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Hey /b my dick stinks kinda fishy and it's...
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Hey /b my dick stinks kinda fishy and it's getting annoying. Anyone knows how to clean it properly?
I've always just used my shampoo to clean it (uncircumcised btw) but I recently read somewhere that using soap or shampoo for your dick is not a good idea, that just water should be enough.
I'm stroking the meat sword once a day, and sometimes shower every 2 days. Is that the reason for the fishy smell? Plz help
Wash after you have fished and don't wear the same underware
Try bleach. You should drink it
Otherwise just use soap on your cock you fucking pleb!
Thanks. Any idea on how long it will take to get the smell away if I start doing this? Atm it comes back 5 min after I get out of the shower, not as powerful ofc but still smellable
I once used liquid anti-septic to clean mine when it developed an unusually strong odour. Cleared that shit up immediately, but be warned: if any gets near (or god forbid, inside) your urethra it will sting like a bitch. This can be solved by holding a cotton wool ball over the urethra which will absorb any stray liquid.

You should also research whether your diet could be contributing to this smell. But it could also be an unlucky genetic roll. I can smell one of my friends from about 3m away, and the rest of him looks clean enough.
maybe it's turning into a little gold fish, that would be good because girls like those.
Jerk off with shampoo
Clean it properly with water.
Just rub it till its clean.
But not too much or you'll have to start over
Trim your pubes, scrub your balls and little dinkie with a washcloth, use sanitizing agent like rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Should last for a good while. It's bacteria feeding on dead skin cells.
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Use bleach you pleb!
This. And stop fucking fish
Ill look into that stuff, might be what I need.
Really hope I'm not like your friend...Does he know about this, that you (and I guess others) can smell his crotch from afar?
>Uncut dick maintenance 101.
If you use regular soap or shampoo every day (or more) you will get dry skin.
Dry skin means a lot of loose dead skinflakes are wrapped up in somewhat moist and warm folds. Bacteria feast = smell.

Here's what you do.
>Get a proper pH neutral soap, preferably one with some moisture / oil.
>Pull foreskin back every day.
>Wash with a very tiny bit of that soap and make sure you take special care of of washing the soap off.
>If you used a condom, wash off with a washcloth with just lukewarm water afterwards.
>After you fap, clean yourself with a washcloth.
>Wear clean underware everyday.
>In hot summerdays, don't wash your balls and between your thighs with soap, just use water there.
Use antibacterial hand wash it works fishy smell is dried cum
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This anon must suck a lot of cock. You could honestly almost be an OP with that level of penis fellation
Wipe your dick after you piss and make sure you got all the drips out. Stop using fucking shampoo on your cock too dumbass, warm water and a cloth is all you should use on it.
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I find it odd that you immediately jump to gay shit when cocks are being talked about in a nonsexual manners. Wait no I don't this is /b/, there's closet fags everywhere.
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