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if you have sex once and then never again... are you "not

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if you have sex once and then never again... are you "not a virgin" forever or do you gain that status back after x amount of time of not having sex?
I wanna die in those tits
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guys please, my question
Her back must be ripped from carrying those around.

And I would rub that back every damned day.
Those tits look like weird pepperonis so I shall answer your question. Once you lose it you lose it you don't regain the status due to an x amount of sex not given
Abstinence doesn't make you not a virgin, it just means you're in for a long, sad, lonely life.
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You just become "that" guy/girl.
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>posts tits
>m-muh question
This is the thread you chose. Post some more tits. Now.
Virginity is described as the state of never having had sexual intercourse.

So once you have sex, no matter what gender, sexuality or position you fuck, you are no longer a virgin. Period.
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time to kick back and relax forever then.

theres alot of "that guy" type of guys ya know \
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have a few more before I go
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temporary abstinence until life is sorted out

sounds like I'll be fine m8
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But once you smell that smelly smell you are hooked
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No. After you've had sex, you are no longer a virgin, and never will be again in the current life.
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>school of wizard magics lost to me forever

honestly really pissed right
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It grows back after approximatly 468 days, so regular maintenance is needed so as not to induce pain.

It's why older people stop having sex

if female see gyno now!
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Meh, there are no real 'powers.' I've had so much sex, that I've become bored with it; the disillusion you gain about sex after having it enough times is a 'power' in itself, for it (sex) no longer controls you or determines your actions. You basically stop focusing so much on that base desire and start focusing on what's really important. Namely, you and your hobbies.
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too bad once you hit this point everyone treats you like some fuckin social pariah

good luck explaining that line of thinking to a dudebro or normie

I know I know

>explaining yourself to people

I stopped awhile ago.
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Exactly; I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I feel like Trump, minus the wealth or cult-following.
Thread replies: 24
Thread images: 19

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