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She doesn't want me, /b/; Lets get a feels thread.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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She doesn't want me, /b/;
Lets get a feels thread.
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Fuck her
literally just forget about it, don't even feel those fucking feels. It won't matter at all in 2 months.
Welp, its just that it seems a lot of shit happened in one single day, and she turned out to not want it today as well, so yea, bad trip as fuck
Tomorrow is another day.
Think about some other shit.
I'm 5 days clean off heroin, but currently high on cocaine instead. 22 years old.
feels bad man
Welp, shit, I just wanted to see other's problems so I can just let it all seem like just another day
Get better dude
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>Life is just a short flick of nothing in a universe.
>You are just a slightly inteligent monkey, standing on a rock rushing through the universe 30 kilometres every second.
>Every day, you can die in a flick of the second due to bilions of different reasons.
>All the feelings; Hapiness, love are just biochemical reactions in your brain. Nothing more. Just dopamine in your fucking brain that could go off any fucking time. You can get the same effect by getting druged.
>There's no god. No heaven. No hell. People like to lie to themselves so they can hope that there will be something after they die. But there's nothing.
>Neither you nor me will matter after we die.
>No one will remember us.
>No one will remember who we were.
>No one will remember this site.
>This thread.
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Screenshot (29).png
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This one from the previous thread really hit home.
Yeah I hope so. I doubt I'll be going back to heroin, but I definitely have substance issues that I don't think are going away any time soon. I can't stay sober for longer than a couple of days, I have no self control and will just get high off whatever takes my fancy. Heroin is no joke though, months went by and I didn't realise I'd been using daily for a long time. Really weird.
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I used to go out for walks all the time. Just stick my headphones on and walk for a couple of hours. Don't know why I stopped really, maybe I'll go tonight...
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>"Hey Anon, how about you hang at my place with me, then join me at a concert this weekend??"
>tfw this is the third concert she's invited you to
>tfw you know she's probably going to cancel again
>tfw she DOES cancel again
>"Sorry Anon, I have a ton of work due..."
>tfw you already spent $30 on your ticket
>tfw you're going alone

why live?
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i am disappoint 2.jpg
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Damn, that sucks man.
Swear I actually feel bad for u /b/rah, cheers from Brazil.
Try getting a new life dude, friends help a lot, true ones
>tfw she asked everyone to come but me
>tfw no one else asked me to come so I stayed at home
>tfw had to listen them about how it was so cool and awesome while I was at home
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Same happened to me bro
They went to the beach
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I was away on a Church trip and they showed up to my house for a surprise visit.
>tfw there is no God
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>another party

shit sucks, man
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>worked in a hostel in europe for a few years
>Fucked 40+ girls
>all one/two night stands
>some meaningful encounters, but mostly women are selfish garbage whores (multiple girls who had a bf they "loved", but still wanted my dick)
>leaves me feeling disaffected and uninterested in sluts (95% of women)
>be 27
>Haven't even kissed a girl in nearly 2 years now
>Now live in Spain
>Meet qt Italian girl
>She initiates everything
>Begin to allow myself to feel something for the first time in eons
>She's sweet and nice
>fiki fiki
>Following morning
>"you don't have a bf, right femanon?"
>"actually I do, but we broke up, but we're in an open relationship., but I've been single for a year, but I'm still in love with him and waiting to come back to me, but we're still together, but I'm available, but I'm not, but I like you, but nothing serious can come of this, but I haven't met someone like you before"
>realise all women are dumb monkey branching whores

What is the point in even trying? Every woman I've met over the last 3 years is just riding the cock carousel/addicted to narcissitic tinder swiping, in a degenerate as fuck open relationship,or desperately looking for a man to be a sperm donor/legally obligated cash machine


It's always the ones who like to go to those types of things.

