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What's everyone's most insane personal drug experiences/stories?
psychotic break
Shrooms & Salvia
Got a nightmare experience and a beautiful experience that comes to mind.

Beautiful one was when I took a tab and a half and walked to the beach at 4:30-5 in the morning, thought a guy on a bike with a light exercising on the shoreline at a weird ass time was a disembodied light orb chasing me, then I went to stand shin deep in the ocean to cool off from running and visualized me unzooming from my current position until I was watching earth spin on its axis. Felt like I was connected to everything, classic unification story but when I broke focus or when the "vision" stopped the stars had a distinct undulating colorful aspect to it similar to the aurora borealis effect but completely hallucinatory.
Took 20 ecstasy,3 grams of base, some ketamine all in one go and survived ... have no idea what happened in those 9 hours.
Smoked crack one night with my best friend and two of these veteran crack heads that he knew. We had waited probably four hours at this sketchy ass house for powder but it ended up being hard and I said fuck it I'm not leaving without getting on its nearly 5 in the goddamn morning.

So anywho the veterans show me the proper way to smoke it and I take a giant honk. So much so that even they were worried about me. I wasn't worried though I was on top of the world. Exhaling that smoke was maybe one of the finest feelings I've ever felt. Felt as though I could climb a mountain, solve the energy crisis, sleep with the super model of my choice, anything.

We smoked it literally until it was gone and then left. The euphoria lasted the ride home (maybe 30 minutes) then horrible heart pounding paranoia and anxiety set in. Had trouble sleeping for a few days afterwards but no long lasting effects. Overall 8/10 experience, docking two points for the come down. Would not recommend and would never do again. Cocaine's a hell of a drug.
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Most mindblowing:
One of my most profound ones, was on just half a tab. I was comfortably peaking, and then took a good hit of nitrous (which, for lsd, actually works like hitting nitrous on a car, it's insane).
I floated away, and suddenly had a 'vision', very dream like, of a little man working on a machine made of pulleys and levers.
My point of view zoomed out a bit, and I saw a few more small dudes, all working on their own machine, but they were all connected, part of something bigger that I couldn't quite grasp.
I zoomed out further, revealing hundreds of them, working frantically, each important in his own way, but also part of the bigger machine.
Then I zoomed out completely, and got pulled out of the dream, revealing that all those little guys working so hard and happily to keep their own machine going were actually part of me, and all their hard work was just to make me take my next breath.
I felt like a God, and realized that every single person was their own God, with their own little dudes just doing the best they can.
It was super humbling.
Went Kayaking on mushrooms in high school
>Freshman summer starts and my pothead buddies who I smoke with (wasn't a total pothead) invite me to come chill
>We usually chill once or twice a week
>Invite me but tells me to bring a overnight bag
>We go kayaking in the late AMs
>Probably like 80 out no clouds surprised I didn't die of heatstroke
>We get to a spot to smoke, after smoking he breaks out some small things in tinfoil
>3 mushroom chocolates that they made, around 3g in each
>I say fuck it after finding out what it is and just chow down
>We kayak out into the open water
Interested anyone? It gets crazy. Will type anyway, but would like feedback.
do tell
Most terrifying
>decide to try salvia again
>take a very good hit of 20x extract
>I feel the typical 'twisting' sensation
>BAM I'm someplace else
>live a whole life, many years seem to pass by
>in the end I'm dead but still aware, laying on a table
>faceless people that I think are my friends and family all walk past me one by one
>all shake their head in disappointment
>then I phase out, only 10 minutes had passed
>super terrified & relieved at the same time
I once accidentally a whole cola bottle
I wanted to see what fapping while high was like so I got a fleshlight some lube and 4 tabs of acid, I fapped for 6 hours and never finished

I did a half, but birch beer
>about an hour in, I start asking where the affects are
>My buddy, I'll call J says "Just wait, don't worry"
>10 mins later in middle of the lake, I look out onto the horizon of the trees about a mile away
>trees start waving slowly, but not because of the wind.
>The trees are wiggling towards the sky
>I say "holy fuck guys a train just hit me"
>J and Isa (other friend) say we should kayak to one of the islands
>mins later we hit a small island with rocks and a tree or two.
>I try to get up out of my kayak and my legs, as It was close to an hour with this substance in my, feel like absolute rocks
>all I say is "shit" and fall face first onto the rocks
>it doesn't hurt
>I attempt to stand but fall again
>crawl up the rocks in the shallow water cutting my legs (still have small scars)
>get close to them on a flat rock and lay there and look up in the sky
>flailing after seeing the bloody gash on my leg
>friends tell me to relax but also tripping so they're super confused
>they take off my glass pendant and watch so I don't break them
>I blackout on the rock
Cont coming
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ate bad food and had diarrhea 8 times yesterday
>Come back to in like 2 minutes
>I'm completely calm
>still tripping absolute balls
>I look down at my legs and J is sitting there wrapping big lily pads around the gash
>"Nature will heal you"
>I begin laughing my ass off and tell them we should get back in the kayaks
>my white shoes were completely red
>We kayak out to a shallow spot
>J and Isa begin looking frantically in the water
>I paddle over and see what's up
>They're freaking out about a red dot under the water moving
>I get a glimpse of it but it disappears
>they are still staring at it and asking what it is
>Apparently the dot had a black shape chasing it and I really wish I saw it.
I can explain my psychosis if anyone is interested in that kind of stuff. I did a drug which I'm not going to name for a longass time and started to slowly edge closer to a psychotic break. Delusions slowly got into my head until I was a fully blown functioning psychotic for 3+ weeks without anyone knowing except I would act weird and talk about my delusions, but only to 1-2 people for a very short amount of time. I started having serious dissasosiation and derealization/depersonalization for weeks prior leading up to the psychosis due to the drug which caused me to get an existential crisis. I thought I had everything figured out about the universe and planets, like that we were all atoms of atoms spinning infinitely into the universe, that we were all projections of god and that we were all an extension of god or the universe itself. It fucked hard with my head when I started seeing the world depersonalized for hours and eventually for 3 whole weeks. I started realizing that everyone were apes, pack apes and everything and everyone started scaring the living shit out of me because I realized how fucking dumb pack animals humans really are and how easy I could die at any second.

A little bit of that shit never left me and I realized after those 3 weeks how fucking insane I had been. I'm glad I don't deal with that shit anymore but it did traumatize me. I got panic attacks several times a day and constant anxiety for years. I visited several psychologists but there's nothing they have done for me. Anxiety meds are illegal to prescribe. You're welcome to call me a fucking retarded druggie but that won't make a difference. I've been drug free for years and never going back.
>Forgot to mention about the island
>when I got in the kayak to leave, I looked across the way
>there was a dock just sitting in the water with a chair on it
>An old lady was sitting there watching us
>When kayaked back, it was late and we saw a flashlight in the woods on the small river back
>We kept hearing screams and the light would slowly disappear
>We left the kayaks chained to a tree and just booked it to their house which was around a half mile away
>after the fact, we were sitting in the bedroom about to go to bed, and I kept blacking out and coming to with different types of food half eaten in my hand

That's all folks, I now have 10 trips under my belt.
girl sucked my dick while i was on salvia and we were at a party in the bathroom
The most crazy experience I had was when I ate 6 grams of mushrooms
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Actually had almost the same thing except it was a cars lights and it was at a lake in the winter. Fuckin crazy man.
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Not exactly terrifying, but really eye opening

>summer of junior year
>buddy and I getting stoned off our asses like we did pretty much every other day
>take turns hitting the bong and playing black ops 1
>buddy decides to play zombies
>okay sure
>hes playing moon, I'm toking
>have a record player because I'm a retrofag
>Technics SL-220, not some crosley white girl shit
>Blacc Hollywood by Wiz Khalifa is playing
>just bought the record that day, haven't heard most songs
>continue toking
>buddy is distracted
>"so high" comes on
>get lost in the upbeat sounds
>i lie down on the floor and think for a second
>i don't know how to describe it, but my body felt like this
>pic related
>it honestly scared the shit out of me
>haven't felt like this since that night
Dude that's just tooo much.. How did you feel afterwards?
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>eat 3.5 one Friday night last summer
>old apartment had an adjacent park with a well maintained garden, pond, wetland, another park with a fountain and amphitheater, path continues around a larger pond which leads to soccer field and jungle gym, then into a frisbee golf course thick in woods and back to the gardens
>put on my tunes and harness around my dog and start walking the path
>2.5 miles around
>everything is breathing, colors are vibrant, see the long prairie grasses and all the little critters living in it.
>reach the wetland and lighting bugs are all around me
>I am living in a dream
>Xavier Rudd is playing in my soul, no just spotify
>reach the amphitheater and park
>family's are sitting watching a play
>sit down with my dog on the outskirts on the hill looking down on everything
>see what true happiness in and meaning of life
>get up and continue my walk
>lighting bugs are still out but less prevalent
>keep on with ky walk enjoying every second of it
>finally reach the soccer fields
>move quickly as it's just normie there
>go Into the frisbee golf course and walk through it ruining a couple pot heads game
>no fucks given
>reach the gardens at the beginning and start the walk again

