
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>Haven't seen one in a while

Dude, there are about three a day anymore. Not that that's a bad thing....
Really? Damn maybe I haven't been on as much as I used to
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Anyone lurking?
Thank you, I love these threads
Three a day, but never at the same time
On a slightly related note, I have a sudden craving for Italian for lunch but there's not a good place to get it around here.
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babbeh tying.png
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I so love the "wan die" mentality they get into. Really good stuff.
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Fluffy gets FUCKING C U C K E D
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Especially when winter is coming.
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Self drawn. Opinions?
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Love it when they plead mercy to inanimate objects
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Looks like Seth Rogen nigga

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No half bad; I really want to hurt it. Good job!
show us how you draw genitalia abuse
Next, she'll force the foals to fetch her food.

Feral mummahs really make my blood boil sometimes.
Nah mate, too busy at work
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My internet is like the last fluffy in this
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Well what else is the foal going to do?
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THIS FUCKING MARE! If a mare is pregnant, and can't walk, I get it, she needs a special friend to fetch her food. But for god sake! She is more mobile then her foals, she is more capable to do anything, her babies need her! Not the other way around!

By the amount of text I just wrote, you can judge my hate for their shitty behaviour
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Did you work 9 to 5 as a toddler to make sure your mother could live?
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Well look at what happens when mares try to find their own food
What artist is that? I've seen a lot of it.
I ain't a horse
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How come no one ever posts the pic before that one.
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Good ol' Carpdime I believe. Home of the cutest foals known to man.
Carpdime I think
Quickhorn's got the best art in my opinion though.
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Point is, every baby needs its mother to take care of IT, as mother you can't expect the thing you shat out a minute ago will care of you. It doesn't even know what solid food is
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dead grandma.jpg
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I'd say he draws the best adult fluffies, but Carpdime's foals are second to none.
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Requesting Mummah abandoning her foals to save herself
This shits pretty cute though
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Ask and ye shall receive.
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That's cuz you havent seen McGonagall's. They're the cutest.
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Little fluffs.
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McGonagall is a damn good artist in general and probably my favorite artist of them all. If any artist could make actual money off his fluffy art, McGonagall could.

Thank you anon,I love stories which show how self centered Fluffies are
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It nice to remember that these cuties are, in essence,just neon colored raccoons.
That dude is cuter than any fluffy
Nigga u gay
I like to imagine him having a Ramsay accent
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Gordon Ramsay or Ramsay Bolton?

Because if the latter, then I'm in a flaying mood.
>human has long hair
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Punk or goth maybe?
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Fluffies getting other fluffies killed
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Is the captcha acting up for anyone else? Like not loading images, or loading two blank pages ta once
Story time? Story time
>It's winter time and you know what that means
>Yes, your job at the Pet Store gets a whole lot, mind the pun, shittier
>Now, you don't just work at a Pet Store, you work at a ~*Fluffy Pet-Store*~!
>As if that's suppose to make it better
>Well, yes and no
>Yes, in that every day you walk in you will always be greeted by adoration, expressions of love, and when you go to change their food or litterboxes, your hand is mauled by hugs
>It's cute, but in a sicking way
>These Fluffies are all strays, and have never known human affection outside of their genetic programming
>See, your store functions as a Shelter of sorts.
>People find strays to sell or give to your store
>You clean them up
>Feed them
>Make them happy
>And they, in turn, find new homes
>Now, the store normally doesn't care who buys a Fluff
>But you can't stand the thought of some going home to abusers
>Any big tough guy that walks in, any teenager with a shit-covered grin or bad mustache, any Canadian, all have to go through more paperwork then most people
>Now yes, you're aware it's unfair
>But that's the store policy, mostly so that you don't have abusers trying to stuff mangled and horribly tortured fluffies down the Rescue Chute
>Oh yeah, for quick abandonment, lets put a book-chute right outside the door
>Whoever thought of that was a bloody genius
>Well, you think so at least
>It makes separating a Fluffy from it's owner so much easier, since most don't want too
>Oh, here's a new arrival
>You can hear the chute opening up
>You wonder who the new arrival will be
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stuck slide.jpg
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Let's see what I got.
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nest fire.png
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I love the karma abuse
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yeah, I thought it was just my shitty computer

Fuck 'em all. Except Rush. They're good. But fuck the rest of them.
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num weggies.png
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I love it when wolfram makes me sad.

