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Social retard thread. 33 year old virgin reporting in.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Social retard thread. 33 year old virgin reporting in.
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give u on paper figures then real bio figures
born 1989
start jacking it 2003 (through to current year)
first sex was
one night stand, got interrupted half way through (we were fucking on our friends housemates bed and he came home early)
she was born in 1989
second was 2009, friend of sister, born 1993
between 2010-2012 we were steadys (she cheated a lot, i did too)
2010-2011 new years eve, gf away, kissed a girl
2013 finger fucked this kissed girl she was 1989 too
after that had a mini steady with a girl i met outside a concert (best idea said no man ever) born 1991
2014, another girl, 2 sexual encounters, born 1992
2015-2016 new girl, chinese virgin, no full penetration but everything else.. divine taste told me born 1995 pretty sure, tertiary education
so recap on paper

1989 2003-2016 jerking it

1989 2007-2007 one night stand never finished
1993 2009-2012 steady cum dumpster, anal once, lots of public etc
1989 2010, 2013 kiss, finger etc
1991 2013-2013 mini steady
1992 2014-2014 2xone offs
1995 2015-2016 chinese virgin goddess

really my biological birth year is 1990 however
the 1993 was possibly 1994
the 1995 was possibly 1997-2000

kisses only on another girl in 2015, she born 1996, and hugs, cuddles etc
but no me entering her beyond tongue or her i

danced with a girl in 2008, college crush, admitted my love to her, rejected

2007 was my first kiss minus some grade 2 stuff fucking around as kids maybe

become a powerlifter, read books, and smoke cannabis
oh and a 12-13 year old declered her love for me in 2013 on the internet after she stalked me out in old school runescape telling me she was 18, i saw her once on public transport, haven't heard from her since.

cute ugly
i broke it off with that ineptitudal social retard after she kissed other boys and was trying to tell me about if for attention. since then she's been with other boys too the total slut.

michimichi21 fb
youmakemehappiest tumblr
jordan mischelle middleton fake birthdate 21 08 1995

i cant wish you a farewell hard enough

You are a hero.
australia is bad moves if you are value your self respect and property rights my advice would be move overseas anywhere is good to live but work is good in america and europe.
string of online girls born 93-94 around 06-09 too just online relationshits i love yous etc

school spent chasing girls no return but successful online then started working out, reading, engaging in cannabis sativa & indica mind body soul
came from a broken family of incapable inbreds and retards
I´m 32, have you got your wizard powers yet?
I´m still waiting. what gives?
>I´m 32, have you got your wizard powers yet?

My powers are beyond your comprehension.
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20 yo....
I can't believe I listen trying to be the frist kid to get laid if only I knew what I knew now
25 and no sex, hell yer, im not a disgusting fuck.
I hate this pathetic shit. It's made by some little bitch boy. As if some faggot nerd is to decide when to lose your virginity. Gtfo.
J ai bourré ma première et unique chatte à 16 ans
Found the virgin.
32 reporting
Thread replies: 18
Thread images: 4

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