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>Have you ever had a girl become really obsessed and clingy

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Have you ever had a girl become really obsessed and clingy with you?
If so, greentext it.

>tfw no clingy obsessive gf
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Please someone respond I want to hear your stories. I'm so lonely.
Well it's happened once, a pair of girls became somewhat obsessed with me. They were the type to get easily exited by everything, their favorite band was Nirvana, and I happen to look a lot like Kurt Cobain
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so a yandere right?

>Gets sad anytime I go out with friends
>Took her with me with my friends she just sits in a corner, not saying anything, looking creepy, cuz no social skills
>We fight and I break up with her and go out of her apartment, she runs out with no shoes on, just in her socks and follow me like a creep, asking me to go back.
>I start running and get pissed off, btu she runs after me
>I end up putting my hands around her neck out of anger and throwing her to the ground
>I feel bad and she just looks at me with tears in her eyes
>I go back with her and we just hug while she shakes and cries

I ended up leaving her. Can post more if interested.
please do
Yes. I want a yandere gf.
My best friend did at one point, it was obvious that she had a crush on me but she didn't say anything.

she messaged me every hour to ask if i'm okay, she'd call me 10 times a day at least and when i told her that i'm busy or that i have to go she always got sad and told me how lonely she gets without me.
We're still good friends but she's not as clingy anymore, i guess she finally found someone.
If you're willing to post more, go for it
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Not a good idea if you value personal space/alone time
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I'm so lonely. I just want someone to spend time with.
>Have you ever had a girl become really obsessed and clingy with you?
Hahahahahaha i fucking wish. Jesus fucking christ you have no idea how happy and flattered i'd be if somebody, male or female, even took more than a passing interest in me.

Consider yourself lucky if somebody likes you, if somebody wants you, if somebody wants to give up their precious time to be with you.
Some of us can't have that...some of us weren't meant to be happy.
>Meet some girls on omegle
>Turns out she lives two cities away
>Add one on the social medias
>She's totally into me.
>I was into her friend more.
>Not worth talking to these girls
>Stop chatting with her.
>Girl doesn't stop messaging me for two weeks
One day, I get a snap that she was in the my city and wanted to meet. Finally delete her off the social medias because I liked the attention. Still a virginfag so...
yes you might feel lonely now
but after you get a GF, there is a possibility of you wanting some alone time (depending on your personality)
Just have a good think about what you want
My current girlfriend loves to suck my cock at all times and lets me do everything i want her to, whenever. She is very emotionally attached to me. we lost our virginities to eachother so...
That's right, you're a faggot.
I want a clingy obsessive gf. I'd probably be clingy and obsessive with her too. It would be amazing.
You're goddamn right. Thanks, anon.
Fucking cuck
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this might help
good luck
>We break up during a summer, she calls me 100 times a day
>She talks to my best friend telling him that I left her and she can't get herself to get out of bed
>I end up texting her and she is really quiet, just answering my questions, not saying anything
>I propose to meet, she says yes
>We meet and go to McDonald's, I tell her there that while we were broken up I started hitting on this other girl and kissed her, she starts crying.
>I tell her I can't deal with her being emotional in public, making both of us look like shit
>She goes down on her knees, asking me to forgive her
>I leave, but she follows me
>We end up making up and we don't talk about me kissing that girl again

I had a dead end job at the time and no future cuz I was bad at school, while she was a nerd, so I decided to join the military.

>I tell her and get the application she flips her shit
>She comes over and I don't want to talk to her but she tears my papers apart and steals my laptop and runs out, asking me to talk to her.
>I end up callign her family, tell them I am thinking about calling the police
>She gives me back my laptop then just sits under a tree for hours, she has no jacket, it's like 50
>I end up going out to her and I break up with her, but we stay in touch
>I go take my asvab, but ended up failing it
>I tell her about it over the phone
>She told me she had some stuff to do and hung up on me after I told her about failing
>Calls me back an hour later, asked if she can come over
>Comes back with an asvab study book she bought, even though she had no job, was still in high school and was living on her own, cuz of family issues, and couldn't afford food half the time with her part time job
>She starts tutoring me giving me surprised looks everytime I can't understand high school math
>Months later, I retake the asvab and end up scoring in the 90th percentile, improvement from high 50th.
Lost our virginities to each other, was awful cuz she was too tight. Sex turned out to be great after a few times though.
I never loved her, but seeing her a few times a month (she was about to go abroad when we met) was fine.
She was rather pretty, nice hair, fine face, good ass, nice innie pussy, good tits. Only a bit of belly fat to ruin the picture.
Also she was successful at her science career, everyone of her friends liked her. But her self esteem was still really low for some reason.

She drew a lot of self-confidence from our relationship, was really proud that someone as self-confident as me (although really im just a cocky narcissistic asshole) would date her. Also I am good-looking and funny and have a great penis (said every girl I ever was with).

