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So my friends and I are gonna do shrooms next weekend. They got

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So my friends and I are gonna do shrooms next weekend. They got me an eighth (one of them owes me money), and want to trip next weekend. However, I'm extremely depressed and suicidal and have been for a few days. I don't know if it will go away by next week.
I do know how important set and setting is to a trip, but I feel like it could possibly help me see a different perspective. I don't see how I can get more depressed or miserable tbh.

Should I do it, or just tell them I want to wait?
dude I have tripped 10 times in my life
mushrooms and lsd
let me tell you

wait until you are better and it will be the most wonderful experience of your life.

but in this mental state, I repeat in all-fuckin-caps

I never post. but this was worth it, because I am scared for you.
>>684235732 (cont)
psychedelics are amazing, don't get me wron
but the last time I did shrooms I was a bit down and thought it would help.

I nearly killed myself, and I have never ever been suicidal. I am 110% serious when I say it will make it all worse.

What you should do is what until you are better, and smart with half g's at a time. get some weed, music, beers, go for a walk on a beautiful day with your best friend and make a conneciton you will never foorget.

just dont do it now

nearly jumped off my fucking balcony man just dont
thanks for posting man

were you alone?

I'd be with my friends and dogs and out in nature ..never had a bad trip before. Hmm

I just...I don't know if I will get better, you know?
Have you tripped before?
of course, this is serious
and that sounds like a great setting.

if you'd like, you could tell me what's shitty.
if it's a terminal illness, then no. But otherwise, I would like to think that there is always a chance.
I've tripped before, shrooms and acid..haven't done it in about two years though.

I had an abortion in December. I was coping with it ok lately, but then my bfs sister called and said she was broke my heart all over again and I keep having traumatic flashbacks. I figure even a low dose trip may help me see things differently but I don't know if anything will truly help.
I forgot to answer; I was with a lot of people. That did not help whatsoever.

I see. That's always a sad thing, but I am certain you had an excellent reason.

If you plan on tripping, in order to see it differently, I am concerned you will get wrapped up in your thoughts and focus on this unfortunate event. Mushrooms are not the tool to remove you from difficult thought and situations, but to amplify a good mood and a wonderful day.

I can imagine you coming up and focusing on that and it going very wrong. Mushrooms create emotional rollercoasters.

but who knows, maybe talk with your friends first about your concerns and see what they say.

I wish you luck though, and that's not something to feel ashamed for or anything...
Hope you kill yourself, faggot.
Thank you anon. It's kind of weird though because I am bipolar so some day are really good...if I'm still feeling shitty I'll for sure call it off. I may call it off anyways due to what you said.
well I hope that if you decide to it goes amazing, mushrooms are wonderful but also very powerful in surprising ways.

and no problem, I feel a lot of sympathy as I was in a very dark place, and I ignored my doubts

of course when I came down it was all OK, (as it always is when you come down)

but for 8 hours it was just terrible.

I wish you luck. :)
personally OP i'd recommend waiting until you feel better. i've had bad trips when i thought i was in a decent place in life and while they can provide learning experiences, they can also be so ridiculously traumatic. focus on getting better friend. i hope things start looking up for you
Thread replies: 12
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