5 days is an achievement my friend. You are still young and so still have a chance. It is hard as fuck, and will be forever. But anon, you can do it. I've seen too many friends fucked up by drugs (my own life is not exempt), but I believe in you. You can do it /b/ro
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Yeah, at least last two times I got invited and actually went there with them. Most fun I've had in a while.
Currently just waiting for another opportunity not to get invited
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Okay so here's my life story, and issues. Haven't had a nice vent in a while, maybe you fucking stupid niggers have something to say.
I'm like a solid 9/10 in the face, I'm 6"4 tall, 7" dick. (feel free to say I'm lying idgaf).

Should be fucking life on easy mode. Yet I have chronic anxiety, depression, substance abuse problems, am skinny as fuck because of my poor diet and lack of exercise, and have absolutely no place in any social group. I just sit in my room and play games I barely enjoy, browse 4chan and reddit (stfu) almost constantly, never attend my uni course, never do anything social with anyone other than parties that are thrown at my house and are all just people from a friend group I'm not really part of. All just friends of my friend, I'm not one of them. I just live here.

I have 1 real friend who I'm not even very close to any more. The only other people I have any contact through are my housemates (I am at university), just people I know through him, and are acquaintances at best, who I only ever see at parties, and even then have no conversation with because of my social awkwardness.

Occasionally someone will be like omg you are so fit blah blah and it's like... I'm fucking dead on the inside, I have absolutely nothing to offer the world and I really do wish I could just kill myself. It's so weird to be complimented all the time and feel so fucking terrible.

But I'm trapped, have a sibling that I really couldn't leave behind like that, so I have no choice but to just go through the motions and fucking eurgh.

Just recently stopped taking heroin after 7 months of daily use, 5 days clean now, but have resorted to cocaine tonight.

There is, without question, something wrong with my brain, and I've known for a while now that I will never, ever be truly happy. Every antidepressant and tedious therapist has been the same disappointing failure.

Yeah, I have maybe one true friend. Everyone else is just fucking people that I'll likely not be speaking to in 12 months time.
>9/10 face
>7 months of heroin

Common, try a little bit harder with this made up shit
>implying every heroin addict is also a meth addict.

heroin doesn't just totally fuck up your face after 7 months you retard.
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A sad crying clown in an iron lung

Spainfag here

I was new in this city when I moved here from Ireland. I met one group of people and they really took me under their wing. This group of Spaniards took real care to invite me to a lot of things. I was just coming out of being depressed and so found socialising quite difficult, esp. since I couldn't communicate properly in Spanish at that point. But I noticed something

After a while, due to my lazy, apathetic approach to their parties and shit like that, I noticed I started to get invited to things less and less. Since they were my only group of friends in the country practically, I knew it was important to maintain the relationship with the group, as to not do so would leave me isolated, and at risk of relapsing into depression.

I started to make more effort to have a good time and be energetic at parties and gatherings, and also initiated a few of them (Do this anon. Invite one or two of them to go for a coffee if you don't want to throw a party)

It really helped to grow individual friendships within the group and as a result, I get invited to more things, I have better more meaningful conversations and relationships with them, and my social skills have grown

You can do it too man, just put yourself out there (but not too much, since you're probably a fucking weirdo. Introduce the crazy slowly)
Have you ever fucking seen a heroin addict, fuckface? It's not only the fucking drug that fucks up your fucking face.
That's what I'm saying.
I've been using heroin pretty much every day for 7 months, but I'm not living in some fucking crack den and doing meth and shit aswell, like many heroin addicts do.
I didn't/don't class myself as a heroin addict, I just used it for a long time, and now I've decided enough is enough before, yeah, I fuck my face up...

so relax, you little niglet
there are many functional heroin addicts, not all of them are totally strung out hollow-faced zombies...
You can consider yourself lucky then (if what you are saying is true), I have knows a guy who was on that shit for only about 5 months. In the end, he looked like something that came out of the fucking Romero's Dawn of the Dead
was only shooting it for the last 2 months or so of my use. That's when I knew it was becoming a problem. I think route of administration plays a large part in how much heroin can fuck you up.
Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 15

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