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Feels thread? Feels thread. Let it out, my /b/rothers…

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread? Feels thread.

Let it out, my /b/rothers…
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Gets me everytime
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Tbh... Feeling nothing is worse :/
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Could it be that I still care too fucking much about my ex even though we broke up exactly a year ago?
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whos wants a hug anons? im here to hug and love
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She's been acting like she's into me, and so I go and ask her best friend (who is a good friend of mine as well), and she said to me today that nothing's going on, and I must have misinterpret things.

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fuck fuck fuck that hit me right in the feels you motherfucker
baww threads have slowly turned into high school kids bullshit. I"m having a hard time accepting it but I think the average age really mus tbe like 17 by now.
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Last one, take care of yourselves /b/ros
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deaf girl.png
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Notice how the quality goes back to acceptable standards in the winter? We're going through the summerfag time right now.
That's just not true. Thread quality is shitty all the time.
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>be me
>had no friends in high school
>had no gf in high school
>spend all free time drinking by myself or 4chan
>start using dating website
>find girl i really like
>we start talking
>6 months later, we meet up
>stay together, she moves to UK
>three years later, I propose
>two months before wedding, catch her cheating on me with another girl
>life crashes before my eyes
>it's been a year
>still not over it
Now im just getting more depressed..
thanks for atleast trying :)
this is exactly it
I want to give you a bro hug. That's horrible.
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>be me

No reason to live without money. I will never fulfill my dreams.

Here I come, death. And I smile.
>"the internet hate machine hates nothing more than itself"
shit anon
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>two months before wedding, catch her cheating on me with another girl
>>two months before wedding, catch her cheating on me with another girl

She's bisexual
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shiat anon, it's an another girl

threesome, life is a porn movie
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>had a shit day
>end it off with baww thread
>crying on my bed like a bitch
I haven't made the wisest of choices
no, you don't understand
she ditched me for girl
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>no money
Any reasons...?
>be me
>Move out of U.S. to take care of grandparents
>Lose all my money
>Go from lower middle class to utter poorfag
>fail classes due to language barrier
>have to pay for summer school
>no food
>go to food pantry and get food
>car breaks down in the parking lot.

I give up, here I come sweet,sweet death.
>he's so beta his gf needed a girl to replace his dick
get a load of this cuckold ayy lmao
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get out bananaposter
this is a certified feel-only zone
Explain? Didnt get it
thats not how you treat your /b/ros
What did she done to you specifically?
What was the sign for you that she's into you
>Be me, 15, five years ago
>school canoe trip
>All fun and games
>I used to have a crush on a girl
Things were going well, but later we became really distant
>Angry and sad at the same time that we don't even make eye contact
>Everyone knew
Now back to the trip
>Fourth day
>Storm supposed to come late at night
>It came some time around afternoon

>I'm too far away from from land
>Me and my friend who was also in the canoe finally make it
>I forgot to two the paddles
>Make a run for it
>Take the paddles
>Notice something
>It's not something it's someone
>It's the girl and her best friend
>They were really far away
>They were helpless
>Just spinning around
>See that they were going for the slide
There was this slide we used to train on the first and second day
>My birthday today
>no one says happy birthday
>realize im not waking up

>Instinct kicks in
>Jump in the water
>I swam harder than ever
>They hit a small island in the river
>Canoe flips over
>Her friends managed to swim the small island
>Swim to the island
>Yell at each other's
I don't remember shit
>Go for the girl
>She still helplessly floating to the slide
She's going down the slide and into the water
>Don't see her
>Go down the slide
>see her
>There's a lot of blood
>try to lift her
>I couldn't
>I was too weak
>Principal and teacher get us out
>Still holding the girl as tight as I could
>On land
>I pass out

I remember waking up in the in the camp house. Medics all around me. Everyone either crying or looked really stressed out

>Bruises all over the my body
>Nothing serious though

The medics said I got lucky

>Ask where the girl is
>Every single person in the room is dead silent
I thought to myself
>She's dead isn't she
>'We don't know yet'
>Quietly sob for about an hour

Finally I can meet everyone outside

>Her friend who was in the canoe starts crying when she sees me
please don't be some shitty troll anon
Happy Birthday /b/ro. We're here for you.
Happy birthday. :)
>Parents arrive
>We drive home
>Can't sleep

The next day everyone gets a phone call that she's in a coma

>I and a lot of people through therapy
>A month passed
>She wakes up
I start crying in joy
>'She's paralysed. She can only move her head and talk.'
>A sharp rock hit her spine
>I'm emotionally fucked
>Before we finish the last year of school
The Czech Republic has a different schooling system
>She visited us
>In a wheelchair for life
>As soon as I see her I fucking bawl my eyes out
>I tell her privately how I felt about her
>She starts crying and tells me to leave
>Last time I saw her

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Lately I've been having an existential crisis. I've been indecisive about suicide for about two years now, but lately I've just felt generally impulsive. I get violent fantasies, I feel like running away from my life and getting a new identity elsewhere, and I feel like closing my eyes and never waking up again.

