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So, tell me again why I should care so much about getting a wife

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So, tell me again why I should care so much about getting a wife or gf. Seems to me like a woman can't really do shit for a man.

Past a certain age it gives you a status boost, and giving her a nice good fucking can certainly boost your ego. But the downsides are real as hell i agree, especially if you wind up with a bitch.
Other than sex (which depreciates over time), what benefit does a man really get out of keeping a woman entertained/being in a relationship?
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>if you wind up with a bitch.
This seems to be a growing trend among relationships.
what the fuck is ?
i wanna nowwwwwww
Implying I need a wife/gf for that
By wife, don't you mean another dude?

>Op is homo
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I feel like we need to know a little more about OP before his questions can be answered. The real question is what can OP offer women? Looks? Physique? Personality? Security? What have you go going for you?
there is no logical explanation. if you want one then you want one if not then who cares. why follow what everyone else is doing? just do what makes you happy.
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Smart Dolls, by Danny Choo.

No, I mean in woman.

Good credit, no criminal record, college-educated, etc. Trying to live/work overseas though. Nevertheless, I've seen men with NOTHING to offer a woman but dick, and have no problem getting into a relationship with them. I can't imagine why.
I was just thinking about it, women area indeed worthless, I was going to marry a girl but decided to end things because I cannot stand a person for too long let alone for rest of my life. Once a man gets married it becomes all about wife and children, he cannot do shit for himself without getting berated.
Exactly. You'll notice that in a marriage, it's always the man who has to change; never the woman. The man has to drop his hobbies/interests and pursuits in order to suit what the wife and kids want. If the wife feels like she isn't getting the attention she wants at any time, she can royally ruin his life in the divorce. I just can't understand why any man would continue to do this.
You shouldnt care so much about it. But if you find a girl who's attractive, cool to chill with and can help around the house and help pay for shit, why not?
That's all well and good but what for initial "right off the bat" attraction. If you know what your attributes are play to them which will help narrow down what sort of girl you are most likely to get which will allow you to see the benefits of having said girl.
My boyfriend likes it. I support him and I'm his best friend, I'm always there for him. Sex is pretty good, too.
It's the social conditioning, people are lost and see marriage as a default option. But the truth is most men end up getting divorced and fucked up financially.
some link for more ?
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Women today don't want to do that, 9 times out of 10. Yeah, they'll claim to be 'proud, strong feminists,' right up until it's time to share equal responsibility.

You mean physical attraction? Still, I'm not fat, hygiene regularly, as I do workout, and just because I don't look like some celeb or whatever, I hardly see why that's any reason to overlook a person. Especially when you consider the women themselves have to use potato sacks as clothing.


"Smart Dolls."
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Diamond in some pretty serious 'rough.'
Maybe so, but I think it's worth it. The right person helps you grow and become a better you. My guy always steers me in the right direction and encourages me to be healthy, to work out, to learn new things. At the end of the day, there's just something to having someone to care for who also cares for you.
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>My guy
Is this how women refer to boyfriends now?
Your statement is 100% true
It's how I do sometimes out of affection. Sorry it's not good enough for you, proceed jerking off to dolls alone in your room or whatever you're up to.
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>reacting like this to a simple question
A mere "yes" would have sufficed, because that's what I was asking. But, your actual response indicates a stronger undertone of what's really going on between you and your
No i didn't mean physical attraction. Personality is more what I was going for. Being funny for example.
All i can say at this point is as long as your happy. No one should need to convince you...but it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself it's ok not to have a wife or GF.

I'm married & happy, been with her since college. I wasn't looking for a long term relationship at that point in my life but it happened. At the time i was kind of bummed because it meant i couldn't spend my weekends getting drunk and banging random sloots. I'd just have to get drunk and bang my hot GF. But the trade off was well worth it. She's smoking hot, caring, funny, independent, can cook/bake like a pro and because she's independent it means that I can go do my own thing when I want to. It;s the best of both worlds. Someday that may change & there are plenty of people who are in shitty marriages/ relationships.
It's whatever, honestly. Do your thing.
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uh oh.
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Interesting. What you say
>do your own thing
Is the basis of the MGTOW Movement.

