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No feels bread? Feels bread.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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No feels bread? Feels bread.
Feeling pretty neutral tonight but I'm always down for some feels.
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I've gotta set the mood, I'm sorry
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Well played sir

Also pic related
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>I'm not a good person
>Ask anyone who knows me
>I'm mean and bitter and a failure at everything that I say I believe

>I'm not a good person
>Ask anyone who loves me
>I never write, I never call, I never think about anyone at all

>I'm not a good person
>No matter what I do
>My exhaustion will consume me
>And I'm too tired for the truth

>I'm not a good person
>I'm sure you're not surprised
>It must be pouring out my sweat glands
>It must be somewhere in my eyes

>I don't know why I am this way
>I've been like this since I can remember

>I try to keep up with everything I know I should do
>But then I'll fall to pieces anyway

>I don't know why I am this way

>I'm not a good person
>Not even to you
>I'm staying home 'cause I can't stand the sound
>Of another heartbeat in the room

>I'm not a good person
>Fuck it, you know it's true
>I'm lazy, I'm a coward, I'm asleep all day in my room

>I don't know why I am this way
>I've been like this since I can remember
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fuck me dude
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This... Fuck
Just makes me think of my best friend from childhood, not even a woman. Almost spontaneously he just stopped talking to me and soon didn't want anything to do with me. Haven't spoke to him in seven years, and he's never responded to messages, emails, or calls.
Here's a long story hopefully it makes you feel as it does me.
>Be in Highschool, popular with all groups, I'm the chill stoner guy in school
>Mainly hang out with scene girls and other stoners though
>Enter Weird girl
>No friends,no tits or ass, probably 80lbs, wear heavy black makeup that makes her look like a horrible rendition of a heavy metal band
>She gets constantly bullied for just being weird/having no friends/ the figure of a small boy you name it she probably got made fun of for it
>One day walking through hall notice weird girl is getting bullied by preppy girls
>White knight me to the rescue for some reason
>Get the girls to leave her alone
>weird girl is happy I can't remember what she said
>Now everytime we pass in the hall she says hi or waves at me, give my usual "whats up" and continue on with day
>Don't really notice at first probably a combination of opiates and having a large social circle
>Weird girl starts going to my locker after school
>She talks to me and we ride the city bus together it's only about a 5 minute drive
>I pretend to hate it with all my friends but secretly I don't mind weird girl is interesting not in a attractive way
>She eventually tells me I am the only person that is nice to her, her mom is dead and father is abusive
>Now I feel super shitty I never really talk to her just bare minimum conversation and head nods. Not even to mention I tell all my friends she annoys me
>Trimester is over enter new trimester
>Gym class with girl I like
>Fuck yeah, gym is just social hour as you walk along the track
>Weird girl is in gym class
>Everyday while talking to cute girl weird girl comes in and talks to me
>Causes cute girl and her friends to leave, making it just me and weird girl
>I'm not ass hole so I talk to weird girl instead of shooing her away
>Weird girl is into video games so we talk about Skyrim or New Vegas whichever came out at the time
>She's also into anime, back then I would never admit it so I playfully make fun of her calling her a nerd etc etc
>She laughs about it
>After school one day taking the bus
>She is of course right next to me listening to music slightly to loud
>I lived half a block from the transfer station
>Get off bus
>She decides she wants to walk to my home says she wants to talk more
>Get to my place in less then a minute say goodbye
>She hugs me
>Friend skipped school and saw her hug me
>He gives me relentless shit for it
>Year is over summer break starts
>walking the waterfront with bro heading to our super secret smoke spot
>Weird girl and little sister (who is about 11 or 12) are walking toward us
>She waves and shouts my name
>Still not an asshole
>Wave back
>Bro and I veer off into woods to smoke
>She follows
>Weed is mine so I ask if she wants to join
>She says yes
>We all get high except her little sister
>Surprising that she smoked weed before
>Little sister is weird like her but in a different way
>Little sister is trying to fuck my bro
>He is clearly uncomfortable I'm uncomfortable
>Weird girl doesn't see anything wrong it
>Make up some excuse as to why we have to leave
