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Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women? A Short Essay by John

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women?
A Short Essay by John Doe

Is it cheaper to have sex with normal women than with prostitutes? No, and here is why.

When you have sex with a normal girl, it's by no means "free". You have to take her out to dinner, buy her drinks, and you might have to go on two or even three dates before you will have sex with her. If you add up the total costs of these three dates, it would be approxiately around 400 dollars.

Now let's look at the cost of the average high quality prostitute. You can bang a prostitute for 2 hours for 250 dollars.

What are the benefits of using prostitutes instead of dating normal women?

1. The average prostitute is far hotter than the average normal woman you can date.
2. YOU get to do the choosing, and the power of choice is in YOUR hands, instead of in the woman's hands
3. With a prostitute, you have sex with her and that's it. No emotional drama, no mind games, no bullshit, like there is with normal women.
4. You don't have to waste hours of your valuable time that you could otherwise spend on making money, taking women out on dates or trying to pick up women in bars and clubs. No, instead you pay a prostitute for one or two hours of her time, have sex with her, and leave.

PART 2 next
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5. You choose WHEN you want to have sex. So let's say you're a busy businessman, instead of wasting 5 hours at a bar or on a date, instead you'd spend only one or two hours with a prostitute, and that at your convience too. YOU are the one who chooses WHEN, and so you save a LOT of time.
6. Prostites are DEFINITELY cheaper than getting married. Overall, through a 10 year marriage and divorce, you'd end up spending at least 250,000 dollars. Now let's take that number and divide it by 250 dollars, which is the average price of a high quality prostitute in a Western country. That is sex with 1000 different high quality prostitutes. Now if you talk to any married man, who is HONEST, he will admit that sex with the wife after the first 6 months or year starts to get boring. And this is why people in long term relationships barely have sex, because it's BORING having sex with the same person time after time. Variety is the spice of life! You could have sex with 1000 different women for the same price it would cost to marry one woman and have sex with her. And considering how unstable most western women are nowadays, the chance of divorce is around 60%, with the woman initiating the divorce 90% of the time. You are likely to lose at least 50% of your assets and savings in a divorce, and so marriage to a western woman may end up costing you up to 500,000 dollars or even a million dollars, once you add in the divorce costs and long term child payment and alimony costs.

So let's take that number, one million dollars, and divide it by 250. That's 4000 DIFFERENT women you could pay to have sex with, instead of marrying one woman who will just end up turning into a bitch and divorcing you anyway. So it's your choice guys. Would you rather marry one woman, who will get bored of sex after 6 months, and end up stealing all your assets and savings in divorce, or would you rather have sex with 4000 different beautiful women for the same price?

PART 3 next
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Another very relevant point is that the world of modern dating has become quite risky. Most women see nothing wrong with making a false rape accusation against a man. Most rape cases are fake and are done out of a motive of REVENGE by the woman. Did you break up with your girlfriend? Watch out, she might make a false rape accusation against you just to get revenge. Did you cheat on your girl with another girl? Watch out, she might make a false rape accusation just to get revenge on you. Forgot to tell your girlfriend "happy birthday"? Watch out, she might make a false rape accusation against you in order to get revenge on you. At least 90% of rape cases are FALSE, the sex was CONSENSUAL and the woman later changed her mind AFTER the act and decided "oh it was rape". LOL. And this is why the police no longer take rape cases seriously, because literally 90% of women who claim to have been raped are LYING!

So that is another HUGE benefit of prostitues. A prostitute won't make a false rape accusation against you.

What's another GREAT reason that men choose to use prostitutes? Because by paying for sex, they can have sex with a MUCH hotter quality of woman than they would normally. For example, if we rate women on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of beauty. The average guy will be able to pick up and have sex with a 4 or a 5 from a bar, a club, or Tinder. Meanwhile, if the same man paid for sex with a high quality prostitute for $250 dollars (about the same amount of money he would spend picking up a 4 or 5 from a bar, club, or Tinder), the prostitute he would have sex with would be an 8 or 9 on the beauty scale.

