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I'm a Muslim ask me anything.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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I'm a Muslim ask me anything.

Don't forget we don't need to pray 27/7 to be Muslim the same way as Christians don't need to be in church 24/7.

I will answer to trolls within reason.

Try to avoid buzzwordy questions/statements. They don't serve any purpose.
Kill yourself
are you ashamed of what other mudslimes are doing all over the world? did you think 9/11 was an awful thing to do?
bump, I don't feel like working yet.

Also, I'm a scientist, science general thread. I can try and answer questions about fields I am familiar with.
I would fuck you, but I'm afraid you would yell ALLAHU AKBAR and detonate when you cum.
so you're a scientist yet you believe those arabic fairytales? you believe your prophet rode to heaven on a winged fucking horse?
I am ashamed for any atrocity committed by any human. But, I am no more ashamed for the actions of other Muslims. I do not associate with them. I am my own person, I can only be truly ashamed of my actions or lack of actions. I wish that people would be able to live harmoniously, and help each other grow and get through life. It's hard enough as it is. Why do we need to make it harder by working against each other?

I think 9/11 was a terrible response by Al-Qaeda to them being a proxy in the cold war. It should have never happened. However, Afghanistan should not have been used as a puppet by the USA. The USA funded Al-Qaeda. Why does the USA keep giving money to crazy organizations.
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Why haven't you blown yourself and a bunch of innocent Restaurant or theater goers yet?
Why do you believe a religion that is almost as absurd as scientology and whose "holy prophet" was a pedophile.
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Not me in the picture.

Science and religion are not mutually exclusive. The Q'ran is a metaphorical story told to pass down philosophy, morality and messages to better livelihoods.

Religious people and non-religious people who interpret the stories as literals are missing the importance of the messages they portray.

The Q'ran and every holy book was written in multiple facets which each adhere to a different cognitive level. This makes the books applicable to a large range of people. Some people will believe in the accuracy of Noah's story. Others will grasp a higher meaning from the story. No self-respecting intelligent individual truly believes every single animal was in the boat. However, we can understand a great deal about sacrifice and building your life for the greater good rather than succumbing to the easy pleasure of Sodom and Gomorrah (might or might not be actual places).
Why do you use the same picture for these threads every time you post them?
Why don't "moderate muslims" show any sort of public outrage when others of their religion do horrible things in the name of their imaginary frie- I mean god?
USA helped afghanistan in their war against the soviets. if that's making them a puppet in your book, so be it. it's a fucked up country anyways and the moment they split it up along ethnical lines, everyone will be better off.
hey OP, Ive always wanted to go Muslim but am afraid of what people may think of me in this day and age, not only that but i dont know where to begin or anything.
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Why do you believe in god ? You say you are a scientist but do you exert critical thinking for this matter ?
Yeah t'is.

Not a useful way to attain any goal unless that goal is simply murder. I am not a murderer.

In general Abrahamic religions have a very interesting perspective on the struggle with the inner self. It states that humans have inert desires, these being detrimental (evil), in opposition it is our duty to do the hard thing and no succumb to these desires. To fight against these desires and urges to do the right things.

In day to day life. Immediate pleasures are easy to come by, however they are temporary and often leave you with more emptiness than well-being. Long term achievements and struggles are those you will be proud of, things that will bring you fulfillment. This is amplified in the Q'ran compared to the Torah and Bible, this is the concept of jihad.

Muslims then believe that the most important thing one can do in his life is the liberation of the mind from the body. To free your spirit from these worldly acts, to understand the potential of the human as a thinking being and not just a vessel moving through time.

Many other religions in the East address these issues as well. Jainism is very interesting and I have studied it. It is actually very similar to fundamental Sufi Islam.

They are not reasonable to follow in modern society, or in any society. They are idealized structured philosophies. Beautiful and I wish we could all be this pure, but the world is not so.

Every religion and life itself is absurd. Have you ever heard of the philosophical concept of the "absurd"? This is something that is well understood. What is life in reality? Just your brain's perception of what there is around you.
Does the word Allah translate to anything in english or is it a proper name? Like we have god with a lowercase for any nonspecific deity but also God as an alternative to Jehovah. Is Allah the same or is it a proper name like Jehovah? If so what is the arabic for a generic deity?
got more of them fappening pics ?
how does the quran then differ from any good piece of literature? how is war and peace different than your holy book? that too is a layered work with underlying moral messages and whatnot.
I'll tell you how it differs. Your daddy didn't tell you it's a holy book which cannot be wrong. Religion is a joke. Think for yourself, don't let delusional arabs from centuries past tell you what to do.
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They're the pictures I have in my folder. It's the only suggestive folder I have.

They do. Just because your news cycle refuses to acknowledge and display it, does not mean it does not happen.

All the major armies fighting terrorism are Muslim. Each time there is an attack in the world, the Muslim communities around the world rally to show solidarity against terrorism.

Open opposing news sources and you will see it. Don;t stick to Fox or CNN.

"Helped". Is that what they taught you? Afghanistan before the Soviets tried invading was a free country with decent living standards. Similar to Kazakhstan today. Which is not great but better than the average country on Earth.

The USA then funded a terrorist organization which are violent in their interpretation of Islam. After the war they took power. Now Afghanistan is a disaster. So there was no "help". The USA destroyed Afghanistan by supporting terrorists.

It does not matter what people think about you. As long as you are happy and you live a better life for yourself and your community then you are on a rightful path.

You can start by going to a Mosque and just speaking with an Imam. Ask him questions. Borrow a Q'ran. Read it. And then learn more and more. There are so many facets to discover.

