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Female Asshole Thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Female Asshole Thread
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I'm here op keep going. I'm going to post a story here.
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always in the mood for a story
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Let me first start of by saying that I LOVE anal. When I first started, I liked anal. I thought It was a kinky alternative. I thought that I could go on with life without.

4chan spiraled my obsession out of control
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My decent started really simply. I used to hate asshole winking. Then I woke up and was in love with the idea. I used to hate gapes. Same thing, I woke up and suddenly loved the idea of gapes.

I went from someone who would occasionally look at anal stuff, to someone who couldn't get off without the filthiest anal porn out there. I used to be so vanilla. I wish at this time I knew that my love for anal would be a slippery slope.
I love that type of asshole where they have a prominant ring. It just makes me want to poke something in there
Same. Not into prolapse but pretty well everything else goes
Lines started to blur between reality and fiction. I didn't care that I was jerking it to cartoon porn like some nerd, what I was jerking to had anal. I couldn't get enough of the stuff. Anything that had anal I would bookmark. I can't even share my computer with others because how fucking filled my browser is with porn. You can type in any letter in the alphabet and get some sick variation that would expose me. But it was only the beginning.
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I didn't think much of it. I blamed 4chan. Half the shit on here is either rule34 or gore threads. I figured I was just a fluke and that the boundaries for my sexuality had been established.

Then I starting jerking it to chicks with dicks. They looked like girls, had tits, so they pretty much were girls. Or atleast thats what I told myself. I realized that I didn't really care aslong as..

A) They looked like girls
B) Did anal

I also started sort of not being interested in girls who I figured weren't kinky. I blew off girls who I knew were prudes about butt stuff. Butt stuff was no longer a fetish for me, it was a strict absurd requirement.

Pic related
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... there are others?
You don't see that giant fucking ballsack drooping from the back?
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The idea of Futa or dick-girls didn't satisfy me for long. Only a few weeks ago I started jerking it to traps. The stuff I jerked to didn't have to boobs or a vagina at all. It just needed to be a somewhat skinny piece of meat that did anal. It was at this time that I had to tell someone to be careful, because I see no end in site. Will I wake up one morning and be gay? It worries me. What If I'm into prolapses one day-- or god forbid scat?
Then you're a faggot and need to kill yourself
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Anyways, thats as far as I am in the process. I nearly jerked it to a short-haired trap the other day, but I stopped myself. I had to draw the line somewhere. Thats practically full-on gay. And for some reason, I think I might not view it that was a year from now.

I also am obsessed with the "anal only" lifestyle. Theres forums dedicated to it. Its girls who are just as fucked up as I am and view their vagina as a useless instrument for sex.
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Anyways, thats about it. Just wanted to say be careful about how much you love anal. You may find it changes you. Some of the people calling me faggot, I could have been you a few years ago. But its too late for me, I have spiraled into an anal addiction that might only be cured with finding the right chick, someone as equally as fucked up as I am.
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Exactly you're a fucking mistake of a human
End it now
You're doing alright anon.
I'm full on practicing bisexual and I love every second of it all. Being open and receptive to all sexes has been wonderful and freeing. Call me a fag or gay or worse I don't care and I never will. All I care about is feeding a need and skin.
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fresh oc
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Good for you man. I hope I can be as comfortable as you one day. For now, the machismo that is the cultivation of a thousand generations of manhood before me tells me it is wrong. But who really gives a shit at the end of the day.
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moar? do want
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More plz
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That looks tight af!
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Fuck dude nice. Link me to source?
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How about my ex? Got heaps more. I fucked her in the ass multiple times, tongued it, so on.
Thread replies: 48
Thread images: 33

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