PART 4 next
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So for the same amount of money, he can have sex with a much hotter woman, and with much less effort too. Think about all the effort you have to put in to go to a bar or club. You have to buy good clothes, you have to spend lots of money on drinks and food, and also have to spend a lot of money on making sure your apartment is cool and stylish so the girl will feel comfortable there. So unless you're a man who was blessed with the looks of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise and have women chasing after you, the easiest and cheapest option for most men to have sex with the hottest quality of women is to simply PAY for sex with a hot prostitute. One guy was asked why he paid to have sex with prostitutes and his reply was "If I’m being brutally honest, the hottest women I’ve ever had sex with have been prostitutes … I would never be able to have sex with women who are ridiculously hot unless they were prostitutes.” I can also personally testify to this point. The types of chicks I was getting from Tinder were mostly fat or at best mildly hot, I would have rated them between a 3 and a 6 on the attraction scale. Then the first time I went to a prostitute, I was blown away with the options and the QUALITY too. Here were super hot girls who I could bang for such a cheap price. Needless to say, I gave up on dating and ONLY bang prostitutes now. I'm a much happier and peaceful person as a result.

Another couple of reasons that men gave as to why they choose to have sex with prostitutes are:

"Getting a prostitute is so easy: no strings attached, you can choose the woman you want before you purchase, then they arrive at your door. Couldn’t be easier."

PART 5 next
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I can also testify to this. Getting a normal girl to have sex is a real pain in the ass and involves so much struggle, drama, and mind games. Then of course after you have sex with her, you have to deal with her stalking you, calling you so many times, and with her unrealistic expectation that you are going to have a committed and exclusively relationship with her. All that compared with the EASE of banging a hot prostitute, and the choice is simple. I chose to not waste time trying to date women anymore and only bang hot prostitutes now.

“We want to have sex without all the bullshit of pretending to be really interested in a girl. When you pay for sex, you don’t have to swap numbers at the end when you know you won’t call. You pay, have sex, she leaves. Everyone’s happy.”

This goes along with the above point. With normal women and dating, you have to PRETEND to care about her and PRETEND to be interested in her, when in reality all you want is to have sex with her. With a prostitute, there is no pretensions and that really is a beautiful thing because ultimately then sex becomes about the raw physical act as well as the pure attractiveness of the woman, and thus you are able to enjoy sex a lot more.

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Lastly, let's touch on the issue of legalization. On average surveys, 70 percent of men said they would vote to legalize prostitution, meanwhile 60 percent of women said they would vote to keep prostitution illegal. Now it's pretty obvious why women want to keep prostitution illegal. Women use sex as a weapon to control men. So it would disrupt the economics of women's control over sex if prostitution was legalized, because then MEN would have control over WHO they want to have sex with and WHEN. Forget all those arguments about morality, the REAL reason women want to keep prostitution illegal is so that they can CONTINUE to control men with sex. In effect, women are like a mafia that is desperate to keep control of the sexual marketplace. If prostitution was legal, men would be a lot less inclined to put up with women's bullshit just to get sex from them, when they can go pay for sex from a much more attractive woman and without all the hassles and drama that dating and normal women bring.

What about STDs some of you might say? Well the whole STD scare is mostly a MYTH that has been blown way out of proportion by feminists and conservative religious leaders in order to scare men away from having sex. In reality, the rate of transmission of AIDS is 1 out of 700 during heterosexual sex. That is, if a man had penis to vagina intercourse with an AIDS-infected woman, it would take 700 times on average before he would contract it. The only way people get AIDS is through using needles to inject drugs, or having anal sex, especially with homosexuals. So the whole AIDS thing is a huge scare, a MYTH, that has been blown way out of proportion.

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What about Herpes? Well studies show that 80% of the US population already has Herpes in one of it's forms, so that is not really an issue.