Refer to: >>703196736
and as to why, refer to: >>703197027

Your questions are of pretty low-level. Seems like your critical thinking is lacking.
seeing islam first and foremost as a philosophy is all fine and dandy, but unless you believe allah to be the one and only god who created everything, you're not really a muslim believer, are you? if you do believe that, what makes you think some cunt from mecca could talk to the omniscient and omnipotent force that created the universe?
allah was used by christians in malaysia to refer to the christian god. then they were legally banned to do so. muslim countries best countries
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Allah is the Arabic word for God. Literally. Some Christian Arabs use Allah when referring to God. But Allah, God only refers to YahWeh the Hebrew interpretation of God. The one that Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in. Not multi-deity religious systems.

I don't sorry.

My grandparents and parents were non-religious. So do not judge my upbringing. Ask questions if you do not know, don't make assumptions.

The Q'ran is much more complex than any other literary work. It is backed by thousands of years of trial and error and oral tradition through the Hebrew people. It is a book that encompasses so many aspects of philosophy. It's truly incredible. The messages it contains. The way in which it's written. Everything. I can be more specific if you care.

It's really not a burden. It's more like a boost. If it weighed me down, I would abandon it. I adopted it late in life, I can easily abandon it.
>>>703197016 (You)
>Refer to: >>703196736
>and as to why, refer to: >>703197027

That just explains that you interpret the quran in a metaphorical way, but not why you believe in god. Or are you saying you don't believe in god and just follow your interpretation of the quran as a way to better your life ?
Not O.P. but I think I can actually take a stab at this one. The answer is personal choice. Any even remotely decent scientist will be agnostic, from there you either believe that god doesn't exist, or believe that god does exist. Neither side is provable, the very nature of a supernatural being means that, as of yet, we have no way to test for its existence. There are loads of scientists who are religious, and religion is not frowned upon in the scientific community. Scientists have a goal of amassing as much good information as possible for the benefit of mankind. Scientists know that they have no way of testing for the existence of god, so they focus their efforts on work that can actually be done. You live in the here and now, and try to come up with solutions to real world problems.
Where are you from?
Where do you live now?
How old are you?
What are your thoughts on radical islam?

Basic questions, but im genuinely interested.
Interesting thread, OP. Rock on, brother.
I never said it was you in the picture, im still gonna fuck and detonate
Explosions are coming
The thread really progressed in the time it took me to post that. Disregard if you wish.
It seems you are taking a very modern Christian interpretation to God. That is not how God originally was in Christianity, and is completely different from Islam and Judaism. As was told onto Moses, and which is written in the Torah, the Bible and the Q'ran. God is as he is, he is everything that is, has been and is not. Some Christians have misinterpreted this. However, it is all encompassing and should be all encompassing. A Jewish philosopher said that once you start to define God you have already placed too many boundaries onto the entirety of that which God is.

Any individual which finds enlightenment has spoken at a higher level than others. They have some fraction of the knowledge of God onto them. That is what the prophets are. There are many of them.

I can keep going if you care.

It's a shame that the Malaysian government made that mistake. That is not a fact in most Muslim countries. Consider Christian Arabs, they all use Allah.
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For my belief in God, refer to: >>703198392


Set theory is useful to understand this.

First we must understand that the set, is everything that is, has been and is not. In essence the set is infinity.

S = {-inf, inf} in R^inf.

Now we can talk about subsets of what God is.
However we must understand that God is much more than this subset. He is the set, S. The subset, s, is only a part of the whole.

For example, if we talk about God's generosity.

s = {generosity}

By definition, generosity is in the set, S, we have defined which the infinite set is.

This is my belief in God which is written in the Torah, Bible and Q'ran. Everything that is and is not is God. Therefore, yes I do believe in everything that is and is not. Moses understood this 4000 years ago, you should too.

Can't stand radical Muslims. They are criminals hijacking an ideology to gain support in regions devoid of critical thought, education and rationality.

Thanks man.
I agree with you except for this :
>The answer is personal choice. Any even remotely decent scientist will be agnostic, from there you either believe that god doesn't exist, or believe that god does exist
Actually being agnostic means you don't know, therfore there isn't any personal choice to make. And believing seems just like the weak mind way to overcome your fear of death or the absurd like the other anon said.
Hey, thanks for answering anyway! How did you make it from Morocco to Canada? How old were you?
you accusse me of making assmptions, but you clain the quran is more complex than any other literary work. does that mean you read every major work? or do you believe none can compare cause the quran was dictated by god himself? which doesn't seem to be the case, seeing as you mention trial and error (which is an empty phrase ofc).
You talk down to people who wan't to discuss rationally, with the gist of your responses being something like "it goes beyong dry and boring logic, you couldn't understand". It seems to me you're just scared of being uncertain about life and what is beyond it, so you're ready to accept any bunch of ridiculous lies that serve as a safety net. Once you realize how ridiculous the shit that's written in your scriptures is, you claim it's all metaphors. And once again, unless you believe allah to be the one and only god that created the universe, you're not a muslim believer. If you do believe that, you've no right to talk down to anyone, really, because you believe humans are basically the reason the universe was created.

I left Morocco at 21 to go to Hong Kong to study engineering. Worked for a while, then did my Master's in Canada. Went back to China to work and then got recruited to be a researcher in Canada. I prefer living in Canada, the country has better values.
When he says it's the most complex, he actually just means that it's the one he likes best
Nice. Thanks again! Did you receive any flak in Hong Kong for being Muslim?
it's not even that. he means to say he was born in morocco, and seeing as that's the regional holy book, it's gotta be the best.
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You are right, i have not read every single literary work. However, I have read a lot. A lot. The Q'ran is written in ways that psychologists find amazing.

Let me address all your points.

I am not worried of uncertainty. I work in uncertainty. All day I research random things, that may or may not work.

