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Hunger games thread This is directly from the Capitol: they

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hunger games thread

This is directly from the Capitol: they demand the best 24 tributes to scout the arena
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Isaac Fucking Newton
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Kony 2016
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Noo Noo
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HP Lovecraft.jpg
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HP Lovecraft
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Kermit Kong
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Moon Man
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114 KB, 1600x1200
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Serious Killer Cat
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Sugar Sprinkles
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Rupert's Mum
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Enclave Soldier
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Space Cowbow Pepe
File: Adolf Hitler(1).jpg (148 KB, 640x833) Image search: [Google]
Adolf Hitler(1).jpg
148 KB, 640x833
Adolf Hitler
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Rolf Harris
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56 KB, 700x396
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Texan Homer
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Flatwoods Monster
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Calming Buwaro.png
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Based Buwaro :D
File: Benito Mussolini.jpg (57 KB, 356x480) Image search: [Google]
Benito Mussolini.jpg
57 KB, 356x480
Benito Mussolini
eevee team
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Beyblade Crownguard
Team Mind Fuck
File: Donald Trump(3).jpg (104 KB, 683x830) Image search: [Google]
Donald Trump(3).jpg
104 KB, 683x830
Donald Trump
Team Fortress
oh crap, why were you late
Now who's going to stay here with me in my final game as the host
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602 KB, 1088x1516
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Private Zergman
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Liberal logic
go team pepe
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Mouthless Buwaro.png
430 KB, 655x925
That doesn't stop me from posting, tho :|
I'm interpreting this as expert roll mode.
File: h3woOt7.png (220 KB, 500x373) Image search: [Google]
220 KB, 500x373
the Main Character
Maxwell Jamison
>that feeling when the op cares about someone more than you
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Serious Shit Squirtle
File: Hugging Buwaro.png (120 KB, 247x361) Image search: [Google]
Hugging Buwaro.png
120 KB, 247x361
Wanna hug?
but I don't recognize you?
I wish anon, I wish I did
>that feeling when you have no arms and cannot hug.
File: Submissive Buwaro.png (104 KB, 258x221) Image search: [Google]
Submissive Buwaro.png
104 KB, 258x221
Oh... I'm sorry. Want a platonic pat on the head instead?
you own me!!!
File: Buwaro Looks Up.png (35 KB, 155x225) Image search: [Google]
Buwaro Looks Up.png
35 KB, 155x225
F-For Me????????
>that feeling when you wish you had a hug instead.
File: Decieving Buwaro.png (107 KB, 314x201) Image search: [Google]
Decieving Buwaro.png
107 KB, 314x201
wtf is this shi
File: Friendly Buwaro.png (90 KB, 125x423) Image search: [Google]
Friendly Buwaro.png
90 KB, 125x423
Aww, c'mere :3
I get you. The RP anons should go to the /trash/ but I'm a bit biased towards the BuwaroAnon in terms of favorism

simply ask him to stop or slow down, he'll listen (I think)
yes for you!
>that feeling when you again have no arms and cannot return the hug.
fog man, claireposter, whoever you are, now I recognize you

>tfw you don't return what you were supposed to and now can't give it back
>feelsbadman . png
File: Thankful Buwaro.png (188 KB, 342x471) Image search: [Google]
Thankful Buwaro.png
188 KB, 342x471
WOWIE! Thank you!
File: hh00.jpg (324 KB, 655x687) Image search: [Google]
324 KB, 655x687
The roster was ready 5 minutes ago, but I got sidetracked with the thread's conversation.
My apologies

Now, who's ready for a non-BS (hopefully it isn't one) game?
File: Adorable Buwaro.png (71 KB, 243x160) Image search: [Google]
Adorable Buwaro.png
71 KB, 243x160
S'okay, i'll stop if ya want, OP
You can call me. ummm Xangelix Dragonlord.
take out mei and put buwaro he desrves it
lol I'm not the one who's asking you to stop
really? okay then
i want you to continue to post you hear me. I want you to completely become Buwaro. You dont get to stop being Buwaro.
File: Bad times for Demacia.jpg (62 KB, 736x606) Image search: [Google]
Bad times for Demacia.jpg
62 KB, 736x606
Concerned Crownguard is ready
Thats like your job now. You are Buwaro 24/7
File: Cool Buwaro.png (193 KB, 258x379) Image search: [Google]
Cool Buwaro.png
193 KB, 258x379
Jeez, guys. No. I was late, i don't wanna take anyone's fun away. S'chill, i'll provide eensightful commentary, va? :D
File: hh00.jpg (337 KB, 652x682) Image search: [Google]
337 KB, 652x682
I won't be doing any favours all the time, so keep that in mind

