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new s/fur

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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new s/fur
that sounds like a very likely reason
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madmax' girl and ride2.jpg
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then why do all the updates? is your system running incredibly instable or why do you update it?
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I'm dog tred. don't know how long I can last tonight...
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it was a fairly warm day today, and i'm in an attic room which means all the heat is mine

weren't there actual cases of early x99 boards catching fire?
and this >>684161670
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my laptop does have a SSD. but an old one (120 gb), and the bottleneck in my laptop is the old dual core cpu. but still a nice machine (Thinkpads are great laptops!)
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>weren't there actual cases of early x99 boards catching fire?
wait, like in actually spitting flames or what?
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Update is my middle name :3

Yeah I have problems w/ a couple of RAM sticks no worky. Tho there's about 99% chance one of the DIMM slots on the mobo is completely dead. Butt I also have one vacant and working slot (and another 4 more actually butt they're a separate bank/cluster) butt neither of my extra RAM work on it which I assume could be foxed w/ a later BIOS version.

Anyway, regardless, I always keep my shit up to date. IMO a BIOS upgrade is knot a "hotfox" butt just as impurtant as updating any software and should be kept as latest
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IMHO a bios update is only necessary if a system runs unstable or you need it for a new cpu or such. 'never change a running system' is my motto.
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I think so, though I can't see a huge amount about it now.

I only see 2 instances mentioned there, it was quite a "long" time ago
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Longer w/ coffee
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nah, had 4 coffee and a couple of energy drinks today, my stomach can't take any more.
just gonna cuddle into bed with my cat and enjoy the fact I can sleep as long as I want
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I'm too tired to go on, therefore heading to sleep
See you.
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good night, Gears
sleep well
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ror penthouse

Get a fan

Why yes, another variant of mine, X99 DELUXE sure did. It also killed CPUs. Some dude who blogs tech shit had his board kill two i7-5960Xs, which is a ~1,000$ CPU. Asus paid tho
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Oh how lovely. Cant sleep, yet again.
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Anyone like Cats Can't Dance?
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damnit, fell asleep.
now finally going to bed.

cya around, guys
have a nice furry friday night

-MadMax out
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yeah, its great in the winter. i do have one of those standing fans, but i'm not sure if it vibrates through the floor. i've switched to some much thinner, loose clothing and it's manageable now :D

that's crazy, glad they paid up though
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>Thinkpads are great laptops!
If you mean as in they'll sooner become obsolete than fall apart, sure

Tho the furst mite knot apply much nowadays since x86 CPU purrfurrmance evolves about 5-10% pur release (about annually) these days

Also, don't tell it's an AMD?
what model is it?
Where do you guys usually get your pics?
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Maybe on a standard consumer mobo

Gamer/enthusiast mobos may receive new OC tools via updates

On things like routers I've seen "BIOS updates don't need to be applied on a purrfect working system" butt that's only because they're worried you botch the update send it in fur repairs
it's a T400 from 2008 with a 2.2 ghz core2duo.
I upgraded the ram to 6 gb and installed the ssd 2 years ago, and it's still running fine and doing everything I need. including (older) vidya. runs 4 hours on battery, is sturdy as fuck but also lightweight enough for every day carry.

now I'm really out. I fucking need to get sleep.
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Niggers can you keep a secret?
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Yeah has me believe only Asus(!!!) X99s had fire incidents
from here, e621, u18_chan and a couple of smaller furry sites
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>dem caffeine tolez

>cuddle into bed with my cat
Jelly :/

>sleep as long as I want
Appurently no more Caturday school

nice, i have an old 2007 macbook with a core 2 duo and that runs fine (sans OS X) but the battery exploded and the charger has died so it's temporarily out of service :(
core 2 duos were good


not when its told on a public imageboard
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Furry Yiffy 1249663694490.jpg
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Ah g'nitey
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Nighers do you wanna know what i fucking did?
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Do any of you even give a fuck
why would we?
confidence-inspiring :V
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You should if you hate g/fur
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>knot sure if it vibrates through the floor
Place it on a carpet. Unless it's a very shaggy one

>switched to loose clothing
>tfw living solo
>knot even underwear required

Warranty, probs. And having an online blog that appurently a good number of ppl read prolly helps too
>knot that ppl didn't already hate Asus fur their CS
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88 KB, 225x300

Nigga this thread is already done milking anons empty. You can post every dick in the universe if you want but what has already cum'd cannot be anti-cum'd, fool.
why would I hate g/fur? the can do their own thing in their own threads.
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Furry Yiffy 1238135460725.jpg
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breads, FA, e621
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You got it wrong nigger
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Furry Yiffy 1239537179128.jpg
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>runs 4 hours on battery
If that's still the original battery it's genuinely amazing. I've honestly never seen a laptop battery live longer than about 2 years tops (on daily use)