pic relate
I had a similar experience when I was around 14, I was smoking weed for about a year before it happened. Me and my brother took some weed from my dads room when they were gone, smoked it and everything was normal like usual. Until like 30 mimutes later I felt dizzy and extremely light headed, my brother was signing some dumbass song he made up and I thought it was funny, I would laugh then shove my head into a pillow to be quite, and it felt like I keep on doing the same thing for which felt like an hour. I stood up felt like I was going to pass out walk down stairs into my bathroom and I felt like my mind was slipping and I was like leaving my body seeing myself in third person. I'm starting to freak the fuck started to get tunnel vision and almost told my mom I just got done smoking weed and that she needs to take me to the hospital lol. But instead I went upstairs into my room lay down try falling asleep I couldn't stop shaking for like an hour and I finally passed out when I woke up I was back to normal. Didn't smoke weed for like another year to that tried it again same thing happened, wait another to smoke weed again same exact thing happened so I just completely gave it up.
it's called couch lock
Binging on too much meth and hadn't slept in a few days. Had to drive across town and these shadow people were all over the road. The weirdest one I seen were a group of about 5 shadow people building a shed in the middle of the road. Stayed away from meth ever since that happened.
yeah that shit is hardcore
Really melt, you're just a spectator.
Nobody gives a shit because you're crazy.
No empathy. You talk to doctor, they'll give you a shit tons of pils... You go back with your fear at home... mostly alone and you wait... your body is limp, useless, no sexlife, you want to sleep...
After weeks you'll regain control of your brain, thinking was I or am I schizo ? Why did I talk to my friend about that...
It makes me weaker and stronger at the same time... Wouldn't go there tho.
First time smoking weed, something called gorrila glue, friends and i got to gas station for drinks, i buy a redbull and drink more than half and they pass thr blunt to me, couldnt feel my hands or arms, i was sleepy and kept waking up, they tell me i threw up near a McDonald's and licked the throw up off my hands, was being racist, cant remember all of it
That was no shed...they were constructing a portal to the shadow dimension and you were lucky enough to be able to see it and avoid it before they got you.
It was meth wasn't it?
You're fucking psychotic
Lsd and amphetamine. Love those drugs.
shit man, what did you take?
I don't know, prob cocaine first and only time...
Too much dopamine I guess
But the episode came 2 months after. I wasn't sleeping enough, too much coffee... etc
Doctors told my it is mostly due to the weed I was smoking when I was teenager...
I'll never know. Seriously, don't put yourself in that situation.
>be me
>play guitar in rock band.
>other guitarist is a tripper
>I'm just full time pot head.
>guitarist introduces me to LSD.
>buy 20 blotters
>trip first time. It's fun.
>over a few months, start to really get the hang of it and enjoy
>dropping more and more each time. 2-3 blotters per go.
>winter arrives, other guitarist goes picking shrooms. gold top variety.
>Dry the shrooms
>never tried shooms, but can handle a lot of LSD so decide to make a real go of it one night, to see if we can write some interesting music
>Use my electric coffee grinder i use to chop weed,
>grind probably 8-10 grams into powder.
>Mix with chocolate syrup.
>cut up apples and other fruits and dip in sauce.
>together we eat the whole lot.
>Start playing music. I have a roland TD-10 electronic drum kit in my room. I "play" drums to him playing guitar. Record the results
>Hour passes. things get a little weird. Really into the music. think we are creating gold
>Decide to drop a whole lot of LSD. 6 blotters.
>Mushrooms hit me hard.
>way more foreign feeling than LSD.
>Playing music gets really confusing and foreign.
>Full blown hallucinations, fluorescent colours,
>LSD kicks in. Stronger than ever.
>Trips come in waves, yeah. moments of (somewhat) lucidity, followed by huge waves of tripping.
>As the mushroom wave falls, the LSD wave rises.
>no longer recognise my friend. Looking at his face, looks like he has face of a rat.
>huge paranoia. Go outside, but scary and cold.
>not comfortable anywhere.
>go back inside and lay down.
>writhing on bed just wanting it to stop.
>arms and legs join together. Petrified.
>wallpaper has depth. it goes for infinity like one of those mirror illusions.
>lose sense of self. Am an anonymous passenger.
>suddenly feel tranquil. hours later, back in body. start to comedown.
>some familiarity. Reality comes back brick by brick.
I was drunk once
2 summers ago some friends and I went camping in Northern Ontario. I haven't done a lot of drugs in my 25 years other than pot and some shrooms. friend brings a bunch of MDMA tablets. We were camping on a lake in interior so no car access and pretty remote. We all took the pills around the camp fire at about 7pm. They hit us really hard as only the guy that brought them had done it before. 3 guys and 2 girls. fast forward and hour later and we were all naked under the moonlight swimming and dancing to no music. It was so weird because we were all single and long time friends and were completely natural just being naked together. There were no hookups, it was just a really surreal and bonding experience that brought us closer together. One of those experiences that it would be very difficult to replicate.
still confuse sometimes because of that trip?
>july 4th 17' aunts cabin in central MN
>cousin has acid never done it but am a experienced tripper of mushrooms
>take tab at 8:45 PM
>have a couple drinks with other cousins but dont get drunk to keep from looking suspicious
>9:30 sun is starting to go down while sunshine is starting to come up
>go walk to the edge of the property with me and my two cousins who dropped to ensure we're feeling good and no one is having second bad vibes
>we're all good laughing and enjoying life.
>one of my other cousins decids to go to sleep at 9:45 for whatever reason in a hammock where he closed pinned it shut. Us 3 who are tripping are laughing hysterically because of this and this is when I knew it was going to be a great trip
>cousin realizes he cant sleep and joins the party
>10PM hits people are getting drunk and having a good time so we dont need to concern ourself looking odd not drinking.
>things start to feel really good
>tunes are on blairing, fire is roaring everyone is having a great time
>11 PM someone brings out fireworks
>light them off and explosion shakes my soul and I see the inside of neutron star from the mortor 15 times in a row
>cousin who is tripping decide for some reason to gather everyone around to put our hands in the middle and then throw them up like basketball teams would do
>hands seem to go up forever and day
>it looks like some sort of creature that is composed entirely of hands fuggin weird
>starts to sprinkle a little bit but its refreshing
>cousins friends has a masters in psychology and family therepy.
>start talking about life, religion, reality, everything for what seems like hours all the while his face was a black hole
>I had just recently watched the movie "Waking Life" and it felt like my life in the moment was that where I was a watching from the outside.

1/3 maybe 4 idk
>Its now well passed midnight people start going to bed and us three are still riding high
>I have my dog with me and my other cousin has his 2 (all huskies)
>we go lay in the middle of the property at the cabin and look at the stars while listening to music.
>they wanted to close their eyes but I told them not to and to look at infinitium
>the stars are connecting in infinite spider webs, exploding before my eyes, falling out of the sky, and soaring through the cosmos
>decide to then close my eyes and see the universe in me and go down the never ending river of colors and geo metric shapes which can never be quantifiable through words.
>its 1AM and we go sit around the fire to warm up
>we look at each others faces as they morph and change before our eys
>one of my cousins is rapidly ageing and then becoming young again, he then looks like a caveman kek, other cousins hair is ablaze (ginger)
>they say I look like my mother
>one then turns his head and green circuits start to pull off of his face.
>we kinda split up for maybe 20 minutes, they go to the bathroom or whatever I stay by the fire
>3 AM time has flown by but crawled at the same time
>start really hearing the silence and its making me feel extremely uncomfortable.
>decide to stand up and go down to the dock to sit by the lake.
>everything is breathing, the reflection from the stars onto the lake is something that can never be recreated its like the world was made for me in that moment(yea i know i sound like fucking fag)
>one cousin comes down and we start shooting the shit making sure everything is cool and neither one of us is having a bad time.
>its just before dawn now start to kick back into reality, cousin tells me to look at his face, its start morphing again(fuck I just wanna be done I am exhausted at this point)
>sit by the fire until the sun start to rise just enjoying the last remnants of the trips but badely wanting it to end so I may rest

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>leaves on the trees are spinning all together into shapes
>5AM go to tent to sleep
>fall into a dream like state but im definently awake
>go back to something that feels primal old and frankly disturbing
>I have been hear before this is the fever dreams I would have as a child.
>worms maggots hells, heavens, everything inbetween are flooding through my minds eye
>lay like this for a few hours and wake up in a hot sweat under the swealtering sun in a my sweat lodge which is a tent
>its 830 AM people are waking up
>have some food and feel the last bits of LSD get processed but im sober at this point
>jump in the lake for a badely needed bath
>help clean up the mess we created the night before as everyone is super hung over and im just really tired and not physically ill
>thank my aunt for having us to her cabin for my transcendental experience, commune with my fellow trippers and thank them for the experience, then start driving south listening to Terrance McKenna audio files

that was my first LSD trip but a pray it isnt my last.
my mom sucked my dicks when we were both on crack
>Hit juul in school bathroom with bros
>fucking tripping
Not a hardcore drug story but funny looking back

>several months ago
>partial to ketamine
>at an after party have 2g in my pocket
>do 1/2 a gram in 15 minutes
> realize that I didn't even test that shit I just went in
>turns out to be the strongest shit ive ever done
>fast forward 20 minutes I am sticking my head in my friend's freezer having an outer body experience
>K hole hard on the sofa for 40 minutes
>seeing lights dance and shit can barely form a sentence
>eventually return to earth
>other friend has Coke
>trade line for line trying to balance each other out
>ended up maintaining the balance for a few more hours
>Friend also has Molly
>go through all the molly phases but coke fucked up the come up
>no rush or good feeling just warm and shaking
>end the night at 7 am sitting in my bath vomiting
That's fucking awsome
5 grams of mushrooms. I expanded into everything. Stepped outside of time. Created all. Learned infinite love. Omniscience, omnipresence, timelessness.
yea it was a fantastic, and this story doesnt do it justice.

