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Help me out, /b/. I'm looking for some decent anime to watch.

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Help me out, /b/. I'm looking for some decent anime to watch. Movies specifically, but if a show is top tier with NO fucking filler episode bullshit I'll give it a go. I'll bump with porn until you dickwads help a guy out.
Code geass is really good.
>looking for decent anime
Well there was your first mistake
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Ever seen Redline?
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>some guy likes something I don't, better let him know

thanks, I'll put it on my list
listen here u fucking cuck, i will find and stab you for talking shit about japan, you fucking dirty muslim allah sand nigger, hope you die in a fire
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Nope, I'll look it up though
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>decent anime
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What anime is that from? Those graphics are amazing
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Also hellsing is pretty good. Hellsing ultimate is better than hellsing tho.
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I've seen a few episodes a long ass time ago, but never finished. I liked what I saw so I guess I should finish it.

Here's some red poon for your troubles
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Sorry, I'm more into this kind of stuff
>Children who Chase Lost Voices.
>Spirited Away.
>Howl's Moving Castle.
That's my list of Feature-Length anime films.
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Thanks, man, will check them all out.
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Then you should love this
well.. steins; gate is pretty cool
afro samurai (only 5 episodes, worth a try)
fate/zero (if you prefer a darker story) or stay/night if you want waifus
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Not really into force anime waifu shit but I'll check them out. I think that's why most anime gets a bad rep. A friend had told me about fate/zero a little while back but I ignored him. I'll give it a shot, thanks
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All of these are really bad. Especially steins gate. Don't waste your time OP
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for me it's a really nice story, dark and sad.
maybe cowboy bebop (it's full of fillers, but most of people love it, not me)
psycho-pass it's interesing, 2 seasons (24+11 episodes) and a movie
>Big O
>Trinity Blood
>Last Exile
>Read or Die
>Read or Dream
>Black Lagoon
>Serial Experiments Lain
>The Magical Abenobashi Shopping Arcade
>Case Closed
>Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
>Soul Eater
>D. Grey Man
>Durarara!! 2
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Watch Baccano
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Then post some suggestions, dawg. I'm going to be looking up the premise to all of the shows/movies posted to see if I'll be into them. I'm pretty open on most things, as long as it doesn't take place at a high school.
It depends what your into OP. Personally I'd recommend Kaze no Stigma. It's a short anime with like 20+ episodes but I quite enjoyed watching it.
This guy has a pretty nice list. Claymore and berserk I would highly recommend. Berserk is one of the best anime I've ever watched, and I watch a lot.

This guys list
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I fucking hate fillers, but I may give it a shot

Thanks for the list, man. It's appreciated
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>Ghost in the Shell, 2nd Gig too
>Paranoia Agent
>Cowboy Bepop
>Fairy Tail
>Darker than Black
>Blue Gender (it's not great, but I like it)
>Fate / Stay Night
>Trinity Blood
>Blue Exorcist
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Psycho Pass
>Okami-san and her Seven Companions
>Witch Hunter Robin
>Samurai Champloo
cowboy bebop
>fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
samurai champloo
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Thanks for the suggestions
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Thanks for all of the suggestions, running out of regular photos and my webms are too large to post so I'll post a few wallpapers before I head out
>Morbito Guardian of the Spirit
>Outlaw Star
>Code Geass
>Bleach, first Arc
>Dragon Ball
>Dragon Ball Z
>Gate Keeper

Alright, that's all I got off the top of my head.
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>Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
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Thanks man, it's appreciated I'll put them on the list
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Thanks anon
dragon ball z was actually trash.

if you're over the age of 12, it's unwatchable. just watch dbz abridged instead.
Oh fuck, I forgot

>Wolf's Rain
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Shigurui is a great anime series
6eps I think
Non of the cliche's in your typical shitfill anime

you wont be disappoint, son

personally, i cant stand all the cliche's in anime episodes
I can only watch japan animated movies

Ninja Scroll
Princess Nausicaa of the Wind Valley
Spirited Away
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in a Shell
Jin Roh: The wolf brigade

i know i missing some good ones
FLCL is really fucking good. Only six episodes long, but you will want to rewatch it many times
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Ok, sweet, those are the kinds of shows I like. To the point, no bullshit filler.

