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>dating 17 year old >she's only had sex with one guy

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>dating 17 year old
>she's only had sex with one guy before
>thinks I'm sexually gifted beyond words
>thinks my 6.5 dick is huge
>horny all the time

Why aren't you dating a younger woman /b/? This shit could not be any more cash.
Crippling existential doubt
To exist is to doubt, quit being such a pussy bro.
im in the exact same position except she was a virgin, it feels fucking amazing
Thanks, anon. That'll get me out of bed.
They kinda look down on that in my country, plus they cant go to bars with me
Yeah her not being old enough to drink is the only real downside.
No problem anon, may your doubts dissolve and your penis moisten.
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That and unless she is super mature, i could see there being a lot of stupid fights about nonsense which i hate, the fact that her friends are probably like her and just as annoying, sure the sex would be cash, but is it worth it really?
>mfw i had to stop myself from hitting on a 17 year old at a party last night
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Because my relationship is built on love instead of sex. And I'm not going to risk jail to get my dick wet.

You need a child to tell you that your dick's big. Let's just all let that sink in. You need to work on your insecurities, m8.
she knows it’s not huge. she might thinks it’s big but she is only saying it's huge because she thinks that the concept of a huge duck is sexy and subconsciously wants a bigger dick
It's definitely worth it, and she goes to a private school so she's pretty sharp. Her friends are kind of a drag though, but it's not like they're around when we're fucking, so the pros outweigh the cons here.

I don't need her to tell me my dick is huge, it's pretty great though, not gonna lie. And I've done the love thing, it fell through about 6 months ago so now I'm just in my meaningless sex phase, I'm single for the first time in 2 years and emotionally unattached pussy is so refreshing.
>only had sex with one guy before

Because im not a pedophile
Being intelligent doesnt make someone mature. you may be unemotional about it, but 10 bucks says she isnt. Also it doesnt seem like the pros outweigh the cons, because i bet you guys just have the most vanilla sex ever
>implying that 17 and 18 are really that big of a difference
>when someone thinks it's actually different with a virgin
>thinks is better than someone who knows how to properly fuck
Yeah okay virgin you can leave
>Be me, 22
>Meet 16 year old cute af blonde, skinny, big boobed polish immigrant.
>Fresh off the boat literally speaks like a handful of american words.
>my parents are hippies who love immigrants.
>Our parents make friends.
>invite the immigrants over for dinner.
>The language barrier is real.
>After dinner, I go up to play video games.
>Pollack girl comes up.
>She's entranced by the games, never played them before.
>talk to her about the game (I think it was Dark Souls 1 or Demon's Souls).
>She thinks it's cool.
>teach her how to speak MURICAN a little better.
>Start seeing her pretty regularly since she's a neighbor and her parents grow shit in their backyards attracting animals to the neighborhood like the polish fucking immigrants they are.
>Delicious as fuck tomatos though.
>Girl turns 17. Attends local high school. I can tell she likes me because she goes out of her way to hug me and talk to me no matter what.
>She's in a group with her friends? She don't give a fuck.
>Sees me with my buddies? No fucks given.
>Adults and police officers nearby? She's hugging onto me like I've slammed her with the best D of her life.
>Talking to my buddy about her one day.
>Going through the check list
>Perfect tits
>Perfect ass
>Cute accent
>Loli face
>Cute blonde curls
>bright blue eyes
>He says just go for it. I bring up the age.
>"Bro 17 is legal you just can't take pictures."
>We look it up
>Age of consent is 16 years old where we are.
>Alrighty then.
If she gets emotionally invested, that's her fault. I've made it pretty clear this is just a sex thing. And the sex is awesome, she likes to fuck in public, she likes blowing me, she's submissive in bed. I mean, if that's vanilla, then give me vanilla anon.
Damn, everything in that is lucky as shit
>thinking i meant the fact that she was a virgin made a difference
the entire point is that all her experience is with me and she thinks im the best so shes extremely into it

