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god tier feels thread cause I don't feel shit today and

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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god tier feels thread cause I don't feel shit today and I have to carry on
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I'm here Anon....
Sad and lonely.... But I'm here too...
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oh, thanks. lemme bump more.
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So sharing my story...

My GF ended our relationship 1 week ago... And she left me for some other guy.... Not because she loves him, just because she wanted to have sex....

She went to another country to work, and I swore to her that I will wait.
Every morning I used to wake up and send her a good day voice note, at nights I loved to watch her eyes... Those eyes that gave me so much happiness.... I tried to help her with her work, with her problems....

I'm still in college.. and when she broke up the relationship.. I had to cancel my student exchange to that country... It was my 3rd anniversary surprise to her....

The worst part... It's that I still care of her...
I still wonder if she already eat or if she is no having any problem with her work....

Im still in love with her....
I will bump some images too
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Also I have anxiety and schizophrenia so.... This picture is very accurate
oh fuck you, mister lonely heart.
reach out to someone you can physically touch next time.
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We were more than 2 years together ("physically")... she moved one month ago.
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miss me.jpg
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God this fucking place has decayed so much. Feels threads (or "bawww threads" before they adopted a reddit-tier name) used to be about feels regarding being completely and utterly detached from human society and having never experienced any form of intimacy whatsoever. Now it's just normie "feels" about "muh ex-gurlfrend boohoohoo".

What a fucking joke
Christ you're edgy. Just because some people had relationships in the past doesn't mean they can't feel like the type of shit the KHH virgins feel.
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just got out of a 3 years relationship. she left me for nothing. cause i wasn't good enough.
With exceptions, yes, it does mean precisely that. People who have had serious, intimate relationships almost invariably have way too different a life experience than those who haven't, meaning that it's practically impossible for the former to understand the latter. And that's not even taking into account the whole problem that, if someone got a gf to begin with, probably he never really was all that similar to the KHVs (with exceptions, of course).
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they always get me too bud.
Since you guys aren't mr edgylord up there, care to explain me wth is KHH or KHV?
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"khh virgin" is just a variation, which could for example mean "kissless, hugless, hand-holdless virgin"
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oh i see
Lossless hugless handholdless
Nah man, that was just the most common kind of feel felt. Nowadays 4chan is a little bit more normalized, with a larger population. So it's a little different.
But we're all alone. We're all lonely.
And alone is always the same.
yep. that's mostly how I feel about being here, too.
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It'll be alright guys
just give up you stupid fucken stupid cunt
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you faggot
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Keep your faith, it is a good virtue. Even if she never returns
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Why did he never replied? Im sad
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It never really gets any easier, or better.
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>best friend has stage 4 cancer (yeah im the same guy from the other feels threads)
>today was my first day not visiting him since march (generally there between 5 and 24 hours a day, ive been the one taking care of him)
>today i get an email from him
>its mostly incoherent but the end sounds like a suicide note
>rush over to his place
>hes scared cuz hes starting to lose his cognitive functions again
>he wanted to make sure certain things got said before he lost his ability to say them
>he thinks he only has a few days of clarity left before he loses his mind
>spend the rest of the day crying together
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i need to know who this girl is before i die
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I think you mean before she dies.
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Audrey, I miss you.
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Two types of people things in these threads.

Those with genuine pain.
And pissant 20 year olds with poor judgement.
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Tell us about it anon
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We were so compatible. But we met at a bad time. I thought I loved her. But she knew she didn't love me. She drove me nuts some nights. Pushing me one day, pulling me the next. Until I had it and left. But I miss her, and every day I debate whether to text her, what to say, what (if anything) she'll say.

I destroyed every bridge between us when I walked away. But my brain. My goddamned brain. I accidentally memorized her phone number. A crystal clear image in my head the night she gave it to me, looking at that scrap of paper...

Sorry for my 20-something-year-old ex gf feels bullshit
giant faggot
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this is what causes me to commit soduku
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It'll get better, just get out and talk to other people

Not even trying to find someone "new", just be around people. Latching your social identity onto one person like that hurts you.

I know it's the whole feels aesthetic, but it's not a good mindset. I won't pretend to know what your life is like, but just get out there, there's always friends to be found.

