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>ctrl+f >no s/fur the fuck?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>no s/fur

the fuck?
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any lurkers mind bumping? at page 8 here, doing this on my own
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>hello 404 my old friend
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aye you saved the thread
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well, to keep the thread bumped, and considering im the only one posting, aside from pokemon guy, any requests?

i dont have a large folder, but ill post what i can find
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hoping shark man comes again, so i have a reason to say godspeed.

i love that word
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Got a lot of h/fur but I'll bump what I can
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Freya anyone?
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pls no h/fur
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The road seems infinitely long, and some days are harder than others, but today, today i achieved what could be called a moderate success and took a couple steps more towards succeeding at life.

Blog post over, hows everyone doin?
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only good ones
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anyone have any bdsm? wish i had more
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If you're the same fellow, glad to hear it.
Actually, glad to hear it regardless.
May I ask what you did and how it felt?
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anyone know the name of the comic?
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I've got a couple things lined up that might add another property to my small list, which would be an income increase in the long run, and i managed to establish a friends-with-benifits relationship with a decently good looking and fun girl.

And for the first time in a long, long while? I feel good, i felt great actually.
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This is all I've got
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damn, you made me jelly
That's solid
Requesting anal and or large insertions
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actually, wait a damn minute
That would have put me into blissmodo
May I ask how high are your sights set?
Jay Naylor Trixi's creeper or something along those lines
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I think it's something like Trixie's creeper or something like that. It was about a guy who installed hidden webcams in her room to creep on her.
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I thank you for the praise, but i also must tell you, i am no one to be envious of.

My sights are set on surpassing my foster father, who literally "won" at life. He works six months a year, and fucks around with his hobbies the other six, has two cars, a big house and goes on vacations to places like spain, malaysia, mexico and similar yearly.

Hes both the reason i havent killed myself, and the biggest reason i want to, for i have some massive shoes to fill.
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>>i am no one to be envious of

I can hear you're used to the sight of your fosterpaps
But I suspect you are at risk of feeling or thinking you're completely worthless and derailed by any damn tiny offset or obstacle
and no matter what happens, that is no way to live. That shit will kill ya
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more dino?
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I know

liz is delightful
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Maybe you are right, you prboably are in fact, but i also cannot help but think that, if i cant atleast measure up to the man who took me in and even gave me his family name, when the man who put me in the world rejected me.

Then i will have failed. Messed up i know, but it's hard for me to shake that though.
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minon porn
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An appetite for pain!

I've held myself to harsh standards to the brink of breakdown, and a lot of good has come of it.
File: 1454206394127.jpg (77 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What kind of good?
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Good job, expertise, knowing myself
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Sounds like it'll be worth it in the end then.
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I can't advise it in good conscience. I think I'm a special (head) case for doing it, and I know damn well it wasn't actually fair or reasonable. It was a gamble. And there's still far more pain than pleasure.
I see, but if i develop a mashochistic streak along the way, it'll be literally win win, so let's bet on that possibility.
Man, this thread sure did turn out pretty crappy.
Thread replies: 157
Thread images: 151

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