delete your post you fucking moron
Yeah, teens are amazing. Luckily my girlfriend agrees with that assessment
>sex in public
Fucking in the woods 300 feet from the road, is pretty vanilla and should be done by everyone
>blowing me
Super vanilla
>submissive in bed
Unless you have her tied up for hours as you make her beg for orgasms and water, being "submissive" is vanilla. You sound like youve been with maybe 5 women, and anything besides missionary and doggie is exotic to you.
No joke when i was in high school some guy who was 18 got arrested for sleeping with his 17-year-old girlfriend
Op pls give advice how can i get a 17 yr old i dont even know what teens like

you're only hurting yourself anon, just wait until she gets a little bit older and the realization of never trying another cock before hits her. Never date a virgin they'll end up cheating on you eventually because they get a taste of your cock and realize there's much more out there
Ha! My exact thought trail
They like attention. That's literally it. If you're hot and willing to pay attention she'll fall in love with you.
Well, young women are attention whores, so just give her enough attention to show that you're interested, and then become disinterested. Alternating back and forth between those for a couple weeks got me laid without much effort. Just seem wise and experienced, but also kind of aloof and shit, younger girls go crazy for that shit.
1) it's frowned upon by friends, family and the law
2) they're annoying as fuck. If I can go my whole life without having to talk to another teenager I'd die a happy man
3) you're catching them right before they go through they're crazy stage. They all go through it. 19-25 is just drinking, guys and usually drugs. I certainly don't wanna be in the middle of that
Enjoy the one time you have a fight and she goes to her parents and your getting "Trayvon'd" in prison. That's why.
Yup. Sometimes fate just smiles on us. Other times it diarrhea dumps in our mouths. That's life bro.

>See pollack walking to school on my way to work.
>"Hey Nicola, any plans today?"
>"Yes, I go to the house with my friends."
>Tell her if she's free around dinner, she can come over and I'll cook her something just us.
>She comes over at 5:00 right on the dot.
>Dressed ultra cute.
>I'm fresh out of the shower too, my hair is still wet.
>I cook us some delicious chicken and perogis because if you're over the age of 8 and you can't cook you should definitely kill yourself.
>We talk for a bit. She's acting all shy.
>Asking her about school and boys.
>She tells me there's a boy she likes but she's too shy to do anything.
>Says her friends make fun of her for being 'innocent'.
>I tell her she's beautiful and any guy would be lucky to even look at her (gay I know but I figured she was the type to go for sweet talking).
>Sitting close to her on the couch, playing with her hair, telling her how cute and pretty she is.
>She's blushing like crazy.
>I tell her to look at me.
>caress dat fucking perfect creamy polish skin.
>kiss her.
>she opens her mouth to speak
>kiss her again.
>She's cuddling into me.
>tell her I really like her.
>She says it back.
>I say a mental prayer thanking God, Allah, Budda, Vishnu and Odin for naive, virgin polish immigrants.
>Start kissing her again, full on making out.
>grasp her boobs and dry hump her a little.
>She grips my hands tightly.
>Tells me nobody's ever touched her like that.
>against my body's every urge, I let her back up and just hold her and cuddle her and whisper sweet things to her.
>My dick is threatening to tear through my pants and annihilate her womb.

I'm dating a 17 year old
She was a virgin when we met
She thinks I'm amazing
The problem is, I really AM fucking amazing but she will never really know because she has nobody to compare me to
I'm not dating a younger woman because I was in the same situation as you, only my dick wasn't wasn't so small, and I got her knocked up.

She became twisted, cynical and bat shit crazy. Got fat, stopped letting me see my friends, called herself a "Feminist" even though she was so fucking sexist to women. In the end I fucked off and took the kid. She's tried to find me but she can't fathom that I'm not even in the same country as her, and that I'm 600 miles away with my new fiancee.

Break free while you can, you're making shit worse.
So I'm not OP, but did you just wake up and think "Today, I need to try ruining someone else's day by deconstructing their relationship based on how I think their sex life is."?

Have you just gone so long without getting laid that now you take it out on others in a misguided attempt to feel better about your pathetic life?
Because its too much fucking drama that's why
Just wait tell she realizes she can do better. ha 17 year olds dont know what they want.
Because more mature women fuck better and I don't need a child to tell me my dick is big. Also no stupid fights and they're past the stage of "oh wow alcohol! I'm gonna get wasted, emotional, be an easy target for other anons and then just blame it on the drink". 23-35 is the golden zone. Horny, mature, fun, not annoying. They're past university and they're 'Wild years' and have already come back from travelling. They know themselves better sexually too and what they want.

