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s/fur why even are the some key do it now?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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s/fur why even are the some key do it now?
This is what im talking about
Me in action
Come help >>684176887
it's k bruh
i'm not into doges anyway
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Furry Yiffy 1252094708346.jpg
185 KB, 1000x1400
>i pretty much hate all mobile OSes which is why i mentioned the pyra
Rockchip (big chinese ARM platfurm) -based devices support ARM Lisux. I know because I've tried one :3 (it was an Ewwbuntu tho) On my TV stick. Had to return to Android on it fur Flash support related things tho

>probably gonna be like €600ish
They're crazy butt I dokn't think that crazy. Holy fuck that'd buy you a laptop that'll do more than that device ever could
>sans size

>i just need to be able to run normal linux (not android) on something tiny with a screen, a physical keyboard and wifi
So basically smth like Surface butt ARM
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Furry Yiffy 1252105061671.gif
792 KB, 920x576
Wanna elaborate?
File: Furry Yiffy 1246735562563.jpg (88 KB, 642x832) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1246735562563.jpg
88 KB, 642x832
Yeah no

You can get AIDS by just looking
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702 KB, 632x621
I feel vaguely like starting to program for android
Fun hobby
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Furry Yiffy 1253297013000.jpg
210 KB, 900x652
Its just shit now don't worry lol
You may stil get salmonella tho
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129 KB, 800x701
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Furry Yiffy 1269646331145.jpg
226 KB, 1280x1010
That applies to about all programming prolly
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Furry Yiffy 1253299125470.jpg
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Deityspeed anon
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not really, i just hate them. for keyboards, on-screen things are just so inferior to real buttons. i think that's my main problem with them, the rest is just irrational ARGH NO I DON'T LIKE IT

yeah it's a lot of money.
i've not really looked into the surface, so idunno.
realistically i don't think i'll find anything that good that matches my requirements - so i'll have to stick to a regular laptop.

probably for the best anyway
>It's THE CURRENT YEAR and you plebs are not praising Kisha as your goddess

File: Screenshot_2016-05-14-02-46-42.png (258 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [Google]
258 KB, 720x1280
>he mad
File: 1440033186798.jpg (196 KB, 800x674) Image search: [Google]
196 KB, 800x674

Between you and me, I think it'd be particularly well in reach. But I don't want to become a completely myopic one-sided individual
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101 KB, 851x315
the only thing to realy praise,bro!
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cheers, I do like what you've done there
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But now they made a second thread
I was waiting for the first one to 404 but a fag bumped
I'm going to bed since nobody wants to move a finger
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Furry Yiffy 1256942938078.jpg
208 KB, 652x798
>just irrational ARGH NO I DON'T LIKE IT
So basically touchscreens are literally your input device equivalent to WINdows fur you :3

>i'll have to stick to a regular laptop
>probably for the best anyway
Cankn't argue w/ that

Unless by regular laptop you meant The Dead

That reply wasn't to you though shitanon.

You're posting to yourself in threads, and thats it.

It's so autistic it's not even entertaining.
File: 1459797312293.jpg (160 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [Google]
160 KB, 960x1280

next one i'll charge
You are no brother of mine, heretic

But we can be fuckbuddies
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Furry Yiffy 1299873308639.png
532 KB, 526x755
Knot sure I follow
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Furry Yiffy 1299286669721.jpg
562 KB, 948x1200
yeah, except for the keyboards, those i think are a legit issue

>you meant The Dead
usually not, but it's definitely available and i'd like to check it out again soon
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225 KB, 720x1280
He replied to a guy posting a cd saying ITS NOT GAY or some shit like that
Go check yourself, its like the 4 reply right before my shitstorm begun

That was not me, as you can see i see my post in grey background. Can't samefag a screenshot

