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Opiate virgin here. Railed one 10 mg. Small high, barely just

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Opiate virgin here. Railed one 10 mg. Small high, barely just relaxed. 1 hour later chewed on another one. Just a little more relaxed. Is 20 mg enough for a first time? It's been 1.5 hours and I barely feel it. Could I just have a high naturally tolerance. I'm reading up people getting high off 5-10 mg.
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What pill is it? Oxy, Hydro, etc...
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Oh, nice.

Yeah, 20mg is enough for a first time.
In my experience, redosing is really inefficient.

Take 20mg at once, not over time.

Also, try on an empty stomach.
Avoid Benzo's (Ambien, xanax, valium) and alcohol.

Try to leave days between doses. Don't get addicted.

Stay saafeeee annoon
ps im jelly, id love some oxycontin right now.
You should just take the whole bottle and the smoke a pack of fentanyl patches.
Can the 1 hour gap really mess up the experience? I mean I crushed up the 10 mg. Thought it would be enough. I do feel relaxed and all. But no euphoria whatsoever. Was eating the another one pointless? I also ate one 2 weeks ago and didn't get high at all. Which is why I tried again now by railing it first.
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Taking another won't make you more high, just make it last longer.

Drugs are different for all people, for me, I get a radiating warmth from my stomach, that flows all over my body. Feels like I'm in a hot tub while getting a massage.

Though, I only felt that on Hydrocodone, not oxycontin. My experience with oxycontin was more like yours, relaxed, sleepy, and floating. Not really euphoric. If you can get Hydrocodone, give those a go.

For Hydrocodone, get
10mg Hydro / 325mg acetaminophen/Tylenol.

Don't exceed 2000MG of acetaminophen.
Also, for a legal opiate high, try kratom.

That's my filler when I don't have pills.
Guess not really a opiate virgin. I have drank lean few times a year ago. I noticed I had to drink more then my friends to get a nice buzz. But I have not used it enough to even call it occasional lol
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I have to go, but if you are a bigger man/woMAN then you will obviously need more than us 5 foot beta fags.

Have a good trip
Yo I would not even reply to this but listen my friend take this from me I have been hooked for years it is not good dude AND you always either have too much or not enough its bollox nothing but misery run while u still can I'm not the moral police I'm a degenerate
I've had my run on cocaine. I prefer uppers. Don't even like smoking weed. Some people swear oxys are better then blow. I guess preferances.
no 20 isn't really that much for a first time: you should be looking to do 30-60 mg.
Would eating another 10 mg at this point be pointless? I'm not 100 percent sober. But I'm not like at the point I'm glued to the couch. I can go function normally lol.
Thread replies: 14
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