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Green Text Thread /b/ I don't have any stories to tell because

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Green Text Thread /b/
I don't have any stories to tell because i'm so fucking omega but I'm sure you guys have a story to tell, any stories welcome
>recently got into loli lurking threads and such
>months of loli images can't get off with normal porn
>i start getting urges of getting real loli pussy
>get a good idea or atleast thats what i think
>everytime i walk from work to my house i see a group of little girls probably 13 or 14
>decide to go and say to them hello and they all stare at me and the tall of the group smiles
>i stay silent for a minute and then ask if one of them wants to win some money
>the tall girl tells me to fuck off and i get called a pervert
>walk away from there and think (well atleast i can see them from afar)
>its getting dark see the girls go away one of them walks towards me
>hey did you mean the money i say y-yes
>she asks what she needs to do to win that money and how much it will be
Sounding good so far, do Cont
How to backwardsquote:
Step one:
Step two:
> (insert whatever here)<
>(get nervous but fuck it im gonna say it) i say to her sex you need to have sex with me
>girls stay quiet and she says i don't know
>i ask why do you need the money she says i want a new phone
>ok i can help you with that just say yes
>she accepts that easily and we put a price she asked for 7000$ a bit pricey but i think its reasonable
>we met at a park the day after that and she says she is ready
>go to my house with her i didnt even care if someone saw me
>ask her is she wants to take a shower first, says she did that in her house
>ok then,i start touching her legs "she was wearing mini shorts" she just stays quiet and looks scared
>getting to the next level i continue groping her and go for her ass she complains idgaf i start undressing her she has a cute pink panties
>i kiss her and then go down and start licking her pussy she starts moaning
>tell her to bend over she does it and i start getting ready get a condom from my wallet and i ram it inside she lets out a cute scream
>start going faster she moans louder im about to cum
>get my dick out fast and and cum in her back
>after all that we cuddle a bit on the bed she starts a conversation and keeps talking about her
>says her parents had shit jobs and thats why she cant afford a phone .
> th4nks m8 1m n0w m1g 1 r8 8/8 m8
What did you think it was?
Oh for fucks sake thats something I'd here from a tumor with autism please dont
Trips demands
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>Derp is digging for something in the back yad
>Finds my old box of staples
>Go find stapler and cut grass
>Smells good man
>Hambergurs are done so we eat and play in the rain
>Get coold
>Go inside and pop a balloon from gpaw
>He died from heart attack
>lel balloons are banned in our village now
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those repeating digits
> why m8, 1t w4s jus1 b8 m8
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>Worked from home.
>Did nothing but masterbate
Someone report this pedo to the feds
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>Be me
>Normal class day
>Set phone on table cause its uncomfortable in pocket
>couple minutes go by, notice phone isnt in pocket
>go back to table to retrieve
>"which one of you pansies took my phone"
>no one confesses
>teacher refuses to hold class inside until phone is found
>ask friend to call it
>cute chick says "whats your number?"
>friend says "its ok I got it"
>"Oh uh, ok."
Mfw cock blocked by faggot friend.
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god speed anon may you continue being a pedo for years to come
good story
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>room is really warm
>take shirt off
>disgusted by my own body
>put shirt back on
It happens
Pedo anon probably got caught anyway but good on him for getting the job done

>Girl returns home with $7000
>Buys new phone and some ugly fucking whore clothes
>Parents are suspicous
>Anonfucker whered you get all this money
>Anon from down the road daddy
>Goes to anons house
Pedo anon is kill?
finish what you started
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Okay last one
>i say its late you must go home and told her to not say to anyone and if her parents ask say that she found the money
>she smiles and say ok then i procced to give her the money she asks for my facebook and i give her my kik instead and tell her that facebook its to risky for me
>we say goodbye and she goes to her house

Here is the problem /b/ i have kept contact with her in the past weeks i think im in love and she wants to do it again but i think its too risky and also i saw the cops roaming the park i think the tall girl told something about a pervert asking girls out
So im thinking on leaving the state for a bit or should i go for another round
Where is god
Where was it phone
Here nigga
Hope you get fucked in jail
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>be me
>victory lap of high school
>graduated last year but another one for grades and shit
>not many friends
>mostly the fair weather friends type shit
>talk to this girl every now and then
>nothing sexual she has a boyfriend
>she starts looking at apartments in class one day
>being in a rich town I start thinking she's overprivileged
>you know get her own place and her parents pay for it
>snap at her cause of the stereotypical shit im thinking of
>"Why the fuck can't you live at home? Do your parents fucking beat you or something calm the fuck down bitch"
>text her
>apologize, i actually felt bad
>she says it's okay but she's still mad
>says she's been abused for years
>been sleeping at friends houses for months
>too scared to go home
Anon how old is she and how old are you? cbf checking again but if shes below 17 I'd probably not take the risk because people like you could get beaten to death in jail unless your like some god-tier muscle man which is unlikely because everyone on 4chan falls into the fag-tier area with physical capability
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If it's fanfic for loli. It's ok. But the greentext is shit