I do believe that God created the universe. Refer to: >>703198749. This should explain this very well. God is not as Christians have perverted him to be. Refer to: >>703198392.

According to Muslims and Jews, the world was not created for humans. God does not play with us like toys. That is a very modern Christian concept. That's illogical.
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So much judgement.

Before judging what kind of image I am portraying understand that these are my opinions and interpretations. Secondly, understand that my opinions and stances are well researched academically and through religious schools of thought throughout the world in many mosques, in many continents and countries. Lastly, I have studied philosophy and religion (many different ones) congruently with my field of work throughout my life. I have experience. I invite you to read my responses and get to know me before judging me.

I have read the majority of religious books and philosophical teachings. I have done this academically.

Just look at the Q'ran, or listen to the way it sounds. It's unmatched.

Have you heard about the rhythmical sound of the Q'ran? I have studied this during a computational neuroscience project. I can expand.

No, there is a significant Muslim population there. Moreover, Chinese people don't really care. As long as you go hard in your work life and portray yourself respectfully, they see past all these banalities. What good is judging someone by a random label? Hating me for being Muslim, or religious, is foolish.
There are subsets of agnosticism, agnostic theism and agnostic atheism, yes pure agnosticism is what you described, I was describing agnostic theism, where you understand you can't know for sure but choose to believe anyways.
>Everything that is and is not is God
I don't no what that means.
>I do believe in everything that is and is not
Why would you believe in what is not ?
>Moses understood this 4000 years ago, you should too
Yet most religious people are sure they found the truth, that all the other believers will end up in hell.
How many times has thus copy pasta appeared
saying god "is all that is and all that isn't" is just a way to relativize everything until you reach the point where your argument is so watery and devoid of substance, it cannot be argued with. it's bad hippie philosophy.
Why don't we discuss a specific topic? do you believe in reincarnation? if so, your holy book says you're going against god (in a very fact of the matter way, no way to wiggle your way out of it). if not, do you thing buddhists believe in made up stories? that their idea of the universe is false? why? is it because you just kinda feel like it's not true (because you can't prove it's wrong, all you can do is rely on shit like intuition and faith) or is it because your holy book says it's wrong? rather than being a hippie, someone who bases their idea of the universe on "well that just kinda seems like it makes sense you know" or someone who blindly follows a religious doctrine, why not just be a man and admit we don't know shit and have no way to know shit about anything.
Sure, I totally agree. Was there any element of "culture shock" to you when you arrived in China for the first time?

I hope you don't mind these sorts of questions. I don't really have any interest in how you specifically view your religion. I'm much more interested in the fact that I am having this conversation with another human who is thousands of miles away from me. One I'll likely never meet, or even speak to again. Your life interests me, simply because it is not mine. I hope that's okay.
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The set theory explanation covers this pretty well but not everyone understands math.

Imagine a bag, that has infinite things in it. Like everything is in it. Even things that aren't are in this bag. Infinite is hard to imagine and takes time, but imagine this infinite bag. That is God, he is infinite. Everything that is and is not. Things that are not yet are still God. Infinite.

Try to really understand this: >>703198749. Take a moment.

Everything that is and is not, has or can come into existence therefore it is a part of the infinite that is our universe (or beyond), that is God.

People who discuss heaven and hell have yet to understand the basics of life and their own religions. Don't argue with people who barely read the Q'ran or Bible. Discuss these ideas with scholars of the religion.
>I was describing agnostic theism, where you understand you can't know for sure but choose to believe anyways.
It seems like dishonesty to me. Anyway the definition of god OP gave doesn't even imply any kind of belief.
What do you mean by reincarnation? In a Eastern Asian interpretation?

No, I do not believe that based on my life choices I will be reincarnated into another cast. I believe that once I die I will return to God, my molecules will continue to propagate into the universe infinitely.

I studied Buddhism extensively in China. I think Buddhism is analogous to Islam or any other religion. It is a set of principles that help people live more fruitful lives for themselves and their communities. The underlining principles of this religion are the same as Islam, they are simply brushed with a different colored paint. That does not make them different. For example, ee pray, they meditate, both achieve regularity and peace of mind.

We don't know. I am not afraid to say this. What I do know is that our mind is hard to understand. There are many hurdles in life. There are parts of the mind that play against us. I also know that some tools exist to calm these qualms of the mind. Why ignore these tools?

I like these questions a lot.

There were a few things that were a bit difficult at first. However, I am very adaptable so it was not so bad. Some difficulties are: no family, need to build a network of friends and professionals from scratch, language barrier, cultural differences I needed to be aware of, maybe some other things that aren't coming to me now.

It was a great time though. The city is amazing and the people are too. Way too hot sometimes though, soooo humid. Morocco is dry comparatively.
>The set theory explanation covers this pretty well but not everyone understands math.
I know a little math, but the fact that there isn't a well defined set that contains every set (Cantor Paradox) makes your analogy a little unsatisfying.
>Just look at the Q'ran, or listen to the way it sounds. It's unmatched.
>Have you heard about the rhythmical sound of the Q'ran?

Seriously? You claim that the way a holy book sounds is in any way revelant? Fuck me sideways, I've been wasting my time on a troll :(
That's cool. So you're in Canada now, working as a research scientist at 29 years old. What are your long term life goals? What do you want to be doing when you're, say, 60 years old?
According to Jews and Muslims it is not an analogy. It is what they define as God. If you want to be specific and consider Cantor's Paradox. Then consider the infinite collection as a class rather than a set.

If you want me to explain why it is relevant, I would gladly. Try to be open to new ideas before proclaiming I am trolling.

Not sure yet. I have worked in government and start-ups. I did not like both these kind of jobs. In government, aerospace, there is barely any high-tech implementation. Everyone is scared of making mistakes and therefore we stick with what has been proven in less sensitive technologies as successful. In start-ups there is often more of a drive to build a small business to sell to a major firm rather than truly develop an idea. In academic research we are free to research topics of our choice within a scope, it's nice.

