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ITT: times when we were alpha as ungodly fuck, I'll start

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: times when we were alpha as ungodly fuck, I'll start

>be stroking neighbor's cat
>fucking bitch animal scratches me
>kick the little fucker
>run inside
>see neighbor later
>she tells me they had to have the cat euthanized
>thinks a car hit it
>lol fatality
>flawless victory

Yes, if alpha means you're a lil immature kid who can't control himself, you're obviously the king of Alpha.

Congrats champion.
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I realize it's bait but if a cat scratches you with its itty bitty claws and you freak out and kick it makes you sound like a huge pussy.
Global news! Being an alpha has become a synonym of being completely retarded.
In other news, OP is a faggot. Stay tuned for more!
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>ITT: OP realizes he's much more a sociopath than previously thought
Once I was scratched by a domestic animal...
And I DIDN'T kick it into the Fucking road
Because I'm not an edgy 12 year old that was a failed abortion
>be me
>15yo sister in her room dancing to Miley Cyrus songs
>go in there, tell her to shut the fuck up
>she turns volume up and keeps on dancing
>I punch her really hard in the tit
>she starts crying immediately
>I unplug her speakers
>eject CD and throw it across room
>tell her I hope she gets tit cancer
>back to my room
>play My Chemical Romance really loud
>alpha as fuck
Sure OP

>be me
Sounds like bitch as fuck to me. You fucking Beta cunt
>I'm not an edgy 12 year old that was a failed abortion
Looks like you are an edgy 12 year old
Itt giant faggottry
KEK, you think your lies are convincing anyone.
Kill yourself op seriously not even a catfag just do everyone a favor and end ur worthless life

>Boss man ask me to fetch thing.
>OK gogetthing.gif
>Takes some time to find thing.
>Found thing.
>Hurried back, full speed boost 'n shit.
>Give thing to boss man.
>Gives me shit for taking to long.
>Make 180 and walk away.
>1 hour passes.
>Bossman asks me to fetch.
>My fucking whut..
>Super effective
>Bossman confused.
>Bossman used rant.
>Not very effective.
>Something snaps.
>Hit bossman with shovel.
>Critical hit.
>bossman fainted.
>Used run.
>next day. arrive on job.
>Bossman says good morning.
>Bossman didn't remember a thing.
> edgy 12 year old
> failed abortion

Kys fucking twelvie

Take notes, gents. This is true Alpha.
Not twelve, faggot. Are you trying to actually defend OP here?
>"My chemical romance"
Man u aint shit
>Be alone
>all the time
>Don't need anyone else
>Entirely self sufficient

Alpha as fudge.

Apart from the loneliness.

Pick one

>run inside

yup, just the sort of thing Alpha would do
>Going on field trip
>Retarded girl says, "Hi, anon."
>Socially ajusted alpha anon replies, "Hi."
>I ask "Want to sit on the bus with me?"
>She replies "Yeah" and gets all giggly
>we get on the bus
>Nowhere to be found
>Get off the bus
>She finds me and says sorry and that she couldn't find me on the bus
>Tell her that it was ok but I was going to finger her on the ride
>She stops dead in her tracks like she just saw someone get killed
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 3

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