>inb4 open door dinosaur bullshit
Please cont, I'm camping and somehow have WiFi so this story is ace for being alone
I am

A good thing about living in Mexico is, age of consent in some states is as low as 12yo

22yo dating a 13yo btw
That's kind of the point man.

I think he's just a little butt frustrated that other anons are getting awesome teenage pussy and he isn't.
In b4 she's dead and now you are depressed

Just wait for the first random problem to happens and her dad to come knock at your door.
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What are you on about? Did you read our conversation or did you just think, "hey ill just drop in and try to impress all the anons with my statement"? He stated humself the relationship was based off of sex, sex that he said was "great" i was just showing him how what he said was indeed vanilla sex, and nothing to really brag about.
Man it is only may and summer is kicking in.

ex and I fell out because she was arguing how she had no money and that meant when she got money she had to spend it on nice things because she didn't get that luxury often.

Told her to stop being stupid and fucking save her money, because if she saved she'd have enough to move out from her parents house.

Well she shouted and swore at me because I was known to just sit there and take it, but I stood up and told her to go fuck herself and that I didn't need to teach her how to handle money as that was her dad's job, and he was a fucking retard anyways.

That same night a knock on the door revealed her Dad stood on the other side saying "I hear you've threatened my daughter and im here for her things"
I told him I didn't fucking threaten her, and if he didn't get off my doorstep I'd do worse than threaten.
Said he was gonna call the police, I said do it because this is England and the Police would do fuck all for a neighbourhood dispute, and that I'd slash his cats throat if he came back.

Never returned, ex apologised next day, we went for coffee, dated for 7 months after that until I moved cities around Christmas time and met a new girl.

She's doing better now, but she's warped another guy to just sit there while the cries about how poor she is.
>She starts talking to me nonstop about everything.
>Oh god what have I done?
>Any second she gets, she's calling or texting me, just generally being clingy.
>Signs all her texts with "<3"
>day off work.
>Tell her to bring her cute butt over to my place.
>She comes right from school.
>We talk.
>Initiate make out session in my room.
>I don't try anything with my hands. Gotta be patient.
>This goes on for two weeks.
>Fap like 3 times a day to her facebook pictures.
>Finally comes the day.
>We're making out.
>I have her on her back.
>I tenderly touch her skin around her flat stomach and kiss her neck.
>i hover my hands over her breasts over the clothes, close enough so she knows where my hands are, but not really touching.
>moaning like a beast from neck kissing.
>"Anon... anon does this make us... I mean are we like... are"
>"what is it?"
>"Are you my boyfriend anon?"
>Don't want to say yes.
>About to say no but then LIGHTBULB.
>Innocent as fuck polish virgin.
>Her friends probably told her the truth about me just wanting to embed my spermcannon in that cute little ass.
>If I say no this'll be the end.
>place my hand on her breast, kiss her lips and whisper in her ear: "I want to be. I fucking love you Nicola."
>She moans. "I want you to be too"
>"Then yes, I am your boyfriend."
>she grabs my face and kisses me then hugs me in a death grip.
>She's breathing intensely while I rub her chest with just the back of my hand.
>spread her legs, kiss her lips and press my bulge right into her crotch.
>whisper compliments in her ear while I play with her tits.
>Don't go any further. It's hard, but I know it's better to send her home breathless and horny.
>I see her making like 5 facebook statuses about meeting the man of her dreams, being in love, blah blah blah.
>hnnng the urge to just rip her clothes off and fuck her until I keel over and die is so strong.
>Can't take much more of this
>Invite her over the following day.
Girls with daddy problems or just no dad at all are usually the ones who date older guys, so i wouldnt bother about it.
My girl usually just treats me as if i were her dad, it doesnt bother since she is really lovely and cute.
Similar situation. Groomed this girl since she was 14. Waited patienly till she turned 18. Now I can't get her off my dick. Wild sex on command.
Go for it, just think of how horny you were at 14.