...but then I wake up in the morning and keep on going. Somehow.
> i am short
> i am fat
> i am ugly

>5 years later
>finished school and got a good job
>I'm okay now
>Completely over it
>I go outside with a longtime friend
>He tells me that she died 2 days ago

>Get depressed
>don't go anywhere
>Think and cry
>Go on 4chan
>Type this shit down

I'm gonna do an hero jump out the window
It has been a terrible life for me I think I've had enough
Ho common men since it's feels thread i'll tell you my own misery to hopefuly make you feel better:
>be me 10 years old faggot, have a best friend
>life is good.jpg
>best friend dies in a car accident
>i start darkening & isolating myself
>FF 2 years, i'm now 12 no friends worth mentioning basicaly only classmates i eat with etc...
>Suddenly a guy starts talking to me (let's call him M)
>Gtfo M.gif
>He keeps trying and somehow we become even closer friends than with my ex best friend
>Mistakes were made .webm
>FF my 15th year M & I start getting into not classy shit
>we're basically dealing, stealing things etc...
>M starts doing cocaine (you guessed it you smart mother fucker it doesn't sound good at all)
>M gets caught for stealing a car but surprisingly the guy doesn't want to sue him
>I freak out & get out of the bad calls, M doesn't realise & won't stop thanks to cocaine
Don't do it /b/ro, Just think of the comedy gold available here.
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Just keep going Anon, and seppuku isn't the best way out. Make any decision you think is best for you, but never do it on an impulse. Think about the consequences.
>finished school
>good job
There are your reasons. Live for her man.
don't dwell on the past, anon. Just focus on your future.
Life likes its toys brand-new. If you're born still, grow sick, or grow old, it tires of you and throws you to the side.

Death, on the other hand, accepts everyone, no matter how broken, damaged, or useless you are. And it will accept you just the same as any other, completely equally.

Why do people crave the abusive relationship with life for as long as they can, before life throws them to the side, and death, ever so patient, waits for them? Knowing that the relationship will fail no matter what.
is this a feels thread or a YLYL thread?
i roose
Okay i'm kinda drunk and i have my story
>I'm going to start last year of high school and have summer course
>The night before course starts i'm listening send me an angel
>I'm atheist but i feel like i need to talk to god
>Tell him to send me an fucking angel
>Tell him that if i he sends me that angel i will start believe in him
>Wake up go school
>First lesson over decide to go to smoke
>See that girl that sits beside me over 1 hour
>She is wearing darth vader t-shirt
>Go talk to her ask what she likes and everything she says is just so fucking right
>She asks why do you ask these questions
>I say idk i always wanted to meet someone like you
>go smoke
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alone tower.jpg
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I know it is really fucking gay, but this pic still gets to me. For 27 years they were together, then all of a sudden there was only 1 left, with no choice but to just wait to fall down. I guess its the metaphor that does it for me.
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> Bad childhood
> Orphanage
> Dropped out of HS to smoke weed
> Got life on track
> HS + GED
> Good and stable job at factory, become team-leader
> Finally get good finances, own my car, bought apartment
> Feeling totally fucking empty
> See my best friend once every two weeks maybe (used to hang 3 times a week)
> Neglect my cats
> Trash is piling up
> Empty beercans are piling up
> No clean underwear, has recycled from the clothes bin
> Can't even be bothered to wash clothes
> Car has fixable problems
> Can't even be bothered to fix car
> Old friends are writing me on facebook or calling me
> Don't take phonecalls, don't answer messages

It's like once I finally got my life on track and under control I just lost interest,
Seems like I was more happy when I had hardships and had to borrow money from my alcholic bipolar mother to pay the rent (and weed)
please dont killing yourself is so pointless just like it says here >>680516696
If you really feel like theres nothing left then you trulz have everything, everything stupid and retarded that you wanted to do in your life ever you cna do now. I always wanted to jump onto a moving train so I would definitely try that, I wouldalso try stealing a a crane and push lots of bikers over. I would definitely run into schools with swords so it triggers lockdown and the people hide and I can run around with my sword smashing shit while the school hides. Literally anything you ever wanted to do, go do it. For me
a-and the memes? :(
so there's a disgusting hot pocket janitor piece of shit wasting his life deleting posts in a feels thread on /b/ for free? ayy lmao how can you even fuck up your life so much?

>The saddest feel in this whole thread was the janitor all along.
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Long live dear poster
Two weeks ago, we would talk, a lot, idk it we just started talking (we're classmates). One day she dragged me to a quiet place but she was really nervous to tell what she wanted to say, so she ended up saying complete non-sense. After a 3-day school trip, during which she would completely ignore me, she kept on ignoring me/acting totally different to me than to other guys. The other day I passed outside the place that apparently does some gymnastics or something like that and came out to the window to wave me, and I hadn't even noticed her that she was inside in the first place. Anyway, yesterday, I told her friend that I wanted to say something to her about a girl and me, and today, a random message came to my phone, and she was near me, and she came behind me to take a look. Later, I told her friend the truth, and she said that. I don't know what's really happening.
>talk to her when i have chance but she is always too shy
>she is perfect for me
>fast forward i go england for laungage education 1 month
>come back semester started
>talk her but still shy and i cant speak properly near her
>one day i drunk and call her
>tell her that i love her
>she says okay anon but we dont know each other enough yet lets do something together
>i say no either you are my gf or not
>im wasted and fucking retarted why the fuck i do that anyway she wants to know what taco tastes like
>still on phone-i know you want to eat taco but i check restaurants here and taco is so expensive cant we get som
you know what fuck it
Tfw everything in life is kinda ok, but my high iq just wont let me fucking live it, fuck being smart, fuck intelligence and fuck everything...
What's your IQ and where did you get it tested?
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>Tfw everything in life is kinda ok, but my high iq just wont let me fucking live it, fuck being smart, fuck intelligence and fuck everything...