Speaking of which, does anybody want to see "The Farm"? Its a bitch to post it all but its damn good.
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There needs to be a movie made about this one...
Its been happening for a week.
But for some reason people are only speaking up now.
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invasive species.jpg
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Fist I've seen it get this bad.
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pulp fiction.png
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Please do continue.
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I'm good, but post it for the classic factor.
Wolfram makes the best sadboxes
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I like to imagine him as more of a Scotsman.
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I think this is probably the last I'll post in this thread. Need to do stuff today and rearm with more fluffies.
Lesser known fact; Gordon is actually a Scot. His accent is Anglofied because media standards.
>You find on the pillows a small blue and red Fluffy, a rare prize indeed
>It had tumbled down the metal chute and bumped it's nose on the way down, as evident by it rubbing it
"Huu huu huu... Daddeh weave Boo'Bewwy!"
>Boo-berry, or Blueberry? Either way, you think it's a stupid name for a Fluffy
>As soon as you block out the light from above, the little Fluff turns it's sad gaze to you, and opens it's mouth to speak
"W-Wewe Boo'Bewwy? Wewe daddeh gown?"
>You sigh, pinching your nose
>You hate telling Fluffies, especially one this young, why it was they were abandoned
>You'll have to break it too him, but you're going to have to get him to calm down, he's reeling up to cry again
"Huuuu... Wan daddeh, wan daddeh an' huggwies an.. An, an an... Daddeh!"
>He's crying so hard, and so loud too
>He could wake up the Fluffies, who were just waking up; the store hasn't even opened yet
>They were all, once the day is done, put in their boxes on the wall
>Think of it like glass cages with a big window on the front
>Big enough for a single fully-grown Fluffy to move around in and have some leg room
>In particular, you have the upgraded models that deal with cleaning the feces out of the cage
>But that'll be for later
>For now, you take one of the blankets on the rack next to the chute and carefully wrap the little one up
"Sssh.. Sssh. It's okay. I'll tell you where your daddy has gone after I get you something to eat. Does that sound good?"
>The little one, having squeaked when you picked them up and swaddled them, let out a soft noise
>It sounded like a coo, but it was difficult to tell through the snot and tears
"Hu... Nummies..."
"That's right, I'll get you nummies."
File: 1451348760773.jpg (17 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>any Canadian
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Fleabag Fluffy.jpg
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The joys of pet ownership.
Ist there anyone out there wishing for this to continue?
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Of course; keep it coming, man.
File: awahsnakbaw.png (18 KB, 275x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep going god damn it!!

