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Ok /b/ your making your own snuff movie and she is the star.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ok /b/ your making your own snuff movie and she is the star. How does she die?
Happily in her bed at age 89 of natural causes surrounded by her loving family
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>you pretend to make a real snuff film by strangle fucking her
>in reality; she is fine and was never injured as it was all an act
>you decide to release this very realistic video online as everyone believes it is 100% real
weird how this has never been done before
Beaten to death in a fair fight by a sexy nigress, who then twerks over her lifeless body and gets creampied. All for a new pair of jordans and $20
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OP asks her out on a date and she laughs herself to death
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Using women to advertise snuff is terrible. Only men dip.
What do you mean?
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kicked to death
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U like
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by men in 19th century diving boots
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Ok here it goes
>I pick her up at a bar and ask her if she wants a drink
>she looks down, sees i have unzipped my pants and puts her hand on my cock
>we have a drink while she gives me a hj
>i put something in her drink
>she's slowly passing out
>i tell the bartender it's fine i know her
>take her outside to my Limousine
>Driver drives us *home*
>put her on my bed and take off her clothes
>put a necklace on her
>she wakes up in a dark room
>light goes on
>shes naked and touches her neck
>feels the *necklace*
>a movie starts playing
>*you wanna play a game bitch?*
>*you got a necklace around you neck bitch!*
>*atteched is a pipette*
>*go to the next room there are holes in the wall*
>*those holes are glory holes, you have to suck dicks and fill the pipette with the seme*
>*when the pipette is filled the necklace is released*
>*the pipette has a sensor so don't you think about cheating, only semen will unlock the necklace*
>*you got 15 minutes now go bitch and suck like your life depends on it*
>and then she goes on sucking dicks

end is open feel free to choose one guys
that was really fucking stupid.
I'd watch it
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Of old age after decades of love-making
>She is at her prom. She gets to a classroom with a guy who's been working on her. The two young mammals begin intercourse. He fucks her brain out, keeps fucking her after cumming in her tight pussy a first time.
>One of the virgin students shows up with a gun to shoot the all school.
>Your girl hears the cries and the shooting, starting just next to them. The maniac goes for her. She managed to push him down on the floor.
>She is now running naked in the school as fast as she can, boobs flying all over. Her mate knocks her involuntary just before a staircase. >She falls on her dead and die, blood comming out of her ears and cum out of her pussy.
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 10

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