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ITT THAT KID I'll start >that kid who screamed at the

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I'll start
>that kid who screamed at the teacher because she gave him homework and asked the rest of us to back him up and yell at her too
>that kid who repeated the out of context jokes I made with my friends in hopes to get laughs, but always confused and creeped everyone out
>that kid who tried to flirt with the new girl but couldn't say anything flirtatious so he just repeated the same out of context jokes I made and she told him to stay away
>that kid who didn't listen to her and still kept approaching her until she left the school
>that kid who watched porn at lunch on his laptop with his back turned so everyone could see the screen
>that kid who tried to say that 12 tabs of youporn was a pop-up
>that kid who had a hissy fit when the teacher came and wanted to have a word with him
>that kid who still tried to hit on the girls in the lunch room when he came back
>that kid who played Minecraft and roblox during class and would hide it from the teacher, but not from us, so we took pictures of him playing and gave them to the teacher, he threw a tantrum when he found out
>that kid who hit the black kid and called him a nigger when Nevander was laughing at someone's jokes, that kid thought he was laughing at him
>that kid that got expelled when he started threatening school shooter kind of shit when the teacher asked him where his homework was
that kid who played Minecraft and roblox during class and would hide it from the teacher, but not from us, so we took pictures of him playing and gave them to the teacher, he threw a tantrum when he found out
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>that kid that would talk to himself and wouldn't acknowledge it if people brought it up
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Private school with mixed grades
>Under age
>that kid who asked everyone of they were his friend

He had assburgers or something
>That kid who made a weird noise but she was super disabled so you didn't say anything, but nobody said anything so you go for years thinking that you're going crazy and just hearing things. One day you mentioned it and everyone is realeved that they aren't crazy as well
>that kid that has a sword collection (and loves talking about it)
>that kid that couldnt really speak, sort of muttered
>that kid that followed the girls around
>that kid that didnt know social structure
>that kid that openly talked about his crazy pill medication, didnt really matter we knew something was wrong with him
>that kid that tried white knighting everything
>that kid that allegedly had a crush on 90% of the girls
>that kid that would randomly enter conversations, and talk about random shit (no, not like the kind of shit you'd talk about, like how you're talking about the new fifa and he starts talking about how he doesnt buy his own clothes, his mom doesnt trust him with that)
>that kid that everyone pretty much ignores when he tries to talk
>that kid who asked the teacher if she knew how to make fake cum
>that kid that is a total edgelord and loves talking about "his drug and gun connections"
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>that kid who still tried to hit on the girls in the lunch room when he came back
Jesus Christ
>the kid that would say ''uuhm, you know you can invite me available..'' Behind your back when your talking about weekend plans with homies
>that kid who had no arms/legs and severe cerebral palsy that you fucked in the ass all day and he couldn't do anything about it
>that kid who would look at inflation porn in the library
>that girl who kept a bottle of syrup in her room
>that kid who was obsessed with cats
>that kid who creeped out all the Hispanic girls
>that nigger who changed schools then got arrested for raping a seventh grader
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>that kid who creeped out all the Hispanic girls
How, anon?
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>the kid who always had some smartass comment to everything the class does, usually some narcassist
>the kid who would always smell
>the kid who always wanted money from you and never pays it back
>the kid that would always hang around the girls and flirt with them all period
>the kid that was always applauded when a teacher calls their name out
>the tryhard kid that tagged along with the most popular kids
>the kid that always used a large vocabulary
>the kid that was pregnant
>the kid that always wore earphones
>the kid that was too extroverted
>that kid who sucked loads of dick and started a thread on /b/
This was me
>The group of friends that made fun of the autist freshies playing Monecraft
>Wasn't even good at sports but everyone picked me first
>Skip and occasionally all of us would skip to smoke
>Didn't even try at school and still got straight C's
You sound proud of your degeneracy
>I'm an uninteresting faggot
OK anon..
>that kid who was severely disabled and was a burden on normal people but teachers were always around so you had to put up with her
>that kid that smells like shit, is fat, severely disabled, and still wont leave you alone after you told her to fuck off
>that kid that moved to reno but years later you friended her of fb for the karma points and she fucking texts you on fb, and then when you stop responding to her calls she find your number somehow and texts you
>fucking kill me /b/
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Let her sit on you, the weight will kill you AND she'll get off on it.
>New Glarus
Eyyyyy Wisco
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 7

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