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Hey. Lonely fag here. I'm bored and I can't sleep.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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Hey. Lonely fag here. I'm bored and I can't sleep.
Anyone wants to talk about anything?
sure. what's up? can't sleep myself.
sorry if you're expecting images
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here you go
What's on your mind, OP?
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>wipe ass with paper towel
>write timestamp on towel
>post results
We'll see if you are a proper pooper.
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I'm not expecting anything really.
I haven't left my bed in three days now. Except to get food. It's just getting boring now.
that's awfully similar to me this week.. except for school.
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I got a pen somewhere but no paper towel nearby. I'm not getting up for that.

My mind's been pretty empty. Which is unusual.
I usually have a lot on my mind as well. I like having lots of thoughts, it's like a commentary track to life.
Can I maybe add you on something, maybe discord?
I hope it doesn't sound too desperate, but I kind of want someone to talk to about random things..
I don't normally do this.
For some reason the cat boy images appeal to me.
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I didn't feel like going to my exams earlier this week and decided to just sit on some bench and watch the world move without me.

I usually pace around in my room, talking out loud about stupid shit. Haven't done that in a while now.

I don't have discord and I don't really wanna drop any info on 4chan. I used to have catgirls too.
I went to the px to upgrade my uniform to the new ocp style and they only had medium top and bottom in the long style, so my uniform doesn't fit me quite right and now I'll need it tailored. It's the closest fit tough and they said shipments are already being claimed and pre-bought so fuck it.

Someone gifted me a small regular top though, which fits pretty damn good, which has me thinking I should go back tomorrow and check out the smalls.

I'm about to pcs though so I'll have to find a new fort in Maryland. Probably Detrick, I dunno.

What about you, op?
It's not a big deal, I'm just on my phone and it's kind of annoying.

And I like both.
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I don't understand half the shit you're trying to say mate.
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Heh, I guess that changing my posting habits wasn't such a great idea.
I'm just here waiting for a reply.. I don't really want this to 404.

But this is how it usually goes with me, nothing specific to talk about.
I bought a shirt and pants that was slightly irregular on me because they're hot ticket items at the moment and are hard to keep in stock, so I will be getting them tailored which is annoying but understandable

They can only be bought in specific places, and I'm bound to leave my specific place soon so I will need a new specific place to shop at

Just mundane shit to keep an anon occupied
Sup? Got more sfw shota to share?
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I'm not OP, but here you go. It's a guy if you want it to be.
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Thanks for the bumps btw~

I'm waiting for people to show up and find things to talk about cause I'm just a boring human being with nothing to say most of the time.

Yeah I got that. I don't know what half of the acronyms you used stand for.

That would be me, and I'm short on stuff. Deleted my catgirl/catboy folder by accident a month ago.
nah, that's loli m8
So you guys got Dark Souls 3? I heard it was sub-par myself
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Turns out I have this on Dropbox.

You're welcome. I wish this wasn't slow paced.
I'm kind of desperate.. And I'm sure you're not boring if you got asked questions.
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Can't really afford it. Not even sure my computer would run it anyway.
What about the first one? It runs really well on my awful PC and is on sale quite a bit; I think I picked it up for about £5
And yu I realise my sentencing is fucked. I hope it's not too annoying to read.
Px is post exchange, army store, ocp stands for operational camouflage pattern. Essentially the army is switching from the old uniforms, the universal camouflage pattern (the digital stuff synonymous with Iraq vets) to a multicam knockoff.

Everyone needs to upgrade and I finally decided to make the switch, but I have the misfortune of being on fort Lee which trains soldiers, so they leave basic in the old uniforms then come here and buy up the new stuff so I said fuck it got the shit that """fits"""
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>Turns out I have this on Dropbox.
You've got my attention now.

>And I'm sure you're not boring
I wouldn't be alone if I wasn't. At least that's the conclusion I got to after trying to just be friendly and nice.

I got Dark Souls 1 and 2 already. About a thousand hours in total.

Oooh, makes sense now, thanks~
I'm not used to talking about military stuff.
you like csgo?
boran likes
A thousand apiece? Damn, dude

What's your go-to build then?
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Sorry that's the only image on there. And I'm on phone still.
I think I'll just lay down and hope I'll fall asleep.
Add me on Skype if you do have that.

Take care Lonely Fag
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I'm terrible at FPS and I don't really want to invest myself in another competitive game.
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Nah 500 in each. A thousand total. I don't have a build really, I just love doing the game over and over with a new build each time.

I'll add you, goodnight~
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You're either very similar to a guy I used to date, or you are him, which is weird

Either way most guys your age go through this shitty depression, it'll pass especially if you get some company and people to talk to.

Speaking of, played any DS3?
ok!!))) i can teach somedays if u want to meet..
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I've been like that for a long time tho, I'm used to it. I doubt we dated. None of the guys I was with ever went there.
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I guess I'm just attracted to guys I can look after, idk

I hope you find something or someone that cheers you up mate, I'm always up for some co-op dank souls or some other game
That's how I probably should play but just never seem too... I just like the claymore moveset too much in both games
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Claymore is dope.

>I guess I'm just attracted to guys I can look after, idk
If you had known me a year ago I would've probably asked you to marry me. Cause I'm looking for someone to take care of me.
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Sup, sounds a lot like what I'm having right now =/
What's your age?
Of all these pictures you post, which personality type do you see yourself as?
Thread replies: 42
Thread images: 22

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