spot the underage fedora memeposter
Never contributed to feels threads but here's my shit, well, the shit of my friend
>be me
>about 10yo
>be belarussian but live in switzerland
>friend of my parents lives here too
>lets call him Van
>happily married with a sweet girl
>lets call her Lily
>mother of the girl (which is still living in belarussia) arrives (came to visit Van and Lily here in CH), starves herself in a coma many times, thinks that she eats all the food from her daughter away
>talking bs, because Van and lily werent poor
>Last day of her visit
>Van went working, Lily brought her mother to the train station
>Van comes back home later (evening), sees his stuff packed
>he has to sleep on the couch
>the next night he sleeps at our home
>later we take him with us to a BBQ with our friend, so he can talk and maybe forget the events
>arrive back home, bring Van back to his house
Fast forward 2 weeks
>be me
>waching cartoons
>parents come to me
"Anon, turn the TV off"
"We have to tell u smth, remeber the things which happened with van? Well his body was found in france in a river, they are comparing his DNA to confirm that its him"
>me shocked and crying
>never understood why he jumped of a bridge
>we never got to know what Lily this bitch said to him
>we dont know what lilys mother said to lily
>he loved her
Lost my job and all my friends to drinking and drugs. feelsbadman
Happy birthday ! :)
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no feeling nothing is better imo.
>we dont get together
>i still love her
>tons of shit happens
>she decide she is lesbian
>3 years later she comes to my home
>i said dont bring her fucking near me i cant handle
>she comes i dont even see her
>i dont even remember when was the last time i see her
>im drinking while she was in next room
>i hear her laugh
>cry like baby
>she lefts because its 13th of february next day she will meet with his BOYfriend
>cant forget her cant move on
>i sit the same spot when she was in my home today and it all came back like they ever left..

i was totally different person before i knew her. she changed me so hard without even trying.
i'll never be the same person i ones was
i'll never love anyone like i love her
im so fucking sad cant even tell a story
Continue please
i can so relate to this :/
That feel when you think you failed an engineering exam. I thought I was smart. I am a god damn moron.
I think my girl is cheating on me
My version of suicide is becoming a goddam supervillain. Not a terrorist, not going out and shooting some random fucks at a mall or something, but full-on declaring war on the rest of humanity. Maybe the only thing that it would accomplish is making me go down in infamy, but I take some condolence in knowing that if it happened people would know that eventually you can push someone to go "fuck this society, fuck this species, it's all broken." And then maybe people would get it better moving forward.
Ah, just fuck you. I'm here to feel not to laugh.
Just wanted to stop by to let you anons know that it gets better. Really. No matter how bad things may seem right now I promise they will get better. You just have to hang in there and keep trying.

Stay strong bros. Good things are on the way.
Wielding power makes me very afraid but I don't want anybody to have it over me either, and as a result my friendships are becoming strained.
I just did shit in an exam despite all the hard work I put it, me and my girlfriend pf 8 years might have broke up and my friends are all moving away

I'm starting to hate my life
I'm here masturbating listening to Königgrätzer Marsch, how fucked am i /b/ros?
> 25
>Moved 2 yrs ago, lost friends, gf , everything
>tried to start over, worked okay for a bit, found friends,saved up money, made some new memories
>Used go out driving at night in my one friends chrysler 300 with the sunroof open blazing and laughing our asses off
>time passes, friends drift away, am basically alone again , save for one friend i only hear from when he's bored
>still work and have fair ammount of cash, but no car, and am stuck in small town, not a clubbing type and i have social anxiety so i dont do well alone, or in big crowds
>Beginning to drink more and more, go out less, spend all week working, spend all weekend alone drinking or riding my bike through some trails near my building
>getting more tired of my life by the day
Working my ass off towards a better paying job, where im a temp right now, but they keep skipping over me in the hiring process, and not much else in town pays that kind of money without some college degree. Even if i took the money ive saved and bought a car, id be broke in no time what with gas, and insurance and upkeep.
It sounds like you're prioritising your job
We are in the same boat man. That ceating bitch though.. she ruined me.
I think there are no more real poets today because they are all wasting their talent here on /b. When you see another fag write something that beautiful tell them to either start selling some of that art or they just an hero.
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>be about 3/4 years old
>in preschool
>fall in love with a girl
>she's kinda strange and no one likes her
>i'm her only friend
>hugs kisses and kids stuff

Time skip

>be about 11 years old
>still with this one girl
>dream of our future
>she kisses and go out with another boy
>we were kids but damn, I was broken

>the two next years were horrible, but I almost forgotten her
>i got fat and depressed
>be about 13 years old
>September, 8th grade
>no I am the strange one without friends no one likes
>the girl gets back in my life, and in my classroom
>fell in love again
>she's now a massive bitch, drinking a lot of alcohol at 13
>i tell her that i still love her
>she refuses, but tell me it could be possible
>she bitches on me and is very mean, and use her popularity to hurt me, and now everyone bullies me because I still love her.
>life is really hard, no friends, parents that don't care about the fact i'm being mass-bullied, the only member of my family who cared about me dies...
>2 years pass, I'm no longer fat and made musculation a lot and did everything to be someone better.
>she is an even bigger bitch
>surprisingly she accepts to go on a date
>we stayed together for 1 week
>she cheated on me

