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Hey guys Will be having sex for the first time next week how

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Hey guys

Will be having sex for the first time next week

how do i act like a pro/even know wtf i'm doing?

not wizard but close to it at this point. embarassing but fuck it right? finally down to get rid of all that shame on passing on girls when I was younger and so completely awkward/cringeworthy/couldn't recognize women's signals they were constantly giving me.....

any advice is welcome. THANKSSS
will be bumping with Ass
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if your a guy, practice with a condom, lick her pussy at the top where the clit is. than put on condom do your thing first times will suck.
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How long do you usually eat puss before you start fucking
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Until she orgasms. My father told me once "get her off once, you're good. Twice, you're great. three times, you're amazing. Four times? You're a god"

I've applied that thought to all of my encounters to remind me that the more you give, the longer you shall receive.
Who's the girl? If it's just some slut you don't need to even sweat it

So basically keep fingering and licking for a while until she's off?


just some slut
Honestly if it's just some slut and you want to act like you know what you're doing, just use her hole until you orgasm and then roll off her. I'm not saying you can't be excited and meticulous if you want to, but if your question is "how do I look like I know what I'm doing"... well, don't put her up on a pedestal.
Thread replies: 11
Thread images: 7

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