I believe in you buddy
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phase 2.jpg
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some poetry ive written about friends and loved ones
I agree. Kissless virgin at 24. Where are the feels replies for me?
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I want to say things will be okay But i know that's a lie
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Focus on yourself, your job,career and the vagina will come eventually
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let the fire burn.jpg
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Good, share more if you have
I don't know man, if you haven't had a woman fuck you up bad enough to never want anyone around you anymore your doing something right. I haven't seen my daughter since September and my boy was born in January. He doesn't even know my voice. Id do anything to see them

thank you. that one was my favorite. It was written for a friend of mine who wants to be a renaissance man. he already seems so impressive to me. He is coming to visit me on monday. havent seen him since August.
This one is also mine:

I have a few more but honestly they get worse from here
and again you gotta ruin something good with your god damn patriotism
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the woods are lovely dark and deep
But I've got promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep
> be me, 21
> never dated
> fall in love
> its perfect. girl fits me like a glove and I have never had this intimacy with anyone, let alone a girl
> im greedy
> cheat
> ignore her
> now i have nothing
> two years of depression follow

> try to get back into the game
> go on plenty of dates
> not attracted to anyone else it seems
> be 25 now

> rapidly giving up on love
> try to get positive feelings from what i am doing (school teacher)
> really great class this year (3rd grade)
> everyones making progress, but still feel very isolated in my personal life

> enroll in certification classes
> sitting with a girl who is a 7/10
> become friends, help each other in the courses. 6-12 hours of class per week, always sitting together
> she likes my jokes so much, we have a great time together
> pretty soon we can just look at each other and communicate that way
> learn more about her, she is very different than I am. she is the director of a youth choir and I have been to jail and used drugs and all that "when you're young" stuff
> 7/10 just magically changes to 10/10 overnight
> she is fucking perfect
> i love her

dont give up faggots it gts better
i feel like this one conveys more emotion
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This pic always makes me cry
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>If you wanna push
>Then I'm ready to push
>But if you pulling while I'm pushin'
>Then why did you ask me to push?
never thought i'd lose in a feels thread
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godspeed, anon.
I was gonna bash you for bitching about losing a girl you cheated on, but I'm glad you're doing better anon.
>Hm,,,,he was behind?
I dont use tumbr so I dont know, can someone tell me in what order to read tumblr screenshots like this one?
Top to bottom
Lost :'(
It won't come no matter what.
The problem is that you'll always be another born-rapist in their eyes. If you want something, you have to do that thing they hate already hate you for... and their hated and prejudice is reason enough to do it to them.
Those monsters aren't worth it. Only their tears and their suffering are worth anything.

You're lucky, I guess.
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What does it mean when your significant other has a hard time telling you what he/she likes about you?
I can easily come up with a whole lot of things that I like, but the other person just comes up with the same, lame stuff all the time, and, deep down, it hurts a lot.
I'm so close to just giving up on people.

You try to reach out, and you get treated like shit.
You try to help someone out, you get treated like shit.
You try to be a good boyfriend, husband, whatever, you get treated like shit.
Even your own family member treats you like shit.
You finally get sick of it and stand up for yourself, and suddenly, you're the bad guy.

I'm done getting treated like shit.

just fucking do it.
Fell in love with someone I couldn't ever have. Sure is funny how that works.
me too, when we had to go our separate ways, i thought life would be horrible and forever i thought i would feel alone and sad. The first 2 weeks were the worst I've ever felt in my life, as march approached, i was finally over, still feeling a little bit of sadness. Over spring break, i met someone new, to my surprise, however she was going for my best friend. Well, things didnt work out, and i was the only one there to listen to her, long story short, i may love this girl, and we just started dating 2 days ago. So this proves it will work out.
man these are the kind of stories i love to hear.
you ever just feel completely invisible to the people around you

like you're only there when they need you for some mundane thing, like everyone around you is some fair-weather "friend" and nobody really gives any kind of shit about you

which I get is honestly just life in general but some days it's like I don't even exist.
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Mixed feelings about most likely never seeing her again. I’ll be gone soon. Fuck it. It’s about time I forgot about her.
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I've been glancing around for a place to post this and figure it might as well be here.

So, finals week is coming up and I just fucking hate everything and everybody right now, but exams are not the source of my anxiety. Lately I've been struggling with the question of whether or not I'm a "normal" person, as I don't have many of the life experiences that most people seem to have. Think of anything that normalfags do and chances are I've never done it.

None of this has really been a problem up until now, because as time goes on I seem to be getting less and less sympathetic toward people. Ironic considering I also feel a near-unconditional love for everybody on the planet. I don't harbor any ill will for anybody. I guess the stresses of everyday life are simply too great for me. Whenever I hear about someone who's held the same boring job for the past 20 years in order to support a wife and kids, all I can think of is "Yeah, that won't be me under any circumstances," not because it sounds boring or tedious, (nothing wrong with leading a simple life) but because I know I can't be bolted down like that. It hurts more than anything.

I can ramble all night but I think I'll stop it here. There is always hope, no matter the circumstances. That's a mantra that I've adopted recently and it's helped me get through a lot of shit.
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