Now, can we start the game then?
I really need to sleep soon
letzzzz gooo
File: Proud Buwaro.png (145 KB, 251x399) Image search: [Google]
Proud Buwaro.png
145 KB, 251x399
I'm sorry, person. i'll try and win for ya, k?
try to win for the sake of mei!!! :(
File: 01.jpg (262 KB, 675x2667) Image search: [Google]
262 KB, 675x2667
I'll try and zip this through so I can get my deserved rest

no one dies at the bloodbath, only only some minor injuries
can we get one of these threads... just ONE without fucking weeb shit
File: Radiant Buwaro.png (413 KB, 605x775) Image search: [Google]
Radiant Buwaro.png
413 KB, 605x775
For their sake!!! :D
then just don´t take them in.
File: hh02.jpg (238 KB, 675x2510) Image search: [Google]
238 KB, 675x2510
Don't effing mess with Isaac Fucking Newton

BuwaroAnon, you might want to slow down on that RP
I have nothing against you, but we need to make the thread fun for everyone and everyone
>the guilt inside me is real
File: hh03.jpg (214 KB, 675x2963) Image search: [Google]
214 KB, 675x2963
What's up with the gamemakers, already this is happening
Ouch, poor Mink.
File: hh04.jpg (85 KB, 675x1557) Image search: [Google]
85 KB, 675x1557
>Rolf Harris discovers a tunnel.

Nod Nod Wink Wink
File: Pouty Buwaro.png (105 KB, 222x266) Image search: [Google]
Pouty Buwaro.png
105 KB, 222x266
File: hh05.jpg (141 KB, 675x1383) Image search: [Google]
141 KB, 675x1383
Poor soldier, out there in the dark
This is why people hate furfags.
File: Embarassed Shirtless Buwaro.png (591 KB, 625x1140) Image search: [Google]
Embarassed Shirtless Buwaro.png
591 KB, 625x1140
Oh, dear, that's a private picture

How d-did you get that?
File: hh06.jpg (143 KB, 675x1383) Image search: [Google]
143 KB, 675x1383
HP Lovecraft shouldn't had share his shelter with that vacuum machine
thingy (whatever it is) because now he's homeless
killer cat and magigay faded away too fast! now only hanzo and buwaro left! out last hope!!!!!
that would be RPers, sir
Nope. Absolute raving furfag.
File: hh07.jpg (155 KB, 675x1660) Image search: [Google]
155 KB, 675x1660
Leafeon gonna get whooped by Cthulhu for that
File: 1463058750827.jpg (42 KB, 600x581) Image search: [Google]
42 KB, 600x581
File: hh08.jpg (149 KB, 675x1402) Image search: [Google]
149 KB, 675x1402
...what the hell, Cthulhu?

Buwaro claiming that he will win the HG again, which caused a tribute to run away
File: hh09.jpg (37 KB, 323x389) Image search: [Google]
37 KB, 323x389
Why isn't anyone killing another, this is not what the OP wanted
there goes the last of the pepes
File: hh10.jpg (138 KB, 675x1540) Image search: [Google]
138 KB, 675x1540
Let's go, whatever that noo noo thingy is
File: hh11.jpg (111 KB, 675x1106) Image search: [Google]
111 KB, 675x1106
Didn't that machine just ate two tributes just now?

Hanzo won't be getting his wounds treated anymore after this
File: hh12.jpg (61 KB, 318x705) Image search: [Google]
61 KB, 318x705
File: Panicking Buwaro.png (193 KB, 255x403) Image search: [Google]
Panicking Buwaro.png
193 KB, 255x403
H-how are you getting these???? I don't remember anyone being near when that happened
File: hh13.jpg (143 KB, 483x746) Image search: [Google]
143 KB, 483x746
Lovecraft getting a vantage point for success
File: hh14.jpg (158 KB, 670x784) Image search: [Google]
158 KB, 670x784
Damn, somebody please stop that machine
File: hh15.jpg (100 KB, 475x606) Image search: [Google]
100 KB, 475x606
Pretty sure that this is the second time that Hatchet injured its 'ankle'
File: hh16.jpg (49 KB, 321x543) Image search: [Google]
49 KB, 321x543
File: hh17.jpg (98 KB, 322x747) Image search: [Google]
98 KB, 322x747
Somebody forgot to clean after the litterbox
File: Defeated Buwaro.png (79 KB, 163x266) Image search: [Google]
Defeated Buwaro.png
79 KB, 163x266