After her year abroad we were together for another year, but once she moved to another city that was close enough to see each other every second weekend I found it too annoying having to spend so much time with her. Also her birthday was coming up and I didnt feel like buying her another present. And I cheated on her with a much better looking girl that was also more self-confident, funny and better at sex. And, most importantly, sucked my dick without having to be asked.
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good job anon
New girl moved away 20 days later, we texted a lot but I fucked other women cuz I ain´t havin no sex for 4 months.
2 weeks before she came back, she found another guy and decided to be his girlfriend instead. Might have made a few mistakes playing her.
Still feel kinda bad from time to time about her, but luckily got to rebound on one of my recently acquired fuckbuddys.
She became my girlfriend and I have become really attached to her. Not annoying, great ass, great tits, into magic the gathering, all my friends love her and she also isnt a little bitch when it comes to boy stuff like climbing, walking through the woods instead of on the roads or falling off cliffs. In fact, in regards to climbing she is more ballsy than I am.
And I get to tell her when she stinks wherever without her being annoying and then she sucks my dick without me having to eat her out.
>>tfw no clingy obsessive gf
you´re an idiot.
It´s true, girls are great, and cuddling is great, but its not worth the hassle if they are clingy.
Just imagine your best friend and your mother being around you all the time and having to take them wherever you go. And if you want to do something by yourself, they start crying and ask you why you don´t love them.

The worst part is that you can´t even win an argument against them because even if you win, they will just use crying and you lost because you feel bad and have to comfort them.
My ex even started questioning my affection because I wanted to wank once in a while. And trust me, sex is hard work, sometimes you just need a quick wank and its the most annoying thing in the world to not being able to get that.
oooooh i like that "why do they call it making love?
"is it because thats what love feels like?"
"...if something could make you feel love...i'd want to try it with you"

>taking notes
I'd give up wanking to have a clingy obsessive gf who I can have sex with anyday. And if I had a gf I wouldn't fight with her. If she started getting mad at me I would just passionately kiss her.
>I tell her I want to sleep with other girls, I'm still young and shit
>She gets really upset, won't talk to me
>We end up not talking for a week
>Later tells me she spent that time skipping school and playing video games
>She was a fucking nerd, never ditched school before
>I come over, her room is a fucking mess, which wasn't unusual for her, but usually it was just cluttered with stuffed animals and clothes
>Pieces of rotten food everywhere
>Spilled shit covering the floor
>Dirty pad in the corner
>Fucking disgusting
>She tells me she missed me
>I start yelling at her, telling her she's a fucking mess
>Tell her she can't even take care of herself
>She starts crying but doesn't say anything
>Leave the place

>Few days later I hear from the girl I kissed and she says that my gf is a psycho
>Shows me a message she got from her on facebook
>Oh God no
>The sweet crying girl apparently called her a whore that can't keep her legs shut and is full of STDs
>Fucking tired of her
>Messing with me was bad but messing with other people is terrible
>End up breaking up for real, leave for military few days after

Ended up asking for her back later but didn't work out. Also saw her a few years later.
you sound like a fucking cuck imo
yeah. Because that would undo the reason she´s mad at you. That is just a sure recipe for disaster.
Also do you know the feeling of relief you have when you finished wanking? You don´t immediately want to do it again.
With sex it is the same, just way stronger.
So after you have used them, you just want to do something else. If you can´t then it becomes really fucking annoying.
That's why you cuddle after sex anon.
True. But then after cuddling they start suggesting shit like cooking dinner or going for a walk or meeting their shitty friends. And I am okay with that.
But i want to meet my own shitty friends without them.
And I want to sleep in my own bed alone once in a while.
>Be 18 year old UK fag
>Some people I know who've been dating for over a year break up
>Big argument happens and I being the nice guy I am ask the girl if she's okay
>She's crying and so I ask her if she wants to go get some ice cream with me one day
>She smiles and says yes
>Take her ice cream along with fag friend who decides to tag along
>Literal fag, as in he has sex with guys, but cool guy
> We have fun, I pay for her ice cream and we hit it off, talking about random shit
>It was at this point that I began to get small hints that this girl is going to be trouble
> Topic turns sexual and I go quieter
>I'm usually a loud and crass guy, making all kinds of jokes about anything but sexual topics have always and still make me nervous
>Most likely due to my sexual trauma as a young child
>This small fact emerges in the conversation as I am quite open
> This bitch laughed at me because of it happening
>Fag friend who already knew looks at me
>"What the fuck is wrong with this girl" is written on his face
>I decide to play it off and tell myself it's probably how she reacts to things like that
>After ice cream we go our separate ways and she begins texting me non-stop
>I'm okay with it, she's a 8/10 and I'm single
>Later that day at night she messages me on facebook, asking if I was leading her on
>I hate that question because no matter what you answer, you're going to have a bad time
>Answer yes and you look like an asshole
>Answer no but you don't have feelings for them and then you really are leading them on
>I just fucking got you ice cream, that doesn't have to mean shit
>End up kinda dating her
>Very next day, realise she is cancer and toxic as fuck
>Smothering,Guilt-tripping,Overly Sensitive, Insulting, she ticks all of those boxes and more
>Tell her that we wouldn't work out
>Instantly begins to guilt trip me and blame herself because "she's a piece of shit"
>Her words not mine
I'll write part 2 if you guys want, hit word limit
Never had anybody oppsessed about me, meanwhile im oppsessed about most of people i meat
Thread replies: 39
Thread images: 9

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