>5 years after, I'm 20
>I still haven't forget about her, I tried to date three other girls, but every one of them were massive bitches.
>I learned two weeks ago that she has big health problems, due to drugs and alcohol
>she's in the hospital
>go to see her
>she regretted all hat she did to me
>almost no one went to see her
>decide to visit her in the hospital every day
>she says she loves me
>she died one week ago
As much as I love animals, I'm afraid once I get one I'll be so attached I won't need anyone else. And when the animal is gone I'll just be empty...
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>M starts seeing fcking coco heads
>I finally manage to make him stop his shit but he won't stop coco
>In highschool on monday get a call, it's Ms mom
>Holy shit no pls.rar
>M is dead, he ODed on cocaine
>That's just me sitting in a corner.Mp3
>I fcking go full sasuke mode for like 6 months
>Somehow i manage to get over my sorrow
>going out as much as i can to forget
>typical 17 years old stuff exept i can't get attached to anyone even tho i try
>Fucked up in the head.MP4
>until this freaking girl (lets call her A) gets my attention she is going through some related shit
>i help her out and we start getting closer
>she isn't even hiding her feelingsfor me and gives me multiple opportunities to get with her
>I just can't and it tears me appart i just don't want her to be with some instable little bitch like me
>She finally move on & get a BF who seems like a nice guy
>two weeks later i see her crying go and ask why and the guy just keep fcking with her
>NANANANA Batman.Gif
>i lose my shit and go to talk about this with the guy lose my nerves and hit the wall behind him
>fck it hurts but he is basically so fcking freaked out he leaves without a word (i broke my fingers)
>Notice changes in their relation but she won't even talk to me anymore after the incident
>Once again i lost someone i cared for
>try to an hero
>Ms step father hears about it and tells me to come & do my work experience (you ahve to do it when you get to final year of highschool)
>he is a nurse and it's fcking cool
>have a long talk explains evrything to him
>he keeps me extra busy but i know he is doing it so i can't think about anything else
>One day checking rooms in hospital i find a dead old man and i don't even react
>Go report it
>I just realised what life gives it takes it back anyway, no justice, pure fatality
>I made my choice i'm gonna be a freaking doctor & fck up with this fatality, help my mother with her drinking issues, save people like M
>be me
>Diagnosed with Depression, anxiety
>Get anti depressants
>Anti depressants (Zoloft) were working
>Life is good
>Zoloft starts slowing down
>Dont make me happy anymore, just tired
>Say fuck it and stop taking them
>Momanon finds out after two months
>She puts me back on them
>Depression comes back, anxiety comes back
>Rage mode 24/7
>Worse than before
>Tell my friends I love them but I'm leaving
>Not killing my self
>Letting go
>Kick it in cruise control and drift away from everyone
>Hardly talk anymore
>No one knows what happened
>No one cares
Oh just fuck away from here. I'll post a thread sometime tomorrow with a script that let's you filter what ever the shit u want just so u oldshit can browse ur loli weird crap undisturbed.
underage b&
Glad you exist, /b/ro.
Happy birthday, you did great so far.
File: feels1.webm (280 KB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280 KB, 720x404

im sorry.

sorry i cant help you.
Happy birthday
Thanks /b/ro
There's so much smoke down there... people in Manhattan must've felt like the whole world was ending.
I have to pee and i'm 15 mins from my house
File: yuri.jpg (673 KB, 2523x2523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673 KB, 2523x2523
i really want to kill myself and i dont want to tell anyone because i dont want to be dramatic and i dont know how to get help.

please im scared i have a loaded gun.
Stop being a fag and rob a bank before you kys
File: Vibrorabbit.jpg (3 KB, 125x99) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x99
i'm now in 5th year of college to become a doctor, i still can't feel and basicaly live my life througout others and in the past.
I hope all of you /b/ros recover and fight the fight i couldn't towards hapinness, have hope and get the highest/more fitting goal you can cause you guys are though and an hero will get you nowhere if you think your life isn't worth living, then dedicate it to people who still have hope within themselves and are willing to fight, at least be useful.

What does "poor" mean?
I'm 25, living on 750$/month, feeling fine about it.
I hurt a boy and now he's gone.
thanks for replying
Don't do it anon. Tell me about yourself.
File: 1426440902058.jpg (63 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 360x360
>tfw the girl I thought liked me, now is avoiding me

w-what happened, bros?
>tfw the girl who told me she loved me for the last 8 months broke up with me in a text "we're done", told me it was all a lie, I'm actually unattractive and the sex was bad
Well fuck bro
File: 1461113268805.jpg (284 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284 KB, 960x960
thers nothing to say.

Im a complete total failure and I am not good at anything except consuming copious amounts of alcohol.
shit... sorry man
i'm fucking tired of people threatening to off themselves and not giving us a final manifesto

are you afraid of thinking about it for long enough or what
Dont do it.
Its gonna be dramatic in every way and you cant change that fact. Its impossible to suddenly "disappear".
Dont bring your family and friends the sadness that destroyed you.
It's never too late to change that anon. You can fix/surpass most of the fuck-ups.
File: 12432156341234.jpg (11 KB, 233x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 233x216
This song never fails to make me feel
You can fix one of those.
It's actually really easy to do it without being dramatic. People die all the time without drama. Half the time they aren't even found for a month or two before the neighbors complain about the smell. Suicide instead of an accident wouldn't change that.

Wait for your friends and family to either die or lose contact. Wait a year to ensure they don't look for and find you. Toss your ID and all that away. Die in a secluded, outdoor area. No reason to be a cunt and ruin the household you're in by dying and letting your body rot and stench the place up, making it impossible to sell.
Two of those. Makeup is magical. No need to be obsessed about looking good naturally - makeup is just another tool like exercise.
File: disappointment.jpg (189 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 800x533
File: endmylifeplease.jpg (90 KB, 991x1762) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 991x1762
im afraid of dying. but im close trust me. i can feel it.

I dont know what to do. Im so lost.
File: out of feels.jpg (100 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
out of feels.jpg
100 KB, 900x675
I wish I could cry again. It's been so fucking long...
Why are you afraid ?
File: 1460935613710.png (203 KB, 367x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 367x506
Nobody cares about your problems, fuck off.
>first reply 30 seconds after OP.
Why did you save a pic of someone samefagging. fuck off
Lost my cat almost a few months ago, he was only 6. His organs were all shutting down, the night before he had to be put down I just laid with him, and for weeks he had been in pain, but he laid beside me as if nothing was wrong. Like it was just me and him left in the world.

But fuck did I love the little guy, he was always there for me, I would always talk to him and he would always meow back as if to keep up with the conversation.

I look up at his urn almost hourly, and just wish that some how his ashes weren't in there and he'd walk into my room and do his stupid little meow like he used too.

I got him tattooed to me years ago, and the now I regret it because seeing his face everyday kills me. I'd give anything to have him back. It's hard to sleep without his weight on the end of my bed every night, or him waking me up in the middle of the night because he felt the need to groom my beard.