File: 1466707202771.jpg (226 KB, 1123x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You don't want to put the Fluff in a cage, just was abandoned, cant do that to them
>At least not yet anyway
>You place the little fella in the playpen; it's empty now, there are no Fluffies awake to play with the little one
>There's two litter boxes, both in the back corners. The ground is made up of a soft green rug and has high walls so they won't escape
>Of course they can still waddle on their front legs and place their hooves on it, in an attempt to woo prospective owners
>It helps that this is right in the center of the store, on a table raised about four feet off the ground
>There is a turn-able handle on the table's side, to allow it to sink to the floor to get all the fluffies out at once, or to let them play with the children
>The good ones anyway
>you set the Fluffy in there and get a small spritzing bottle
>Fill it with warm water, and get a brush
>You come back to find he has already found the big shiny red ball and it gently nudging it with his snout
"Yay, baww!"
>That's so cute
>He sees you coming over to him, though you're hiding the bottle and brush
"Nice mistah gib' Boo'berry wed baww, fun baww!"
>You nod; it is a very fun ball indeed
"Hey, Blueberry! Want to play a game with me?"
>His face lights up, eyes growing big as they're filled with joy
"Game? Boo'berry wuv game! Wa' game we pway?"
>You hold up the instruments of his filth's destruction
>And like that, you reach out and take him him with your elbow
>And gently slide him to the padded wall
>He boops against it, and gives a little laugh
"Weee! Sawf waww!"
>He doesn't seem to mind it when you spray the warm water into his fur and brush those knots out of it
>He must've been one of those few that enjoyed baths
>Which is strange, since he is filthy
>Small bits of caked on feces near the rear
>Knots and bits of gunk on his sides
>And in his mane, tangled hair that was a bitch to clean
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Bye Weggies.jpg
135 KB, 768x1024
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Most canadians would torture, abuse and hunt these fuckers for fun. Can confirm, am canadian
That must be why your kind are so take out your frustrations on animals instead of people.
I bet you need to be reminded that films aren't real too.
File: Dis Faggot.png (28 KB, 443x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dis Faggot.png
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Wait, they're not?
File: Trust me man.jpg (28 KB, 279x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Trust me man.jpg
28 KB, 279x493
Thats why most of us hunt some sort of animal, we have the need to end life.

keep going...
>When you first start to brush his mane, the worse of the bunch, he doesn't seem to mind much
>He's just idly nudging the ball into the wall watching it roll back, happily and loudly exclaiming 'baww, baww!'
>But you have to remind him to be quiet
"Sssh, there are other fluffies sleeping. You don't want to wake them up do you?"
>At the mention of other fluffies, he begins to babble.
"Nyu fwends? Aw, me wan' see nyu fwends! We can gib huggies an' lossa' lickies an' pway wiff baww an-"
>You drag the brush through a loud knot, and actually pull it right off
>Blueberry howls in pain
>Ouch, that was terrible!
>You look at the brush for a moment; that's at least five inches of hair you just ripped off
>You look back to Blueberry, whose now trying to wiggle away out of your grasp
>Crying at the top of his lungs
>Aw crap
>He's going to wake up the Fluffies
>And a grumpy Fluffy is one that doesn't shut up
>You try your best to calm him down
"Hey hey hey, it's okay Blueberry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm just trying too...(shit) get, the meanie... Knots! Out of your hair!"
>You hold up your brush, hoping it'll be enough to calm him down
>It does, for a moment, take his attention off his pain
>He gasps
"Das Boo'bewwy fwuff! Why meanie mistah ta' wed fwuff?"
>You need to try and minimize the damage you do to this main
>A rare Blue and Red Fluffy could sell for around a hundred dollars or more
>And lord knows you could use the commission from that sale, as you do from all others
"Hey now, I'm trying to make you look pretty! You DO want to look pretty, don't you?"
>Blueberry stops screaming, and looks at you with a stupid tilt
>Why, of course Blueberry wants to look pretty! Who doesn't want to look pretty, fatchicks on Tumblr?
"Boo'bewwy wan' be pwetty!"
>He waddles on back like a fat four-legged penguin and sits down; you guess he'll take the punishment to be pretty.
Yeah, because men have never had long hair in the entire fucking history of the world you retarded faggot

This needs a final panel.
File: 1466803672138.png (18 KB, 1000x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 1000x688