I've failed you...
rip in pepperoni spyro
File: hh18.jpg (82 KB, 510x473) Image search: [Google]
82 KB, 510x473
Apple the sneaker, bet that her victim didn't see it coming
File: e5ZQeTy.jpg (16 KB, 480x601) Image search: [Google]
16 KB, 480x601
File: hh19.jpg (38 KB, 319x387) Image search: [Google]
38 KB, 319x387
>take no offence from this
Sugar Sprinkles is a literal shat
File: Frustrated Buwaro.png (56 KB, 253x346) Image search: [Google]
Frustrated Buwaro.png
56 KB, 253x346
its ok buwara T.T , next time we pwn them
File: hh20.jpg (50 KB, 502x181) Image search: [Google]
50 KB, 502x181
inb4 the machine kills them all with an explosive
File: hh21.jpg (67 KB, 382x472) Image search: [Google]
67 KB, 382x472
Who needs a teammate when you have a hatchet
File: 89719857fe1f20883f54aa54804ad1c6.png (278 KB, 1142x1156) Image search: [Google]
278 KB, 1142x1156
File: hh22.jpg (61 KB, 456x328) Image search: [Google]
61 KB, 456x328
We're slimming down, can you feel the tension anons?
File: hh23.jpg (55 KB, 426x329) Image search: [Google]
55 KB, 426x329
The final 3 guys, who will win it all

>Noo noo, Hatchet, Sylvester
File: hh24.jpg (23 KB, 317x244) Image search: [Google]
23 KB, 317x244
psa: to the new spectators, this is my last game

I won't be hosting anymore after this, unless if the game ends in complete BS
File: Disgusted Buwaro.png (105 KB, 227x252) Image search: [Google]
Disgusted Buwaro.png
105 KB, 227x252
>Pun not intented
File: hh25.jpg (45 KB, 336x333) Image search: [Google]
45 KB, 336x333
The final slide

A satisfying ending or nah?
I'll let you decide, but don't take advantage of me either
File: hh26.jpg (18 KB, 287x206) Image search: [Google]
18 KB, 287x206
Who's hatchet belongs this to anyway
File: 6e24131b31c5b819d2959602a570d10a.png (870 KB, 1120x1280) Image search: [Google]
870 KB, 1120x1280
threads dead boys
File: hh27.jpg (356 KB, 657x747) Image search: [Google]
356 KB, 657x747
Well, I'm done hosting for tonight.

For those who want a new game, make a new thread and host one. Or ask someone else to host a game.
File: hh28.jpg (127 KB, 588x539) Image search: [Google]
127 KB, 588x539
Good game guys, I'm looking forward to host and play the HG again.

g'night (or not? I'm not going off yet)
Can samone do one without all those fucking weeb-shits
File: 1449277510589.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [Google]
82 KB, 1280x720
Hey BuwaroAnon, I have an alias you know.
You might've seen it before and forgot about it, but it is Peri / Parri / Perry, whichever is preferred.

Are you even still here? Anyone want to chat a bit? I'm still feeling bored.
>Mink died first
Worse than Vegeta.
File: Hated Buwaro.png (546 KB, 807x582) Image search: [Google]
Hated Buwaro.png
546 KB, 807x582
Oh, hey, it's Azurai!

Hello, Azurai!

>*Fuck off!*

Ok, well, see you later!
not going off yet?!?!?!? now here's ANOTHER HUNGER GAME!!!!!
as much as I hate the RP and such, I'm with you on this one.

you might want to leave the thread, since no one here really knows how to host, or want to host rather
File: Cute Buwaro.png (104 KB, 221x268) Image search: [Google]
Cute Buwaro.png
104 KB, 221x268
OK, Mister/Mistress/Missus Perry!

We can chat if you want!
i know how to host, but no fuck this, its too boring
File: img.png (48 KB, 118x161) Image search: [Google]
48 KB, 118x161
The fuck is this chicks face it looks like her hair is pulling her skin back
The thread is now off-topic. Oops, forgot to mention that in the stats.