The only other STD that you would have to worry about is Chlamydia, and it can be easily cured within 3 days with antibiotics.

Now, that is UNPROTECTED sex. If you are using condoms to have sex with, then the chances of getting any of these STDs becomes less than zero. And that includes oral sex as well. Most prostitutes will insist that you always use a condom, even during oral sex. So as long as you are using condoms, then STDs are nothing you should even remotely worry about.

So what are some of the main reasons why prostitution should be legalized?

1. If prostitution was legal, it would reduce the STD transmission rate by about 50% amongst prostitutes.

2. If prostitution was legal, it would reduce rape by at least 150%.
Many studies have shown that legal prostitution reduces rape, sexual assault, and other sex crimes by a lot. The same studies have shown that legal prostitution reduces the STD rate amongst the general population by about 50%.

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3. The real number of human trafficking victims in the prostitution industry is actually less than 5%. But if prostitution was fully legal, the tiny number of women who are forced into prostitution involuntarily would be able to go to the poliec to get help and escape from their pimps. Keeping prostitution illegal hurts prostitutes the most, so it's funny how feminists want to keep prostitution illegal and yet at the same time claim they care about women's health and women's rights. Feminism is nothing but the biggest pile of bullshit hypocrisy the world has ever seen.

4. Feminists say "my body, my choice". So if 95% of prostitutes are VOLUNTARILY engaging in prostitution, then why should those women have the RIGHT to choose what to do with their own bodies, even if that includes trading sex for money? What right does the government or anyone else have to tell two consenting adults that they cannot exchange money for sex?

5. It would save a lot of money and resources from our police and government. Tens of millions of dollars a year are wasted by our police and government arresting and putting prostitutes in jail. If prostitution was LEGAL, on the other hand, and taxed and regulated, it would bring in tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars a year in tax revenue for our government, as well as freeing up valuable police time for REAL crimes like rape, theft, murder, assault, etc.

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6. If prostitution was legal, prostitutes would have legal rights and would not longer get taken advantage of by pimps and other shady figures, including corrupt police officers. Yes, the police also contribute to the oppression of prostitutes because there are many corrupt police officers out there who blackmail and extort prostitutes for money and/or sexual favors. If prostitution was legal, all of this would end and prostitutes would finally have legal rights.

7. Prostitution is the world's oldest profession. It is NEVER going to stop no matter how much the police or government tries to stop it. There are ALWAYS going to be men who are willing to pay money for sex, and there are ALWAYS going to be women who are willing to give sex to men for money. Prostitution has also been an integral part of many cultures and thus trying to stop it is literally impossible. And why should it be stopped? No one has the right to tell two consenting adults that they cannot exchange money for sex. So rather than waste time trying to stop it, just legalize it and tax it, the same way we do with cigarettes, alcohol, and now marijuana.

All in all, I believe in personal freedom. I believe that no one has the right to force their own sense of morality onto others. In some very ancient cultures, prostitutes were actually given very high status in society and considered as spiritual people who could heal men of their problems through sex. That was thousands of years ago though, before self-righteous modern western religions were invented and started violently forcing their concepts of morality onto people. Funny how societies that were thousands of years old were actually far more advanced than we are in the modern age in terms of sex and prostitutes.

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PART 10, final part

It took almost a century for people to wake up and legalize marijuana, which is a completely harmless natural plant that hurts no one. In the same way, society and people in general have to EVOLVE and realize that they have no right to force their own sense of morality or control onto others. The modern society is actually a very sexually restrictive society, compared to cultures and civilizations of the past. And it's this sexual restrictiveness which contributes to so much psychological neurosis, sex crimes, and frustration in general. Is it a coincidence how people in America are so quick to anger and lose their temper, whereas in a place like Thailand where prostitution is legal and accepted, people are very laid back and cool headed? People need to stop seeing sex as such a big thing, and just realize that sex is a normal and acceptable part of life.