If youve done any psychedelic words are hard to describe it in a manner that would do it justice
This guys makes me unconfortable
Most insane combination I have done was probably my time jedi flipping with 3 tabs of lsd which I found to be ~120ug each + 3g cube mushies + 70mg mdma powder. The headspace was insane and I was honestly surprised how strong mdma is despite how many psyches I was on. Somehow I would flip between just tripping complete balls and having all sorts of OEV to suddenly feeling extremely clear headed and soberish with the mdma roll which would turn off practically all visuals for a minute or so before it would subside back to complete tripping balls. After the peaks settled I hotboxed my apartment bathroom with maybe 4g of weed and pretty much the rest of that day is lost to me. Just remember blowing smoke out that turned into piles of skulls which could morph into various body parts by moving the smoke around and barely anything had a definitive color I could pinpoint.
I just swallowed 2 extra strength Tylenol

One hell of a drug.
I smoked a really big bong bowl of salvia and got sucked into my laptop for 12 minutes.

it was like fucking lawnmower man
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a bad acid trip on one double dosed tab
i dont really know what it was, my ego wants to tell me it wasnt L because ive eaten 6 hits before and had a great time but who knows it had a little bit of a taste to it but i wouldnt even call it a taste maybe more of a tang
i still havent gotten over it and its been i dont know like 4 months.
i feel like i got stabbed with a big peice of wood and i removed the wood but there are some really really deep splinters of that shit still in me basically in the deepest parts of my psyche
every time i smoke weed i go back to that trip and it makes it unenjoyable for me
i know that people say "its just a drug whats happening isnt real" and ive said it to people before too
but what i experienced was so real i cant shake the feeling that it was real, the best i can do is it probably wasn't real
probably wont eat L again in my life because of it
if there is ANY taste it's not LSD
DMT. Blew out rip number three and the world went black and the Hindu God Ganesh appeared and just sat in front of me . he faded away and a greenish blue Angel with aquatic wings smiled at me. I felt peace and a rush thru time and space. Amaizing drug
it like stung my tongue a little bit but no taste
With tabs its possible for the paper/print to have a flavour.
what is it if it tastes a little like a battery and makes you trip balls?
no there is not, ive never ever ever had a taste to it

you should know if it's real or not within 30 mins, just enjoy the anticipation of it all
whats in the jar?
whats the bag of black stuff?
>it tastes a little like a battery

id agree with the battery thing, it's like a spark with taste and then it's gone
Did a bunch of coke then a quarter of cambodian shrooms. Went into deep thought about my death decided i needed to go shower and look clean and proper so i looked my best when they found me. Standing in the bathroom i could see every drop of steam in the air. Millions of drops of steam all distinct from each other. My ego disolved and i saw my place in the universe. Dried off and walked into the kitchen to see the lady we were partying with face morph into a witch. Always knew she had deep issues and praticed magic but i didnt imagine id see the darkness twist and show itself like that. Fucking tripping man. Itll show you shit
u did not take acid friendo
That happens to me too. I used to love weed.
I got some dpt from lysergi. I've been doing the baking soda in a spoon conversion to freebase from hcl salt. i rub some bugler tobacco in it and smoke it from a bong. It smells like burning plastic and the smoke makes my lips numb. I get heavy and sweaty and slow and i feel like something is certainly happening. I havn't 'broken through" though. no real visuals or geometry. what am i doing wrong?
Why havn't I broken through?
good story, anon
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118 KB, 731x743
Believe it or not, it was with weed. And two beers.
Well, to be more accurate Wea, weed infused butter mixed into a tea.

had the craziest trip ever, felt like I was nothing more than my eye balls and brain floating around, I could not feel anything. I just walked around my GFs basement 'observing', I was fascinated by a periodic table of elements book.
I will never forget it.

>Pic somewhat related.
Recently had a pretty wild acid trip at a rave, semi scary for 2 hours but evened out to be incredible. I just have a hard time tripping in crowds.

I have only done shrooms once and it resulted in complete ego death, REAL scary shit. Felt like I had amnesia for 2 hours after. The hallucinating was amazing but I thought I was actually dead for a while.
Fried my brain on some LSD and took fay bumps of blow to see kid cudi at a festival this last Sunday, popped an ecstasy pill the day before(purple elmo). Pretty life changing experience
man, i wanna experience an ego death

idk if i dont have one, or what but i still havent shared in THIS experience (and yeah, I know it sounds egotistical in itself to think i might not have an ego)
then fucking describe it faggot in a 3 - 4 post long epic
>candy flipping
File: does god.jpg (39 KB, 300x500) Image search: [Google]
does god.jpg
39 KB, 300x500
One hour and then another.
Inexorably march, step by step.
Whenever I meet you, we each smile.
But who is it who drags your corpse around?
Rip liver
Datura, 100x more intense than any psychedelic I've done
>Did two tabs of acid
>Stayed up for 5 days thinking I was the Pope
>there were signs but I wont go into it
>Called my girlfriend and broke up with her because I was in Pope-mode
>Couldnt explain how I was feeling to anyone
>My dad was worried and thought I had a brain blood clot
> Did a bunch of testing, MRI and what not
> All come back negative (Im fine)
>stayed 5 days in the psych ward to get a diagnosis
> Wind up with Schizo Affective Disorder because I bunted all my emotions and never told anyone anything.
> Ex Still blames be to this day for cutting things off
>Still recovering and trying to go back to who I used to be
>100x more intense than whatever girly dose you've done of other psychedelics

repaired that for you m8
it must suck to be 15.

again.... if it has ANY TASTE AT ALL IDC WHAT FORM IT is NOT LSD

you prob took ald25 or some fag research chemical
I'll take things that never happened for 600 alex
was drunk, took an LSD tab and a modafinil.

went in to psychosis for 2 weeks, lingering anxiety for a few weeks after.

Started running each morning and eating healthy and I got back to normal. took roughly two months total to feel normal again.
that was my life mate. 4 years ago.
Got a hit of acid on the dancefloor at a Com Truise show from a guy who liked my moves. Cut off a corner and did it casually, which I found quite fun. Then I did the rest of it at my party; pretty amazing, but not overwhelmingly distinguishable from certain types of weed.

But then had a lonely time irl the next few days and felt quite suicidal. This is a similar experience I had on low-dose molly. Probably not going to do either again, will stick with occasional weed and shrooms if I can find them

>saw her face morph into a witch
I agree, occult things are much clearer on shrooms. Very numinous shit.
that's delusional not psychotic.
elephant / candy flip :D
one of the greatest drug experiences you can have, barely goes wrong either since the amphetamine drastically reduce the likelihood of a bad trip
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>weed story
Beyond mind blowing (similar to having a heart attack even tho i never had one i assume this is what its like):

took 7.5g (a quarter) of penis envy shrooms, 2 tabs of lsd (10 mcg) , and smoked 2 1g joints, a huge bong rip

2 hours in: hands are very cold, cant feel heart rate

3 hours in: the world is in 480p , my penmanship is distrought beyond comprehension

5 hours in: F
i was spun out already for having snorted half a asking to go to bar i finally say yes but we only play pool a little bit and get home.
remember looking for some coke and meth with a random drunk ass old dude i let him alone and went with a (sped ass looking dude) and end up giving him 100$ for 4 speed and he was gonna come to my house give me the rest.
pop 1 snort 1 then i just went full rampage

woke up with gf and stripper at some other dude place full of people we didn't know and i spent 500$ i don't know where i never asked the dealer his number or anything i lost half the shit he gave me and i felt like fucking crap for 2 days
tonight i have plenty of ICE , a double dose MDMA capsule , shatter to smoke with weed and fridge full of beeeer
I once smonked a whole marijuana and permanently died for 15 minutes.
> smoked crack, meth and shrooms together in a blunt and saw writing in people's facial hair.
Saw God on LSD, He told me to "Protect the water" then I continued to laugh uncontrollably and fell straight down on the ground.

Yeah it is kind of amusing looking back but you have to understand it was very real to me. The energy was incredible and was nothing like my normal self.I was being connected to bigger and greater things and got swept away by it. Took weeks to come back to myself.
My favorite drug is 2CE.
File: 1508893450224.jpg (85 KB, 700x794) Image search: [Google]
85 KB, 700x794
I had a pretty good time on 600 mg DXM 150 ug LSD with nitrous oxide
Pure pleasure
mixing dmt and acid together
was the craziest thing I've ever seen
my whole room just disappeared and all that was left looked like space with geometric forms and several grins (like the grinning cat from alice in wonderland) were showing up all around me, I also was looking at my hands at some point, thinking to myself: "wtf are these and who controls them???"
this short text doesn't even justify as to what I was seeing, but it's a short tl;dr
Lsd is the dopest drug.. Dmt anyone?
Sounds like dmt "machine elves"
I don't think psychedelics break the fabric of reality but instead the fabric of self
Shits poison bro, watch yourself
File: Sayger Thok.jpg (408 KB, 585x800) Image search: [Google]
Sayger Thok.jpg
408 KB, 585x800
Yes, 2CE, which I obtained back when it was still legal. When I took it, I felt it insane rush of energy, and like everything was under control in my life. But I was also able to step back and more objectively examine my own flaws, and I grew from that experience. Also, I hallucinated that my friend's eyes were pictures of his eyes taped to his glasses, and another friend of mine who was holding a stick by a fire, I hallucinated that his stick was an old fashioned machine of pulleys and string. I saw it grow to life before my eyes. And then my friends had me explain the entire plot of Bionicle to them, which was somehow fascinating to everyone around the campfire.
Anybody here do shrooms or other psychedelics? I need to know where to get them. I've never used TOR. Do any of you use TOR? Is it easy to use? How likely am I to get robbed/scammed/busted by the cops?
File: T.M..png (30 KB, 242x240) Image search: [Google]
30 KB, 242x240
Id sorta agree with that. With acid it felt like all my soul strings ( strings that connect people to everything) were severed. So it felt like I had to reattach myself back to the world. Eventually I saw this pattern before I drifted off into sleep so it just reassured me that all ways well and that I was on the right path.
Gets tails then find a decent market
You smoked shrooms?
That's a pure waste, first the psilocybin in mushrooms is incredibly weak before your liver metabolizes it into psilocin and second psilocybin is easily destroyed by any heat greater than the boiling point of water. Also I'm pretty sure psilocybins disintegration point is too close to it's boiling point to be vaporized.
You were likely experiencing stimulant psychosis if you hallucinated at all.
Ate three potent as fuck brownies, ff two hours and I'm halfway through the biggest freak out of my life, I was so terrified I puked a fucking gallon
yeah ill share my story.
This was a fucking crazy night man. Me and my bud hopped on bart (train) and headed up to Union Square in San Francisco to see the lights and festivities with some acid (maybe 75ug) under our tongues. when we got there, we had some fun vibes looking and laughing at everything. then we walked to the rave where we waited to meet up with some friends.