I don't fucking fink so.
i could definitely get naked in here, but i'm wearing comfortable stuff now :D

i do wonder, if it didn't happen to a high-profile blogger but instead a normal person, how much bullshit would you have to go through to get a refund + damages?

brrrb gonna acquire water
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Maybe you mentioned it b4 butt I've furgotten

However, didkn't surprise tbh :/
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>I am shit anon
>I wasted the last 4 days of my life litterally spamming the living shit out of g/fur, traps, boipussy and every gay thread on /b/


i went to /trash/ and found pic related

Are you not happy i menaged to kick furry faggots from /b/???
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Furry Yiffy 1246149181118.jpg
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>i could definitely get naked in here
i started this 3;

>but instead a normal person
Someone who atleast has an FB acc and can into Asus' FB page. Probably also quite easy

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mad judy.png
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Why are you not praising me
cause we don't give a fuck. g/fur doesn't bother
us, if you wana waste time spamming their threads, go right ahead. No one here cares.
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Furry Yiffy 1247218228194.png
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Dokn't even quite what did you supposedly do
I 100% approve this reaction image
bump bump
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Furry Yiffy 1243026340380.jpg
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haha yeah, but that was 2007 and some years ago i decided apple can eat my dick and installed debian.
it wasn't a bad machine, but OS X was and still is shit

seems like kind of a dick move really
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Furry Yiffy 1250883387177.jpg
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hold the fuck up.jpg
53 KB, 600x593
I'm fighting your fight nigger
Don't you want a fag-free /b/?
g/fur is only the first step
Next will be traps
Then dick rate

I'm gonna purge every istance of gay roleplay from this board
Remember my words.
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go for it if you need to but remember 1 thing you dont fight "our fight" in any way if you dislike your targets go for it but dont exspect any help or cheer for your actions
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Best of luck
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Furry Yiffy 1244237269390.jpg
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>that was 2007
So you grew (a pair) since

>it waskn't a bad machine
>it waskn't a typo
Debian tho, wokn't slap your shit
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Furry Yiffy 1244241353638.jpg
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Gfur is OK and knot the problem tho, nigger
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u wat.png
624 KB, 484x734
>Be me
>sick of gay roleplay on /b/
>make shit folder
>spam shit pics in g/fur traps and boypussy threads
>g/fur fags went on /trash/ as i planned
>Victory is mine

Also last time i came here by mistake and a s/fur anon was really happy about what i was doing so i thought i'll come and share my victory with you
but apparently said anon is not in the thread
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Furry Yiffy 1246744601999.jpg
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Also are you Nibi
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File: Furry Yiffy 1242936309833.jpg (117 KB, 848x1200) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1242936309833.jpg
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>gfur went to trash

File: Furry Yiffy 1244911935612.jpg (173 KB, 859x1200) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1244911935612.jpg
173 KB, 859x1200
Maybe that's why I'm asking
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thats a gender.jpg
112 KB, 720x720
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34 KB, 301x400
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Furry Yiffy 1246651790019.png
369 KB, 590x774
You must be new to the internet
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737 KB, 1018x1591
you know... i haven't used the pentium 3 laptop for a while. that one gets a good 4 or so hours of battery life and makes a good ssh client
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112 KB, 280x393
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70 KB, 640x480
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Furry Yiffy 1250882924606.png
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>you know... i haven't used the pentium 3 laptop for a while
No. Do knot awaken the dead

>makes a good ssh client
A 50$ Android phone w/ any means of internet will and carries w/ u :V
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happy hopps.jpg
57 KB, 750x315
The fag deleted the thread
Except Hitler bit on a bullet, you fucking retard
File: Furry Yiffy 1250887452169.jpg (140 KB, 1200x722) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1250887452169.jpg
140 KB, 1200x722
okie ror'd
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pimp my reich.gif
277 KB, 240x287
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Furry Yiffy 1247265035286.jpg
87 KB, 600x550
Knot quite, turns out OP failed to "escape" gfur on OPP
File: 1461885521564.gif (524 KB, 500x420) Image search: [Google]
524 KB, 500x420
File: Furry Yiffy 1246149033293.jpg (46 KB, 488x700) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1246149033293.jpg
46 KB, 488x700
As in, the thread would autosage
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160 KB, 243x247
File: PeQHm1J - Imgur.gif (2 MB, 370x207) Image search: [Google]
PeQHm1J - Imgur.gif
2 MB, 370x207
File: comforthug.gif (766 KB, 500x252) Image search: [Google]
766 KB, 500x252
File: not_impressed.gif (1 MB, 345x500) Image search: [Google]
1 MB, 345x500
Wtf are you talking about
>Do knot awaken the dead
but i like my toaster

