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A girl I'm seeing wants me to choke her. How do? Is it a

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A girl I'm seeing wants me to choke her. How do? Is it a trachea thing or like the jugular? She says she likes it rough but I don't want to hurt her. Also porn dump
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Obv dont double wrap around her neck unless shes really into it but just choke her but dont pull a mice of men and kill her with retard strength
The girl I'm with currently likes to be choked. I go for now pressure on the jugular not the trachea so she can still breathe. With my girl it's more the lack of oxygen than lack of being able to breathe. Unless your girl specifically wants to not be able to breathe I'd go for the jugular.
Firm but not too hard at first
Let her guide you to what she likes
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yikes lol let's hope that doesn't happen

alright, that sounds good!

Yeah, I'm definitely learning with her, but she doesn't want to teach me everything
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Jesus Christ you guys are fucking idiots. You choke by applying pressure to the sides of her neck to cut off blood flow, you don't try to make them tap out WWE style
put pressure on the sides of her neck not the throat
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cool thanks for the tips
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why are nipple piercings the most based fetish? so clean, and so pure yet degenerate at the same time: somehow classy and sexy at the same time. Fuck.
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It's also just something to do. It's a way to express yourself
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as you wish!
oh, and I meant to answer you OP. Just the jugular: go for slowing down her blood flow to her head but don't stop her breathing.

Apply pressure to sides of the throat and not the front of throat.

Yeah, self-expression with a form of erotic pain
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that all makes sense. good analysis
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I choked my wife till she passed out. I didn't like it...
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Put your hand around her throat and squeeze. She’ll let you know if it’s too much.
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how long did it take her to come to?
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Like a firm handshake she'll tell you if she wants more
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Maybe 3 seconds, but she seizered a bit and made a gurgling noise...scared the piss outta me (full disclosure, I came right away. Still hated it). She said it was like a dream and didnt really do anything for her
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need more firm handshakes...
Sure thing, thanks for the nips
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That's super interesting. Thanks for your transparency
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lol no just press your fingers into the veins around her neck
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Fuckin moaning murtles weird ass
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Cool, I'll give it a shot!
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My wife started by putting her hands over mine and applying the pressure but she hates control and now I apply just firm pressure until I'm close to cumming, then I tighten up until her breathing labors until she cums as well. I like doing it and it helps with orgasm control so don't worry about hurting her if she wants it. She will love it and so will you.
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I just wrap my hands around her throat and don’t let go. Try fucking her with her on her stomach and push her Face into the pillow. She will love it
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Just squeeze the muscles of the neck, not the pipes or veins. She wants to feel the pressure so she feels dominated. Also, try moving her body under you to get you off
Sauce plz?
Thread replies: 62
Thread images: 43

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