They greeted us with mdma, yellow snapchats. we popped em around 9:30 along with my supplements and just cuddled and hugged and danced the night away... felt like a blur with the incredible lights, vicks, candy, lollipops, hand sanitizer, and warm friendly people. then we ubered to my friend’s house where we hopped in her car parked down the street.

Look into 4 aco dmt, it metabolizes into the same drug active in shrooms and is legal to buy online.
You could also buy spores and a grow kit, which iirc is legal.
If you do go with darknet markets, get tripping with science liquid psilocybin if it's still available, excellent product.
We lit a few joints and blunts and passed them around and got really fucking high. At this point i was coming down from the roll, around 12:30. All five of us were cramped in her tiny car but it felt like pure bliss. we had genuine and loving conversations, passing around the weed while smooth RnB played from her speaker. I was tripping the fuck out at this point but it was one of the best, most heavenly things i’ve every felt. This went on for about an hour until we went back to her room and got on her bed.
This is when shit started getting really trippy, around 2am. I had intense closed eye visuals, i started forgetting the last thing i could make sense of and i realized I was entering ego death. I quickly told them and they calmed me down with just the right words, music, and vibes (her room was lit up beautifully with christmas lights) and i quickly pulled myself out of it. I finally started coming down from the drugs, and as i began making sense of everything that had happened, i felt a warm sense of relief and love wash over me. We continued talking with a christmas movie playing in the background, deeply focused on conversation. we were easily able to connect and vibe with each other without judgement or social barriers. It was one of the best nights of my life. Finally we went to sleep around 3 or 4 am and in the morning i ubered to my car the end
You dont know about good experiences til you shoot heroin.
>0.125 oz psilocybe cubensis
>for breakfast post drinking binge
>black out 20 min later, attributed in retrospect to bong rips
>awaken 5 hrs later locked in the bathroom lying on the floor
> spent the day watching myself fall from space and land on a wooden stake through the gut
>over and over again until it all just stopped
>i quickly pulled myself out of it
You gotta drive right into it
Especially if you're lucky enough to get there on the tail end, as you may be able to take a lot more memories back with you
I vaped/snorted 15mgs of meth, took .1 mgs of xanax, took 10mgs of adderall, and smoked two bowls of top shelf weed all in one day and had to go to the psych ward for two weeks after that. This happened on march 20th 2018.
The lows always hit hard when you get that high. Shit sucks. I went hard for a while on the psyches til i learned to take each one and absorb what its telling you before jumping right into the next one.
Is that how you guys get your psychs?

What about if I just wanted to find a real dealer? My guys only sell weed and coke. Anywhere I can go and use some code word to ask for dealers? Like at raves and shit?
One of my favorites. Normaly i dont smoke it with weed tho. Dont like the combo
Good way to put it
Ditto. Jump in headfirst and it can lead you to a different trip right out of a bad one
Ask your dealer if he knows a guy
Don't buy from randos at raves, make stoner friends and ask if they know a guy
I asked and he said he knew a guy before but lost touch with him. It sucks. I see these threads and get so jelly. I'm bored of this weak ass shit. I want real drugs that take me out of reality instead of just modifying it.
>take unknown amount of acid
>easily felt over 6 hits(had taken 3 of the same batch prior)
>hanging out in room with 2 friends
>all of a sudden, i start to notice that the visuals arent just layered on surfaces
>instead, visuals are projecting in 3D, like holograms
>mindblowing how in we all were
>go out to smoke at 3AM, in a v sketchy neighborhood
>have immediate sense of doom and of gonna die
>for some reason, the visual component seemed to subsided while outside
>everything takes on a grey tint to it
>that ringing sound that you hear in movies after bomb explodes begins, time also moves like sludge or freezes completely
>rush back in house because something was clearly going to kill us
>get inside
>strong visuals return
>sense of doom and danger continue even though in safe/protected environment
>cannot shake the bad vibe and begin to freak out friends
>call familY and rush to hospital for emergency room
>get into emergency room
>Everything is fine, nurse provides a anti anxiety medication
>feel better
>kaiser staff's and patient's face melt off while i walk out to go home
>good times
Anybody here start hallucinating after staying awake too long?

I'm thinking of trying it since I've already been up for like 20 hours now. I'm guessing it takes at least 72.
Ive never enjoyed sleep depraved hallucinations. They can be quite paranoia inducing.
Find other people who smoke, buy from new dealers and just keep asking and networking
Also check out darknet market noobs sub on rebbit, it's one of the few drug sourcing subs that didn't get removed
I got to 72 hours and hallucinations where comparable to skippining a night of sleep with meth or 200 mg if DPH
Nothing comparable to real hallucinogens
When I'd first moved to a big city, having come from rural towns, I dabbled in a few poisons. I was a chef and attending college to make up for lack of fine dining experience. Anyway I started working at a super fine dining restaurant and I quickly developed an alcohol/ cocaine fueled relationship of destruction with my chef. I was 18 at the time, she was 26. We'd slam rails in the car while drunk driving and all sorts of stuff. Worst night I had with her was seven hours into a coke/ liquor binge with her and her boyfriend, who obviously didn't know how close we were. My nose felt like it was bleeding so I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face. While lighting a cigarette I actually saw my face and it looked terrifying to me, like it was bending and my eyes were black holes that were sucking in my face around the edges. I very quickly left the bathroom just to see her boyfriend and his face was even more terrifying. Chef's face though, she was like an angel. We chopped two more lines and finished another drink as her boyfriend face planted in the bathroom and passed out. She confessed her love for me that night. Goddamn I miss her, too many stories with her. My true love..
File: 1482985752087.gif (2 MB, 356x200) Image search: [Google]
2 MB, 356x200
Nice double-dubs, DEA, but you're not fooling me...
Hey isn't DPH the active ingredient in sleep meds? How do people trip on those without just falling asleep? Or am I confusing it with something with a similar name.
>took shrooms before a going to my high schools football game
>against our biggest rivals.
>in student section before the game starts
>start to freak out
>too many people feel trapped
>run out of student section during the national anthem
>wander around the stadium
>see people I haven't seen in years
>some of the opposition fans come up to me
>tell me to leave the area because this is their schools section of the stadium
>tell them no
>they grow aggressive
>still refuse
>final say to a fat, black, tall, freshman (i'm a senior) "kiss me on the lips or fuck off"
>pushes me to ground
>I run away and am sweating badly
>people are looking at me
>I begin to freakout
>hide in bushes in a grass area in the stadium
>stay their till the end of the game
>cried for an hour after
>we won the game 40-7
>Tripping on lsd at local lake with friend who is not tripping
>begin channeling info such as "we were created by aliens to mine the gold here"
>fast forward couple months
>surfing web
>stumble upon stories of Annunaki
>basically ancient stories of exactly that info "came to me outta nowhere"
>freaking out
>existential crisis

Other story:
>tripping on "mdma" at a festival
>start to become brain dead and cold
>build tiny fire
>cook my hands nice and crispy on fire
10/10 ty
File: 034 - OLno8KN.jpg (7 KB, 272x207) Image search: [Google]
034 - OLno8KN.jpg
7 KB, 272x207
Don't do a lot of hard shit, only weed pretty much, But I do have a story that comes to mind.