>ssh client
lol no

i don't particularly want an android phone anyway

i actually wouldn't mind a decent (modern, good battery life) super-portable terminal though. something with a decent hardware keyboard + no mobile network (wifi is all i need)... the dragonbox pyra looks like it will be nice but it's fairly expensive
that one always makes me lol a little bit
File: 1426963782220.png (144 KB, 311x311) Image search: [Google]
144 KB, 311x311
lmao, how detached from reality do you have to be to find this shit hot? Ah well you guys do you, just dont come within 500 feet of my dog
any good furry chat sites and or apps
File: Furry Yiffy 1250882855369.jpg (227 KB, 1280x520) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1250882855369.jpg
227 KB, 1280x520
Starting a thread w/ "furry", "sfur","gfur" in the opening post and/or having any of the strings in included files name will cause thread to autosage: it cannot be bumped and will exit thru page 10
yeah there's one called google
File: Furry Yiffy 1242919738371.jpg (133 KB, 624x770) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1242919738371.jpg
133 KB, 624x770
How the thread actually died

Had knotting to do w/ ur "effurts"
File: bruh.gif (235 KB, 384x288) Image search: [Google]
235 KB, 384x288
File: trump_my_bae.gif (768 KB, 354x270) Image search: [Google]
768 KB, 354x270
yea, ur right
File: 1458714145814.jpg (43 KB, 600x593) Image search: [Google]
43 KB, 600x593
File: cryhug.gif (1015 KB, 500x246) Image search: [Google]
1015 KB, 500x246

>yfw no girl will ever hug a furry that way.
File: houh.gif (894 KB, 480x464) Image search: [Google]
894 KB, 480x464
File: Furry Yiffy 1247228000618.jpg (242 KB, 906x1280) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1247228000618.jpg
242 KB, 906x1280
The dead is knot fur toasting

>what is an osk
Also things like JuiceSSH (>inb4 the nose knows) have a secondary OSK fur Ctrl and other magic keys

>i don't particularly want an android phone anyway
Neither do I butt WINdows iskn't fur mobile

Oh it's still alive? Literally the only reason I even know about is Ashens

>it's fairly expensive
Yes. Yes. And yes.
Butt China. Chi-nah. Should be atleast one device that's stable enough to run a terminal. They typically use Broadcom fur radio so WiFi should be good enough on any
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753 KB, 500x281
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Furry Yiffy 1247218496204.png
550 KB, 743x933
>500 paws of my dog
Long doggo :3
File: 1435813438005.jpg (630 KB, 1280x905) Image search: [Google]
630 KB, 1280x905
just getting in to this whole Karl Pilkington thing

is this guy really actually for real?
File: Furry Yiffy 1251017187576.jpg (98 KB, 643x900) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1251017187576.jpg
98 KB, 643x900
Summer's early this year
File: thats_ me_24.gif (353 KB, 480x357) Image search: [Google]
thats_ me_24.gif
353 KB, 480x357
File: judysummonsherfursona.png (233 KB, 520x423) Image search: [Google]
233 KB, 520x423
he did not make a new one
Belive me they're tired of my shitposting
Btw fuck you all i thought you were straight but i see only a bunch of pussies

You gave up on a trap-filled /b/ i won't. Cucks
File: hugs.gif (944 KB, 500x281) Image search: [Google]
944 KB, 500x281
File: Furry Yiffy 1249064869482.jpg (191 KB, 1211x939) Image search: [Google]
Furry Yiffy 1249064869482.jpg
191 KB, 1211x939
Literally who? Unless it has smth to do w/ windows
>knot the OS
File: dayum.gif (755 KB, 500x335) Image search: [Google]
755 KB, 500x335
Want to be that girl so badly..
>what is an osk
yeah that was my point, no way am i using an on screen keyboard for terminal stuff

i have used a wangblows phone in the past (as in WP7/8) and it was "nice" but i don't really like that either, and iOS can suck my dick. i pretty much hate all mobile OSes which is why i mentioned the pyra. nothing like real openssh + X forwarding

well, the pandora is the old one and the pyra is not yet built (they're accepting preorders) but has more modern hardware. it looks awesome, but its probably gonna be like €600ish

yeah i should scout the intertubes for similar kit, i just need to be able to run normal linux (not android) on something tiny with a screen, a physical keyboard and wifi. sounds like something that would have been done, even if it's a bit crap
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Img limit reached
They're just on a break

>a trap-filled /b/
That's why I'm only here fur furry
i salute you anon
may god be at your side on your crusade
>no way am i using an on screen keyboard for terminal stuff
Why, does all the touching make you think lewd? :^3

If it's screen size that butthur(t)s you, $99 fur a tablet :V Chinae tablets have even done "retinae" rez displays fur a while so you can get really big OSK that doesn't eat all screen
This is what im talking about
Me in action
Come help>>684176887
its not the size it's just touch screens, i hate them
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