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Hey /b/ros I am poorfag and I search for some richfags who will

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Hey /b/ros
I am poorfag and I search for some richfags who will send me codes for rp or buy me rp
just if you want
thank you
i am fat nerd
I will buy you rp. Just Post summoners id.
You mean my ingame nick?
and you can just post code here,
Thank you
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I am on eune
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Bump, where are you rich guy
who do you main?
Still checking all champs, but I used to play lux and Kindred alot
i need rp: dzemothebeast 975RP Server:EUNE
i main zed and trynda
I was first, Armarth EUNE
Can i have some rp? y username is AtlasTheIdiot
Here is OP,
Server EUNE
I hope you wont dissapoint me richfags
pls be kind
im on the us servers.
rift eyes

anyone suck at this game and want to play together?
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summoner id: Lorddragonlord

server: EUNE
zilean cosplay
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Why would you buy RP? It's fucking useless.
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Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 10

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