>be me
>8th grade
>Had weed for the first time on my 14th birthday
>This was half a year later.
>4/20 rolls around right as I start buying pot for myself
>start getting confident
>buy 10g of Bruce Banner #4
>try a bit that night
>maybe .5g
>shit was gooooooood
>once again get more confident
> on the actual night of 4/20, was a friday
>get out of class, immediately go to my smoke spot (was living with parents lol)
>with my three best friends and this one acquaintance.
>after about an hour, friend #1 has to leave
>then acquaintance leaves
>me and two best friends are there for I don't even know how long.
>"just keep hitting, just keep hitting"
>finally one of my friends looks up from hitting the bowl and says
>"We have to leave. Now"
> (talked to him about it a couple of weeks later, apparently he said that he went blind)
>he starts to leave
>runs into literally anything possible
>me and other friend are to blasted to care
>finally we all go, leaving our sanity behind
>to describe what I was feeling is hard, but i'll try
>i was walking inside a hamster wheel that was the earth
>i have my own background music
>and I am seeing thick trails off of everything
>other friends are less experienced at the time
>they can't walk let alone hold a conversation
>we get a pizza from the local convenience store
> friend #2 goes home after a couple of hours
>by this time, its about 11 pm
>just feeling chill
>eventually both of us pass out on the couch

that's it really, nothing special
Benadryl/antihistamines act as an anticholinergic deliriants at the right dose.
If you take enough and stay awake you hallucinate, it doesn't kill you so long as there is no apap/acetaminophen/tylenol in the pills, but it fucking feels like it is sometimes.
The hallucinations are interesting even though they are nothing like psychedelics, but the bodyload isn't worth it and you wot remember most of what you see anyway.
Supposedly orgasms on higher doses of dph feel spectacular if you can stay hard.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 183x276) Image search: [Google]
8 KB, 183x276
When I was a junior in high school I smoked around 2 bowls from a gravity bong with my friend. We did it on the roof of a comcast building near my house. In order to get on to the roof you had to climb up a tree near it and then step on to it. I still have no idea how we got back down. The strain we smoked was called LSD OG. I don't think was laced but everything looked saturated and I was completely stoned. My feet felt like they each weighed 100 pounds. I actually got lost on the way back ro my house despite being only a few blocks away. It was the most high that I have ever bsen to this day.

But I'm planning on taking shrooms in a month. That will probablly beat this experience.
I relate to you anon. Conversing with humans scared me for the longest time. I'm not sure what you were taking. I took LSD. I have learned to live with my thoughts. I try not to believe them no matter how real they seem. I think, would the old me think this? If I decide I wouldn't, then I don't worry about it.
>Conversing with humans
>have chubby friend, obvious druggy, but rich parents pay for her apartment and she has a shit ton of money in a trust when they die.
>she tells me I can have my way with her while shes high on drugs, I just can't jizz in her pussy.
>everytime we hang out, she gets completely wasted, she dances around sometimes or gets super engrossed in a movie, or just spaces, the whole time I'm making her do stuff.
>fuck her, make her suck me, sometimes she passes out and I fuck her in her sleep.
>never cum in her vag but unload in her ass plenty.
What drugs do you do?
I smoking with some friends once and one of them started saying that he couldn't see. I had to hold his hand as we walked home at 2 am.
What does she look like?
Have a pic?
Smoked pot once and ate a lot of food that evening. Was pretty cool.
File: jzb4whcnewosqtw308307000000.jpg (44 KB, 805x662) Image search: [Google]
44 KB, 805x662
>So,,,He was behind of it??
holy. fucking. shit.
the more I think about it the shittier it gets.
that sounds like rape
Many people claim to see these being one on a few sober occasion
"Damn that acid burn when it clean ya" chance the rapper
I had the best acid trip of my life so far with one of my best friends in Panama City Beach this passed spring break. It was so great, we started tripping in the morning, around the time everybody was ready to chill in the shitty little
double bed motel, we were like fuck this shit, lets go watch that sunset. Everybody else was getting drunk and baked all day, so they weren't by any means on our level. We started walking out there and it seemed like the entire beach had this orange pinkish aura reflected from the most fucking beautiful sunset. I felt like a whole fuckin vaporwave. So we were just strollin, talking about how this little vaycay has been super sope and other shit, next thing you know my homie unzips his backpack and pulls out a couple of beers and a bluetooth speaker.

We just chilled there and smoked a doob, sipping our beers until my phone died. I don't really remember what i was thinking about, but I know I felt more connected to the earth than i ever had. Probably just typical acid brain thoughts lol. The night ended in the room getting shitfaced, railing our last gram of blow, blaring motley crue, screaming off the balcony, and throwing beer bottles as far as we could on to the beach until 3am. 10/10 weekend.
Snorted 22mg of 2cb on peak of a 155ug acid trip. The acid was great but after i came up on the 2cb shit went bad. My hearing became very echoed and spiders/arachnids/anthropods/maggots ect.. were everywhere on my skin, coming out of my walls, the floor ect... it even felt at one point spiders were crawling up my throat and i was wearing clothes but was too scared to see what it was i felt crawling by my legs but it felt horrible
I did drugs once and it felt like Andys logs were slidding down my fucking throat
Actually made me kek anon, probably the first somewhat funny logposter
i have a crazy drug story, if someone wants me to share it i will
drugs that are invoved (as i remember)
diphenhydramine ( 20 tablets )
Marijuana (1 ounce? )
4 packs of cigarrettes
and plenty of beer but i dont remember exact amounts
Fav post in thread so far
Good story anon. Brings back memories of my first shrooms trip
File: 1452561801892.gif (175 KB, 273x273) Image search: [Google]
175 KB, 273x273
I once mixed an "acid" tab or whatever it was with a dab because it wasn't hitting and I thought it was bunk, tl;dr I blew my fucking mind.

>be me over holidays
>want to trip but not in the best of mindstate
>have some sour patch kids that are around 100ug each, like LSD due to it's lighter headspace compared to shrooms
>eat the candy, and swallow it, lick some of the stuck on sugar off of the foil then wait
>be 2 hours later
>almost nothing at all besides a slight head change
>get confused, thought acid was shit
>decide im going to get something outta it
>take huge dab
>go and sit down
>notice vision slowly starting to fuck up
>feel something weird on arm
>look down at my arm, notice my arm constantly tensing up
>start getting kinda worried, check shitty phone heart rate monitor
>see 115bpm
>hands start shaking, probably because high and stupid
>book it away from desktop and go lie down
>stumble to bed and lie down, have beavis and butthead on a laptop playing
>the voice in my head is nothing but Beavis, just talking like him and going on
>show feels like it's playing in my head almost but this doesn't last long
>look up at my trees and see them curving and resetting in place like a shity 5fps gif repeating it self in the least smooth way possible, they at times look like they're leaning on me
>close eyes and hear random higher and lowering pitch deep noises
>see thousands of overlapping blocks slowly cross over each other
>looks like a giant checkerboard of squares just overlapping and moving over each other in a smooth but quick manner
>trip fucking balls for 3-4 hours, take some CBD drops
>trip dies not even 30 minutes after
not bitter, no weird taste etc, any idea what research chem it could have been instead?
good luck explaining an acid trip the shit is nuts, my psyche was glitching out so hard listening to music, like the first snippets of songs would play at the end and shit
>stare at anything and everything
>able to go in it
>tapestry on ceiling is rotating and shit
i was so high on that shit, it was so easy to go into a bad trip, it literally makes even the smallest things set you off, setting is so goddamn important
Possibly just bunk acid temporarily potentiated by thc
more like his psyche was so strong, that it took some weed to knock him off his kilter
>i realized i was an actual god

hows that humbling lmao
Had a nightmare trip on acid.
>take acid with two friends spontaneously one night
>tabs were about 150ug from the dark web
>everything goes smoothly for most of the trip, have a blast walking around town and fucking around, its one of my buddies first time
>start to come down and experienced friend asked me if I want a half tab booster, we take them and start smoking weed
>take two GIANT fucking dabs and cough my lungs out for 5 minutes before weed sets in
>start to feel the weed and hallucinations get extremely intense
>looks like im looking at everything through a glass of water and everything is flowing and shifting
>my friend's hair turns green and his skin turns white like he's the joker, asks me why the fuck im staring at him and i shake it off
>start to feel extremely anxious but ignore it for a bit
>we're watching samurai jack, the scene where jack is fighting these two robots in a desert and oil is flying everywhere
>for some reason it looks like the scene is repeating itself and i keep looking around the room in a pattern
>high as fuck on weed and coming up on acid again i convince myself im stuck in a time loop and that I'm going to sit on that chair watching samurai jack forever
>look at my friend
>he gives me a serious look and says something along the lines of "did you know that your entire life was leading up to you being flushed down a toilet bowl and that's it?
>think my life is a simulation that ends like a "walk the dinosaur" troll greenpost
>freak out and run around while having the epiphany that after the heat death of the universe there will be another big bang and my life will repeat infinite times getting better each time for some reason
>run in front of the tv shaking my whole body thinking i'm about to get sucked into it and pulled through it into another dimension (i dont fucking know)
>friend yells at me to stop and i snap out of it
>realize what just happened and apologize to my friends and we watch something else
File: Lol.gif (498 KB, 215x145) Image search: [Google]
498 KB, 215x145
You fucked up by jumping ship too early. You can't fix drug-induced psychosis with sobriety. After figuring out how fucked you got, you should've just made it so your next "big realization" would be a good one, like nothing matters because nobody will care about you or anything you've done in 100 years or something. Then went sober. Instead it looks like you held on to the mindset for years.
>turns out my friend never said the toilet bowl thing and I'm just a retard
>place is a mess and its bothering me, my eyes are shifting from cup to plate on the table almost out of my control
>friends start saying weird shit again, like "oh shit he's remembering! he's remembering he's gonna get flushed down the toilet!"
>realize once again that I'm going to get flushed down the toilet and die
>start freaking out again
>go through cycles where I forget this information and then remember it again over and over like i'm being tortured
>walk around outside at like 8am with my friends trying to calm down
>won't talk to my friends because I don't know if they're my friends or programs in the simulation trying to trick me and fuck me over
>start thinking that i'm only one of infinite versions of me and i'm about to experience 'the big clap' where i meet another me and high five him and thats how the universe works (i dont know)
>keep walking until i finally start coming down, its light out by now
>lay in bed for three hours
thats it, i had terrible anxiety for like two months after and I couldn't watch samurai jack.
im sleep bruh ur friend is funny as fuck
took an eighth of shrooms and smoked a fuckton of weed. ended up convinced i was lucifer in the matrix and i had to link up with jesus christ to save humanity. i wound up in the psych unit for a week
I think the mistake here like most of the bad trips I'm reading in this thread is smoking before or during the peak. Weed makes shit intense enough as it is, let alone doing dabs.
I always save smoking for after the peak. It sort of brings it back a little bit but keeps everything comfy.