If this shit is real.
>Pic related
check em
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>shota pussy
Why the hate guys besides she wasnt even a virgin
File: I'musedtothis.jpg (23 KB, 432x403) Image search: [Google]
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Yeah. Because you PROBABLY fucked her.
This is why the wrong side won ww2, if the nazi's dominated the cultural landscape fags like this would be rounded up and sent to deathcamps.

oh what a dream that would be.
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images (3).jpg
4 KB, 154x108
>be me
>be late 20s
>be between 8 and 11 years older than all three of my younger brothers
>come to moms house to visit them with my infant daughter
>immediate brother tells me to stop coming
>says he cant stand me and Im so gay and stupid
>calls me a fucking lame and says I make a mess of everything when Im here
>mfw Ive always felt like the youngest brother
>mfw always tried to impress my younger brothers
>mfw always felt like they were cooler thab me and looked up to them
>mfw Im a socially awkward ass
>mfw they all make fun of me for being half mexicunt unlike them
>mfw ive been considering killing myself cause theyre right
>mfw I probably have some sort of autism
No wonder they we're mad. You were suppose to mow the lawn.
Virgin or not ,dont fuck kids ,find a thight kid looking woman . Dont go around asking dumb girls to fuck you
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Below 17 she is 14 and yeah im fucking scaredand paranoic these last weeks i guess im going to visit my relatives in mexico until things calm down a bit and i also hope that the girl opens her mouth
Dont open her mouth *
How old is she?
They say shit like this all the time and Im supposed to kill myself and they hope trump sends me back or euthenizes me

Dude theyre ruthless but I love them
I feel like thay goth guy on youtube getting trolled by the kids

Ive done nothing to them that I can think of
I used to buy them clothes and games and skateboard shit on their birthdays
I would buy them toys when they were little
Did all their chores for them

Maybe its my fault
Maybe I tried to hard
Maybe theyd be better If I died
Alright anon you are the most beta motherfucker on this thread but I feel bad and want to help, You are going to buy a gym member ship and some protein....every tuesday, thursday you are going to gym your dick off and become Alpha as fuck, next time your brothers see you theyll either shut up or try be funny again, tell them to square up and theyll cry and die the end
maybe you should stop giving a shit about them.

I get i that they're family but if they're gonna be cunts, fuck em.

Whenever you go back to your moms house, don't be nice, treat them like an acquaintance and don't buy them shit

To be honest, these kids sound like they need to be fucking hit
Stop being a pussy, man. You think buying them shit is going to make them respect you?
You don't need their validation to be okay.
14 already say it
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You Psychopath.jpg
16 KB, 240x240
>be 15
>start forgetting things a lot
>friends are weird around me, as are family
>they even avoid me at times
>ask what's going on
>they say that i am an asshole now
>i am still the same friend?
>i start to get bullied, so i retaliate and such
>months go on, everybody hates me now
>i am having more trouble remembering stuff
>my parents say that they hope i change soon
>i have no idea what's going on in my life
>one day my parents say that we're late for the psychiatrist
>what psychiatrist?
>as soon as i come home, my room is a mess
>i ask my parents what happened, they just break down in tears
>i start to clean up, i find a bottle of medication
>now i am scared
>i don't even remember my life
>i confront my parents
>in the shower
>there's blood running down my nose
>don't know why
>can't remember how i got in the shower
>remember that my friend just punched me in the face a few seconds ago
>i yell out to taylor swift to get some tissues
>bill murray comes in and hands me some tissues
>i thank him
>he says to me that i should stop falling because it could hurt
>next thing i know i'm on the floor
>in hospital
>"he's awake"
>all of my friends and family come and go through out the week
>they all ask about what happened in my coma
In friend's ass
>be me 19 yo neet spic live in txs
>good neighborhood a lot of white families live in here i live with my stepdad and mom
>staying at home like i always do hear a knock on my door and its my neighbor its an old guy who looks like ned flanders but he has a hot wife
>asks me if im busy stupid me says no he wants me to coach a team of soccer for teens
>fucking stereotypes he thinks because im mexican i am good at soccer
>(i fucking hate kids too i hope this ends soon)
>ask her how many kids are on the team he tells me itst just my daughter and some other girls anon
>i tought it was a male team (fuckyeah i get to see cute girls in shorts)
File: 1462898145782.png (83 KB, 320x240) Image search: [Google]
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Easy solution, anon
Don't fuck kids
hurry faggot
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>Be 17
>be 11
>have been masturbating for a few years now
>discover that I have a fetish for the smell of poop when I'm fapping (I didn't know what a fetish was at the time, just that it made me rock hard)
>usually I just fart and then fap as fast as possible before the smell dissipates
>sometimes I poo a bit and wipe it on my fingers and bring it to my nose
>one night I'm over at a friends house
>late at night, everyone but me is asleep
>get rock hard out of nowhere
>try to fart but nothing is coming, can't poop either
>get desperate
>see friend on the bed on the other side of the room
>carefully and quietly walk over
>slowly pull down his pants and scratch off some of the crusted poop on his ass cheeks
>instantly get rock hard, harder than I'ver ever been before
>anxiously prance back to sleeping bag and cum in seconds

