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Hey /b/ Ask a guy who works at Game Stop and isn't an autist

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/
Ask a guy who works at Game Stop and isn't an autist neck beard anything
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How happy are you with your life?
Do you have BattleToads?
Nice trips.
I started working there because they came to my college campus looking for young people and I thought it would be sweet. One year later I hate going in unless I'm working with one of the two people I like
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What is it like being an autistic neckbeard?
My life itself is pretty good. I make good money with my family business outside of Gamestop and things are pretty nice for me.

Yes,you can buy it on Rare Replay for $21.99
Again,neither of those things
I've had a couple customers actually come in just for me on rare occasions
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Your parents must be so proud.
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Hey, that image is pretty good, friendo.
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Dont save it, there are only 2 in existence. I am actively searching for the other one. When I find it only I will possess them.
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How does it feel to still be a faggot?
Tips on saving money etc
Why do you lie about your worth even on the internet?
where do you work?
Did you work the midnight release of doom and if so how many neckbeards did you see?
How many blow jobs does it take to get a promotion?
I dont have parents anymore.
Pretty sweet in all honesty
Don't buy anything you have to think about buying.
Because no one here has a reason to lie to me.
Not gonna get too specific but I work in Maryland
I did and it was actually a diverse group. A couple guys who dont know the meaning of soap but it was actually pretty nice. One of my co workers bought it and we set it up in the store to play.
Exactly 7
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>post your nametag if you're legit
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 9

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