I dont have anything specifically interesting to write from my acid/shroom trips, but couple of random bits from weed.

>get really baked on a sativa strain for first time
>need to piss
>go to the toilet
>when washing my hands notice I can hear my breathe multiplied by 3
>said something aloud to myself
>heard my voice triplified, as if there were three of me speaking

>get really baked one time with some friends
>2 friends are talking shit to each other
>gradually I cant understand what they're saying
>English sounds like a foreign language to me now and they're speaking gobbledy-gook.

>smoking one afternoon on the way home from work
>always take a shortcut through the forest for 100m or so because alternative is a 1.5km detour
>suddenly sounds like I can hear Tie Fighters from Star Wars
>shit's coming closer
>it's moving too fast for me to see what it is, a small black dot size of my thumb
>it's swooping me and sounds exactly like a Tie Fighter
>get para and run the fuck home
>find out from my neighbours that a hummingbird nests near that path in the Spring and sometimes attacks people

And one I heard my thoughts in the cute accent/voice of my 18yo german co-worker
Tripped on tripple dipped acid once and around the time I was peaking i went on a walk to smoke a bowl. right after i got done, on the way back from my walk I was stopped by a k9 unit randomly, maybe because of the fact it was 3 am and I was in/ around a rich neighborhood. anyway i only got away with a warning, didnt check me or anything, idk how tbh, but yea. Almost went to jail for smoking a bowl I didnt even feel.
Not op of that's story but great point..noted
>take said lsd, shit is bitter
>tab is larger than normal, like a legit square
>thought my friend was gonna roll the car into the river and we were gonna get sucked away
>be convinced i can teleport
>shit lasts like a whole goddamn night and the whole next day
>watching people in my friends faces appear, like sup nigga i watched some creepy bitch come out of my friends face and everytime id look at him she wouldnt leave
>smoke weed
>tripping so hard my friends face is no longer congruent
>seeing like defined girls and shit and his face going into itself like that photo booth effect
>be left with fucked up head for next few days
>dont do nbome
Combos are where it's at
First time getting high

>Smoke 1/4 of a gram of indica
>Retreat to my room
>Start getting weed tingles
>Realize I can control them by thinking about different parts of my body
>If I thought about somebody with three fingers scratching my leg, I'd feel the scratches
>take my pants off
>bring the tingles to my dick
>holy shit it works
>this must be how wizards masturbate
>at first, I just think about feathers touching my dick and fingernails running across it
>plus I'd remember really hard how previous tingles felt and they'd come back
>then I start thinking about more hardcore stuff, like a saw cutting my frenulum or spikes in my dick, my urethra being torn open
>It's like I'm feeling it, but with pleasure instead of pain
>It's much stronger than my previous thoughts
>Can't cum though
>end up jerking it the rest of the way
>New skill acquired: hands-free masturbation

I can now do this even when I'm not high. I like to watch girls masturbate as I "do it", the feeling gets more intense as they rub harder. For some reason, them playing with their clit really helps with it. Also, one time I looked up a dude cutting his frenulum with a laser and shoving scissors in his dick. It definitely worked, but even then I couldn't watch it for more then a few minutes without cringing.
anybody know what it means if theres a taste to it even slightly?
>this last 420
>ive dropped acid a few times, one of my friends that i trip with wants to go all in for this 420
>buys a 150ug tab of acid for each of us, some edibles, and an ounce of broccoli
>take tab in the morning, listen to a bit of music
>around 3:30
>gotta prepare for 420
>go to smoke spot at stoner friend's place
>take edibles
>load up the bong
>take a few hits
>become asap rocky from the last scene of Asap Forever

for reference:

10/10 highly recommend
it aint lsd. lsd doesnt have a taste, u should just be able to taste the paper. If its bitter, its a spitter
Oh yea to each their own. I like LSD for the comfy aspect of it, I get really tense during the come-up but once the peak hits I make myself calm my shit and just chill the fuck out. Once the peak's done I get the beers, weed and snacks out and get fukken comfy.
I have a mate who swears by Candy Flipping but that doesn't sound like my cup of tea.
If you look it up the stories are conflicting..I've had hard clean trips on stuff that has taste and others with no taste..
Could be the ink on the paper. Do you mean the numbness taste when you touch it to your tongue? or an actual bitter taste.
Remember LSD glows bluish under a UV light, others either wont glow or might glow other colours.
Also you can always just swallow the tab and if it's LSD it'll still hit you, most other RCs rely on being absorbed through your saliva.
Or just "if it's bitter, it's a spitter" is the tried and true. Never worth it to risk a shitty trip.
Done shrooms and acid a good bit but this is a cool one

>decide to take acid at friends house summer after graduating high school
>my brother, myself and another friend tripping at one of our younger friends houses
>we take the tabs and start playing GTA and listening to music
>start feeling really good, like I’m becoming part of the room and just the definition of comfy
>smoke in GTA and have a hard time distinguishing the game effects from actual shit I’m seeing while tripping
>down in the DM by yo gotti plays like 50 times at least
>a couple of hours In my friend starts making weird noises with his eyes closed
>he says he can’t open his eyes and he’s freaking out
>tell him to calm down and I start smoking some bud to maintain the peak
>he eventually gets up and heads to the bathroom
>we continue smoking and don’t notice he’s been gone for a good 15 mins
>start looking, nowhere to be found in the house
>We get in the car and start looking for him (don’t know why they let me drive while I was tripping sack)
>find him nearly 2 miles away looking shook as fuck
>he says a voice told him to run away and he just kept running
>tell him it’s ok and we go to a chill spot to smoke, ride the rest of the trip out

Not that bad but it was just the only time I’ve been with someone who’s really bugged out, also pretty sure that was research chems but it’s ok.
ketamine is bretty gud when you just have like a bump and stare at the walls for hours
No numbness, or like terrible bitter taste but like initially when you put it in your mouth, it taste like ink or some shit, why you would lay it on tabs that might make it taste like that is beyond me..
I don't recall any hard clean trips with a bitter taste..just a weird tingle.
Would trust these "if it's bitter it's a spitter" I guess
I lost my virginity to a chinese chick while on 7 tabs of Red Star. She pretty much raped me on a waterbed while Ministry blared in the background. She'd just had an abortion & titty milk was leaking everywhere
Trippy as fuck
lol. by then its too late. Anytime you buy Acid spend the extra money on another tab and use a test kit. Id rather lose $20 - $30 instead of my mind.
I'd say if you drop regularly enough invest in a test kit or a UV light. Either should be $20 or less off the internet.
>this must be how wizards masturbate
Nice dubs!!!!
nigga you are a freak
Shrooms, it went pretty wild when I started to meditate.
Does a whole tab need to be tested or can use half or less?
>have edibles on me
>didn’t know it’s considered a felony in my state
> arrested
>night in jail
>costing me $20k between lawyer, court, and other legal fees
>am white, so record gets erased.
File: 1524618517533.jpg (27 KB, 500x333) Image search: [Google]
27 KB, 500x333
>nature will heal you
are test kits reliable? i read some anon on here was talking about the fact that they only test for indoles which is a large majority of lsd like hallucinogens
you sound fun. wanna be friends?
While driving on shrooms the perspective of the road ahead inverted; so I was driving backwards & upside down. Fun
jesus christ
its not rape if she gives you consent before ingesting the drugs.

sounds like a girl who want to get fucked while she's fucked up, maybe she prefers the orgasm while high or something.
thats what a nice indica can do. some people really love that feeling.
The only way to be confident of what you're taking is to know where it came from or know the source is reliable from past experience
He might have been there too :)
veteran tripper, chilling with friends decided to trip. Figure we have 40 minutes before the lsd kicks in, friends drivers us to get burgers, On the way back start tripping hard. Half way home a car swerves into our lane while im tripping balls, see it happen in slow motion think im about to die, friend slams on his breaks and spins out but we dont get hit. Get home and proceed to have the worst trip of my life. 2 years later im still scared and the thought of lsd makes me cringe in fear and anxiety from that trip. I miss it but idk if i could ever go back
File: ka3ugtyfq3v1vex308628000000.jpg (41 KB, 795x555) Image search: [Google]
41 KB, 795x555
>Hm,,,,he was behind??
Took lsd with my gf and her sister. Ended up having a threesome with them.
>me, 23 at the time, second time ever taking acid
>meeting bf's parents for the first time in another state
>theyre hippies so we all drink and chill
>have some md with his brother and brothers mate
>decide to go back to his bro's house and drop (bad idea)
>my bf dishes it out
>back at bf's bros house. they fuck off somewhere. give my bf a sneaky bj on the couch (doesnt remember cause hes high and drunk af)
>go down the basement/garage.
>bad vibes
>hes a sheep sheerer so has all this equipment
>its under the house, cold, unfinishing and scary
>bf loses his mind at this point, cant hold a convo, wets himself.
>i am on my own
>start seeing shit
>bad shit.
>hallucinate bf is dying/going to commit suicide
>blood coming out of his eyes, noose around his neck, knifes on the table.
>im crying and yelling about something
>bfs bro gets him up and back into the house.
>i think its a good idea to call my best mate
>best mate is very anti-drug
>tell her i think he overdosed ans maybe i should call the police or soemthing
>she says i shouldnt. just wait it out
>call the police anyway.
>bad idea.
>tell them ive done lsd and i think my bf overdosed.
>beg bfs brother to tell me his adress, he does reluctantly.
>bf had much more tabs on him, bfs bro was hiding them before police came tell the police theyre robbing him.
>bfs bro is pissed
>police hang up on me
>call my mum. tell her the story. shes crying
>call an ambulance. they come eventually. hes okay just passed out
> sit with my bf the whole night until he comes to
>he freaks out cause he cant remember the past 9 hours
>tell him i thought he was going to die
>tell him i called the police.
>he realises how fucked this is. could go to jail
>tell me its okay
>i only just realise how bad this is as well
>knock on the door
>police ask who's it was and where he got it from
>wont give up a name
>gets off with a warning
>go back to his parents house. theyre not that mad

>driving on shrooms
It's the same level of intelligence as the people who do way too much acid than they should then hanging out with strangers in an unfamiliar place listening to shit music they dont like.
Just stay home, in your trip space or at your camp site and chill.