are you writing this motherfucker in real time?
I always do
>It takes ten minutes before the mane is finally knot free
>And with each knot pulled, a cry of pain
>You calm Blueberry down each time, but it is an a long process
>He cries every time, and, when at last the knots are done and you loosen your grip for one moment to pull the clump off
>He zooms out of your hands
>'Galloping' into the center of the playpen at the glorious speed of 1.5mph
>Crying all the way, and exclaiming that they were 'fwee' from the 'meanie hoomin'
>You pinch the bridge of your nose
>These things have five second memories
>Oh, oh shit
>He's crying out loud now, literally
>You try and shoosh him, taking the items you have and setting them aside
>You really, really dont want to deal with the sleeping fluffies yet
>That's the worse thing to come in and open with
>You take the ball he stopped playing with and roll it over to him
"Play ball?"
>Blueberry looks at the ball, and turns the snout up and punts it away
>It gives a slight bounce as it touches the wall
"Nu wan pway wit' meanie mistah's bawws!"
>You snicker
>You bring your mind back as you start to here a little thump from the wall
>One of the fluffies has woken up
>A small cherry-red mare named 'Poppy'
>She whines through her glass door
"Waaa... Who wuin sweepie tiwm?"
>Her idly musings at the concept of being awoke before it was time to wake up cause the Fluffy next to her to wake up, which in turn causes the ones next to him to wake up, and then before long, the whole store was awake.
>Great, just great.
>You turn to Blueberry, who was still going at it
"That's it Blueberry. I tried to be kind, but you woke up the Fluffies; No ball for you and no play time. You go into the..."
>Nope. Sadbox.
>Quite possibly the only thing worse then the sorrybox was the sadbox
>He tries to waddle away from you as you roll the table down
File: no weggie mistah.png (1 MB, 761x8064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
no weggie mistah.png
1 MB, 761x8064

File: poopie wives madah.jpg (165 KB, 733x1053) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
poopie wives madah.jpg
165 KB, 733x1053
File: pepe babbeh.jpg (103 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pepe babbeh.jpg
103 KB, 600x600
>The sad box is an invention entirely of your own
>It functions as a sorry-box on top of making the fluffy sad
>The concept is simple
>Blueberry is placed in a custom-made cat carrier that is too small for him to move around properly
>To avoid little 'accidents', you take a retro-fitted foal-in-a-can cork-gun and shoot a solid cork into it's anus
>He cries in pain, first from something touching his 'smewwy pwace' then from something forcibly blocking it
>You then open the cage and put him in, facing the door
>The cage door itself has been removed. Instead, a soundproof glass is what separates him and keeps him from wiggling out
>You take the box and turn it over so he can look at you
"You will be in the Sadbox for a while. This is your punishment for being a bad fluffy."
>He opens his mouth to speak, but it's so muffled that you cannot hear him, nor do you want too
>Now you're not a cruel worker, but he needs to be taught a lesson
>No matter how brief that lesson will be in his mind
>You set him up on a high perch overlooking the whole store
>A sign is below the box
>You can only imagine the irritation he's feeling from being unable to move his legs
>The blood circulation slowly down as it passes through them
>It must be incredibly uncomfortable
>And then, to see you take out the other fluffies, now some annoyed and some wanting to go back to sleep, and put them in the playpen, makes him cry loudly
"Boo'bewwy wan pway! Wan pway wiff pwetty mawes and hab lossa' fun an' huggies!"
>But his cries go unheard, ignored.
>He will find no fun in this box of sadness
>For this sadness will be all the fun he will find
>After about ten minutes, all the Fluffies on that side of the wall are in the playpen
>There's about twenty of them, all having fun and playing with -his- ball
>His cries out to them
>They play ball
Self drawn. Opinions?
Could use a better camera, or brighten it up, but I say you're on the road to making some decent Fluffies.
File: muffinman.png (475 KB, 1747x1252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
475 KB, 1747x1252
Oh fuck yes. The muffin man.
Not my style, but looks well drawn
>The pink one hugging the leg
im supposed to be sleeping like dead but this shits great. keep up
Dammit anon now you've got me craving muffins.
It looks like the joker as a fluffy having a 'Nam flashback. try fully drawing the eyes, and making the pupils bigger.
Also, the horn literally looks like shit. Try drawing a cone with lines instead to avoid the fecal look.
The fluffy kinda looks like it has a human body. Try making the body as fluffy as the head, and not having it go out so much at the front. The area around the mouth is a bit too realistic, which makes it look kinda creepy.
Fix that and you're good.
>You bend down to the cages on the floor, and open them up
>He cannot really see the fluffies there, or what you do, but you have the sorry-stick out as you wrangle a black and orange fluffy out
>He's thrashing all about, which gives him two thwacks on the rear to calm him down
"Huuu! Why hwurt swate?"
>You roll your eyes and walk beyond the table-of-fun, and drop him in the 'Ill-Tempered' pen
>A far cry from the play-pen, it has no colors, no cushions.
>It has a bowl for kibble, the dry and oat-tasting kind, and a bowl for water
>The floor is cold grey wood, and connects to the wall
>A sign is posted on the front
Ill-Tempered Fluffies; Fully Grown - $5
>You don't like these fluffies, they're all the 'smarties' of the bunch
>An angry black one named Slate
>A fat peach one named Thunk
>A Greyish-black one named Hog
>And several more others, though they were all subservient to Slate, Thunk, and Hog
>You are careful to put the divider up to keep the Ill-tempered colts from the Ill-tempered mares
>The last thing you need is one of them getting pregnant, or worse
>You then head over to the other side of the store, nearest the door, and open the super-tiny cages
>Inside were small foals
>Just old enough to be able to eat soft-solid food
>But still young enough to be appealing to potential owners
>They had no names, instead they were just called 'babies'
>They were all kept together in a large playpen that was on a table similar to the main one
>They were right below Blueberry
>He could hear their gentle coos, their soft expressions of love and fun and of delicious 'nummies'
>And he could do nothing
>He could not tell them to step off, those are his nummies now
>He could not show the smarties whose the boss
>And he could not give 'special hugs' to the 'pretty' mares
>He merely wiggled his legs and cried
>The box was shaking, upsetting the foals who saw the box every day, but never moving
>They were all huddled against the pen-wall
Go to sleep anon.
Kek, thanks for an advice. How about now?
It still suffers from creepy-eyes syndrome, but it's much better than the previous
extremely decent.
Whats so creepy on them? How about now?
>tfw only decent
;_; i'm practicing more, maybe they turn out good
long haired faggot detected, your fedora matches your hair color too?
I don't know what it is about them, they just unnerve me incredibly
The face has a very manic, "I have seen some shit" look to it.
File: CUMFACE.png (146 KB, 252x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 252x315
I usually give a long ass list of stuff to improve.
But nigga that looks good.
Are you the anon who posted their smarty drawing the other day? The one that needed puffy cheeks. This one is good to. Is it s feral?
Hillary here, this is my latest. Hope it ruins the rest of your day.
Nice! Thanks