I'm a straight-up male if that matters

but holy fuuu, why can't I go to sleep.

welcome to my world
hey, who's the anon that wanted to play big brother?
state your alias (or name) so I can get to know you a bit, then I'll deliver one sometime either tomorrow or the following day
File: Sleeping Buwaro.png (288 KB, 369x505) Image search: [Google]
Sleeping Buwaro.png
288 KB, 369x505
I suggest counting sheep! Or maybe snuggling up next to one of your loved ones and hug them into eenconzuusness!
Or maybe eat a fat big cookie with some milk!
I hate pastries because they make my teeth cry
Heck I even use that sensodyne toothpaste and it still doesn't help

well I could meditate instead so I can induce a vivid dream in the morning.
But damn, I wanted to go to the cinema with a housemate at noon too
What to do, what to do
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 203x249) Image search: [Google]
7 KB, 203x249
Or.! Let me freeze you to sleep
File: 1463151400676.jpg (5 KB, 227x170) Image search: [Google]
5 KB, 227x170
File: Nomming Buwaro.png (128 KB, 200x326) Image search: [Google]
Nomming Buwaro.png
128 KB, 200x326
Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. Have you considered fluffy buns? They're delicious and soft!
File: Innocent Buwaro.png (88 KB, 203x266) Image search: [Google]
Innocent Buwaro.png
88 KB, 203x266
Oh, hey! It's Iratu!

Man, he used to do that to me a lot when he visited. He's always "drunk", whatever that means
why are some of you anons still here?
No one is going to host, because everyone is too lazy (including me)

I don't know what those are. any other snacks that I could eat
You know what, I'm not hungry. But what else can I do
File: Overwatch-Mei-Freeze-Smile.jpg (72 KB, 1680x945) Image search: [Google]
72 KB, 1680x945
Mei off and out , until next time , cya
I'll always be here for you.
of course
File: Standing Buwaro.png (115 KB, 172x356) Image search: [Google]
Standing Buwaro.png
115 KB, 172x356
Well... When i needed to sleep, Sakido would sometimes grab me by the legs and drop me on the ground head-first. Always slept sound for hours!
fog man? claireposter? who is this, (in caps:) I need to know
File: Smiling Buwaro.png (129 KB, 207x344) Image search: [Google]
Smiling Buwaro.png
129 KB, 207x344
Bye! Bye!
I'm the one who usually posts Vegeta.
File: 2e830c0721b447b223ed8d3503536838.jpg (180 KB, 1069x1144) Image search: [Google]
180 KB, 1069x1144
Yeah.. There was not much to do back home, honestly
hmm, I could ask a fellow to do something physical to me.
But they almost never do anything to me.
Besides, I'll just end up in sleep paralysis if I get into the REM stage if my brains want to stimulate pain (which is said paralysis)

But I still don't recognize you anyhow
How can I improve and begin to know who's who, since the audience (the late night [semi-]regulars) will know who I am based on the custom events we play
File: Confused Buwaro.png (130 KB, 178x403) Image search: [Google]
Confused Buwaro.png
130 KB, 178x403
Ok i didn't understand all those fancy words but cool!
sleep paralysis, hah, most people are afraid of it. But I don't, I find them fascinating and an experience

how much do you sleep anyway, in a typical given day
File: Flaming Buwaro.png (635 KB, 920x685) Image search: [Google]
Flaming Buwaro.png
635 KB, 920x685
Well, just the usual, eight and stuff. But then i have College work and sometimes sleep is not an option
>sleep not an option
I do hope that I am not contributing to that.
Really though, I don't want to make anyone stay up all because of me.
File: Handsome Buwaro.png (115 KB, 252x257) Image search: [Google]
Handsome Buwaro.png
115 KB, 252x257
Hah! No worries, today's Saturday, at least on this side of Earth!