Not sure about very long term. I will most likely stay here in Canada however. Everything is good except the extreme cold. Hopefully, I'll be selling coconuts on a random beach while reading books and painting by the time i'm 60.
you know exactly what I mean by reincarnation, no need to be arrogant. If you only see religion as a tool to help you live your life better, it kinda sounds like you're not a true believer. like you're doing it out of pragmaticism, not love for god.
Thanks man. I've enjoyed reading your responses. I don't really have any more worthwhile questions, so I'll just say thanks! I wish you well in life! If I ever meet an old man selling coconuts on a beach in Canada, I'm going to shake his hand.
You can go ahead and explain, but the gist will remain that you like the prettiest book the best. Hell of a way to choose your life philosophy.
>According to Jews and Muslims it is not an analogy. It is what they define as God. If you want to be specific and consider Cantor's Paradox. Then consider the infinite collection as a class rather than a set.
Fair enough. Still seems lile a abstract concept wich has nothing to do with my life but I get your point.
You CANNOT be both a scientist and a Muslim. Period, end of story. The scientific method rules out Islam as a possibility.

Pick one, faggot.

why do you keep making these threads. the more you are pushing "Muslims are nice guys" (minority) you let the extreme muslims (normal) into our houses because we put our guards down.

oh wait, that's the whole point of this campaign your doing
you seem so very wishy washy about the whole thing. for example, the q'ran says women should dress like ninjas, and here you are posting whores. so do you choose to ignore that part of q'ran or do you think it's wrong or irrelevant? because, as a muslim, you believe that's a book basically written by god, right? so what gives?
it doesn't. I mean, the guy's abnoxious, arrogant and full of crap, but you're plain wrong. science cannot disprove any religion's basic tenets because that's simply not the area of research of any scientific branch. you can claim your big bangs and evolutions and whatnot, but the religious crowd will just abandon all their beliefs as metaphors and stick to the most basic one, that their god is the one who did all the big banging and evolving. and you can't disprove that. so yeah, you're dumb.

ive discussed this with him before . he makes threads like this all the time. and its a known thing that he isn't really a Muslim in any real sense.

when people talk about Muslims they mean the majority that has pretty bad view on the world. not whatever OP calls himself, there is no real reformed islam , and most reformed religions ends up in atheism anyways, i would like OP to just jump to atheism and get it over with.
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low quality bait.jpg
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Do you fully acknowledge and accept the fact that you are, in fact, a stupid person
File: 536456.jpg (2 MB, 2800x3047) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this fucking shit again?
OP your thread is very interesting, I like your interpretation on religion in general.
I was raised Christian but was never very strong in faith, I eventually lost it completely about 1.5 years ago. Can you go more into depth on >>703198392
I've been very interested in the thought of enlightenment, all though I have not taken any steps to attempt it.

Also how do you feel about US soldiers in the Middle East? I'm a soldier who has killed Muslims, I'd like to know your thoughts on that (as a human, and as a Muslim). If it makes you feel any better we ambushed them enplacing IED's (near a populated school).
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He's muslim
>Don't forget we don't need to pray 27/7 to be Muslim the same way as Christians don't need to be in church 24/7.
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Well actually there are many different interpretations of reincarnation be different religions. I answered you in terms of what I feel about the Buddhist interpretation of reincarnation.

Religion is nothing else but a tool to live a better life. Same is true about philosophy.

I am a serious practitioner of Islam in its fundamental form. The fundamental form is not what the word has been perverted to mean. It is the root of what Islam is. Islam is the jihad of an individual against his inner self. And much more. Moreover, it is the adherence of an individual to the five pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments as told in the Q'ran. These are useful guidelines, some that we can benefit from.

Have a good day.

There is much more inside the book I can go into detail about. But, time is limited and there is way too much to discuss in terms of Islam.

The Q'ran is written in such a way that when you read it, it's flow follows the same rhythms as drumbeats. It has been shown that regulated harmonious sounds have a deep impact on the brain, that is why music can relax us, excite us, concentrate us, etc. The rhythmical sound of the Q'ran has been shown to increase attention of those that listen to its words. This was written 1400 years ago. That's beautiful.

I can expand on other aspects as well.

It has very little impact in my life as well. I respect and revere God. It was your question. Now consider the many tools that religion provides that CAN have an impact on your life.

You can. I am.

Get your tin foil hat off. I am just procrastinating writing a thesis.
Can you comment on supposed Quranic verses that command Muslims to kill non-believers?

>I adopted it late in life, I can easily abandon it.

At which point Allah says you must be killed for apostasy.
File: BlIvXAvIEAAdc6n.jpg (34 KB, 473x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Q'ran does not state that women dress like ninjas. It simply states modesty. It was the Hadith written by the Gulf tribes that said it should be like a ninja. Even today they are the only people who dress in Burkas. The rest only wear hijabs in a large variation of ways.

The Q'ran is a human ideal. It is unattainable. I try my best to do what I can. I do sin, but I try to do relatively harmless sins.

So much judgement.

I am a serious practitioner of Islam in its fundamental form. The fundamental form is not what the word has been perverted to mean. It is the root of what Islam is. Islam is the jihad of an individual against his inner self. And much more. Moreover, it is the adherence of an individual to the five pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments as told in the Q'ran. These are useful guidelines, some that we can benefit from.

File: Bu-VxIXIMAAHV6I.jpg (61 KB, 489x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have met a lot of "enlightened" people in Asia when I traveled around temples to learn about their religious practices. They are very wise, and have found a peace in this life that only a few will ever find. It's both an inwardly peace and an outwardly one. It's an understanding that all things are as they are, and you are only free to control your own actions. It's the understanding that everything is intertwined and every action you pose is amplified through the ripples of time.