With that said, I believe that I have covered all the points as to why prostitution should be legal and an accepted part of society, and so this essay comes to a close. Please feel free to copy, paste, and distribute this essay as my goal is to influence and educate as many people as possible, the only thing I ask is that you do not change it or edit it in any way whatsoever. Thank you very much

John Doe
sauce on your claims esp with disease.
let this go viral. make a youtube vid or meme
that's the whole point, make it viral and we can help influence a large number of people towards the legalization of prostitution.

thanks for the bump.

so, if you guys aren't willing to share it, at least give it a bump.
prostitution is legal here but my dick doesnt work with them, it does work when i fuck my gf though
You need to give sources on these figures bruh. Rest of it is sound
>ou have to take her out to dinner, buy her drinks, and you might have to go on two or even three dates before you will have sex with her.

Stopped reading there.
I'm just an anonymous faggot on a shitty board so I'm not here to brag, but I've slept with quite a lot of woman and not ONE have I ever paid for shit.

In fact, one bought me all my clothes and a car, go figure.

So no. You don't need to do any of this shit.
Dude i don't bang hoes under 1k.. Don't bang shit tier hoes without AIM tests either. I've fucked every race on the planet. All 10's except for Asians blue pussy is fucked up even at a 10
then that means u have performance anxiety. take a viagra, do some kegels. problem solved. i used to be just like you, btw.
i perform just fine with gf though? yeah it might be performance anxiety though, especially cause i tried it in secret, i was thinking maybe trying 3 sum with my gf and hopefully then my dick works
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Sounds like op got rejected once again.
you dont pay for sex at all

you pay them to go away after
trust me i have been thru exactly what you've been thru. viagra and kegels, and you'll be fine. try again, don't give up.

how many times did you try with a prostitute? it took me 3 or 4 times before i was finally able to CUM with one. now i have no problem.

so it's a psychological barrier.

You're really missing out.
ive tried 3 times lol, i've tried being high while doing it to get the edge off, i will try with viagra next, it should surely work
>marijuana, which is a completely harmless natural plant that hurts no one.

see, this is where you fall down. I can point to quite a few people who have been harmed by weed and the shitheads who take it. Fuck your opinion wankfest. Also apart from 11 your choice of "hot" girls is shit. fuck you. However, youre probably right about prostitutes is you really dont want a committed relationship.
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PART 11 the bonus material
I know this from personal experience. My personality lacks any semblance of intrigue and my intellect is so low that I cannot possibly stimulate a woman in any way, including sexually. Thus, I am forced to save money to pay vapid females for a simulation of a real life experience. People like me have no choices left and are only able to measure life experiences in terms of monetary value.
Signed, JD
i am all for prostitution being legal, and awesome, but eventually... you will catch something.

i did. and regret it so much. I'd give anything to have a clean dick again.

its not worth it brothers.
Leads me back to my point about avoid street meat and testing.
yea i get it, we are all nervous the first couple of times. viagra helps a lot, also just relax and let it happen.

also be sure to choose a woman whom you are very physically attracted to. that helps a lot too.
Sex is free. Pick girls up at bars or parties or concerts or festivals. You dont pay for any shit and you dont fuck them knowing they do it because you paid them.
yeah, viagra here is 90 bucks from the pharmacy, these women always dont end to be the same as their pic
Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women?

Idk Op

Ask Ur Mom
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You keep reiterating the same points throughout. Eliminate some of that redundancy. You also made claims that women act a certain way when the probability of picking up a girl that behaves that way is marginal for the average guy.

In all honesty, it sounds more like you're just trying to rationalize the fact that you prefer hookers. There's nothing wrong with that, but you completely missed the benefits that come with having a lover vs a prostitute.

The most blatant fuck up was your claim about herpies. Your numbers were off and you misunderstand the difference between genital herpies and the variety that most US adults have.

I did enjoy your arguments for the first few parts, especially about the cost of dating and marriage vs hiring hookers. But I stopped reading around part 7 because your reasoning descended into chaos and it made me cringe too much. There are way too many issues with your logic, especially with generalizing about what women are like. You'd think that you never dated or you just have a personality that draws shitty women.