>Weird girl keeps showing up either walking around near where I live or going to places where I hang out frequently
>New year of school starts
>I have GF
>Weird girl surprisingly leaves me alone
>No messages, no trying to meet me at classes I have or my locker
>Kind of feel bad
>Weird girl gets a boyfriend
>guy is an ICP faggot, hes weirder then her talks like a retard and smells bad
>Whatever she found someone
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>While I was talking to weird girl she changed, stopped wearing old dirty black hoodies with holes, did her makeup decentlty and did her hair she starts wearing what I would consider normal emo girl clothes,
>now she was back to wearing dirty hole ridden hoodies her makeup went back to the poorly applied metal style, her hair was messy again.
>I noticed this but she seemed happy so didn't let it bother me, she was probably just trying to impress me
>Graduate High School and leave hometown
>Years pass
>A couple of months before moving back to hometown I started looking back at people who were still in my hometown because I was moving back
>Remember weird girl
>Decide to look her up
>She had a kid
>Post pictures with her daughter every so often and seems like a in general good mom
>The dad is no where to be seen
>Decide not to message her
>Move back to hometown
>Run into weird girl at grocery store
>Fuck small towns
>we talk a little catch up and say good bye
>Even after so many years and having a kid she still has a small boy body
>That night she messaged me and we talked a little
>Whatever most of my friends moved away so what harm can facebook messaging do
>She tells me everything that happened to her
>ICP faggot was abusive
>He ran away when she was pregnant no one knows where he is
>Her daughter was born prematurely and has complications with her lungs
>Some pretty bad shit
>We end up talking more she's still weird but less then she was originally
>age toned her down some
>We end up hanging out at her place watching movies and playing games
>She's actually pretty cool kind
>slightly regret not getting to know her in Highschool better
>Some time passes we still talk nothing more then friends and that's fine
>Find out her daughter is in the hospital again
>Keep messaging her throughout the night just letting her know someone does care
>Baby dies
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>I go to her house to comfort her/watch over her
>Walk into her house
>Dark blinds are shut lights are off
>I can hear crying coming from the kitchen
>Go to kitchen and shes sitting on the ground bawling
>I try to comfort her but that amount of pain can't be subdued
>Fast forward a few days
>It's the day of the funeral
>Get in suit and head to funeral
>Walk into the wake
>Room is empty
>Just me and her
>None of her family showed up to what is probably the worst day of her life
>Feels are off the chart
>The pastor even looks depressed
>He gives his sermon to the two of us
>Even I feel depressed and empty, this wasn't my kid, I didn't have any emotional connection to this girl but fuck
>The burial is the way same way just us two and priest.
>Continue to message and talk to her over the next few days
>She is in a very dark place, I'm the only person that talks to her even after such a huge loss
>I'm worried about her mental state but the only thing I can do is just be there for her
>I message her
>As the minutes turn to hours waiting for her reply.
>Even my optimistic side saying she was at the store or sleeping knew that was wrong
>Go to her house
>Door is locked
>Knock on door/ring doorbell
>No answer
>Call the police explain the situation
>They come over for a welfare check
>I was right
>A few days pass and now it's her funeral I'm at
>I don't know who arrainged the funeral
>I was the only one there

Bruh D':
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Same best friend just stopped talking to me after middle school...we did everything together. When I got to high school I was lucky to get a hi in passing
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Should have linked this song as well in the post.
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That's almost exactly what happened to me.
I've been talking to this girl for a while and she's honestly perfect in my eyes. Her and I connect on every level. She makes me feel not dead inside. We've been flirting and such, but then she tells me she wants to go back to being friends and see where things go from there. I really need help guys. I'm seeing her tomorrow and I'm scared that I'll say something dumb and lose her forever.
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Nice tumblr memes xD
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I come here to find new feels images, but usually when I do there are no more images...
any feels music you guys can share?
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>immortal technique - you never know
>phora - sinner
>phora - my story
I'll post more if you want. No links sorry I'm on my phone.
This song always fucks me up