Pic related more mad ops
File: doyoueven.jpg (38 KB, 512x384) Image search: [Google]
38 KB, 512x384
just be the typ of anwser you given that will never happen, go back do BF4 or Pokemon or what every you think is worth your time
File: Screenshot_2016-05-14-02-59-27.png (234 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [Google]
234 KB, 720x1280
See who he replied to
Don't call me samefag you nigger
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Furry Yiffy 1298674797702.png
669 KB, 758x927
>tbf i use a BT keyb w/ my tabby :p
Writing lots of stuff fast on a touch screen can be a pain, I'll give ya that

>it's definitely available
Yeah only one blood sacrifice and moderate exorcism required

>Do BF4
>Inject and smoke the BF4S
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Furry Yiffy 1298679751608.jpg
135 KB, 1223x1280
dont know what i exspected but yeah, you proofed anything i could img. right now,

im out to much 14y old Bf4 for me
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Furry Yiffy 1298672753290.jpg
609 KB, 1351x967
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Furry Yiffy 1299281167643.jpg
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499 KB, 1280x1024
aha, so you do agree!

it's not that bad once it's up and running, though it does get angry often when using the browser

on the plus side it has a parallel port, which i've used in the past as GPIO
File: Furry Yiffy 1299267474937.jpg (339 KB, 784x777) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1299267474937.jpg
339 KB, 784x777
Oh no dude, it's just the way I kicked your plebeian ass beyond sun's realm ;)

>Kisha for goddess
File: 1455318579890.png (189 KB, 456x843) Image search: [Google]
189 KB, 456x843
File: Furry yiffy 1298670301131.jpg (416 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [Google]
Furry yiffy 1298670301131.jpg
416 KB, 1200x900
i admit knotting

>though it does get angry often when using the browser
Makes me angry learning how heartless you are

>it has a parallel port
You can w/ USB and an adapter :3

File: 1427043637610.jpg (612 KB, 1200x784) Image search: [Google]
612 KB, 1200x784
I'd probably pick up the skillset easily is what I mean
But spending time to do so means I'd become an more narrowly-experienced person

I know I should go do the people thing instead
File: Furry Yiffy 1299890273317.jpg (123 KB, 651x795) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1299890273317.jpg
123 KB, 651x795
Getting there

Approaching 4:30AM, won't last until </img> this week
File: Furry Yiffy 1298676986003.jpg (511 KB, 1280x852) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1298676986003.jpg
511 KB, 1280x852
>do the people thing instead
Alcohol and sex w/ strangers?
File: Furry Yiffy 1299270045148.jpg (174 KB, 1280x965) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1299270045148.jpg
174 KB, 1280x965
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196 KB, 952x1280
you'd be surprised how well it does. may gentoo it and build everything as minimal as possible, but it would take a fair while to compile everything initially

>USB and an adapter
but i already have the hardware :o

i used it to make a radio transmit previously, i had the radio wired to the soundcard and it was acting as a 1200bps (lol) modem
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Furry Yiffy 1301095670167.jpg
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Furry Yiffy 1299869579677.png
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Josh, simply math proves it impawsible

Your thing nowadays it seems

>would take a fair while to compile
A RasPi 1 would prolly beat it to it

>i already have the hardware
You can also have smth that's knot Dead
File: Furry Yiffy 1298681689188.jpg (641 KB, 1200x857) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1298681689188.jpg
641 KB, 1200x857
>radio transmit
>soundcard acting as a modem
How is this even
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence01.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence01.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
Suppose you're knot going to post the whole thing

Well guess what?