For example, each individual you kill as a part of the Army will have a grieving family. It is entirely possible for one of these grievous children to be the next perpetrators of an attack similar to 9/11.

I feel that as a human you should embrace all other humans. If you believe that it was necessary to kill those who were putting down an IED, then that can be permissible. However, in consequence you should also put tenfold the effort in preventing retaliation from your action. Education, generosity, understanding and similar qualities will be much more beneficial than the killing of a few people who will soon be replaced.


My bad, typo. I meant 24/7 obviously.

They exist. Other verses also command Muslims to show compassion to non-believers. It depends on the context.

God is forgiving. Conversion is not a sin. Anyone can become Muslim at any time.
Op if i understood right you werent raised in a religious way, so why did you choose a religion?and why this one? I mean its the youngest of the three big one so why choose the one that we are almost sure is a plagiarism of the other with more stupid rules to follow?
I understand verry well that religion can bring some basis life principle for some, but why cant they do the same without believing and perpetrating it?

I see religion as a metaphorical way for dumbass to be decent human people but most are too dumb to get the whole picture and focus on the things they are told to believd there is not a lot of religious who actually rode their books before believing.

And last one if you choose a religion why not choosing budhism or something like that? Something that just help you, without the whole bullshit propaganda and magic man in the sky?

Interesting post you made in this thread
>Get your tin foil hat off.

you are doing this a bit too much for me to think its just procrastination, you have been doing this for months now, its basically spam
>I am a serious practitioner of Islam in its fundamental form....

so if its only you that believes this. are you the right guy to claim that this is islam.

or in another way, if i think that islam is about having homosexual intercourse and praising jesus, can i call myself a real Muslims then and demand people to accept that i am a muslim, and almost preach this on forums that this is how a real muslims looks like. "dont be Islamophobic , we love gays :D"

just no
File: CDUTFqZWMAA3-SB.jpg (95 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 600x600
As to why I chose Islam refer to the third response in: >>703197027.

I think that people can absolutely find these tools to live better lives without religion. However, religions are thousands of years old, thousands of years of trial and error. I think it is improbable in our short lives that it is possible to invent our own alternatives for all the hardships of life. Possible but improbable. Consider, all the people in the West who go through mid-life crises, depression and the like. These are serious mental qualms, our minds need strength.

For example, prayer is a good part of the day. It is the Muslim synonym to meditation in Eastern religions. Meditation and regularity in human lives brings peace to the mind. This then helps people live better lives.

A religion should be something that helps you in your life. It has to be adaptable to your life. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism ... All are appropriate.
However, Buddhism is filled with very strange beliefs. Western media just doesn't represent religions in their entirety, they only show people what people want to see. They show only positive things about religions we perceive as good, Christianity, Buddhism and bad things about religions we perceive as bad, Islam. This is dangerous. But, it is your own duty to teach yourself.
Buddhism has a lot of weird parts, starting with a cast system. Imagine being forced by your faith to follow in your father's path. If that was the case I would still be a peasant in Morocco. I am my own individual. A free mind. I do what I please in this world while maintaining my morality. I really do like Buddhism though. It's one of my favorite practices and I have learned a lot from the monks. Their meditation is much more effective than only 5 prayers. I do my prayers, but I do much more meditation. Protip: this does not just mean sitting silently, which is not meditating.

Theses take months to write.
File: CEHx6DqWgAAXWnY.jpg (62 KB, 500x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 500x750
I can state this because I adhere to the Q'ran. Accepting the teachings of Jesus is Islamic. It's obligated in the Q'ran, he is our prophet. However, homosexuality is forbidden, therefore no.

I am Muslim because I adhere to the Q'ran. I repeat. I am a serious practitioner of Islam in its fundamental form. The fundamental form is not what the word has been perverted to mean. It is the root of what Islam is. Islam is the jihad of an individual against his inner self. And much more. Moreover, it is the adherence of an individual to the five pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments as told in the Q'ran. These are useful guidelines, some that we can benefit from.

so you are not smart enough to consider that other people might disagree with your interpretation ? you already dismiss other people interpretation of Islam i.e isis, so why cant someone dismiss yours and say that his interpretation homosexuality is legal and encourage , its not hard to do some linguistically tricks to make this happen if a text corpus is big enough. so if you understand this, then i say again, who are you to come here and preach about your interepation as the true and real Muslim. also think about if Muslims is a word used to describe a bunch of people (used in the news and everyday speech)

when people use Muslim do they mean you? i would say no way.

Muslims is the majority of the people calling themselves Muslim. that's how most people will use the word. not your personal one
I fucked a Saudi princess when she was here in the states going to school. I've heard that it got back to her family. Do I have to worry about a bunch of Allah Akhbar's trying to come and kill me?
File: CEuhpmNWoAEq69X.jpg (75 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 600x600
I agree with everything you wrote. I never dismissed the interpretation of ISIS as not being Islamic. It is. But so is mine. However, praising homosexuality is not. It is forbidden by the law of Sodom. The corpus is not big enough to allow homosexuality. Unless you really spread it by saying God forgives anyone in the end anyways. But, that is really stretching it.
You get to own like 8 lolis and you have 3 more hours in a day, where do I sign up?

would you also agree that the people that interpreted jihad as inner struggle is probably a minority of the Muslims, and that majority has much more stricter and worse worldview.
Well i guess you are mistaking with hinduism which has a cast system, buddhism does not...
Buddha taught that a human should not be judge or rule by his cast or what he said , only our action can show where we belong.the cast system was already going a long time before buddha get to the nirvana ( which is just a state of mind btw)

Buddha was a human not some ghost or shit, its the only one actually making sense, there is no believing in god or anything else there isnt believing at all!!! It is asked to check what is taught to you and never believe like a sheep because faith is not required when what you taught can be checked

Could you go in details about what "weird believing " do buddhist have?