Sounds like a girl who knows what she likes.
Who else faps while tripping? Fapping in the shower on 2 tabs is the fucking best.

Fuck yea. That first wave that rushes over you, especially if it's a strong edible.
File: images(70).jpg (4 KB, 264x191) Image search: [Google]
4 KB, 264x191
>be myself
>Hanging out with 2 of my friends
>We have some acid and decide to take 2 tabs each
>Hour goes by, shits getting wacky
>We all look at eachothers glassy giant-pupilled eyes
>After 5 minutes of just watching the keys on the keyboard move and absorb eachother like bubbles i put on a youtube video of native american chanting
>Drop our pants and fold the fronts of our tshirts behind our heads
>Start feverishly jerking it
>Can't cum to save my life but I just stare at ky bro Jon's nutsack
>It starts to glimmer like polished silver
>Next thing i know I'm sucking on it and it's making a humming noise
>Almost choke to death on his ball and sober up some
>Call them faggots and leave
>Spend the next 6 hours watching all kinds of insane shit occur with the living ro curtains
nigga what
This made me cry. Thank you for sharing.
>vomitted thick black sludge
>call my mum back
>shes mad
>i have epilepsy
>history of mental illness due to drug psychosis in the family
>shes disappointed but glad im alive
>best friend is more pissed than my mum
>apologise profusely through text
>go rest in bf's sisters room with bf
>vivid flashbacks
>cry uncontrollably
>eventually go home. all is well
>have anxiety for 3 months re: policing coming to get me etc
>outcome: massive fine for calling ambulance but other than that all good.

I have another story where i jumped infront of traffic if anyone wants to hear it
I have lots of these. I was carrying a couple pounds of hash to northern canada by bus. Had an overnight stay at a bus station, so I dropped some coins in one of the old coin-operated tvs & up came Reefer Madness. There was nobody else around ... except a cop, who came over & sat next to me, asking what was on. So I watched all of Reefer Madness, with 2lbs of hash & a cop
Not a story, but sometimes when I smoke I feel like I'm almost levitating off the ground when I walk and that feels nice
I was 19
the first time i tried shrooms was about 3 or 4 months
i eated 7 big fresh recently harvested cubensis
i started seeing things with eyes closed and then was like my imagination had infinite depth and was seeing colors and tentacles all over doing weird things
then i openes my eyes and started to see the patterned walls and floors of where i live moving rhythmically and then everthig started to grow moss, i was playing with one of my hairs (i have long hair) and i can clearly see how was slowly growing little sprouts of moss, as my entire body, but if felt great as all the sunburn i had from the harvest and everthing else felt good too, i remember wanting to have a bee at hand to sting myself to feel if it was nice too
then a lot of little creatures resembling woodlice appeared everywhere and started eating the moss, and me with it and left nothing
I'm camping on North Miami Beach with my buddy because we came from canada with no $. We decide to look for lizards. In the first bunch of vines he looks in he finds $800 worth of crack. So the next day we're Leafs in Miami selling crack. Good times

then i somehow growed back but missing my arm, that at the same time was feeling as a gigantic invisible arm that can feel and touch the walls
then i discovered streching my face felt weird and then streched my ears at the same time, i can see all my room from adobe, as if my legs and arms were the pilars and i the roof, realeasing my ears and streching them again making the same effect
after standing up and commenting what we were feeling with my sister and my friend that taken shrooms too and laughing a lot about it and how everthing seemed moving and colored i started feeling my blood in my face, then in the rest of my body and concentrated in my arms, felted like a creamy slow moving and to my surprise i felt the taste of it, but it tasted like mashed potatoes, and still i cant quite recall how i feeled taste inside my arms and hands, but in that moment was pretty natural to me
it lasted like 6 hours and i cant wait to be season of harvest again, even im considering giving growing my own a try
Ya. Seeing clearly with your eyes closed is pretty freaky
sorry about all my typos and crap english
Your story gave me good flashbacks anon
No of a story..enoyed it
i felt a lot more things that night, everything was like alive and moving like it was breathing, but that was the mos weird
i remembered a moment like my body was also like floating in another plane, and cooked onions were falling over me, bouncing with the impact
after the most of the effect passed (that i think it was heavier on me as i was the only one that respected not eating anything a long time before doing shrooms) it kind of lingered weird a while, and we started seeing tv (i remember parts of the new cosmos series and the opening of ghost in the shell, but i have no clue who was the one that was using the tv)
and a lot of effects used in those (universe shrinking to human pupil, the moment the body of the mc of ghost in the shell anime movie get the skin peeled off) felt waaaaaaay more beautiful and fantastic than if i was normally seeing them
i loved the whole experience, even the harvest that took so damn long as it was mosly predated by other groups and we wander arround a lot looking for shrooms till we got a decent dose for everyone
im glad you enoyed it
its the first time i write it down, if i get to make my own shrooms i think i will need to make some kind of diary and write all about it
no one's gonna check these quads?
Ohhhh sheeeeit! Check. *clap* These. *clap* Mother. *clap* Fucking. *clap* QUADS!
make me not afraid to do acid /b/ros. I smoke weed almost every day but acid worries me. for some reason I think I'll come out of it permanently fucked up and I know that thinking will make me have a bad trip
Who wants some xannns

60 bars for $60
>Drop LSD a lot.
>Dropped LSD - go to The Price Is Right filming..
>Actually get called!? When going onto the studio they ask everyone what they'd do - I said I'm a pirate!
>Manage to win a shitty CRT tv and home stereo...
>Beat the other contestant to get to showcase.. Lost showcase.

>TLDR - Took acid, went on price is right. Got all the way to showcase and lost.
Who wants some xanns

60 bars for $60
it left me in a state of near permanent dissociation but I feel that's more a personal issue
it's no different from avoiding a bad trip on any other drug, just gotta be able to keep calm and think positive
good, calming music. avoid emotional stimulation unless you want to cry and breakdown
I bet that car ride was legit af
Second time using crystal meth and I had a psychotic episode, thought people were outside my door and were going to kick it in. I stood there for an hour looking out the peephole with a box cutter daring them to come in. Eventually realized I was batshit crazy and went to the hospital.
yeah I'm just worried my anxiety about it is gonna influence it.
On New Years Eve 2017, my friend and I each took 500 micrograms of LSD while a mutual friend took 1 and trip sitted us. The friend that took 500 micrograms decided to also take niacine pills, which put his trip into overdrive. He ended up stripping down naked, screaming, running, and pissing all over the trip sitter's apartment. He ended up calming down after 3 hours of hell. I freaked up and ended up flushing all the drugs I brought with me
thats because it will nigga, do not touch lsd just learn from people shit is not worth fucking ur life perception up just cause u wanna get high
I've done a pretty good amount of DMT.
I've had contact with a being that looked like Ganesh, but with a shitfuck of hands.
He spoke surprisingly fluently. He showed what I like to believe, was the gears that run the universe.
Overrated, shitty high. Oxycodone is better.
Do some research on it. It's curing people of mental illnesses these days. You're worried because the decades of fear mongering and stories. The proper set and setting is important.. Pure LSD is a miracle to us. A gift from the Gods.

nice dubs. ive had acid in several forms and i think the only taste you ever would get is the blotter pape (if it is acid). not ideal but that doesnt mean its not acid. good blotter you should be able to put under your tongue and not taste.
this is actually true, but to get real lsd is the thing, plus niggas always dont be believing when somebody tells them to do it in a good setting
if you are reading this and you havent done LSD, and you do, TAKE IT IN A PLACE WHERE YOU WONT BE HARASSED BY ANYBODY
Fuck this guy. A trip in the right setting could cure your anxiety. Lsd is not so simple like that.
File: cat faces in the pines.png (365 KB, 528x526) Image search: [Google]
cat faces in the pines.png
365 KB, 528x526
Smoked Salvia with a friend. Immediately after taking the hit I just fucking melted into the counter top. Next think I remember I though that Walmart had a navy fleet and they were invading my friends house through his ceiling. After that I was inside the blood vessels in my left leg, and my friend physically pulled me out of my leg and that ended the trip. Was fucking bizarre.
LSD, I've been told, is really easy to make. And there's a fuckton of it there. It's easy to find.
Made a thread earlier, but I'm actually trying to lucid dream while high rn. I can control blood flow fairly well if I get high enough and I've knocked myself out multiple times. Tried to go unconscious while in control, but I couldn't get it earlier. I'm gonna try again, but just hit the power switch and knock myself out again and try to wake up in-dream
get some bitcoins. get tor browser. find the new silk road.
Read reviews of sellers LSD.. Buy. it's odourless, can't be picked up.
What. The. Fuck. Great story
Fuck you pussy telling somebody to go lose their mind to cure their anxiety is fucking autistic
wrong wrong wrong, do not follow what this fruit cup is telling you to do ordering drugs off the internet is anxiety 101.
It's hard as fuck to make, you need to be a chemistry major with a lab so no.
>1st semester at uni
>move into dorm friday
>share room with some randomly assigned person
>introduce ourselves and such
>asks if i drink/smoke?
>asks if ive ever done shrooms
>asks if i want to chip in some $ and get some tonight
>sure why not
>trip shrooms all night and weekend with some guy that all i know about him is
>he's white
>name is Will
good times.
How're u aboutta give this shit an 8/10 but would not recommend?
Ok, my statement neutral
File: 2786742-anarchist-wallpapers.jpg (956 KB, 1600x1067) Image search: [Google]
956 KB, 1600x1067
Mmmm nothing insane but heres a rating/tier list worst to best of everything I've tried.