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Obviously, the only option is to get a trap bf, and have a surrogate birth your child.

Traps make better women than women do now, since they'd trying to be women, when women are trying to be men.
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There it is. The realist shit I've seen all week.
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Eh, no thanks. I mean, apart from the fact that I'm not into men, I'm REALLY not into men who pretend to be women.
Exactly. Remember doll anon, we discussed this before. The only reactions people have to you inquiries is 1. You must be ugly to think like this 2. You must be gay 3. You are some kind of social outcast/degenerate. People have to find ways to help them rationilize such a foreign concept. When in fact, they are the ones who are living a life that is completely a foreign concept.
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You already know the answer, OP.

If you are unwilling to exist only as a provider (that's really all she wants) then give it up.
>it's other people's fault I'm passive aggressive
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And there's the second realist thing I've seen this week.

Yep, i cri evrytiem. It's annoying though...I'm trying to help wake men up.

And the third realist thing...
Wake up sheeple! The warm bed you share with your hot girlfriend is a lie!
How is doll anon being passive aggressive? How does your statement have a place in this conversation?
What are you, stupid?
It;s the way i've always looked at it since probably 16 or 17. You do your own thing, be happy and during the process of kicking ass and taking names you happen to meet a girl. sooner or later you'll meet a girl who has enough similar interests that you'll want to hang with her in other situation besides sexual.

That's how it works & what neck beard dudes who get "friend zoned" don't seem to get. Just like you wouldn't want some chick who is clingy AF girls what dudes who are into their own things (instead of dudes acting like little bitches). That's also where confidence plays into it too. Confident that your existence isn't substantiated on a girl that you just met.
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I just don't see why there's so much pressure on it. I mean, it's everywhere you look: on TV, in music, in movies, out in public, etc...couples everywhere. But then, I look at how these relationships typically crash and burn (with the man footing the bill 90% of the time), and wonder
>why do it?
Children, second income for mortgage, companionship.
It's nice having someone who's got my back when I get sick or injured. Or if my car breaks down and I need a ride for a while. Or when it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. It's nice having someone who is willing to make sacrifices to help me when I'm in need. It's nice knowing that she needs me, in turn. What else can I say? Being alone cannot compare to having someone who truly loves you.
In WHAT WAY is this a benefit to men?
Then go and live your miserable life with your dolls
Kids are the only thing the individual is living... To make more humans
Na man, I think you're creating the pressure. Just because something is abundant doesn't mean you have to do it.

Take for instance water. There is water ever where. I see people drinking water all the time. But do i feel pressured to drink water? Do i get sad and angry if I see someone drinking water when I'm not drinking water. No, of course not. I drink water because I want to drink water.
Relationships are the same way. If you want to get in a relationship cool. If not cool.

Unless you have family or someone like that breathing down your neck to get a girl that pressure coming from you.
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Her collateral to control you. If she leaves you they are her's and you still pay from them. That money will go to her not them, btw.
>Second income for mortgage
Get a dog.
Again...I just asked a question. No need to answer by getting personal, Anon. Sometimes, a question is just a question.

Not how I see it. Just look at the holidays in this country: a cash-cow for couples, not so much for men who are single.
was meant for>>684141193
Not sure what you mean about holidays being a cash cow for couples. How does that have anything to do with you being happy?
I wasn't asking about 'being happy,' I was asking about the pressure from societal forces for men to get a gf/wife. Oddly enough, society also says

while (men == in a relationship) {
return "happy";
} else {
return "must be gay, fat, ugly, etc";

I just don't see why.
ha, you & i must live in different societies because I never picked that up.

Sounds like you're spending time thinking about what everyone else thinks. To stay of track with the "do your own thing" mentality...wolfs don't care about the opinions of sheep.
>wolfs don't care about the opinions of sheep.
I like that.
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Thread images: 32

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