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Fluffy thread?
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Fluffy thread?
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I drew this wayyyy long ago. I'm glad someone still remembers some of my stuff and I've been thinking about jumping back into the booru again for more but the current user base is a bit shit.
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Fuck em, do it for us
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what happened to bmf on the burroo
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Don't you 404 on me
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he posted the other day.
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Is there any with humans pissing on fluffies?
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Anyone got smarty stuff?
this is my feitsh now
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Mine too bro. Mine too
flugby tiem?
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This is as close to that I have saved
Not yet
touch yourself
ok tell me when
This is just some random story I've never seen before
A bit of a weak payoff and some problems with text readability but overall pretty well done
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well i cant find his profile or is old works
Fucking more. I love it. Dick is diamonds
And this is the last page I know if
i found it but i cant veiw his images
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the fuck is wrong with yall
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fuck I hate this shitty artist. garbage looking floofs and extreme shit/piss fetish stuff.
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>Hey, I heard you do custom pet bowls.
>Yes, what do you want?
>I want a red one.
>What's your pet's name?
>ass face
My favorite by far
Thank you kind anon
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>Go around the alley to take out trash
>see this

wat do
Any more?
Not enough violence you fucking NEETS
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360 and walk away
Does anyone have the abuse-sir comic where the smarty puts a baby in one of the foal-for-spaghetti things after raping it?
That's the last one I typed up. For now.

Going to post some more tomorrow night if I feel like it. Probably will feel like it.

How'd you like it?
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Than contribute nerd
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Pretty good.
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My trips don't lie.
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I love this kind of drawing, can I have more of this beating thing?
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Thanks man. Glad people are enjoying it.

Still probably would type it all up, just not post it.
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Requesting the weirdest weirdbox in our collective hard drives.
love it.
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Cannibal song.png
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just for you
my all time favorite
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>You decide to adopt the fluffy
>You bring it home, it completely adores you
>It can feel you saved it from an impending doom
>She saw it close, but now, she was safe
>You explain her she can only be in the safe room, a tiny laundry room at the back of the house.
>She can't move anyway, she's bloated
>You bring her some scrambled eggs, because that's all you could muster at the time
>She smells it and pouts
>"Nuu bettah nummies?"

wat do
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Tell her since she complained she gets no mummies
Either way this or starve, cuz 8pm is fap time, not cooking time
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fucking degenerate kys
Pull one baby out and feed it to her
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the truth.jpg
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apply mug.png
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>apply mug to fluff
>Continue on with day.
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>Oh, what's that?
>Not good enough for this vermin?
>You could eat them yourself and this thing won't go near it.
>You throw the eggs away and turn off the kitchen
>You manage to hear something from it before leaving.
>"N-nu! eggies gud nummies! pwease giff pwe-- MISTAH!"
>You go upstairs to sleep
>In the middle of the night you can hear every version of a tantrum dedicated to let you know she was hungry and she needed food for her newcoming babies.
>You thought you could ignore it at first, but you're finding it harder and harder to go back to sleep

wat do
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sowwy bat.jpg
755 KB, 998x2429

Tell her that because she's been complaining, she won't get food in the morning. If she keeps complaining, she won't get lunch either.
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Great album
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LOL those MS paint textures
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thank you for bestowing this upon us
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1 MB, 1094x974
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385 KB, 2230x1904
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2 MB, 1250x750
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899 KB, 950x700
File: Munstah Truck.gif (3 MB, 1250x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Munstah Truck.gif
3 MB, 1250x900
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>That's it
>You go downstairs
>There she is, the moment she sees you she gets all giddy
>stupid thing thinks her tantrum got her food.
>You actually go down to tell her she was not getting breakfast for complaining
>"Nu!...buh why?
>If she remains quiet, you might consider feeding her
>She remains quiet
>as quiet as it can anyway
>You manage to sleep immediatly when the silence settles in
>4:58 am
>"...daddeh fwuffy nee nummies...huuu"
>You open your eyes
>You expect a longer tantrum
>Nope, just an isolated plea
>You wait still with your eyes wide open in the dark
>...Nope, nothing more
>5:24 am
>"huuu huuuhuuuuuu...uuuuu.....huuuu....wan eggies"
>You expect to hear more moping, but you figure it went to sleep
>6:38 am
>You accept the fact you're not going to sleep properly
>The growling of its stomach was getting loud enough to be heard from upstairs
>You somehow fall sleep without knowing if there were any more incidents.
>You awake painfully at 9 am, late for everything
>You go downstairs and meet the fluffy
>The only thing that made you sleep last night was dreaming what you were going to do to the fluffy the next morning
>you dreamed about starving it to dead
>Keeping it, and caring it, but not feeding it
>You go get a plate and the fluffy dam starts to tear of joy
>"mistah fwuffy so sowy, fuwffy num aww nummies nao"
>Good, because you feed her a bowl of water.
>and that's it
>it looks at the plate
>..."nuu, nu tissty, hungwy, nee nummies, wike eggies"
>You tell her you have no time and leave
>By the time you come back, you're exhausted
>You need your sleep hours
>You come back home and the fluffy is bawling
>"fwuffy....huuu fwuffy haff wowstest tummy owwies...pwease nummies"

wat do
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1 MB, 900x700
File: PanSeared.gif (2 MB, 1250x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1250x750
File: LegRest.gif (30 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tell her you can only take of her and one baby
then tell her you will feed her sketti now, but only if she promises to eat her unwanted babies when they are born
its so hard to keep the pain fresh while keeping them alive... maybe letting the physical wounds heal while inflicting the mental torture.
take care of *
What a waste of dubs
Well watch me waste these dubs
Dammit nevermind
>You decide to aid her this time
>You've cooled off
>You tell her you can only sustain her and one foal
>You ask her to promise to eat her unwanted babehs
>No replies, she takes her hooves instinctively to her belly
>You insist on a reply
>"babbehs no nummies...babbehs fow huggies wub..."
>You band the table, the fluffy starts to bawl
>You tell her its either that or starving
>She keeps bawling but nods in agreement

Continued in next thread
new thread
The booru is fucking cancer. You can't find a single hugbox post without some autistic faggot going "HURR DURR HUGBOX FAGS HURR DURR I STOMPED THE FLUFFY IN THE PICTURE HURR DURR SKETTIES WERE POISON HURR DURR DURRRRR."
Hugbox is the worst though.
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