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Who else works out here? Im sure not many, but theres gotta be

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Who else works out here?
Im sure not many, but theres gotta be some.
Only a month in and starting to see some results.
Pic related, just hit one month today.
tits and ass because they're always relevant.
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most fucked up bellybutton
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this is true. half innie half outtie. and hurts like a bitch when touched.
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Anon that lifts here , been working on bulking now need to cut and hit the core more.
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routine? diet? im all around small/skinny.
what was your bulking plan?
shave that disgusting fucking facial hair
>BP max 315
wtf, you just eat like 500kcal above your BMR
the fuck is a bulking plan?
>yeah, my bulking plan is to eat A LOT, like really a lot
go on scooby's page, calculate it, eat loads and hit your protons brah
kek beginner gains
well, yeah
You look like the emaciated Jesus Christ
You are aware that 4chan has an entire board for people that want to be healthy, right. This is /b/ and we're entirely content with being alcoholic, drug abusing, smoking/vamping chubs.
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on the list for today anon.
thing is, i eat a crazy shit ton of food.
make sure its not all junk, but keep the cal up so i dont crash. hard to tell if its helping or not. i see no change in physical size over the month.
hey, beginner gains is a start.
ive started working out with a plan in mind many times but never went through with it. now my life is stable enough i can actually focus on it more and complete my goals.
I've only been into the working out world for a year now , so I don't have a detailed plan.

My meals consisted on high protein intake as well as I would drink bulking supplement for the first half year. The meals were a strict three large meals a day with very minimal snacks in between so that my metabolism isn't working constantly.
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oh i know.
thats why i said in the beginning that im sure theres not many of you.
and when i go on those boards, all i get is bashed for being small.
I went up to 180 and im only 5 8 so i was getting pretty chubby started playing b ball a lot went back down to 165 been there ever since i do lifting and ab workouts usually on the same nights i play basketball. I am getting slow results not making big gains tho. No pic related cuz im shitting at work
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see ive been doing 3 main meals and 2 to 3 snacks. but when i work out im CONSTANTLY hungry. and the drink supplements are here and there. dont feel like those are working either. oh well.
I was only making sure, the majority of the time when newfags start showing up, they assume /b/ users are a part of all boards and/or have no idea that there are other boards. Good luck with you health quest.
bulking supplements helped my friend who stayed eternally skinny, he gained a fuckton in a short amount of time

also what i suggest is either GOMAD or LOMAD diet (gallon or liter of milk a day)
you're gonna get big, but fat's gonna come with it
Fuck them those are the douchbags you that thinks being big is high performance.
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shitter is the best place to post from.
thank you semi-kind anon. i appreciate it.