Tl;dr: Starts out interesting and amusing, then abandons reality. You also don't understand herpies.
sex is NEVER free. that is the biggest myth of all.

when you get a "free" girl from a bar, you don't think you're paying for it with money, drinks, food, time, effort, etc?
How many hoops did she have to go through? You seem like you're a decent looking fellow. Not chad but not a neck beard either. How much time before the sex?
If you want it to go viral, you need to do a few more drafts and cite your sources. You're blatantly wrong in some places. Some of your arguments are so broken that you undermine your credibility and thereby undermine the legitimacy of many of your points.

More drafts. It could turn out good.
that's just it. normal women make you jump thru so many hoops.

with a prostitute it is just so simple. AND the prostitute will be MUCH hotter than the average woman.
any advice on WHERE to post it to make it go viral?
can you be a little more specific?

WHERE on tumblr? submit it to other people's blogs?
repost from /pol/
Nothing is free though. Even oxygen, still costs time to pull it out of the air around you.

Getting laid can be cheap. Especially for some people with the right looks and personality. It's expensive for people with the looks and personality that make it expensive. It's really hard to say how expensive it is since we pretty much have only anecdotal evidence to go on. Certain personalities draw certain other personalities. Each of our samples is skewed under that premise.
>trying to pick up women in bars and clubs
>You have to take her out to dinner

you defeated your own argument son, try harder

No because we chat, hit it off, dance or just keep talking.
Invite het back at my place or she invites me at hers.
Next day or in the night I leave or she leave.
Not one cent paid for her or paid for stuff for her.

So yeah conpletely free.

Men who cant make a girl interested in having sex with you think you need to buy your way in a girls pants.
/pol/ is life
It's not good enough to go viral. Most people aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot by posting it on their social media either, even if it was really good and the logic was solid. It's not good for your social standing with women to yell "Hookers are better than a girlfriend!" on Facebook or twitter.

I want to emphasize though that I'm not saying you've wasted your time and that this is stupid, on the contrary, I think you've got potential for something interesting here but you haven't thought critically for long enough about your own arguments. Keep polishing it up and right a few more drafts. Consider your arguments and what flaws people would point out. Then try to spread it. There are plenty of areas to spread it but it's not worth thinking about until you've written a paper that fully expresses your capabilities to persuade. Soldiers don't run into battle with their guns half put together and neither should you.
But with a prostitute I have to wear a condom, and it would be like paying 250$ to not cum.
i've submitted my essay to a lot of feminist tumblr blogs so let's see if it goes viral.
I concur. I'm naturally a pretty generous person towards people I like but I try to cut back on that when I'm trying to get laid. What a strange world we live in.
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>you have to take her out to dinner
Stopped reading there
Stupid cuck get your head out your ass
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Just imagine me sighing quietly to myself in this position.
>You can bang a prostitute for 2 hours for 250 dollars.

Dude what?

In Ausfailia it's like 300 for 1 hour if she's decent
>2hrs for $250
That is one feral fucking hooker m8
All of the non-asians are at least 200 for 1 hour

and the non-fat non-asians are even more
kek nice trips but you must live in a shit city
Well yeah, Sydney is fucking awful

Though tbh I kinda wish I had the chance for a street hooker, seems like that would have been interesting, but the internet made them extinct everywhere except King's Cross which is a shithole anyway
Your unoriginal, repetitive, PUA-logic rehash of an "essay" is very misleadingly named. If you think people get into relationships just for sex, you're a truly delusional autist.

Your mom doesn't count.
For men, modern dating provides huge risk with no reward
No reward? Really?

Also, the risks are only present in in Canada/UK/US. The rest of the world doesn't believe in things like alimony, public sex offenders lists or putting people in jail for more than a night because of hearsay, or having no consequences for making false accusations.
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