The first few days I lost him I was a mess, there was even a night I woke up and looked for him. I fucking looked as if he was just hiding from me. I ended up waking my dad from all the noise I was making, and all he did was put his arm around me and tell me " He'll be back soon ". I thought i'd feel better about it, or come to terms with losing him. After all it's " just a cat " but fuck, I miss my best bud so much.

Does it ever get easier ?
Im so sacred of dying. I dont know why. but this pain I feel is to much. It's easier to pull the trigger everyday.
I never understood why people are so fed up with 9/11. All they care about is some stupid patriotic bullshit or some conspiracy delusion. No one ever seems to care about the people that died there without a chance.
Call to suicide help line/whatever it is. You don't know if it works until you try. Help is out there.
one time I had to pee and it hurt so I killed myself
did you died?
be me 3 years ago
>just turned 13
>grandpa dies
>go camping to realize ashes off cliff
>my coach comes
>wake up in the middle of the night to him touching me
>tell him i love him
>he's in mid earlymid 20's
>keep relationship secret
>tell him i cut myself
>tells me i'm weak
>never talk to him about it again
>passive aggressive and mean
>other times sensitive, caring and fun
>depression starts
>anxiety about ppl finding out about us starts
>doesn't talk to me sometimes cause almost always in bad mood
>cry once during oral cause i couldn't mask it anymore
>almost 2 years later
>still just 14
>suicidal and more depressed
>feel unworthy of everything that the world is better off without me
>new years of 2014 finally done with this shit
>convinces me to stay
>april i leave him
>smoke weed 1st time right after
>life is great i'm always high
>january he texts me saying i made him want to kill himself, and wants me back
>he also didn't want me to study abroad and now i'm doing just that, get out of destructive relationships ppl, it's better in the end
>but i still think about him - it's hard to forget your first love
File: 1460403589260.png (5 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 645x773
I dont want them to send cops to my house.

do they send cops to your house?
did I?
I did died
Never seen this before. Not really suicidal but I have been, but fuck me if that isn't inspirational.

Nah my house is safe and sound from them.
Do all of those helplines really call cops to you?
Do you wanna talk bro?
Otherwise call a suicide line as menioned in another post
You do not have to be afraid. The death is the end of the sufferings. Anyway, nobody is eternal, everybody will be forgotten.
I've been depressed for 2/3 of my whole life.
I met someone and didn't even expect shit to change. Everything went the same path as always. But this time it devastated me. And I don't even know why. I am fine with it not working out, I guess what gets me is that I am so used to only get shit thrown my way that this one just tipped me over the edge again.
Looking for a specific picture, I'd appreciate it if someone could Post it.

It was a screencap of a Single Post, A short Story about how love is Not lusting over someone else, but rather breathing as she breathes.

Heck, I can't describe it well, if someone has it they'll know what I mean

>i found this
Will the Police Get Called If I'm Suicidal and Call a Suicide Hotline?
This is a tricky question and the answer is neither "yes" nor "no." In the vast majority of cases, no police (or other authority) involvement is required and in the cases where emergency help is needed, suicide hotline staff will make every attempt to gain permission to send them. The goal of a suicide hotline is to help you with your personal crisis and no one-size-fits-all solution is possible.

That being said, if you are actively suicidal and threatening to imminently hurt yourself, it is possible that emergency personnel may be called without your permission. While no one likes that scenario, it truly is the best, lifesaving thing an operator can do in a small number of cases.
yes it does anon, yes it does. It takes some time, but you will get over it. Until then, feeling bad is perfectly normal. I'm so sorry, losing a pet and a friend sucks, but it will get better eventually.
File: 1444630588064.jpg (260 KB, 1600x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 1600x1067
Stop being such emotional faggots.
You're all fucking teenagers, you have plenty of time for real problems.
File: 1460500753169.jpg (43 KB, 642x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 642x446
>You're all fucking teenagers


The friend likes you and wants you to herself.
I'm in a similar mindset anon, minus the suicide.

I'm currently planning a move to different state for the dumbest reason which is to get out of going to a friends wedding. We grew apart and I can't stand my close friends anymore
not if we kill ourselves first! :D
got me
That means much coming from an 12 year old edgelord. Thank you based b8, I r8 8/8.
Probably the worst thing I have ever done.

>Be me, 12 yrs old, living with abusive uncle and auntie
>We lived on an old farm, no animals just fields
>My uncle goes off to a market and comes back with this filthyass horse
>says its bread from some old blokes prize stallion
>Aunt loves it for some reason, calls it "Dirty" since its all muddy and shit
>I used to like to ride horses back then
>They told me "if we ever catch you riding our fucking horse, we will beat the living shit out of you"
>They werent kidding, theyve done it before
>Few days later
>im playing around with some old tractor tire I found
>Dirty is just eating grass and stuff that horses do
>Aunt and uncle checks up on me every once in a while to make sure Im not riding their damn horse
>Get bored
>decide to climb inside the tired
>it starts moving (field wasnt entirely flat)
>cant stop
>Aunt and Uncle comes outside to check up on me
>They see me rollin
>They hatin
>Trying to catch me riding Dirty
not this song, anything but this song. This fucking song brings back all the failed relationships ive had the misfortune of being involved in but its by one of my fav artists and one of my fav albums
i feel cheated XD
Speaks directly from the pits of my bottomless blackest of black soul
File: bd_old1.jpg (65 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 604x453
>My birthday is on the first of January.
>I turned 19 this year.
>On the countdown to new years eve my family would usually wish me a happy birthday.
>Grandmother was hospitalised with cancer.
>My father was beside her in hospital.
>Brother was on Holliday with GF
>Mother was asleep.
>No friends to invite me out to a party.
>No friends to invite to birthday party.
>Spend birthday doing bicep curls and college assignments.
>Grandmother passed on 3 days later.s
>No one to confide in.
>No shoulder to lean on.