I got a whole "depressing music vol 2 " on Spotify. Tell me if you want more lol
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I stopped feeling anything. Everything I do is automated. None of this is real. This is just to rediculous to actually exist. I don't know what this is and I stopped caring. My life will play out how it does, that cannot be changed. I tried to struggle but could do nothing in the end. I must now watch how future events play out and hope for the best.
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The most depressing thing is the time you waste looking for someone to waste time with
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Not reading all that shit
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The beautiful thing about the internet and the ability to ignore things is that you don't have to read it.

tl;dr - ok
I didn't read that shit either
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The beautiful thing about the internet and the ability to ignore things is that you don't have to read it.

tl;dr - ok
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Still not reading all that bullshit
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The beautiful thing about the internet and the ability to ignore things is that you don't have to read it.

tl;dr - ok

PS: You're actually giving me something else to do in this thread besides image dump. So thanks for keeping me company.
You will love this one

When I share this song, people tell me it's a sad song, but you know what, It isn't, not to me.
I hear the notes and the rythm, it makes my heart beat stronger than nothing else does.
It reminds me of the days I enjoyed and the days I couldn't. It makes me realice that I can still enjoy those days that have not come yet, and even if they are few, I will make the most out of them, with whoever is in my life at that moment.

I want my friends to feel like family, I want strangers to feel like my friends, and those who don't give a shit about me I just can hope the best for them because I can't know them. And family well Family for me they are a part of me, I don't want to live without a family, not for fear of being alone, but because I don't want anyone to feel like I did when I thought about ending it, I still do sometimes.

I want to be kind, just kind.
I didn't want to be the best at it or prove anything, life is not a competition and having some empathy is to acknowledge the heart of others, even when they don't show it to you.
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Damn, what a load of shit. If you think I'm gonna read that you're retarded.
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>this girl dropped communication with me
>no more calls
>no more texting
>been little over a month now
>still hungover from it all

>should i still bother?
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I get to type out a reply and apparently you read them. It's good.
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move on. accept the disappointment. it's only better that way and you'll better be able to approach a new person with experience
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i miss her
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Remind me again... Have we ruined her life yet? If not, then why the fuck didn't we?
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I honestly don't know, I remember there was a bunch of threads for it but I don't think anything came of it.
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All she wanted was to just be friends.
Maybe a little too late but dictionary attacking a bitch right nao
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yup on the same boat bro
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I'm gonna die that's too sad
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my body is literally incapable of being sad about things. The closest I got was during my Grandpa's funeral, but that was a temporary thing that passed quickly.

I'm living in an emotional high place 24/7. I have no context for my happiness and sometimes that scares the shit outta me
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My life was fine until I loved. I didn't feel the emptiness because I didn't know it was there. It didn't even end in a way that I can hate her for, we just drifted apart. You ever drift apart from the one you love? It's a slow pain. Thinking every day that this is going to be the one they leave me on.

And then they do. And you can do nothing but say it's ok. Because it would be weird to cling to a stranger.
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the curse of monkey island gril story is better
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I've always listened to Fred Jones Pt. 2 when I'm feeling feelsy. It's got a good dose of cynical hopelessness mixed in with reminiscence.
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And with that I'm out. Getting low on good images and I may be the only one still active in this thread.
I'm lurking still.
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start a school shooting
My ex did this to me repeatedly bro, just.. Drop it and move on, if they do that to you they aren't worth it they're usually up to shit
This sounds just like me
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You guys are the only people I feel like actually understand me, an I'm lucky enough to have a decent relationship with my parents and a few acquaintances, but here I can say what's really bothering me, I can talk about more then the weather or whatever sporting event is currently going on,
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That's the beauty of anonymity you can say whatever without consequence.
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I always happen to scroll across a nice baww thread, and generally, it is late at night when I find them. It fits perfectly in to my schedule of going to school and after-school activities and falling asleep when I get home. Not many "friends", only people who talk to me when obligated and I can tell. So I stay awake at night to be able to talk to the anons of 4chan who are all up late at night to share the feels together, sharing that everyone is can relate to pains of being alone, depressed, relationship problems, or sad cat tales. The real friends of my life, thanks /b/rothers.
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Damn man I know that feek. I recently realised that my best childhood friend and me have grown a bit apart. Not in the sense that we don't talk much anymore, even though that's true as well. Mostly though it's that I don't feel like we share the same view on live. When I told him about something that really bothered me he didn't understand. That's fine, it's not his fault he sees the world different than me but still...
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I act like a tough dumb guy, but in reality I'm scared, I'm scared I'm gonna die alone, I'm scared I'll never amount to anything, I'm scared that I'll never understand the world because I don't understand it yet, I spent so long wanting to be an adult and dreaming about all the cool shit I'd do and now those dreams are all dead and buried and I'm left just pretending to be content with my life.
Thank you for being here to talk to us /b/ro
Same but she didn't even want that.
File: 1460356324447.jpg (53 KB, 673x907) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This one fucking hurts.
Every time that my phone lights up, I hope that it's her.
Every time, I look away disappointed.