File: 1459303327852-0.jpg (167 KB, 1280x937) Image search: [Google]
167 KB, 1280x937

>Your thing nowadays it seems
there's a nice amount of control it gives me
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence02.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence02.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence03.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence03.png
2 MB, 1690x1104

Had to look it up quickly

Appurently is pawsible
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence04.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence04.png
2 MB, 1690x1104

>control it gives me
Or maybe it controls you
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence05.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence05.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence06.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence06.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence07.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence07.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
File: 1460154289565.png (1023 KB, 1001x1227) Image search: [Google]
1023 KB, 1001x1227
yeah, ax.25 packets using soundmodem :D

less so than debian does, or at least I think :o
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence08.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence08.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
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249 KB, 1016x858
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Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence09.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
File: Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence10.png (2 MB, 1690x1104) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy EmelieSequence10.png
2 MB, 1690x1104
10/10, concl.
File: 1456533690552.jpg (125 KB, 798x1200) Image search: [Google]
125 KB, 798x1200
What do you do / even can do w/ it?
Test how long it'd take to upload a rude pic?
>implying it can even be used fur such data

Josh plz. Are you trying to make me h8 the only lisux I can stand?
File: Furry Yiffy 1458597521627.jpg (93 KB, 639x836) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1458597521627.jpg
93 KB, 639x836
Welp, it's 4:42AM, calling it

Pawingofftiems + curlinguptiems

'till next FurFriday :3
File: 1460216444273.png (503 KB, 533x800) Image search: [Google]
503 KB, 533x800
i just wanted to use it to experiment with APRS and NET/ROM calls

and no, wut. i still use debian on some machines :)

goodnight, i'm gonna do the same because i ded

File: 1428132975420.png (2 MB, 981x1154) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 981x1154
fucking bingo

and that
File: 1456302695500.png (1021 KB, 1000x1060) Image search: [Google]
1021 KB, 1000x1060
File: 1457824808324.png (2 MB, 2000x1500) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 2000x1500
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55 KB, 1280x1225
Thread has been pruned or deleted
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>posts gfur

That's Charlotte from Bojack Horseman
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yeah.....just stop.jpg
30 KB, 332x443
i dunno man, people things can be strange
File: 1460607703637.jpg (344 KB, 1000x753) Image search: [Google]
344 KB, 1000x753
File: y.png (1 MB, 1500x2000) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 1500x2000
why can't you travel to two threads?
File: 1419901453824.png (270 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [Google]
270 KB, 1000x1000
yeah but i'm ok to try some on
just need to put my mind to it
File: 1456091312648.jpg (332 KB, 800x663) Image search: [Google]
332 KB, 800x663
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82 KB, 1280x853
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tfw no gfur
File: 1421485522374.png (819 KB, 948x1100) Image search: [Google]
819 KB, 948x1100

creat it
yeah i guess people things might be interesting every now and then

also that shark is cute, im surprised
I'd lurk.
I'm only here since there is no box or gfur.
File: 1461552868779.jpg (168 KB, 850x850) Image search: [Google]
168 KB, 850x850
all you need is an image and the ability to solve a captcha.
It seems impolite for a non-contributor to make a thread, I'm just here to look at butts, if no one wants to post I won't try and force them.
File: 1460156986896.jpg (270 KB, 1500x1000) Image search: [Google]
270 KB, 1500x1000
File: 1455515084675.png (279 KB, 684x1235) Image search: [Google]
279 KB, 684x1235
You can't bump your own threads, no one really expects you to.
File: avian31.jpg (115 KB, 701x635) Image search: [Google]
115 KB, 701x635
all these stupid sexy sharks are good, but burds are good if not better
File: avian15.png (1 MB, 1280x1280) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 1280x1280
File: 4L_t3mMufX8.gif (1 MB, 763x873) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 763x873
Can we get some bats in here?
File: 13136301.png (16 KB, 500x500) Image search: [Google]
16 KB, 500x500
Oh, it's a doe.
File: 1418337307523.png (599 KB, 1000x955) Image search: [Google]
599 KB, 1000x955
r u eggle?
File: 1456859304135.png (1 MB, 867x1000) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 867x1000
File: 180px-Sagebutton.jpg (5 KB, 180x169) Image search: [Google]
5 KB, 180x169
>this cancer belongs to /d/
File: image.jpg (493 KB, 1968x2350) Image search: [Google]
493 KB, 1968x2350
Whats the exact time it takes from its last bump for a thread to be deleted?
File: 1463104964420.png (497 KB, 778x1100) Image search: [Google]
497 KB, 778x1100

because bisexuals want actual pictures of both genders in the same picture

Alright fine.