Not looking for attention, I am just joining in on the misery. Life is nearing its end now.
made me teary
<p style="font-size:40px;">I miss her</p>
try ketamine or mdma it can help with crippling depression and if you're about to kill yourself what have you got to lose?
File: letter 2.png (30 KB, 1395x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
letter 2.png
30 KB, 1395x231
My girlfriend tried killing herself Tuesday night. Now she might be taken back to a mental hospital and I won't see her for three months.
File: dark-souls.jpg (159 KB, 849x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 849x473
Sometimes we walk alone brother. No one can hear our silent cries and our feelings go unfelt because we become to numb to feel them. I don't know who you are, what you do, or what makes you tick. But what i can say is that we're both humans and whatever happens we'll deal with. I'm sorry for your loss
Got no feel stories to tell because I spend all day in my bed alone and crying.
File: 1455573153058.png (1 MB, 1242x2208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1242x2208
I have missed out on all the best years of my life. I see no immediate change to this. Throuoght my life I have never had friends, I have always been isolated from my peers. When I threw a birthday party no one attended. I tried so hard to find a GF or at the very least lose my virginity. All my efforts have been for naught. I have lived 19 years alone. Life has been a cruel joke at my expense, it's almost over now.
and there you have a feel story, because I feel you /b/ro.
Happy birthday, Anon
File: you've missed out.png (177 KB, 975x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you've missed out.png
177 KB, 975x341
Don't do it. I care about you. I don't know what this board will be like without you.
You make my day faget
What makes you think that?
Happy birthday
File: bait.png (26 KB, 527x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 527x409
You're savable my nigga
see I kinda had this at 14~, but I was insecure and just generally had no idea what I was doing.

It's not a fucking pleasant experience.
File: 1460255773619.jpg (989 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
989 KB, 1920x1200
I dont want to die....
Just shut the fuck up
That's a nice weapon. Atleast your not going to survive and be a vegetable if you do it with a hand cannon
I know it sucks but you are better off without her.
I'm sorry man
I have serious crippling depression, i've been going to a therapist the last two months but i can never fully open up. Only time im happy is when im on the computer. I really want to smoke weed erryday but i might actually have some potential in life and i dont want to throw that away like my brother. Why is life so unfair? I'm starting to have suicidal thoughts. I'm not even bullied at school i'm one of the "cool kids" and actually pretty good looking but still i have depression and have no idea why.Give me some motivation for life, for school. Kill me.
Good. Live your life and enjoy it.
Oh fuck off. At least you can say that, at least you've been there. That's one milestone you passed that some of us yearn for.
Happy birthday ;)
When I look back in my life, all I see are pieces of me I left behind
I had a teen lover who broke my heart then accused me of rape as her final act of hatred so no, I cant forget her, and yes I wish I never met her
Get banned underage faggot.
"Wah wah teen depression".
>be me, 23
>father used to hit me when I was little
>haven't had friends until high school
>have never been really happy but not really depressed
>after high school ends life events happen that cause me to become really depressed
>lost most of my friends
>have spent the past year and a half doing nothing with my life
>no desire to get a job or go to college
>just want to die
last monday I ejaculated while making out with a girl I met on tinder
It's really not what you think, I think it did so much more harm then good. I should have been clearer in saying that we didn't really do anything and when it was over it left me emotionally damaged with literally 0 confidence.

9 years later, I'm a virgin loser like everybody else.

how do you enjoy it?

everyday i get closer to killing myself and im scared.

I feel like there is some secret to being happy and i dont know what it is..
Oh, sorry, I didn't know but you are the exception. With many normies say that you aren't missing out in anything I had assumed you were spouting the same BS. I can see you have a reason.
/b/ros can I told you what's making me feel like shit?
I'm all ears, shoot.
i'm >>680543055 and>>680541532

not >>680542704
File: 1461260410394s.jpg (3 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x125
Love yourself and understand that you're just a human. Explore the world, don't wait for it to come to you. Here's a meme for you anon :)
I might kill myself soon
>Why is life so unfair?
who the fuck ever told you life was fair?
no one
who the fuck ever told you that you are going to do well in life?
no one
who the fuck ever told you that one day you'd settle down and get a girl?
no one
who the fuck ever told you that one day you'd have a ton of friends?
no one
most normal fags have been told this kind of stuff all the time, making them have self confidence and not fear rejection as much as most of /b/, who knows its better to sit in the corner and not ask the girl, because then i am just alone, not alone and being Laughed at and alone
also, I'l begin dumping now
File: 648.png (179 KB, 600x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 600x511
Pepe will miss you
My gf wants me to dump her because she was pregnant before we met
File: 1457249618023.jpg (139 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 640x640
rip prince real feels
File: 1457250213953.jpg (15 KB, 500x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 500x256
The key is to stop giving a fuck about things that in the grand scheme of things, dont fucking matter.

stop being a depressed faggot
this made me close the thread (=
Yeah man
File: 1460071230675.png (883 KB, 980x4398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
883 KB, 980x4398
the kids like 12, chill fam
How come?
I do all 3. every. single. day.
File: 1460072787029.png (178 KB, 519x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 519x647
I just dont have anything to keep me going

just to be clear, this isn't encouragement, just philosophy ppl
File: 1460072975437.jpg (37 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 1600x900
dude, that 4chan frog picture makes me emotional, thanks for sharing
File: Capture.png (28 KB, 512x543) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 512x543
It will get better.
What about friends and family and a job?
dude when im feeling so much of depression (i call it devilmode) i dont care about anything i just watch tv and stay away from everybody until i go back to my normal form
File: 1460574485405.png (495 KB, 681x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 681x602

my best has never really been good enough
also love this one

money is fucking paper
we trade PAPER for the lives of other humans
and spend our lives seeing how much paper we can collect so our kids can continue collecting paper for their kids blah blah blah
Well, there it goes