It isnt that hard, and at difference of what some people think, they DO want it.
> Girl! Penis!
> *in scooby doo voice* r-yes mastur!
Girls with no Daddy or Daddy problem are worse.
They won't send her Dad, but a guy bulkier than you after she made you a cuck.
Never change /b/
Parents digging for gold and playing the Justice system out of boredom.
I know how to choose my girls.
Moar, anon! I am emotionally invested
Tall, tan and handsome?
Nah, with a feminine penis and a birth certificate that states birth name as Esteban
>She comes over from after school.
>Mother. fucking. cleavage.
>She closes the door behind her and I just hug her from behind, instant boner, press it against her butt and start kissing her neck.
>First moan I hear I start touching her tits and dry humping her a little.
>She's grinding her ass into me
>Jesus fuck through two pairs of jeans just this is enough to make me about ready to unload.
>drag her up to my room.
>Aggressive make out session on my bed.
>"Anon... anon... this really intense! can we slow down?"
>stop and look in her cute blonde eyes.
>Give her a gentle peck on the cheek.
>Tell her I'm sorry, "But baby you're just so beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the world, and seeing you just drives me wild, it winds up my desires and since I can't release them it makes me go crazy for you."
>She apologizes, tells me she's sorry for making me crazy and not giving me what I want.
>tell her she can help me relieve all that pressure.
>Tell her she's the only one who can.
>She sits up beside me.
>Asks me how.
>I gesture to my crotch and place her hand on top.
>She blushes, and says she's never done that before.
>Tell her I need her, she's the only one who can, say please,
>She kisses my cheek. "Ok anon"
>undo my pants and pull it out.
>She grabs it and just holds it.
>"Wow anon that's really really big!"
>6 or so inches long but I'm pretty thick.
>instruct her to rub it.
>Her hands are fucking silk, holy shit.
>start rubbing her through her jeans
>she moans and jerks me off faster, cuddling into me and kissing my neck.
>I really dig my fingers in there, making sure she can really feel it.
>hug her tightly as I explode cum all over her hand and my shirt
>she giggles and marvels at it
>comments on how good it smells.
>I ask her to taste it.
>She hesitantly licks a big glob off her hand
>Makes a face like "eww"
>Smile and ask her if she likes it
>She nods and lies.
so how did a 22 year old randomly meet and hook up with a 16 year old polish girl?

otherwise cool story bro
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Anon, you are typing and I am jacking right at this very moment. Thank you. Your beautiful green texts are going to make me cream :)
I just broke up with a girl who was 17. She was clingy and stupid, just like every other girl that age.
dated a 16 year old when I was 20.

worst 14 months of my life....
Dude I said my parents met her parents and invited them over because they're all about helping immigrants "integrate" and bullshit like that. I lived at home at the time.
>I tease her nipples and pussy through her clothes while we cuddle, getting her so horny that she's humping me and showering me with kisses.
>after a while I start to feel a damp patch, the size of a dime at most, on her jeans, which means that if I undid them it'd be like breaching the hoover dam.
>Send her home after a bit crazily horny.
>do the same thing the next day: tease her body until she's humping me, then I ask her to get on her knees and give me a handjob again.
>She obeys and starts rubbing my dick, her head resting on my leg while I play with her hair.
>I tell her I want to cum on her face.
>She says I can, and I tell her she should take off her shirt so she doesn't make a mess.
>She's sitting on her knees jerking me off in just a bra.
>tell her to lick it.
>She starts giving my dick a tongue massage like you wouldn't believe!
>tries giving me an inexperienced blowjob.
>not very good at it but she looks so damn cute doing it.
>Pulls her mouth off of it and massages those really sensitive glands on the side of my tip with her tongue and lips while stroking my shaft.
>Tell her I'm about to cum
>She smiles so cute and looks up at me while stroking it
>I unload a gallon of semen on her face.
>I tell her to let it dry on her face.
>She stands up and I wrap my arms around her and squeeze her ass and bury my face in her tits.
>start rubbing those tits with my hands.
>I pull them out of her bra and start sucking on one of those bad boys
>"OH MY GOD" She said really loudly and hugged me tightly to her chest. She held me so tight it actually made it hard to suckle those nips properly.
>play with just her tits and rub her ass until she has to leave again.
Bumping cuz dont want it to 404
Oh anon
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Thread images: 6

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