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ITT Virginity stories: Post what age you lost your v card and

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT Virginity stories:
Post what age you lost your v card and a short story how.
inb4: /b/ is wizard land
Op here I'll start:
>Crazy girl my age
>This girl was insanely horny
>We used to flirt really fucking dirty
>One day I invite her over
>start making out for about 5 minutes when she touches my meat apendix
>We fuck
>best fuck i've ever had to this day
LG Life's Good
wtf m8
>be me
>be 23
I feel you my dude
>21 YO crazy manager
>Turn down BJ for week straight
>phone goes off
>get to apartment
>she's in a towel and ends up chasing her cat in the hallway naked
>raging boner
>shows me knife
>"I use this to cut myself"
>cuts self
>tells me to cut self
>makes small cut on leg
>this better be worth it
as fake as you not being born out of the asshole
Little goth girl infatuated with older goth boy (he was 17)
Fucked in an abandoned house
Was disappointed
Continued to be fuck buddies on and off for years

I have taken 3 guys' vcards and I love it always make sure to give them a first time to remember.
>get to bedroom
>P.s. sister and bf sleeping in next room
>first BJ feels good man
>first pussy, tasts different man
>start fucking
>tells me to take off condum
>lul k
>fuck longer
>can't cum, she's super into it
>after awhile lie and say I came
>she gets up and throws a candel on the ground
>runs to shower starts cutting with shitty hair razor
>cuts more with favorite knife
>naked on balcony +blood
>me freaking out
>decides she's in the mood for 7 layer dip
>takes me to room
>tries to open chip bag, chips everywhere
>passes out
>I tiptoe around the chips, the floor is lava
>drive home
German bitch,
Back of a panalvan,
Was pumping away and didn't even know my dick wasn't inside her, until I was told by her, lasted 2-4 strokes,
Didn't even get a blow job
It's real, found out she drank abunch before I went over there. She called me at like 2 and I was a horny fuck.
>wake up
>the fuck was that
>never came
>chilling in school
>"she probably killed herself"
>get call
>go to the bathroom anon
> asks if we had sex
>no shit nigga
>tries to call rape
>17 vs 21
>still fucking scared
>buy day after pill
>quit working with her
>lost my Vcard
>got an HPV shot
>got fucked over by a bleeding bitch
tits or GTFO
>at friends house
>has 14 year old sister walking around in her fucking panties
>she sees my raging boner
>i tell my friend im gonna shower
>go to sisters room instead
>fuck her so hard she starts uncontrollably crying
>turns me on even more
>i cum inside
>turn around to see friend staring
Thread replies: 14
Thread images: 1

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