True story
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Your going to Jail+Your gonna become someone's bitch=Faggot who fucked up
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>when i get there my fucking excitement dies all girls look like they consume steroids fucking manbody
>try to finish my job quickly unexpectedly i happen to be very skilled at this
>end practice i tought sweaty girls were sexy but this manlooking bitches stank
>i skip the dressers and go to my house
>neighbor stops me and gives me thanks for helping:thanks anon i dont know anything about soccee bla bla can you help tomorrow?
>fuck im seriously thinking on dropping but im a loser so i say yes i can help
File: yummy poop.webm (3 MB, 640x360) Image search: [Google]
yummy poop.webm
3 MB, 640x360
Is this you today?
File: Forty_keks.jpg (23 KB, 292x257) Image search: [Google]
23 KB, 292x257
Forgot image bitches lookin like pic related
File: 1458271443750.png (278 KB, 1025x571) Image search: [Google]
278 KB, 1025x571
>Takes video of himself extracting poop from public places
>Rubs it all over his face and on his body
>Posts his home address
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Principal Skinner face.jpg
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lost interest
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rick fuck face.jpg
7 KB, 242x250
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fuck this shit
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What the fuck man.png
2 MB, 1600x900
Im not physically beta... I wrestled through highschool and was huge up until a few years ago I used to kick everyones ass whod fight them
Particularly my immediate brother ... Well call him R... R has a temper and used to get hinself into trouble a lot so nuch so that the bloods would always try to jump him... I actually took a bullet that grazed my scalp because of him

Trust me its not that
I dont just buy them shit
I always try to share what I know and Im good at always tried to help them succeed in shit and get aspirations other than hurrdurr pewdiepie

Theyre so knowledgeable on internet shit but shit on me for my musical interests

I tried to get R and L (my 2nd youbgest brother) in my band once and they mocked me for weeks

This isnt like high school taunting either

Too be honest theybnever gotnhit my stepdad didnt believe in that during when they were young unlike my dad who beat the shit out of me for being out of line

Its not buying shit Ive always just wanted them to like me
I know people who have siblings and theyre close as fuck ride or die for eachother but me... Its like I give and give and they could care less

Its like Im siblings with a bunch of cats
Me and R started going at it today and I wanna kill myself cause I think I broke his left bottom rib when things escalated
File: image.jpg (11 KB, 143x153) Image search: [Google]
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you dense beanfucker you really think that the law won't get to your ass you sick bastard this is why you don't have a girlfriend cause you spend all day eating carne and fapping to loli i bet that you listen to your shitty banda music everytime you go to burger king at the end of day your a waste of oxygen and space
>be me earlier today
>be fappin away
>cum and clean up
>put clothes back on
>after a few minutes, post-cum leaks out
>just leave it because I'm lazy
>few hours later get invited to party tonight
>hosted by hot girl
>go to party
>it's outside in hot girl's backyard
>a few of my bros are there
>hot girl's hot friends are there too
>have fun partying
>have to piss really bad
>go near tree to piss
>notice strong fish smell wafting from dick
>remember leaving post-cum in underwear
>think little of it and go back to party
>midnight rolls around
>some people have left
>just me, bros, hot girl and two of hot girl's friends
>me and hot girl cuddle under a blanket while we all watch a movie
>notice hot girl starting to feel my thighs and putting her legs over mine
>she starts feeling up my crotch
>suddenly say I'm thirsty
>get up and grab a drink from fridge
>didn't want her smelling my fishdick
>everyone is spending the night
>I decide to go home in case hot girl tried to do anything
>didn't want her smelling my fishdick

tl;dr Almost got handjob/sex from a hot girl at a party. Was cockblocked by fishdick.