From what i ve rode you choose islam because it was from where you came from but not because it is the smartest or the one that make more sense if you look in what the 3 big one believe only jew make sense.
Actually Jihad is very well defined in the Q'ran. It is simply the word for struggle. The Q'ran states that the most important Jihad is your own against your own. It also states that an outwardly Jihad is also necessary as a struggle against the world. This includes everything from finding inner happiness, to pursuing in life albeit all the hardships.

Most Muslims understand Jihad as inner Jihad, this is something that is a given.

I do agree that the majority have much stricter and worse/more detrimental worldviews than I do. However, most Muslims are also under-educated. Most people in general in the world are not informed, the same is true with Muslims. Most Muslims have never read the Q'ran. That in itself is problematic.
what kind of scientist are you?
Was posted yesterday

Your prophet fucked an 8 year old.

How young would you go?
What was the name of Mohammed's 6 year old wife that he fucked when she was 9?
>On /b/
>not responding to trolls


ok so

so you agree that your liberal interpretation is not shared among most Muslims (i will also add that i do think few muslim agree with ur jihad answer too, which is scary),

but then why are you pretending you speak for all Muslims here, in your OP you say things like "Don't forget we don't need to pray 27/7 to be Muslim the same way as Christians don't need to be in church 24/7. "

but you do know that most Muslims do exactly this, and you are in the minority, arnt you making a false impression of what Muslims are by doing this. you could easily have said . "im not one of THEM that pray .... " which would distance you away. when you dont do this you smear yourself toghter with the other Muslim (majority) and you become an apologist for them . which is bad
You are mistaken. Firstly there are many alternative types of Buddhism. Many forms of Buddhism still has a cast system. Buddhism came from Hinduism. A Buddha is any individual who attains nirvana during their lifetime. There have been hundreds of Buddhas.

I reiterate the cast system in Buddhism is real. I lived in Buddhist majority areas of the world. I know. I lived in Hanoi for a few months and north Thailand. I also studied and volunteered in Tibet and Nepal with a HK organization.

Women are inferior to men in Buddhism. They can never become Buddhas. Doesn't respect homosexuality.

There is so much. I can even expand on the harms of Nihilism.

However, this is a useless discussion. Because we are nit-picking the negatives of Buddhism and Islam. Whereas we are ignoring the 99% of good both these religions bring and have in common.
rephrase the question then..."How can you morally follow a person who saw no problem in the situation with Aisha? Do Muslims believe his actions were wrong or right?

Genuine question, not trolling. So far no Muslim I know has answered that question for me.
>implying that muslim women are allowed to have names.
File: 1454615592633.jpg (146 KB, 654x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 654x539
What are your thoughts on this?

>Inb4 "filthy jew"
Oh, I'm not OP, I was just answering your question, and critizing OP for not replying to trolls.

I am actually >>703206743
File: girls-920-13.jpg (83 KB, 920x1325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 920x1325
Electrical engineering cancer research

Was. I'm writing a tough part, it's hard to get through this work.

I would not go nay younger than 19.


Most Muslims DO agree with what I described as Jihad. The word jihad appears in the Q'ran more often pertaining to the internal struggle than for the external struggle. It is also stated that the foremost jihad is with the self. Well that is if they have read the Q'ran.

Before judging what kind of image I am portraying understand that these are my opinions and interpretations. Secondly, understand that my opinions and stances are well researched academically and through religious schools of thought throughout the world in many mosques, in many continents and countries. Lastly, I have studied philosophy and religion (many different ones) congruently with my field of work throughout my life. I have experience. I invite you to read my responses and get to know me before judging me.

Muslims pray for an average of 50 minutes a day separated into 5 segments. This is hardly 3.4% of the day.

I do pray. I do all my prayers, I even do more than is necessary in terms of prayer/meditation. I am a Muslim. Just because I do not fit your cookie-cutter mold does not make me any less Muslim. It just makes your mold perverted by your perception which has been fed to you. I am more similar to the majority than ISIS is. I can act openly in Morocco and say what I think, ISIS could not. It is literally illegal.
>Electrical engineering cancer research
huh? Are you studying communication between cells?

>I would not go nay younger than 19.
Wny? Younger is better.
She had gone through puberty.

Ben Shapiro misses the point entirely. He made this study famous. However, if you look into the stats it provides it's all baseless. I can debunk it if you really care. I have already done this before, it should be self efficient. But I can if you want.

To answer your question. No.
>However, praising homosexuality is not. It is forbidden by the law of Sodom
>Buddhism. Doesn't respect homosexuality.

What is your take on it. You said you had your own interpretation of the quran so you wouldn't just take this law as truth without critically thinking about it ?
If Islam is a religion of peace, why does it have verses that instruct Muslims to kill non-Muslims?

If you had a gun and i (not a Muslim) were lying down powerless on the ground, would you shoot me dead?
Haha actually yes. We are using communications technology to detect electromagnetic differences between healthy cells and cancerous cells.

I do not think that in modern society people under the age of 19 are sufficiently mature. Where I live in Canada the age of consent is 16, however that is way too young.
File: image (1).jpg (168 KB, 490x735) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (1).jpg
168 KB, 490x735
Debunk it for me, if you wouldnt mind. I dont wanna trust a jew
do dijins apear in the coran? if so satan or the enemy is a dijin? im cofused about it

>Most Muslims DO agree with what I described as Jihad.