that... just sounds horrible. so much milk...
Isn't that why they call it shit posting?
It all depends also on your body man, the strict meal I had worked for me including the supplement after each meal. Its a matter to find out how your body works. I didn't really see big results until three months in. Your workout routing also comes into play.
nice muscles, wheat thins
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this is true.
i know im only in 1 month, but im actually excited to work out for once. im to the point that when i dont work out for the day, i feel off. never felt like that before.
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you got it all wrong... triscuits.
thats the way to go.
And that's true also, I had my time were I was down and felt like shit, just don't give up make it a need no matter what and word of advice , don't do gym memberships they are a scam, buy yourself a nice bench and dumbbell and that covers the basics.
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We are all sad and dead inside anon.
Come work out with us and let those negative feelings go. We'll all still be dead inside, but we'll be dead inside together.
That's why we start nostalgia threads, physical activity is tiring and I prefer eating Doritos and drinking Pitch Black Mt Dew.
Where's your chest?
File: QAIddfX.jpg (43 KB, 410x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just picked up some pitch black. Shit is good tasting.
I left it in my other pair of pants...?
No, I've never been able to get a large chest.
Afraid im doomed forever to be flat.
Have these instead.
>I've never been able to get a large chest. Afraid im doomed forever to be flat.
Stop making excuses. Work chest harder.
hate these fucking people.
>u count your macros brah?
>counting calories brah?
just eat a lot of healthy shit with protein and lift heavy stuff
Stop skipping chest day
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You're right. Thank you for the encouragement.
I've got the lifting down. Working on the healthy part now.
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I don't skip.
I just don't push myself as much as I should.
I get a number in my head when it comes to reps or something and I stop there.
Working on that. Writing my numbers down now. And doing as much as I can then comparing.
Drink chocolate milk, dumbfuck
its pretty important. what you put into your body is what it metabolizes, breaks down, and uses to build your muscles. you dont want your body building itself with bad stuff.
I fuck your mom every night, great for my core.
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MMM. I will try that. But keeping 7 gallons of milk in the fridge each week takes a bit of room. Must invest in mini fridge. FOR THE MILK!!
Write down your exercises before you hit the gym. Also, focus on your form at first instead of trying to lift the heaviest weight you can
Thank you for keeping her company anon.
After my brother died she hasn't taken a liking to my dad as much. Keep her warm.
Have you ever noticed how much more expensive healthy food is. Its bullshit.
yea thats unfortunately a reality of the situation.
do you cook your own food or go out? that can save a lot of money. if u only eat fast food its pretty much impossible to have a wellrounded diet
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I learned to practice form fast. Fucked my back up one day and promised to slow down and do it right.
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Only cooking my own now.
Fast food is quicker but also quickly adds up.
made the switch recently myself. it can be a pain but it ultimately saves money and you can regulate your diet wayyy better
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Pic related me. How do I look for lifting pretty irregulary and only with dumbbells?
Was super skinny over 1 year ago (180cm, 60kg)
Currently 75kg but I still want more weight. Still feel skinny.
Problem is, I lift at home. Bought dumbbells. The nearest gym is like 30 min away and its always packed. Didnt want to deal with that shit. Obviously its hard to do the whole body when I dont have any extra magic machinery that trains muscles perfectly like any gym has.

Months without training and some with. So I never did constant lifting. Started 2 weeks ago to lift regulary each 2 days. I have literally no abs and on top of it, it feels like all my fat just stores infront of my abs.

Any tips to make best use of dumbbells?
the internet is full of tips
with dumbbells you can do everything those 'magic machines' can do, sometimes even better

just do some research
A little
File: 1459132271766.jpg (272 KB, 556x922) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's all im using anon. Dumbells, bench, pull up bar, and bands. If something isn't working you enough, go buy heavier weight.
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Do... do you shave your chest?
Otherwise looking good anon.
How long you been working out?
Before pics?
good body, fucking faggot pose though
Are your teeth sensitive?
skinny as fuck, we want to see some muscles. How much do weight? 65kg?
Chest hair is disgusting sorry :/
Hi its ethan bradberry
File: ar2KEFZ.jpg (401 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We'll, im outta here. Gotta eat again. Laters
Nope I'm 18 just starting to get chest hair lol. This is the only "before" pic I have from ~1.5 years ago.
Thanks, I wasn't trying to be erotic or anything
No but my brother's are
Haha ok bro I'm about 170 lbs have to stay light until track season is over then I'm bulking back up.
File: foto_no_exif(1).jpg (538 KB, 2688x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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god I miss those arms, I need to start again xD
I would say you do some cardio, to make your pecs, and frankly everything else pop out more. I would say that you're getting that bulk already.
You are very welcome OP it's my pleasure.
Thanks. Trying to build up more muscles first. Trying to get more bulky.
Honestly I think I also need to eat much more. I dont think I hit enough kcal
Of course keeping the pace of lifting.
Alright thanks. I'll check for some stuff
What is your mile time?
File: 1459539136056.jpg (76 KB, 561x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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3 times a week.
Monday - Flat bench, DB raises, chinups, rear delt raises and burpees
Wednesday - Squats, stiff leg deads, chinups and BW squats
Friday - Military press, chinups, rear delt raises and burpees

My gym's pretty crappy though. It desperately needs another squat rack and another set of dumbbell weights. The music is fucking shit with Katy Perry and fucking millenials in yoga pants distracting me from my lifts
Thread replies: 70
Thread images: 31

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