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>3 o clock in the morning >get hungry for chicken nuggets

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>3 o clock in the morning
>get hungry for chicken nuggets
>go into mummies room
>she is playing wrestling with new daddy
>I don't like new daddy
>they are playing under the sheets
>they don't see me enter the room
>I remove my clothes
>I squat beside the bed
>as I squeeze, I let out several grunts and moans
>mummy and new daddy are also grunting and moaning
>squeezing hard, I feel my sphincter throb and pulse
>double double toil and trouble something wicked this way comes
>the brown goodness pours forth from my anus and veers in a sweeping motion slightly to the left and touches the ground
>my sphincter closes off, like a valve, sealing my back passage shut
>I behold my work
>a solid mass of brown goodness
>I am proud
>mummy and new daddy have stopped wrestling
>new daddy says "um...d-do you smell something?"
>mummy pleads "oh god....oh god please not again"
>mummy is well learned in the ways of brown goodness
>but new daddy still must learn
>he is about to
>throwing back the sheets
>mummy and new daddy look upon my work and despair
>new daddy retches at the sight of me standing, now with brown goodness in hand
>new daddy screams "is th-that fucking real?!?! I-is that fucking shit??!?!?!
>mummy buries her face in her hands in shame
>she knows what is coming
>I lean on top of new daddy
>he tries to struggle free
>I'm 350 lbs of pure blubber
>he's going nowhere
>his arms are pinned beneath my might
>I take my brown goodness and paint new daddy's face
>I make him a brown man
>a brown chocolate man with my brown chocolate goodness
>he shakes violently and vomits several times
>I struggle to keep him still
>mummy is sobbing by the bedside
>her days of trying to reason with me are gone
>she has given up all hope
>she is broken
>after I am finished my work, new daddy is covered in my brown goodness and chunks of his own vomit, tears streaming down his face
>after daddy is done gagging, I lean in close
>I whisper "can you take me to mcdonalds to get some chicken nuggets?"
top kek
what the hell did I just read?
No good boy points for you
>look upon my work and despair
Nice reference anon
Needs more Bel Air
shutup bitch and do the dishes
so close to quints...
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thanks mr weatherman, praise the Sun
thanks mr weatherman, praise the Sun
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>Wake up at 3pm
>Have shat myself multiple times in my sleep
>Look at the clock
>Mummy finishes work at 2pm
>Oh boy Tendies day
>Go into Lounge room
>Mummy has friends over for coffee
>they notice me standing there wearing nothing and shit encrusting my lower torso
>"Anon you should go have a shower"
>One of mummy's friends look at me
>"A 28 year old man shouldn't live the way you do"
>I look this bitch in the eye, this fucking cunt who dared speak out of line
>Pick up the coffee table and swing it into her face breaking her jaw
>Grab mummy's head
>Shove it into my anus
>Mummy starts crying
>"P-please anon I'll raise your GBP by 500 if you stop"
>"No mummy, you're a bad mummy for not supplying my tendies mummy you have to learn"
>"O-okay anon I'm going to have to go buy your tendies"
>Mummy and her friends leave

Fucking normies, I sure showed those bitches

Kek. Thanks anon. You made my day
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You lads really know how to put normies in their place.
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 6

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