>my ex girlfriend is studying far away
>we broke up
>both in tears
>She's been a friend/girlfriend for almost 4-5years
>get very distant
>we're part of the same group of friends
>she's comming to my city again this summer
>we're from different cities
>Nobody told me nothing
>She tells me that
>I pretend that it doesn't matter
>She tells me that she don't love of me or think about us anymore
>In a very cold way
>I have to see her an entire month this summer
>I just can't stand
>It's killing me the fact that she's going to probably being slutty when we go to party
>Everyday I remind her words
>"Well, I don't love you or think about you anymore"

Man it hurts, I know this is a shit problem, but I can't tell anybody how much it's making me feel like shit. They're my friends, I don't want to break my group, and I don't want to fuck up her holidays. And she was the only person who knows more about me than anyone and the only one which I truly love and care.

tl;dr I'm stupid for still loving her when she don't love me anymore.
My friends are assholes i want to get away from my family and i dont have a job
The thing is that people that are suicidal are also depressed (duh), and you don't wanna do anything when you're depressed. A person wants to commit suicide because they feel like there's nothing to live for most of the times, so why would they want to go out and do crazy shit if they feel like life is shit?
God, stop acting like what that guy said was so smart and true
im so sad even my mom doesnt know i could kill my self... sorry.... anons on 4chan are the only people i can talk to..
>breech loading a caseless round into a rifle that also had a bolt handle, then pretending it has a pistol grip

I come from nogunz island and even I know that's retarded.
I'm tempted just to do an Into The Wild and fuck off somewhere remote and maybe die

>renting off my surviving parent (1 is dead) using welfare money
>in the same town I've always lived in
>dropped out of two colleges i had scholarships to
>got fired from my last job
>no real skills - can't find work
>only friend is my ex girlfriend
>no future
>drain on society

I'm literally what I hate about my generation.
Ditch your old friends. Get a job you will meet people through that.
Any hobbies? What do you like to do/what interests you?
>be me
>earlier today
>walking down a hallway in campus, alone, as usual.
>sees group of random girls never seen before
>one is wearing a sheer shirt with a revealing bra underneath
>doesn't stare too long
>she moves through the crowd towards me
>figure she's heading for the bathroom I'm passing
>she turns so that her back faces me
>starts to fall backwards into me
>I've been having a bad day
>I shove her to her feet, walk around her
>laughing from her friends
>instant regret
>continued regret

I know this isn't the tear-jerking stories that everybody else seems to have. But I have regrets as well as all of you. I just don't know how to deal with them.
when ever your sadness feels like a star of darkness creeping up on you making you feel like murdering or killing even yourself just go deep inside and go on a feels thread on /b/ and get feels and pepe
Im >>680545301 also excuse me for my shitty english. It's not my main language and it's late here.
minion porn xxx hott sexy naked
I keep a hunting knife next to my bed. I tell myself that it's for self defense, but I know that one day I'll want death to come, and I'll want it to be available.
dude that picture discribes me so well i want to end it all the blackness in my soul is too strong

>be me
>mom said fuck you
>cry like a bitch
>gf gives me a handjob
>i go to the bathroom
>i look in the mirror
>im ugly

a poignant and astute sentiment
i wish i could kill monsters like that. people like her do not deserve to live
Fuck off back to 9gag
File: 1453764936395.gif (3 MB, 350x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 350x185
thats badass i have a katana but dad keeps it in his room because i broke the drywall
Then try harder. You're best is physically and mentally impossible because your "best" would require you to be perfect, and no one is ever perfect. You will never do your best, therefor you always have room for improvement. Improve yaself nigga
bitch ruined my life, costing me my only job I've ever had please fuck her day up

snapchat: shelby_nicole18
Well my first love was a shallow girl with nice tits, tight cunt and a cute face, soon found out i wanted a girl with more personality, so i dumped her... i only really remember her crying a lot when we broke up...i really dont know where i was going with this :I

go to the emergency room, it looks like you require hospitalization

im quite serious
File: Navy Feels.png (726 KB, 800x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Navy Feels.png
726 KB, 800x640
i sleep a lot in order to allow the days to pass quicker and put on a facade of happiness and smile in order to hide my loneliness in life around people, leaving me to retreat to my room in any chance i get.
i have a similar vision, if you want to kill yourself because of bullying or wathever, just kill everyone, they deserve to die, not you.
it should be, I dont love myself so why should anyone love me? why should I love someone when I can't even love myself?
this is how I feel everyday of my life. rip in peace
I just sharted and it ran down my leg onto my carpet

Dammit I shouldn't have pushed!!

... them feels /b/ros
had that exact thought a few weeks earlier...
out of everybody to disappoint, myself is the biggest
>be me
>graduated college
>work at a warehouse
>trying to get a license
>can't get a girlfriend although i have been searching for 10 years.
>did everything, dating sites, friends won't help, and i have looked in regular life too
>feel like i will die alone
File: abdbrfg.png (552 KB, 504x483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
552 KB, 504x483
I'm not sure if I belong here or if anyone can relate/help but I'd like to say something that's on my mind.
I've always been a very emotional person and quite unstable at time where I would just cry suddenly. I always think of myself as worthless and never thought of anyone loving me or being worth anyone's time and am always thankful for any positive attention I get.
Last year I met someone who had grown to be a dear friend and is now my girlfriend whom I love dearly. She is my first love and never fails to make me feel better when I am suddenly thrown into another emotional fit. Lately though I have been feeling that she deserves better or at least thinking this more than usual. It may be that my depression and anxiety are fucking with me again but it's something that has been bothering me a bit. I've been crying more lately without her knowing and I've been feeling like even more of a burden to her. I also forgot to mention that we had met online and live in different states so physical contact has always been something that has been missing from our relationship. Sometimes it is hard to comfort one another when the other is feeling bad. I, being someone who is not good with words, feel very terrible when I am unable to help her.
So I guess now I should express what has been on my mind lately. I have been feeling that she deserves a better partner than someone like me despite how much she says she loves me. But I feel awful thinking this knowing that she is the first person who has said lots of nice things to me and the only one who had ever treated me in such a loving manner. Knowing that she is too good for me breaks my heart and I am not sure what to do about this.
I am sorry for rambling words that make no sense but thank you if you actually went through this and read it.
And if you have anything to say that could help me please do.
Except you're personifying death. That's some flowery spiritual bullshit. Death is just nothing. Not even the nothing where you can enjoy how free of the burden of life you've become, because to enjoy is to sill be alive. You just cease.