Look at the video that was posted in this thread and you see that the polls says differently. you are in the minority with your liberal views , and you actually admitted it earlier.

my point was that instead of using your liberal views to revolutionary and be a Martin Luther for the Islamic world by distance yourself away from the others. You instead pretend that all of you are in together and that makes you an apologist instead. which is catholic church is a paid job

and pls i don't care about your theological studies. i don't believe in this stuff its all nonsense for me, im not even saying this to me mean, you should have spent that time on studying engineering or science.
You're an idiot. Especially for a "scientist". What did you study, waah-conomics? Have a little cry that the USA didn't help you after saving your asses from the Soviets.

>We are using communications technology to detect electromagnetic differences between healthy cells and cancerous cells.

Hmmm. I had this idea as an bio-systems engineering undergrad 15 years ago. Glad to see someone else is doing it. Good luck. can you talk about what you've found, or is it hush-hush.

One thing I noticed with Saudi students is that most were lazy and entitled., and only got in to the UC via their massive wealth. Do you find this to be the case?

lots of others have used these statistics. its the best we got, and it make sense. for example why did all the danish embassy around the world burn when cartoon of Muhammad was published. if people were so chill like you they would not have done that
File: images (1).jpg (9 KB, 284x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (1).jpg
9 KB, 284x177
I think homosexuality, and general sexuality is problematic. Pursuing temporary highs is not beneficial to life in the long term. It is better to build concrete relationships between individuals without these highs. Sex should be used as means to propagate the human species and not as a reward, a desire for short term highs.

However, people who wish to pursue empty sexual encounters, homosexual or heterosexual, should be free to do so. If it makes them happy and they can live good lives for themselves and their communities while being gay. That is their choice to do so. Let God be the one to judge them, if they lived good lives then perhaps God can overlook their sin.

I used to be promiscuous, I found no long term pleasure in it. It is empty desire. I hope God can forgive my faults.

Islam is not a religion of peace nor war. I would not kill you.
On a scale from 9 to 11, when will you fulfill your deed that's required in order o obtain your 72 NEETs?
File: images (2).jpg (9 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (2).jpg
9 KB, 225x225
Firstly, Sharia literally just means law in Muslim countries. The driving code is a part of Sharia now. That is not the Q'ranic Sharia law. Therefore, by asking random people do you support Sharia, it is akin to asking do you support the law.

A better question would be "Do you support the taking of the left hand as a punishment for stealing?" The answer in 2016 would be close to 0%, only some Gulf countries would support it.

The questions were all ridiculous. The sample sizes wrong. And the statistics unrepresentative. I know a lot of Muslims, none of them a "extremists" there fore its impossible that more than half of Muslims are radicalized. Are they hiding from me?

The djinn are like many of the parts in the Q'ran, they are a story. Maybe they are physical, maybe they are metaphysical.

Literally in the Q'ran, the djinn are a 4th dimensional being that were displaced by God when he gave their place to the humans. The djinn were moved to a different location. These creatures exist much like we do, with good djinn, bad djinn, all kinds of djinn. Some of them who care, have a strong dislike for humans and want to cause us problems as revenge for their displacements. Others are good to humans and help us but these are apparently rarer.

Refer to my first reply in this post referring to Shapiro's video.

Read the thread. I am a scientist engineer. I am published. Refer to: >>703208983

Refer to: >>703208983 and >>703208588

A lot of Saudi students abroad are very rich and don't need to work hard to be successful. Having no hardships makes people complacent. It's not good to grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth.

The idea works as it should. The problems are concerning, the SNR and the variation of human tissue. Building concrete algorithms that are all encompassing to detect cancer for all people is hard. The body is significantly different between parts, and changes drastically between people.
>It is better to build concrete relationships between individuals without these highs.
You are talking about sex in general, not homosexuality. Homosexuals can build concrete relationships, and love like you do. Where is the problem there ?
>Sex should be used as means to propagate the human species.
No need to worry about that, people are reproducing like rabbits, especially the dumb ones.
>not as a reward, a desire for short term highs
You know sex can mean more than that if it's in a loving relationship ?

> I hope God can forgive my faults
You keep talking about God forgiving you. Given your definition of God, don't you mean forgive yourself ? I have no Idea what that means otherwse.
File: images (3).jpg (8 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (3).jpg
8 KB, 300x168
The danish embassy was never burnt in Morocco. It was burnt only in Syria (a warzone) and Lebanon. Might have been others I haven't heard about. That is empirically less than half.

Just think about what this study is saying. It's nonsense. Just go to your mosque and talk to people.

>scientist engineer
no you are a student of electrical engineering, you could have been done by now (and become and engineer) if you haven't wasted your time i could have meant. not hard to make that leap.

why is it so impossible for you to get my point about this apologist position you have put yourself in. do you not understand what i mean
what are your thoughts on honor killing

you are literally deluded. there should have been no burning whatsoever. no other religion besides islam does this
>I know a lot of Muslims, none of them a "extremists" there fore its impossible that more than half of Muslims are radicalized.

Lol. Your grasp of statistics is super.
What do you think about sharia law? Should you be able to chose your own justice system based on your belief?
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 263x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 263x191
Homosexuals can have good relationships. That is not forbidden. Men can love each other. They are not allowed to perform Sodomy. Sodomy, is the act of sex without purpose. This includes gay sex, oral sex, anal sex, boob jobs, panty jobs, everything.

I'm not saying there aren't enough people. I a saying it's best to avoid the pursuits of sex. Even in building a marriage, it is better to build the relationship rather than just lust over each other's bodies.

Sex is amazing. But only in a loving and strong relationship. That is extremely hard to find, and I doubt most people will ever experience it.
>A lot of Saudi students abroad are very rich and don't need to work hard to be successful. Having no hardships makes people complacent. It's not good to grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Makes sense.