Thanks, yeah I'm the same way which is why I tried to request movies specifically. The cliche demon/angel/magical high school love story waifu anime is what gives the rest a bad reputation.
Mushishi for interesting cool shit, samurai champloo has glorious music and interesting story, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is just fucking sweet and one punch man if you just want something funny.
For movies you should watch wolf children if you want to learn how big of a bitch you are. Summer wars is fun and pretty much anything from studio ghibli is gold. The ghost in the shell movie is visually stunning and inspired the matrix. Pick your poison, you can't really choose wrong with these, the rest is up to preference.
Fuck, I forgot about One Punch Man. I've seen a few clips and that shit looked pretty funny. Thanks I'll check it out. Yeah, I've seen Ghost in the Shell and most other popular movies. I'll definitely check out the rest though
black lagoon is a solid show, actiony and gunfights
code geass is pretty good, actiony, giant robots, politics
welcome to the nhk, funny, sometimes emotional, might not be your thing

the boy and the beast, quality movie
spirited away, best animated picture 2001
howl's moving castle, fun whimsy with a bit of love, very similar to spirited away
redline, high octane racing movie, recommend watching while high due to intense animation style
princess mononoke, you ought to enjoy it if you enjoyed vampire hunter d
the garden of words, slice of life, somewhat abstract or "artsy" presentation of story (i think its just a japanese thing though), heavy feels
wolf children, slice of life, family feels, some funny.

i know you said "no filler" but i really enjoyed fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. it has some throwaway episodes here and there, and some less than serious scenes designed entirely to mimic manga-style expressions for comedic effect, but the core story is amazing, especially the closer it gets to the end.
File: 1463045588187.jpg (1 MB, 4208x3120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4208x3120
Overall I've heard pretty good things about Full Metal Alchemist so I'll probably end up giving it a try. Thanks anon
I need Charlie the hedgehog plz
Also, do you know where I can get that pimp ass Life of a Gamer t-shirt? You think they sell it on Amazon?
Try trigun its my a time favorite
to be perfectly real with you, there will probably be things you wont like about it (like may chang and her stupid little panda the size of a kitten) but if you can just calmly overlook things like that and appreciate the broader story and the other characters, its really good.
Yeah, man, I've seen Trigun the show and the movie and I liked them both pretty well.

Haha, I'm not stuck up when it comes to anime ,or anything really. I'm pretty open to most things. It's just that a lot of the anime my sister watches is cliche as fuck and I'm trying to avoid that. As long as it's not about some guy and his waifu love interest I'll probably be ok with it
Personally the only anime films/series I've ever watched and enjoyed are the following (you've probably seen all/most of it) but thought I'd share in case you haven't:

Akira... obviously
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate
Blue Exorcist (there are filler episodes though)

Personally I'm not crazy into anime, but the above are all awesome imo.
I've seen them all but two, but I'll check those two out. Yeah, I've never been real big into it either, but I've seen a few that I liked a lot. Kind of the reason I'm on here now, haha. Animated or live action, it doesn't matter. I just like good stories. Thanks for the suggestions, man.
np bro. It's something I've enjoyed here and there. Fist of the North Star's pretty cool too if you haven't seen that. Pretty slow in parts though...
I highly recommend spirited away or journey to agartha if ur into monsters from another dimension and shit
>Fist of the North Star's pretty cool too

pretty brutal action
very good
watch ninja scroll right now faq
Nah, I've not seen it but I'll check it out.

It's at the top of my list
ah, ok i got you. well if you're also willing to devote for 2 seasons worth of episodes (50), higurashi (or "when they cry" or "when cicadas cry") is pretty good, especially if you like groundhog day or "edge of tomorrow" style stuff. the problem here is that the first season is a series of story arcs (4-6 episodes each) that dont seem connected in any way apart from re-using the same characters so you'll be totally lost, but the second season answers all oft he questions and ties everything together nicely. its sort of like an investment to sit through some stuff that might not make sense in order to get the big payoff. i enjoy it, but i remember kind of disliking the first season my first time watching it, but i promised my friend i would give it a try and he assured me that the second season makes it worth.

if we're loosening our standards here, angel beats was pretty good, but rushed to fit 12 episodes.

no game no life isnt exactly "guy and his waifu" as much as "gratuitous fanservice", guy is a perv but forever a virgin. its a pretty funny show. only 12 episodes and it caught up to the manga, so no clue if/when we might get a season 2.

highschool of the dead, zombies and jiggle-tits. take it or leave it. dont watch the dub, they add in stupid americanisms like a reference to sarah palin.

oh, and "erased" is actually good. i should have added that to my first list.

claymore is also good, especially if you like vampire hunter d, i forgot to include it because theres just the one season and the broader story doesnt resolve. one of those endings where you're left looking forward, but theres no season 2.
Cyber City Oedo 808, Dominon Tank Police, Megazone 23, Dangaioh, Guyver

Go Get.
Guyver as in the alien suit Guyver? I didn't fucking know that was an anime. I remember watching the live action movie as a kid, I will definitely check that shit out. Thanks

Yeah, I'll definitely check out higurashi, erased and claymore.
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some good ol berserk
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