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>Be me >French fag trying to get a job >President be

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>Be me
>French fag trying to get a job
>President be like "I'm gonna promote a law that destroy all of your rights and make you live with less money than a chinese child"
>Nobody in the country agrees
>President use a law that makes anything he wants be accepted without having peoples to vote
>A civil war starts
>A black homophobic and who said some pro-Islam shit is choose to sing at Verdun's commemoration
>Of course, he's dissmissed
>Governmement calls it a "facsist moves" but they are becoming communists themselves
>Be me again
>Wanting to flee this shitty country to US
>Donald Trump
>Where the fuck do I go, /b/ ?
C'était pas trop dur le brevet blanc cette année ?
Un an que j'ai quitté le lycée, donc bon.
You may want to look into moving to Somalia. No laws or pesky regulations to get in the way of you making money hand over fist. I hear that the people already living there are very conservative. Good luck fellow bootstraper. Dont let those filthy nigger liberals get you down. ROW ROW FIGHT THA POWAH!
Southeast Mexico, near the riviera maya. We have all the good things of mexico, but without the narcos
Come down to New Zealand, nothing too bad happening here.
Come down to Spain! Bitches are fine here and we don't even Haven't even had a president in like 5 months kek
Relax. Just follow me to canada.
2/10 bait
Yeah. Let me just get in touch with one of my buddies.... and NOPE OK he says it still looks like shit there.
some nordic contries are pretty legit too so i hear.
You're always welcome in glorious Minnesota.
>be me, 19
>depressed as fuck with social anxiety
>gets hospitalized
>i get out, meet this 29 years old handsome guy
>i become his boyfriend, everything is so nice in my life
>he's my only reason to live(it's sad i know but aren't we all?)
>fast forward i thank god I met him.
>he's becoming cold, distant, would tell me to find someone else, suspicious, would ignore me, wouldn't car if we break up
>starts hitting me at his house, car, public, everywhere
>he wants to break up for no reason at all
>i am left heartbroken, he friendzones me
>fall into depression again
>meds stop working
>i tell him I'll kill myself because the damage he did to me
>i cry everyday and plan my own death
>doctor appointment,cry there and tell him nothing bad happened to me; it's just depression
>he prescribes me 5 kind of different medication
>still love my guy, he says it's over, we'll never get back together again but we can still be friends
>he says he can't see me as a partner anymore
>i don't wanna be his friend wtf
>i threaten him like a retard I am
>he's sad and depressed, had a panic attack at work
>I decide to go ''no contact'' to see if it works; i really love him and want him back :(
Also bare in mind. Trump isnt president YET. Not every american is retarded, ignorant, or chicken shit.... or even white for that matter.
You need serious proffesional help.
Come to greece man you just have to pay tsipras nothing else
>bashes trump for being "racist"
>says only whites will vote for him

liberal logic
Australia; The land of cucks. Being that you're french you'll fit right in.
>bends you over
>puts liberal amount of lube on your asshole
>bernie sanders busts his fist up your ass
>you moan in ecstasy
>i jerk off in background
>donald trump becomes president
Thread replies: 19
Thread images: 2

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