Kek true

Holy shit I read all of that, and it's 4 in the morning. Newfag btw nice meetin y'all.
try making the eyes a bit taller/thinner, and making the pupils facing towards the person looking at the drawing would help fix that "I've seen some shit' staring into the distance look. Try moving the dimples from right on the mouth to a bit above it. Aside from that, good improvement.
Yeah I am
>They make such a noise that as you're ringing a customer up for Fluff-Chow, they take notice
"Hey, is something up with your foals?"
>You look over her shoulder and pinch the bridge of your nose
"Yeah, it's just that Fluffy in the box up there. He's being punished for waking them up earlier."
>The customer, a woman whom is a regular here, shakes her head.
"Potential smarty?"
>She understood your plight as you nod
"Potential smarty."
>She pays for the two bags with a twenty and takes one in each hand
"Best kick it out of them while they're still new."
>She was right, new arrivals had to acclimate to life in the Fluff-Store or they would never get adopted
>And we all know what happens to Fluffies that don't get adopted

>You walk over to the foals, who see you and begin to cry
"Munstar make wowd noises!"
>The red one cries
>Aw great, one of them, panicked enough to relieve themselves in the corner
>The smell is picked up by the other foals, who leave the little yellow one to face her punishment
>A small flick on the nose
>While this wouldn't harm a fully grown fluffy, this most certainly causes pain in the foal
>She yelps and falls to her side, crying as you take a paper towel and wipe up the urine
>Her friends come over with stretched-out hooves, hugging and caressing her until she calms down
>But now, to the matter at hand
>You approach the Sadbox and stare into it's glass door
>Blueberry, happy to see you at first, slowly attempts to waddle to the back of the box
>But he cannot; his legs have gone numb and can't move them
>He tried to say something, but hasn't yet realized that the carrier is sound proof
"Listen here Blueberry. The longer you remain a bad fluffy, the longer you're going to stay in that box. Now I've been kind so far, but that kindness stops today; You nearly traumatized the foals. The babies."
>You point to the Foal-Pen beneath them
"If I so much as hear your cage rattle again..."
>Just the thought makes him stop