Death is something that cannot be enjoyed. It can't even be experienced (dying can, of course). You just are one day, are not the next.

Life is experience. It's being. Sure you can feel suffering, loss, crippling depression, anxiety, sickness, jealousy and so on. But life is also fun, satisfaction, pride, exploration, conversation, excitement, joy, calm...

Fuck all this 'death welcomes everyone' edgy crap. The aim is to reduce the worst of life and increase the best.

Some people can do that on their own. Other people need help doing that. You just have to try to connect the dots and make it happen. If it doesn't, fuck it, you'll die eventually anyway. But why not take your one shot and make something of it.
All this shit says to me is you're looking for a human connection and not finding it.

That should be your one fucking goal in life right now. A strong, meaningful bond with other people. People you can rely on.

That's what you really want, that's what you need. Once you have that, being overlooked for a promotion will still suck, being stuck in a small town will still suck, but you won't be on a feels thread posting about it. You'll be with proper people, good people.

But yes, social anxiety is a bitch. We are our own worst enemy.

Good luck anon.
>Done to you
That fucking English
This guy gets it.
fuckin hell me too, been watching too much Venture Bros
why do you feel like she doesnt deserve you?
shes there for you, thats her choice
if you dont like it, tell her, otherwise grow some
if you start feeling that way shell start to notice and it will go downhill

also you dont need to be good with words to support someone
you just need to be there for them
i know thats a lot more difficult in an online relationship, just do your best to be supportive
nah, dat shit's gay man. what'll killing urself do? Live for her or whatever...
I know for me at least the knowledge that someone is trying to comfort me does a fair amount. I don't know if she has said anything like "yeah you're not really helping" or something like that but it is very possible that you are being too hard on yourself. As far as her being too good for you she isn't obligated to stay in the relationship its her choice. I don't know anything about her or you really but if you have been able to keep a long distance relationship going its obvious that she cares about you.
Yeah that probably doesn't help but hey its worth a shot.
File: 1456352803967.jpg (15 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Damn dude thanks I needed that
File: 1456352835968.jpg (31 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 500x500
just kill yourself faggot lol
I'm thinking about volunteering with the Samaritans or something. I have experience working in a call centre so some of those skills might help plus I feel as though my own struggles will allow me to empathise with these people a lot more and hopefully lift them up a bit. Conversely, I might not be able to provide any answers given my own issues and make things worse.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Even if you were someone who called in themselves, what do you discuss?
File: 1456534754371.png (26 KB, 775x789) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 775x789
WHO TF UP???!!
Your problem is you hate yourself.

You care more about your girlfriend than you.

Which isn't a good thing. You're letting that stupid fucking negative voice in your head belittle you, berate you, make you feel unworthy, undeserving.

Which voice do you trust? That nasty spiralling pessimist in your brain making you feel bad? Or the girlfriend that says nice things and wants to be with you and makes you feel good?

Trust that positive voice, the one making your feel good.Get rid of the other shit, you don't need it. The best is getting exactly what you want - you are exactly what she wants, so if she has you, she's getting the best.

I'd just advise moving closer to each other.
I always wondered right, because you know how when deaf people try to talk it sounds retarded as, imagine what she would sound like when you are fucking her and she has an orgasm
File: 1456353743569.png (223 KB, 942x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1456537404467.png (34 KB, 792x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: CQnTdR0UEAEgOdi.jpg (104 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: alpenhut.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4032x3024
>be me
>at Oktoberfest
>Mehrere Bratwuerste spaeter
>see sick Alpine hat
>pic related
>buy sick Alpine hat
>wear sick Alpine hat everywhere
>b/c alpine hats
>an amerikanische Fussballspiel.
>ppl in section throw dyed powder for rival game
>ueberall mein hut
>wir siegte
>also, i can into felt sponge, so no big
>be months later
>realize sick Alpine hat looks like betahat
Did you put her into a coma ? I really wish you did, if not, tell her that you hope she gets cancer and on her last breath dies in a house fire
File: 1457483739887.png (109 KB, 824x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Genius response.
File: 1461202827729.jpg (25 KB, 496x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So how many of you guys are so unhappy to the point where its just you riding it out until you die?
It's gotten to the point where I'm not even reacting anymore, it's just all tge same.
I think I'd be OK with gf cheating with other girls
Well I'd consider you dangerous considering I could probably cut myself on your edge.
>be me, 18 in college
>been hiding the fact I have shit tier grades to parents
>they tell me I'm intelligent and handsome,while I think the opposite
>have no interest in life nor school
>want to have a gf but cant even talk to people at school
>too shy to even say a word
>my life is miserable and my behaviour is the sole reason
>literally dont do anything bout it
>life goes on and I dont wanna go on anymore
This... this is one of the most mature, sensitive posts i've ever seen on /b/.
Bravo good anon, you brought a tear to my eye, people either say to "get over it" or "hurr durr durr kill all the moose limbs" while totally ignoring the fact that people lost their lives, their loved ones, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. We forget the human cost, and only see the political cost.
Thank you anons. This really helped me.
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