She is everything to me. We were great friends, at one time, spending hours a day with eachother and having fun.

But eventually, it slowed. She made excuses, She started to avoid looking at me when we passed eachother. We would still spend a small amount of time together, at our lunch break, but that was all. She would ignore my messages, until I stopped sending them.

Then, one day, she didn't show up. And every day after that. So now here I am, crying my fucking eyes out as I think about her. Us.

Rori, I've loved you since the first day. Please find someone who can make you feel the way I never could.
There will always be one of us here to be your friend, even if it is only until the end of the thread. We're here for you, /b/ro.
yesterday sitting on her porch and just talking was enough to make my life feel like it was worth living but im not even worth a reply most days
Fuck I know that feel all to well, she just stopped answering my messages one day... and now it's been six months not so much as a "hi".
File: 1443247889794.jpg (210 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck 'em. They lost somebody who loved them, and you lost nothing but your time. It will never not hurt, but there are things in life that can make everything seem better. You just have to discover them
She just seemed so perfect though.
Holy shit
File: 1435214734538.jpg (974 KB, 1269x1323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm really sad right now
I feel so lost and empty all the time, why do I go on? I'm in love with a woman who will never feel the same, and I have nothing going for me. I just can't give enough of a shit to do anything anymore. Just wish I could die.
You have a woman to love, that is still more that some people get, you are still better off than millions of other people living in third world countries. And we need you as much as you need us anon.
Got out of a shitty relationship not too long ago. Wasted a year and a half just so she could go run off with some other asshole as soon as I dumped her slutty ass. I guess people do change.

but most importantly


To all my anons suffering out there, remember there's always someone who loves you and is on your side.
What a load of shit, no one loves me, no one knows me. Lie to yourself all you want, but not to us.
Actually an anon that knows all these feels, but you know what mood I'm in right now? I can't stand my gf and I need some strange pussy to eat/smash right now but the bar was full of feminazi cunts that didn't seem worth possible jail time. Not a single fucking woman except my female wingman that went out with me could form a logical sentence. For once I'm not sad, just disappointed and irate. Why the fuck are modern women so fucking awful?!
Wrong. I love you. All I know is that you're here looking for comfort, and that's enough. Your my brother in this world, and healing's there if you want it
Aw dude I'm really sorry to hear that. Life just ain't fair.
You don't want to love me, I don't love me. Only comfort I seek in this world is a bullet to the head from a kind stranger, but it'll never come so here I am, breathing.. living.
To amend all of what I just said, all my /b/rothers that are alone right now - YOU are better off than those of us who chose shitty relationships that were below what we deserved. The grass is always greener but remember...don't sell yourself short just because you're lonely. That's how I got where I am now. At least when I was alone nobody else was drinking all my booze for free and I could go fishing whenever I wanted without getting a guilt trip. I think 'fuck bitches make money' is actually the way to go...
I want to love you, I want you to love you, and I want you to know God loves you. Darkness has its claws in you, and it wants you just as badly as God does. Take step one, you deserve the love just like we all do
File: 1460969647241.jpg (103 KB, 575x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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old. but every tim
some of this hits hard man, fuck..