Heres a small hugbox comic
>is it feral?
Didnt thino that thru tbh
That's cute. Upload it to the booru.
When I have time to scan it
File: 1466911876712.jpg (48 KB, 500x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 500x510
the more i read all this stuff, the more i forget how fluffy look like
>You actually forget about him as the day goes on
>Families come in to pick out fluffies from either the Foalpen or the Playpen
>Some buy materials for fluffies already at home, while others buy that plus their first pet
>You see one girl with a big smile, blonde hair with bangs, gaps in her teeth as she holds a tiny pink fluffy
>The fluffy was cooing and licking her chin and cheek, while the girl was giggling and hugging her fluffy
>The mother was a real smoking hot one, and you noticed she had no ring on her finger
>And judging by the red suit she wore, she was a single mother working a high-end job.
>It's a likely guess, especially since she pays for a 75$ purchase (accessories and such on top of the $20 Fluffy) with a Black Titanium American Express Card
>Dayum, you've never seen one before
>It's metallic too
>You ask her if she ever worries about loosing it
>She takes something from the back after she runs it through, and reveals a long sharp knife
"Not so much honey, so if you could cut the chatter and, hand me my bags."
>You had to stop drooling a little to hand her the bags to hold her stuff.
>The little girl held some stuff too, mostly the toys for the fluffy and of course, the fluffy itself
>You wave goodbye as the door chimes it's bell
>And you slowly turn your head to the far back corner of the store, and give Blueberry a smile
>You mouth something too him, something along the lines of 'that might've been you'
>You can see him close his eyes and bury his head in his fluff
>Wow, you can be suck a dick sometimes
>But sometimes you have to be tough on ill-tempered fluffies
>Such as now, when you hear the tiny alarm go off
>Blueberry and the other fluffies hear it and begin to panic
>It sounds like a muffled fire-escape alarm
>And it's coming from the Ill-Tempered pen
>You pinch the bridge of your nose and get the Extra-Sorry-Stick #2000
>What Slate do this time.
Feminism 101
I want to enter that room with a gong
Mc's style and skill are both solid, but it can get a little messy. Carp and Quick may not have the technical skill, but their fluffies have a very well defined style to them that makes them easier to look at. Not by much or anything, but I'd say each has its merit.

carp still a best in raw cute factor tho
File: Kiww Yousewf.png (642 KB, 800x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kiww Yousewf.png
642 KB, 800x3000
Won't do you any good; they've taken forever sleepies.
wtf is wrong with you sithlords?
This is a terrible greentext. Full throttle autism.
File: Fluffalo.jpg (579 KB, 1078x1622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
579 KB, 1078x1622
I answer to no man, not even trips!
We hate balance
>Slate, with the help of Thunk and Hog, had broken through the small divider
>The ill-tempered colts were all trying to head right in to be with the mares
>But Thunk is blocking them from getting in, he's too fat
"Urrrgh... Thunk sowwy."
>His surprisingly deep voice actually makes you laugh a little
>A small fluffy making such a deep sound, pfft.
>You find that he did, however, let someone in
>Slate, who was now humping away to his heart's content
>It seems he had already mounted one other mare, who was busy relaxing in the corner
>She was saying how she was going to be a 'mummah' and how she'll be the 'bestest mummah evah'
>You'll never let that happen
>But for now you have to deal with Slate
>He and the mare don't even see you when you blot out the light
>The others make breaks for it, hiding in their respective corners
>Thunk waddles and wiggles, trying to be free
"Thunk sowwy!"
>You gently pat Thunks head
>Out of all the fluffies here, he's the most innocent
>So big and yet so, so stupid
>He's like Lenny
>And you loved Lenny
>You, however, do not love Slate, and reach down and pull him from his Mare, and it seems just before he can shoot his load
>You can see that small penis, throbbing.
>He shouts
"I don't think so. I've told you time and time again. You break the rules constantly. I've had it Slate."
>You pull him to your face, his own widen in terror.
"I've. Had. It."
>You squeeze his scruff as you go over to Blueberry and take his carrier by the handle
>You tell Sarah that she needs to take over for a little while
>You, Slate, and Blueberry head into the backroom
>The door shuts behind you
In my eyes, you are the wrong one.
File: 1457396384504.jpg (146 KB, 493x837) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 493x837
>my pristine white void!

