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Is there anything wrong with being raised by 2 moms? People at

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Is there anything wrong with being raised by 2 moms? People at my school think that I'm joking but soon someone will have to contemplate it. Should I lie about my parents or is it common and accepted in our feminist community?
PS I identify as a male
Who the fuck cares what people think. My friend is a triplet with three moms while his dad was a sperm donor. Everyone knows and nobody cares
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being unusual is frowned upon in society? Isn't why we are all gathered here this saturday evening?
You're right, but its all dependent on how you let it affect you.
I can't ignore the fact that people think different of me just cus of my lesbo parents, I have to ignore my whole family tree RIP
Two moms, two dads, two PEOPLE. Doest matter if they got dude equipment or lady equipment... If you are being raised by two human people you are fucked. No matter the sexual preference or what god thought it would be funny to stick in between there legs. Ur fucked, we are all fucked.
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They are your parents and as there child, your going to find a way to resent them one way or the other. So just get the fuck over it.
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I cant meme my whole life I need solutions against my 2 moms really fcking soon! Pls /b/ you are probably my only place to ask this kind of sht
You are assuming that they are going to think different of you.
How does one resent 2 female-identified parents?
Quit being such a pussy... You have two moms... At least you have two parents. Fuckin whiney bitch.
There's nothing wrong with it. There. If anyone tells you it's wrong then say 'if that's the way your mom and dad raised you then they fucked up.' And move on. Fuck em.
He's doing it right now, "help me SOLVE my lesbo parents"... He's resenting them for being Lesbos. Like wtf
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If most think differently of people just because of skin colour, I'm safe to asseume they will think of me as ascended alien
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So you are a shallow cunt... Good luck, making every day retarded and harder than it needs to be.
Post pics of the dominant female
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Suicide is an option for weak, not autistic Mr. Churchill. I need someone with similar experiences or genius ideas on how to be considered at least a low tier sub human by others, cus the fact of my lesbo moms will rise up eventually in any situation
Why do people have to say i identify as (insert gender here). Just say i am a male/ female/ inhumane being
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Don't even try telling me you are any different, we are both on /b/ m8, so share your proper opinion or gtfo
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No ones going to fuckong care, and if they do... Then fuck em' why does it matter to you. You don't want shity judgmental people in your life anyways.
Usually girls are the ones with family/daddy issues. Since I don't have tits to show, just wanted to get that out of the way
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That is my proper opinion... If you can't see how stupid you are being then I can't help you... And if YOU can't shine beyond your gay parents then you must have like no redeeming qualitys. Because I'm sure no one gives a shit if you got two steamy lesbo moms.
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But I want some people in my life, how do I even introduce the fact of having 2 moms (not gonna lie ever)
You don't have to introduce anything... You just live your life. And that's just the way it is. Play the cards you were delt
No one cares or is going to think strange of you for things that are out of your control. And if they do, than you don't need them around anyways. That's the way I live my life. You can't make everyone except you or love you or make them happy. But you can help yourself by saying "fuck you" to negative ass judgmental pieces of shit.
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Damn I 100% didn't expect this much encouragement from /b/, here is high resolution nazi flag to say thanks
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No problem. All the racism here is ment to be ironic. People just take it to far.

Love your gay parents... Its probably harder for them than you think.
That is a nice Swazi
Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 18

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