Truth be told, when i've got homework or projects i doub't ill be around /b/ anyway so... Moot point or whatever
File: 0bfae931f346b1947687b3636b3c10d9.png (560 KB, 1700x1784) Image search: [Google]
560 KB, 1700x1784
File: Freudian Buwaro.png (150 KB, 341x269) Image search: [Google]
Freudian Buwaro.png
150 KB, 341x269
File: check2.jpg (18 KB, 480x360) Image search: [Google]
18 KB, 480x360
Is there some website or software so we can easily know if who's online and who's not

I'm thinking about bringing up a chat thing, but I don't know how to set one up

good, now I feel less guilty
File: Unsure Buwaro.png (100 KB, 185x349) Image search: [Google]
Unsure Buwaro.png
100 KB, 185x349
Can't help you there, m8

I barely know how to turn my PC on
Other than BuwaroAnon, is anyone else still here? I know there's a couple of you, waiting for a new host
>or my guys might be lying

I think I got one. You only need a web browser and an email.
But, that email part. I get why anyone wouldn't want to put it up like that.
It's the easiest solution I can find atm
File: Sweaty Buwaro.png (79 KB, 144x320) Image search: [Google]
Sweaty Buwaro.png
79 KB, 144x320
I'd love ta, but posting yer email in 4chan is asking for it
well you can do this instead:

>create an email through a free provider
>use that email to log in and register a username
>use username to log in the chatting website

and you can stay logged in as long as you enable cookies, or can remember the pwd

there's nothing else easier than this I can find
But for the benefit of seeing who's online, I think this might be worth doing for some
File: Singing Buwaro.png (426 KB, 487x675) Image search: [Google]
Singing Buwaro.png
426 KB, 487x675
We'll see. But fer now, ah think i'm gonna jus' chat a bit more, 'til it's time ta go. Have some stuff to do tomorrow and blahblahblah
Yeah sure, perhaps it is too much work to do atm.

So why are you obsessed with this Buwaro? I'm all curious
File: Terrified Buwaro.png (226 KB, 394x367) Image search: [Google]
Terrified Buwaro.png
226 KB, 394x367
He's jus' a character from a Webcomic named Slightly Damned, and the point is that he's lost everything and his family's dead and stuff. But despite all that, he's always cheery and friendly to literally everyone, n' that sorta's attracting.

Truth be told, i effing fell in love with an imaginary demon teen, how autistic :P
that sounds sad, in terms of family. Can't really get that off of my mind when I do see him expressing such emotions.

Oh yeah, there's nothing autistic about that. I myself, get into fictional characters too. Like Snivy for instance.
File: Sad Buwaro.png (237 KB, 363x390) Image search: [Google]
Sad Buwaro.png
237 KB, 363x390
Yah, but Snivy's a species. It's sorta how every Pokémon fanfic's canon if you don't imply there's legendaries involved and stuff. 'Course, i wouldn't know jack 'bout dat, 'coz i'm all into Lucarios an' stuff, like yer garden variety furry
I'm not into furry that much, tbh
But I do like ferals to a certain extend.
I don't like Snivy just because it is a lizard; I just like cute things that aren't supposed to be designed for cute but as a side benefit instead

I don't follow the fanfics either; don't really have time to know the community because I have a family to spend time with.
It's weird, but that's how I roll with the fictional things I like
File: Moaning Buwaro.png (80 KB, 175x251) Image search: [Google]
Moaning Buwaro.png
80 KB, 175x251
File: 8e994a30dc265c84d12abd5e78848dd9.png (407 KB, 1447x1583) Image search: [Google]
407 KB, 1447x1583
File: B Buwaro.png (216 KB, 409x386) Image search: [Google]
B Buwaro.png
216 KB, 409x386
Hey, ah never said anything 'bout time or how ye roll. Jus' pointin' stuff out.

Either way, don't know if ah told ya, but me friends call me Xarxaxyl, ya can call me dat if "BuwaroAnon"'s not yer type, but a don't judge
are you still here?

I think I figured out something about that online thingy
File: Ellipsis Buwaro.png (83 KB, 252x216) Image search: [Google]
Ellipsis Buwaro.png
83 KB, 252x216
'Right, let's hear it
Well all you need to do is to remember the URL (IOW, bookmark it)

the pwd is the first two words of the OP, all lowercase

it should be simple enough
>in other words [IOW]
>OP [original post]

I need to stop abbr. my words
Oops, there I go again
File: Adamant Buwaro.png (107 KB, 306x260) Image search: [Google]
Adamant Buwaro.png
107 KB, 306x260
K, let's see if ah can get in
File: Amazed Buwaro.png (118 KB, 169x398) Image search: [Google]
Amazed Buwaro.png
118 KB, 169x398
I'm in i guess
yup, just save the URL and leave the pwd somewhere

I'd save that url file as the pwd, but that's just me
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