Please come inside if you fancy >>684198561
Not even c l o s e
there is no set time.
It will stay on the board indefinitely, until enough new threads are created to push it off the bottom of the list.
File: 1447092380368.jpg (64 KB, 500x734) Image search: [Google]
64 KB, 500x734
File: 1455822988221.jpg (169 KB, 1280x937) Image search: [Google]
169 KB, 1280x937
Thanks dude, but I'm pretty straight.
I just want everybody to have the porn they want.
File: 1462980275.naomy_blancanieves.jpg (630 KB, 904x1280) Image search: [Google]
630 KB, 904x1280
I can and do all the time.
We do that by having separate threads.
File: 1445966683323.png (535 KB, 510x850) Image search: [Google]
535 KB, 510x850
Posting in your own thread doesn't bring it to the front page though, it just posts the image.
File: 1452971697870.png (469 KB, 496x800) Image search: [Google]
469 KB, 496x800
File: image.jpg (386 KB, 1250x1920) Image search: [Google]
386 KB, 1250x1920
Oh I never caught that, thx
I always change my ip after I op a thread.
I really do know what I'm talking about.
File: 1462962687.tailzkim_221.jpg (138 KB, 1051x1280) Image search: [Google]
138 KB, 1051x1280
File: 1453067166440.jpg (244 KB, 989x1280) Image search: [Google]
244 KB, 989x1280
File: 1451967486083.jpg (710 KB, 852x1280) Image search: [Google]
710 KB, 852x1280
fair enough then.
File: 1419282773164.png (574 KB, 1014x788) Image search: [Google]
574 KB, 1014x788
why are certain panties so hot?

not most, just a few, and i don't know what's the particular
File: 1435618704729.jpg (400 KB, 808x1280) Image search: [Google]
400 KB, 808x1280
I wanna be inside a shark grills belly
I dont know..

Probably because some compliment the shape and colouring of a girls body better then others.

It can also be influenced on how you were raised, what you saw growing up.
File: 1444611531041.png (314 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [Google]
314 KB, 960x1280
hey, there you are!
File: 1461014060988.png (231 KB, 416x662) Image search: [Google]
231 KB, 416x662
Was napping
I want to slap my isp.

Fucking connection keeps dropping out.
File: 1416687101043.jpg (133 KB, 768x768) Image search: [Google]
133 KB, 768x768
do you feel it too?
i think that's a more interesting question
File: 1455592636847.jpg (153 KB, 675x900) Image search: [Google]
153 KB, 675x900
Wish i could nap. I have to work 2 jobs to pay for school.
File: 1462489951763.png (1 MB, 1100x935) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 1100x935
File: 1462919716.kolae_beechgirl.png (2 MB, 800x988) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 800x988
well, I do like some more then others.
And what is this expensive schooling you're buying yourself?

How will it benefit your life?
File: 1461031254520.png (1 MB, 900x1300) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 900x1300
File: 1458962241430.png (755 KB, 700x796) Image search: [Google]
755 KB, 700x796
A uni degree in engineering, hopefully a good job and some good pay. Plus I get to do something I love for the rest of my life.
File: 1456179538410.jpg (575 KB, 1100x1100) Image search: [Google]
575 KB, 1100x1100
File: RUNBERNIERUN-640x400.png (409 KB, 640x400) Image search: [Google]
409 KB, 640x400
Well, an Associate's won't do you much good.
what's good pay?
And what do you expect to be doiing?
Also, how realistic is it that this education really will get you your dream job?
File: 1462927178236.jpg (107 KB, 703x675) Image search: [Google]
107 KB, 703x675
I'm drunk

cubs or feral dragonz pls thnx
File: 1461213242145.jpg (98 KB, 1097x1280) Image search: [Google]
98 KB, 1097x1280
I'm Canadian. Trudeau doesn't help that much either.
~100k canadian pesos a year. gonna be doing computer systems design. we have a 96% relevant employment rate
File: 1456777587061.png (1 MB, 1280x1229) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 1280x1229
unless it's aerospace you are kinda not gonna be making much more than an un-educated pure-work-experience manager.