Well, that turned to garbage rather quick.
For table sake
File: 1426301313932.jpg (58 KB, 366x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 366x290
File: 1417843713522.gif (70 KB, 192x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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that hit a little too close to home.
Why did I have to get attached to a fantasy?
I can't even talk to them without feelings like I'm clinging to them
So instead of talking to them I'm just sitting here feeling worse off then before
File: 1425695391007.png (4 MB, 1902x924) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 1902x924
feels batman
It's been over a year and I still love her
She talks to me randomly, less then once a month on average... We hung out recently and we both had fun... It kills me to know that we have fun but she never wants to talk...
She told me that I did nothing wrong but I know that's a lie
I always want to ignore her when she calls but I never can
Go to sleep and get ready for the next day..
These threads usually dont bother me but this hit me right in the feels.

>Be me, junior in high school
>Summer was hell, met future 2nd ex-gf during that time
>Friend offs himself, 1st ex-gf dumps me two month later
>Starts to drink and do drugs to escape my longtime battle with depression (had it since 8th grade)
>Grades drop
>Mental breakdowns, can't cope with all of my pent up rage and anger
>Contemplate suicide
>Future ex-gf (2nd) starts helping me get over
>FF to second semester
>Things begin to improve
>2nd ex-gf and I start going out
>FF to senior year
>Everything is fantastic
>Graduate with honors, everyone's proud
>One year anniversary comes around, it was great
>After that we saw each other less and less
>I move out to live on-campus for school
>We talk even less, sometimes go a week without talking
>When I visit home she never has time to see me, didn't even get to spend time with her on her b-day
>October 25th, 2015, she dumps me.
>Breakdowns all over again
>1st semester goes downhill very quickly
>Barely survive 1st semester
>Winter break comes around
>Considering suicide for umpteenth time
>She was all I had left for motivation, and now it's gone
>Pussy out
>FF to now
>She has a new bf, I'm still struggling to pick up the pieces she helped me pick up the first time.

Katherine, if you ever see this, I love you. I always will.
>been in the psych ward 6 times
>been in rehab for 2 years
>been in jail for a few months
>drinking alone
>want to kill myself
You and I both man, man you and I both.
I make art. No one cares about it but me, and no one see it but me. The few that have say I should be more public about it but I don't think I will.
I guess I feel relieved twice a week
File: 1459637207856.png (12 KB, 349x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 349x361
It's been almost two years. I still can't move on. we talk every once in a while and hang out and everytime it just kills me inside. I can't look at other girls, I can't even be bothered to be social anymore .. I don't know what to do
> Pic kinda related
Why? Are you uncomfortable?
Then we'll die together.
>feel odd all your life
>do something stupid
>suddenly taken to a psych ward
>told that you have schizophrenia (by a fucking lawyer of all things)
>feel conflicted
>can't tell the difference between reality and fiction
>forgotten about for around 6 weeks, with the occasional visit from doctors/psychiatrists
>go to rehab to try make things better
>spend two years in rehab going to appointments that yield nothing
>spend months in jail where every man is for himself, bludging cigarettes because no one puts money in your buy-up
>aren't cared for in any way, seen as a liability
>everyone thinks you're retarded
>why must I continue to live
Don't feel bad for this guy at all. Clearly this chick turned into a psycho cunt durinf their childhood and I honestly don't know why he put so much emotional into a clearly defunct childhood friendship but the dude must have got some mental health issues.
Having children re-prioritizes your life, definitely.

But if your mother, or father, ever blames you directly for them having zero life and ambitions of their own left, fuck em.
I am very grateful for my parents and the care they took of me, and I let them know and respect them. But I was not some wandering entity that came into their life of my own accord, they had me of their own free will.

My respect goes a long way but I'll never accept being an excuse for a shitty life, should've just killed me then.
"Dear future children, I will use you as a tool to process my own childhood trauma. If you, in spite of my efforts, still turn out unhappy or ungrateful I will get frustrated and lash out around me, and realize I have prolonged the cycle my parents have also gotten stuck in"
This one made me laugh though. Feel threads is where the healing can begin.
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