i lol'd
I'm fucking screen-capping this one
File: 1466129046177.jpg (8 KB, 236x236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 236x236
as a DM, ive had players that make mary sue garbage katakana wielding fedora tipping bullshit characters, im telling you, this isn't fluffy abuse so much as its DM abuse.
File: 1466363823782.jpg (109 KB, 1129x997) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 1129x997
File: image.jpg (604 KB, 1920x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
604 KB, 1920x960
If only you knew the power of the dark side.
Join me, and together we can rule the Galaxy.
> "answer to no man"
> literally answers
id be lying if i said i didn't snicker at the irony.
Got any nice stories?
Fucking retard can't understand Candy Land.
a few, like the time that i made the mistake of letting a player play warforged...never again
i play 3.5 with eberron mixed in, arent there threads on /tg/ for that though?
Fucking vermin, shitting all over those shoes.
File: 1463518129386.jpg (1004 KB, 1000x2500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1004 KB, 1000x2500
The Farm is legitimately depressing.
>I set Blueberry down, across from the worktable in the back
>This is where the real punishment room is
>This is where we delegg, defluff, punish and otherwise harm fluffies
>But most of all, and this is for certain
>This is where we castrate fluffies
>You want Blueberry to see this
>You want him to know what could happen if he turns into a bad fluffy
"Remember Slate, you could've been a good fluffy."
>You take a pair of red gloves after you strap him into a chair-of-sorts
>Think of it like a table one puts their head in as an asian woman who cannot speak a lick of english rubs herself over your bare back
>Now imagine the hole being placed a little down
>Little further
>Liiittle further
>That's right, its right over the penis
>Now, he has gone flaccid and can easily slip into the hole
>But you need to make him not slip out
>So, you take a small pink plushie of a fluffy and spray it with mare-scent
>Instinctively, both he and Blueberry's little pricks turn into hulks
>Huge, gigantic, one inch Hulks of pure testosterone
>But for Blueberry, not being able to touch his lumps only makes him even more sad and irritated
>For Slate, all he can think about is humping that "mare"
>He tries to wiggle, and succeeds in sealing his doom
>His tiny prick, now thick and engorged, is now to big to move out of the hole in the chair
>He cannot even see what's going on down there
>You place the mare in front of him, and he tries in vain to run to it
"Pwetty mawe! Cowm hewe an' gib swate speciaw huggies o' yu git owwies!"
>Typical male Fluffy; give me sex or get hurt
>That's all the Males care about with Females anyway
>You tighten the strap and move over to the tools hanging above the carrier
>You find the most brutal-looking one possible
>A jagged, chipped tiny-ax
>Someone sold it to you for about five bucks
>As you pull back, you come in close to Blueberry and give him a wink
"Remember. This could be you."
>And you move over to slate, and turn the light on

I feel sad for that fluffy. Is that normal? Should I be worried?
Naw, you just have a soft spot for pillowed fluffies.
File: 1466299353003.jpg (1 MB, 960x2991) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 960x2991
hel grow out of it, hopefully
File: 1462104325345.png (106 KB, 800x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 800x2000

The total indifference of the customers to the feelings of the pillow fluff is brilliant
And that is where I must end my story. I'm sorry fella's, but I have to go. I hope you've enjoyed this first part of 'Blueberry - Tales from the Sadbox'.
... well fuck you too
that was anticlimactic
Fuck you anon, can't hook us like that and not finish
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