>The idea works as it should. The problems are concerning, the SNR and the variation of human tissue. Building concrete algorithms that are all encompassing to detect cancer for all people is hard. The body is significantly different between parts, and changes drastically between people.

We need a united, concerted effort to understand the process by which proteins assume their functional shape...e.g. protein folding. This would solve a lot of your problems.
So you agree it has nothing to do with being homosexual or not ?
It seems a little like you have been raised in an homophobic culture and you are trying to rationalize it.
Why do you think people care you're Muslim ? Get over yourself dude
I already graduated a long long time ago. I am working as a researcher right now. I am a part of the order of engineers.

I am a Muslim. How can you not understand this? Is it because I don't fit into your preconceived mold?

They are useless.

Warzones do violent things is that a surprise. Do you really think only Muslims have committed violence in this world?

It actually is super.

If you claim that 50% of people like chocolate. Then if you pick 12 random people from a crown there is a 0.024% chance that none of them like chocolate.

Therefore, if we say that >50% of Muslims are "radicalized". Then I know more than a hundred Muslims personally. There is essentially a 0% chance that they can all not be radicalized.

I think sharia has many good components. However, the punishments must be interpreted with modern significance. I do not think Sharia has any place in governance of a land though. I think it is best applied as a self-governance.

>Warzones do violent things is that a surpri

this is weak , apologetic and sickening , which side are you on really?

are you saying its okay for them to burn down danish embassy because they are poorer or are in a "warzone" (syria wasnt really a warzone back then). why would danish embassy be the target? it obviously because of cartoon drawing. you dont see this happning in other cultures

also do you think that countries should follow law that is compatible with islam. or should religion and state be separated ?
File: large.png (235 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 500x375
Yeah it would. If we better understood the proteins involved in cancerous cells, we would be more easily capable of identifying what signal responses to look out for in received signals.

It's a complicated problem for now. We are simply trying to develop a better means to detect cancer as opposed to x-rays. MRIs and ultrasounds.

Something less intrusive and cheaper. MRIs are millions of dollars...

Not in the least. I grew up in a very open household. Why do people love to make assumptions like this?

Because, I choose not to participate in homosexuality, yet I think that people should be free to do as they please, you assume I am crazy.

There is no rationalization. I literally do not care what people do on their own accord. If it does not affect me then it is not my concern. They are free to do as they please.

They probably don't. Trying to answer a few questions since some people will never meet a Muslim in their lives yet have strong un-based opinions.
>They are useless
and yet they continue unabated along with women treated as property. You've spent all this time on religion and who cares when half the population is a rape about to happen
File: meet-asian-women.jpg (39 KB, 500x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 500x750
I never said it is okay to burn down anything, or to commit any act of violence. Refer to: >>703205323. Try to calm down before getting sick off of a response.

> you dont see this happning in other cultures
Really? Slavery, genocide, imperialism, it goes on and on and on.

Violence is a human problem, it is not unique to any group.

No, I think that it is better to separate government and religion. Unless all people were perfect practitioners a religiously backed government does not work. There will always be people who are counter-culture or who commit evils, this causes problem in theocracies. Therefore, a separation is beneficial to deal with this issue. This is especially true in modern large scale cities. Villages were easier to manage.
You do realize days only have 24 hours, right?
File: Fuck you....jpg (23 KB, 308x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuck you....jpg
23 KB, 308x292
File: Fuck you...jpg (23 KB, 312x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuck you...jpg
23 KB, 312x300
Prove your God exists.

Testable proof. Faith is not proof. Emotional experience is not proof. Proof is not subjective.

All religion is for the feeble minded..
File: Fuck you.jpg (23 KB, 302x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuck you.jpg
23 KB, 302x291
File: Q_QomQyP.jpg (156 KB, 1252x1252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 1252x1252
I do, it was a typo, refer to: >>703205323

There is no proof it is real. However, if in practice it brings positivity to an individual and a community then it must have some use. Think of religion much like traditional medicine. Religion is analogous to it. It is the precursor to understanding and appeasing the complex structure that is the mind. A proof for or against the existence of God does not change that fact.

File: .Fuc.k. y.ou.....jpg (23 KB, 308x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
.Fuc.k. y.ou.....jpg
23 KB, 308x291
File: Fuc.k. y.ou....jpg (23 KB, 305x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuc.k. y.ou....jpg
23 KB, 305x283
File: Fuc.k. you....jpg (23 KB, 302x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuc.k. you....jpg
23 KB, 302x288
I like this anon
File: Fuck you..jpg (23 KB, 315x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuck you..jpg
23 KB, 315x303
Just spreading the good word good sir
So do you believe in a God?
Yes, I do. That is an essential part of all Abrahamic religions?
I want to know where god gets 72 virgins per martyr, I cannot find one
File: 1473446319392s.jpg (4 KB, 125x118) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 125x118
i love nazi shit
post your gf's pussy! ore die on chancer
Just wanted to say thanks for having this thread. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading it.
Good luck with your thesis.
whats your opinion about jewish people taking over your land and villainizing your kind. Plus other countries falling for the propanganda that your all terrorist just because.
Nobody with a brain in their head is religious, and even those people make fun of, deride and ridicule Islam's hilarious over-the-top garbage.

You are a failure of a human being, OP. kys pls
File: Fuck. you....jpg (26 KB, 332x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuck. you....jpg
26 KB, 332x287
Thanks a lot for the questions.

The Jewish people never invaded my ancestors land. I am from Morocco. If anything Hebrews were living on the land before Muslims came. And they were able to live peacefully together in Morocco. Moroccan Jews are proud to proclaim they are Moroccan even if they are born in the West.

However, I do not think the invasion of Palestine by Jewish European Zionists is justified.
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