Mate this is my thread I don't give a fuck who you think you are or how superior you feel but if you arent going to share a story or show any interest then go start an anti child sex thread or some shit, or even better...kill yourself, your opinion is nothing but a silenced muffle on 4chan, tumblr and reddit is where you complain and be a bitch about this shit
File: 1396487116028.jpg (66 KB, 500x375) Image search: [Google]
66 KB, 500x375
Why didn't you use a fucking bathroom?
What grade are they in anon? it might be because of them being edgy high school cunts rather than actually hating you.

Also they seem like cunts so try not to deal with them when you see your mom. just try to ignore them until they stop being twats. And if you broke his rib, then maybe he will stop fucking with you and treat you with some respect. But don't kill yourself over your shit brothers being shit.
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>Two years ago
>Girl at work
>She's fucking awesome
>Into basically everything I am
>10/10 looks and personality
>At work coworkers are all talking about favorite animals
>I've never seen mine irl
>Few days later
>She mentions that she found a zoo that has my favorite animal
>"Sweet thanks for telling me! I'll have to head down there sometime"
>Tells me that tickets are currently buy one get one free
>"Good to know, thanks!"
>Notice weird look on her face
>She doesn't talk to me for a few weeks after
>Figure she's pissed at me about something but don't know why

Girl of my dreams asked me out and I blew her off because I'm an oblivious idiot. Someone kill me. Just realized this a few minutes ago
but i have new girlfriend now
Theyre in 10th and 12th grades
R is in his 2nd year at USC but refuses to move out again until he graduates
Dude just start talking to her like everything is normal and casually bring it up and tell her the dead truth that yoi blatantly didnt catch that and youre sorry you turned her down and you wanna make it up to her... But be genuine... DO NOT BE A BITCH ABOUT IT
Been there too anon
Why can't girls say what they mean
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 400x283) Image search: [Google]
31 KB, 400x283
"But i have a new girlfriend"
File: 1461978463100.webm (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [Google]
3 MB, 1920x1080

File: image.jpg (60 KB, 436x314) Image search: [Google]
60 KB, 436x314
>be me
>20 at the time
>just got out of long (3 yr) relationship
>randomly get message from this chick I went to school/worked with
>tells me she sees my ex with some other guy
>explain situation, she tells me sorry
>start catching up with each other, she is still dating the guy she had been dating since our Jr year.
>schedule a time to meet up and hang out and what not
>time comes. We meet up at the park and just talk for a couple of hrs. Nothing happens
>before we leave though we hug and we are little touchy feely. Grab her ass etc.
>that night we are texting
>she would talk so dirty, really was a freak
>couple of days later she asks if I want to come over while her bf is at work
>head over to their apartment, she gives me a tour which ends in her bedroom. We fuck. Her pussy is amazing
>couple of days later she wants me to come over again on my lunch break
>when I get there she is just wearing this plaid button up and black lacey thongs looks sexy as fuck
>have sex again
>about a week later hang out a third time whole her bf is at the house (she tells him she is going out with her friend for a late night jog)
>fuck again
>this night before I take her home she tells me all kinds of shit like why she is cheating and stuff
>basically cheating because he isn't giving her as much attention, he is playing WoW alot, and has been talking to some girl on there and she is afraid she will cheat on her
>mfw she is basically cheating on him because she thinks he MIGHT cheat on her with some girl on the other side of the country
>didnt fuck again after that but still dirty talked here and there until like a year and a half ago

Fucked up thing is she is still dating this same guy. And I am pretty sure he has no idea. Also it was pretty fucked how she kept it hidden from him

>saved my number in her phone under her sisters name
>eventually changed it to her friends name so he wouldnt get suspicious of her texting her sister so much

Haven't seen her in a few months but I'm going back there in a week or two. Hoping I can somehow salvage it, she's into game of thrones was thinking about possibly asking if she wanted to watch one of the new episodes
Like anything would've happened. She just wanted to leave class. Don't read into it.
Talk to her again and say the truth.

"Hey, sorry for not asking you out, I'm an idiot. [pauses] So, do you want to go to the zoo with me, I promise that I'll make it up for last time"
Eh, continue. Why not.
Does anyone have the story of the chippo man been looking for it cant find it for shit
Well he's an adult and he is picking fights, sorry anon but my final verdict is that R is a cunt and will likely always be a cunt. It's not your fault that he is or that the others are but you need to accept that your brothers are unpleasant people. Don't shut them out completely but sure as shit don't do anything nice for them anymore.

Think about it like this, your time and effort can be put into a shit ton of other things. Why should they get any of it if they are only going to shit on you. Best case scenario they change and treat you like a human being. Worst case scenario, they are just those little cunts you have to deal with at your mom's house.
Thread replies: 107
Thread images: 46

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