shit tier
01/10 respiradone
02/10 alcohol
03/10 opiates
04/10 cigarrettes

avg tier
05/10 shrooms
06/10 salvia
07/10 acid

good tier
08/10 cocaine
09/10 mdma

god tier
10/10 cannabis

>(((dont tell mum)))
Did you read ? They terrified
File: this thread.png (2 MB, 950x761) Image search: [Google]
this thread.png
2 MB, 950x761
I once overdosed on vitamins
File: DSCF0176.jpg (682 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [Google]
682 KB, 2048x1536
forgot pic
I would get terrified for an 8/10 tho
File: 1459007179849.png (553 KB, 800x582) Image search: [Google]
553 KB, 800x582
also I watched a bit of anime and became gay for a few seconds
nah its facts good luck making lsd-25 in your house without the dea raping your grandma with flash bangs
bullshit, post the video faggot
yeah you arent faggot, learn your facts
I mean it has left people with lasting negative psychological effects has it not? Genuinely asking i don't know.
Hours... it doesn’t last for hours.
this dude knows what hes talking about. Also just swallow the blotter. Acid can be absorbed through stomach and this will weed out bunk (NBOMe's).
There are a few RC's that can still have effect using this method (like DOx's) but its still an effective way to weed out most nasty shit
>use drugs that make you crazy to get crazy enough that you don't care anymore

Yeah sounds totally legit...

Saying this as someone who also had a drug induced psychotic break over the course of a year.
Weed, Booze and a tea made of catnip.
Buddy and I'd seen our shadows. At night.
Also I'd seen the Moon jumping across the sky and took a nearby forest for a crack in the reality through i could see into a wierd purple-coloured space with tiny red stars
File: tootsierollman.jpg (17 KB, 450x450) Image search: [Google]
17 KB, 450x450
the only time i took salvia
>be me 16
>smoking weed out of a bong around a table with 3 other friends
>friend pulls out a bag of salvia offers people some
>I take 2 big bong rips of salvia
> the 2 friends sitting across from me turn into tootsie rolls
>see pic related
>black out for 5 mins
>the next thing I remember my friends are asking if im still tripping
>tell them no and ask them what happened
>they tell me I was just laughing for 5 min straight

900 mg Dextromethorphan HBr, that's sixty 15 mg pills in total, bought in either 3 twenty pill bottles at Rite Aid, Walmart, or Walgreens for between $5ish to $10ish for each bottle or 4 bottles of fifteen pills at the Dollar Tree.
That was at the hieght of my addition and before that I was merely doing 40-45 pills a night.

Don't fuck around with that shit I almost died a few times because I got dehydrated and it starts fucking with extremely important parts of the brain you need to live. The bad trips are BAD like terrified you may die and knowing it is a legit fear if you don't keep yourself hydrated enough to handle flushing your system.
didn't pull out
got dumped while still high on acid
fucking damaged
>be me
>never tripped before but score half gram of DMT
>heard a lot about it, don’t believe in the whole other worldly experience
>have about a half gram of freebase
>decide to mix all of it together in pipe
(I was in college, frat boy too so consuming as many drugs as possible at once was the best way to earn respect)
>take a hit
>everything goes fuzzy
>crack kicks in and I’m riding high
>continue hitting every other minute for about 20 minutes
>more focused on freebase high
>30 minutes
>don’t think DMT works
>suddenly leave my body
>meet Satan and Buddha
>show me many things but explain nothing
>try to speak but the words literally fall out of my mouth and are lost to reality.
>everything begins to fade and pixelate away like in that infinity war movie
>return to reality
>housemates all surround me
>that ask how it was
>say nothing
>cut/snort a line of coke
>roll and smoke 2g gas blunt
>Get on 4chan for the first time since 2016 election
>see this thread
>produce coked our story about nothing anyone will ever read

10/10 would recommend freebase tho
scary experience on acid
>tripping hard on acid
>sitting on a couch with other friend whos tripping trying to smoke weed at some party
>friend grabs a hockey stick and shoots a lime which was on the floor at the space between us on the couch
>im fucking pissed
>too trippy to leave the couch
>tripping friend throws the lime back
>friend shoots the lime back at us with the hockey stick
>went on till the lime fell apart
I Have only one

>roommate who supplies weed gets shrooms
>thinks he can "control the hallucinations"
>he takes the shrooms
>says walls look wavy
>colors look nice
>says it's okay for me to take some
>I do
>a little later her changes his mind
>tells me to make myself puke up the shrooms
>"One of needs to be sober for this. You don't UNDERSTAND how hard this just hit me."
>I finger my thtoat
>can't puke
>he starts freaking out
>I'm still good
>I end up babysitting him
>He knocks bottle of water out of my hand while I'm trying to drink
>Yells at me when I'm not saying anything because he thinks I'm beginning a statue
>I try to tell him nothing is happening to me from the shrooms
>tell him he's just overreacting, thinking he's freaking out
>He keeps freaking out
>grabbing me, putting a marker in front of my face telling me to focus
>I eventually tell him I'm done dealing with him and lock myself in my room and watch youtube on my phone
>he continues to freak out
>eventually I come out and find him lying in his room on the floor
>he asks "am I dreaming?"
>I ask if he's okay and he says he is
>we chill in living room watching youtube until sun up and I take a shower and sleep

So yeah. He was told that if you take shrooms that any bad feelings you have will influence your trip. The problem was that he was so worried about any possible negativity that that worry began influencing his trip and he was in panic mode the entire time.

Personally the shrooms just made me think outside the box and I cam up with all kinds of strange theories. Later on I took less and played Overwatch and it was amazing. All the colours were so fun to look at. They were like a tasty drink for my eyes. Just like a massage might feel nice or chocolate might taste nice, the colours all LOOKED nice. Don't do drugs.
Jesus christ man
That was a lot to take
>been smokinh pot for 13 years
>get hospitalized one day from coital cephalalgia
>stay off the weed for a month after
>get back on it one night with a mate, punch a few cones and head out for a walk
>felt like a normal high initially, then shit went downhill really fast
>start getting extremely twitchy limbs, clenching my jaw like I'm on pingas
>blood pressure goes through the roof, can feel my heart beat pounding in my eyes
>start getting a mounting sense of pressure inside my head, feels like my brain is trying to force its way out of my ears and eyes
>skin all over my body feels like it's uncomfortably tight
>start freaking out, have a full blown panic attack
>lost some vision temporarily
>Manage to stagger back home, sit under hot shower until feeling subsides
Smoked a handful of time since (2 years ago). It's never been as bad by still have similar experiences. I fucking miss weed, but she's no good to me no more. Tried various strains and the result is always the same.
Sounds like nbomes
If theres a bitter taste present or the tongue goes numb thats usually a giveaway
File: IMG_20180503_101416.jpg (1023 KB, 1836x3264) Image search: [Google]
1023 KB, 1836x3264
I dabbed with my friends and started hallucinating and was paralyzed. I thought they drugged me or they bought spiked stuff but they were completely fine and I could tell they weren't lying when I asked them.
Shortly after unparalyzing myself (forcing myself to move with all my might) I vomitted my dinner and spent the next 2 hours sitting on the bathroom floor, sleeping betwee the toilet and the bathtub.
I hallucinated later too, I saw 10 of the most beautiful silver lights and heard the most pure synthesizer chord ever.
Doing a little research shows that I probably just had marijuana induced sleep paralysis and was lucid dreaming.
>first time with LSD in a techno club
>start to watching everyone's necks
>stare at three or four people with pink stuff on their necks
>start thinking about disaeses
>saw a sailor and he put me a lifejacket and see water on the floor
>feel so cold and watching myself in a boat searching for titanic survivors with the sailor
>a friend watch me and i ask him to go the store to buy some m&m's
>hit myself with the door in the hand
>watch the spot where i hit with the door 30 minutes later and start to think someone pinprick me with an HIV syringe
>the paranoia goes on and on and on and on
>took 8 HIV tests in the next two years even when i knew everything was in my head

stay away from drugs kids.
Just because it has taste doesn't mean its not acid. Sometimes there's impurities, sometimes its the paper. And sometimes you've just taken way too much 25i and you're fucked.
where the fuk do u live that the ceiling has tapestry u fking fagit
When you start to get really tired tke some sleeping pills or benadryl....the hallucinations really get to ya
Worth a try
What about the song !?!?
You took much more than necessary. Google for proper dosage according to weight.
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