if it IS aerospace... and you DO love it.. prepare to do what you love.. A LOT/
How is engineering related to computer systems design?

And 100k CD isnt too impressive. It's decent though.
File: 1463107242480.jpg (484 KB, 850x1100) Image search: [Google]
484 KB, 850x1100

Well I'm also Canadien, I just thought it was an amusing reply.
That's not gonna be your starting rate.
Level with that now.
File: 1462922496614.png (359 KB, 848x1167) Image search: [Google]
359 KB, 848x1167
It's a program called Computers and Systems Engineering.
File: 1456424378240.png (511 KB, 684x768) Image search: [Google]
511 KB, 684x768
Oh, that's vastly different from engineering.
File: 1376449017345.png (335 KB, 1152x913) Image search: [Google]
335 KB, 1152x913
File: 1376449050819.jpg (100 KB, 650x800) Image search: [Google]
100 KB, 650x800
File: 1376449081995.png (416 KB, 864x864) Image search: [Google]
416 KB, 864x864
File: 1376449459363.png (1 MB, 1000x750) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 1000x750
File: 1376449492457.jpg (219 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [Google]
219 KB, 960x1280
File: 1376449524682.jpg (78 KB, 1024x843) Image search: [Google]
78 KB, 1024x843
File: 1462850419816.png (2 MB, 1827x1875) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 1827x1875
File: 1376449557559.jpg (241 KB, 1252x1280) Image search: [Google]
241 KB, 1252x1280
File: 1376449741500.jpg (116 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [Google]
116 KB, 1280x1280
File: 1376450107383.png (998 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [Google]
998 KB, 1000x750
File: 1447937111350.jpg (295 KB, 800x600) Image search: [Google]
295 KB, 800x600
File: a9ea1e87d0eda866e2ccf557d07f254f.jpg (280 KB, 1044x1200) Image search: [Google]
280 KB, 1044x1200
File: 1461442981042.png (1 MB, 978x1500) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 978x1500
well yea, no shit. one lucky grad got a coop with the gov't, and he started at 97k right outta school, and 106k after 3 years. He had a crazy high gpa though.

It's still eng. I have to take all the same base courses as everyone from civil to struct. It's the essentially elec eng with a focus on programming. It still gets p.eng qualification and its held to the same standards as all other eng courses across canada.
Where is everyone tonight?
Was there more mass B&ings?
I'm not sure what you mean by "co-op", as it's not matching any usage I'm familiar with.
File: 1462774820.metka04_skanuj_145.jpg (368 KB, 907x1280) Image search: [Google]
368 KB, 907x1280
I suspect he meant coup.
File: images-1.jpg (7 KB, 259x194) Image search: [Google]
7 KB, 259x194

Jarjars sister
File: 1444612367006.png (691 KB, 1276x992) Image search: [Google]
691 KB, 1276x992
It's where the uni you go to sets you up with a job somewhere that you'll get experience in the field you're studying. its pretty much just a regular job, they just help you find it and officially mark down that you've got "accredited experience"
I doubt it.
The closest def. I've got is basically an internship, but you take semesters off and graduate later due to the meshing of your time.

In that case, a higher starting salary isn't odd, since the hiring manager already knows it's a safe bet and what prior experience is present.

But "grad got a coop" doesn't satisfy that to me.
I don't know
What do u mean
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